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Driver for Pepsi in Alaska

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Posted:  1 week ago

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Why do drivers stay OTR over LTL?

A lot of LTL require you to put in time to get the good equipment and good routes. It took me 13 years to get on a route that doesn’t require a hand cart.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Spare Parts And Tools You Should Carry In Your Truck

I’m line haul and home every night. I like having a good flashlight, hammer, vice grips, tape, and extra light cord and airlines, adjustable wrenches, and a multi tool, also a small socket set. Those usually keep me able to fix anything enough to limp it home.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Another Round of "Is it legal"

Curbs and cones are just things you have to run over sometimes.

Posted:  4 months, 1 week ago

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General question about endorsements

Unless you need it for your company, I found hazmat a waste of money

Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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Got to drive some unusual trucks lately.

I love driving any truck, new or old I just enjoy being able to drive something different. It could be a box truck or a uhaul truck and I’d find joy in being behind the wheel

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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Hooking doubles at an angle

I’ve been hauling doubles for 10 years. I can hook doubles up at an angle, but it’s usually not worth the time you think you’re saving especially if you’re wrong and end up hopping the kingpin. I’d just move the trailer to where you can hook up straight.

Posted:  4 months, 4 weeks ago

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Machinist going trucker

Check your state but some states allow you to convert your military license to a cdl.

Posted:  5 months ago

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You probably won’t get fired. You’re probably rushing yourself when you need to relax and just take your time. I’ve never took my time and messed up, but when I rush myself I get into pickles

Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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My oldest truck (so far)

I drive a 2003 international with a 13 speed with 800k miles on it . My old truck was a 1998 international 10 speed with a n14 in it. I like the older trucks, no def, exhaust brake sounds like a 50 cal.

Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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Gaming and Trucking

Want to make your down time as nerve racking as training, play snowrunner

Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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Is it possible to get paid cdl training locally?

Pepsi trains for cdl’s. They might make you sign a one year commitment contract, and you’ll work your butt off. But they’ll pay good, and have good benefits

Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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Parking problems

When I took the one day course for my passengers endorsement, because I was trying to get a city bus driver gig. I found using the cones in conjunction to where the truck was as points of reference, helped. Like back in At an angle till passenger mirror is lined up to the first cone and then straighten out.

Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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Put flashlight on trailer tandems?

Just invest in a head lamp

Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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Top 10 things you absolutely have to have in your truck

Hammer, needle nose vice grips, two adjustable wrenches, duck tape, 22 inch bungee straps, head lamp, and a leatherman.

Posted:  6 months, 2 weeks ago

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Manual transmission now or later ?

Biggest mistake new trainees make is under revving the engine. You can always over rev when shifting, and when it falls to the right rpm you’ll be able to shift, but if you under rev you’ll have a hard time recovering. So put the pedal to the floor when you’re revving to down shift 18-20 hundred rpm’s

Posted:  6 months, 4 weeks ago

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Blood Pressure and DOT Physical

Just talk to a doctor and get on some meds if you think it’s going to get worse, not just for your medical card but for your health in general

Posted:  7 months ago

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Downshifting a 10 speed

You can never over rev when shifting, but if you under rev you’ll be stuck trying to catch up. Rev that engine up as high as you need to, to get your timing right. Like 20k

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