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Posted:  5 years, 3 months ago

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Schneider vs us xpress

I have experience with transferring to a dollar account when I was new. I really liked it, got paid what I believed to be great money, and enjoyed the exercise.

Later I wasn’t paid so well and suffered a knee issue on the job only to be thrown under the bus by my company. I fought my work comp case and won out in the end but the process was not pretty.

My knee has been getting better but I stick to no touch freight now. Just keep in mind an injury can really mess up any future potential to earn income AND negatively affect quality of life in general.

If my body didn’t give out and they continued to pay me well, I would have stayed on the account until I accumulated enough savings to buy my house cash.

I’ve enjoyed working at Schneider, great DL’s and such. To me, the people I interact with on the job are as important if not more so than pay. I’m planning on going back to them soon but I’m open to trying smaller companies as well. Can’t speak much for U.S Xpress.

As others have also mentioned. The backs were more difficult but I rather enjoyed learning and apparently got good enough that some store managers complimented me. One manager actually really disliked me at first but I grew on him as I got better at the job. The worse back I ever had was actually on an intermodal account for what it’s worth if I remember correctly. Some stores are slow and while that didn’t bother me much, it affects your checks. The entrance/exit into stores can get dicey but I always called the store if it wasn’t obvious where I enter after checking google maps and ran turns/shutdown locations through my head ahead or time.

I believe the first 2 unloads I did for the dollar account, I actually threw up multiple times in my mouth. It got easier after the 3rd or so and at some point close to that I told them I’m in. I used to unload trailers for Walmart retail but as it turns out, that me was not the me I had when I did the dollar account. Take care mate.

Posted:  7 years, 4 months ago

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Hurt knee, now what?

Update, was moved to Intermodal but only worked for a month before I decided to go to the my PCP again as both my knee and foot became inflated and painful. Was given notes by the doctor for no work and stayed off a little more then a month now, did one week off the first time. I'm trying to again go back as workers comp denied my claim and I need money but it seems they are hesitant to give me a truck now to accommodate my issues as they did the first time. They asked for some forms from my doctor and I sent them, safety cleared my hold but they don't seem willing to provide the truck now. I'm in a tough spot but I'm going to get a QME so that's the last thing I have going for me.

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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Truck Versus Car Incident - Who Was Wrong, & Could It Have Been Avoided?

I'm leaning here even tho my "unlimited" internet connection is getting throttled and the video is hard to watch....

Why does just one of them have to be at fault? They both were in the wrong.

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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I dont have a job anymore.

Sweet victory! Congrats mate.

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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Does anyone drive for Swift's Dollar Tree dedicated account?

My experience with slow stores aren't horrible overall but there was that one store who made me question my sanity. He did mention they keep asking for a different day on the truck so that's something to take into consideration I suppose?

I recommend music....

Most of my trailers where 3000+ as far as I can tell. Had one that was 1,600 lbs over weight and I couldn't more the tandems any more lol. One trailer had a broken pin on the tandems and wouldn't move to make them legal. Why load it like that? Idk, issues you have to work with...

Men don't do it . I was doing the dollar tree account for need to unload 2000+ boxes for one store .the store employee take they sweet ass time .becuase they don't get pay by the trailer like me. that I get pay for every trailer I can be waiting for hours in one store .sometime I wait 4 hours to unload watch the video below hope it help


I was wondering how it is and if everything the recruiter is offering me is true. Would like to know about your routes, hometime, and average weekly pay.



Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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Does anyone drive for Swift's Dollar Tree dedicated account?

I know this is old but the sleep comment amazes me! That's extremely impressive mate. Surely caffeine was involved? I naturally get drowsy around the 9-10 hour driving marker so work around that but have used caffeine. My body doesn't handle it well however so I've stoped that and try other methods. Still, I work around my natural 9-10 limit. I aim for 8 hours of sleep but my body normally wakes me up around 6 anyways or it fails completely and I oversleep. Probably not healthy but you do what you can. Had to connect my iPad to the truck speakers a couple times tho just to make sure I wake up lol. Set volume to 30... did its job!

I came in keeping really good management of my time during training and solo OTR but actually ended up having less stress then OTR in the end on a dollar tree account. I was given a 2 unload week also so it became easy for me to manage my runs given I knew about what I was getting back to back. ~500 followed by ~2,200. OTR sometimes gave you really small loads, really long loads, plus waiting for whatever shipper problem they might have. Lots of miles plus good unload pay made the drop from 36cpm to 34cpm a non issue. Was seeing ~$1400 a week.

I ended up relaxing more on making the trips so the unloading became my next focus, followed by backing, then managing load securement given many trailers were rarely properly secured by the dock peeps... I would upload the last pics I took it if I could but not supported it seems. O man, when they had boxes all the way to the back and top...

1.Yup, even given I used to unload trailers back to back daily for a job I used to have, my first unload(2-3 months ago?) was tiring as hell. I haven't played sports since 2009(wrestling, football, cross country/track), nor have I worked out consistently since 2014 given I got sick(went from 198lb to 160lb, heaviest I've ever been being 245lb during football). I almost threw up(well I did a bit in my mouth) and had to sit down for about 30 minutes after I finished my first trailer to not feel like passing out. They told me I unload really well so that kind of gave me some much need mental help to not feel so bad I was dead. I liked it however and took into consideration it'll only get easier the more I unload. Thankfully it did.

I had a box of soap fall in my face and dig my glasses into my skin but have avoided that type of damage ever since changing up my strategy. My most useful one being forming a tunnel so I don't have to extend for as much boxes once your making room to add another roller. One of the store guys was having a blast watching me make a tunnel lol. I have to say however I have spent a good amount of times waiting with the rollers full because they are slow or have 1 person, yeah... 1. I had no reason to fret tho, I'm not really the type to tell people to hurry up even if it would help my check and I was already really happy with my work making good money so it didn't bother me. It bothered me more went I stoped getting the schedule I was promised and slow stores did actually affect my check but I still kept to myself because it's still hard for me to ask people to do stuff like that. It probably helps I don't have many bills or any dependents so I understand some of my fellow employees getting ****ed and showing it given they support a family or what have you. I don't know?

2.O man was I tripping out on some of the stores. I was seriously questioning the sanity of being sent to back to some of these stores. I avoided hassles on the first stop for the first couple runs given I arrive when no one is there. I would just take advantage and back it close given I had lots of time. Lots of pull ups and get outs my friend but the set up made it so much easier once I woke up to unload. Boy if you thought you didn't back enough to practice doing OTR training, this is your gig lol. Sadly you can't always get 1 stop stores or spend time backing(sleep) so it was a lot of pain backing for most all stops. I enjoyed the pain tho given I was one of those student that was asking his trainer to let me back at terminals over and over lol. I got some compliments on my backing but honestly they were probably mostly luck. I feel I still need to get better.

I think I've only gotten ~3? single stops since I started and one I asked for to work in another run into my 70. Not many docks, yup. I enjoyed getting to know the managers/people for each stop tho I'm not really a social person. I enjoyed many jobs I've had simply because I don't deal with people/customers. Not social but there's something to be said to seeing these people multiple times, you get comfortable? They thank you for unloading quick and you exchange nice pleasantries. Gives you energy I guess? Not all stores have pleasant peeps, don't want to give the wrong idea....

Josh, I ran the Dollar Tree account with US Xpress. Old School is right - you'll never have to worry about a job opening on that account. They'll take all the drivers they can get.

The job is really tough but pays well.

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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Backing Practice™ special guest Allie Knight

I thought I wouldn't have time but it seems no one can switch me to OTR and they can't dispatch me until the switch so I'll go look them up.


If you go to her you-tube page and look at her videos from june/July she talks a little about it.

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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Running out of time on the road

My first mentor had the Coleman but the plug stoped making a connection going into the unit. It looked melted and one of the metal sleeves was stuck on the pins. He had it plugged to the red/black connectors behind the dashboard mount.

I went with a dometic 95 and it's been saving me money ever since but given the price, it better. I'm going to use it for my room if I ever stop driving. Wifi app looks nice but I don't need it eating more power lol

Can't insert picture :(

Tractor Man what kind of cooler do you have? I've got the Coleman iceless cooler, but I'm afraid to leave meat in there for that long.

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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T680 subwoofer

Why haven't I seen any trucks with alarms?

A bathroom w/ shower would be great thought :D

Cassette toilet FTW

They are putting sub woofers in trucks??? Oh wow.....

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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Pay to park?

I have been using trucker path app lately to find the non chain lots. I kid you not, I spend the night at an Exxon that could have fit 80 trucks. There were about 30 of us there. A mile away was a loves so jammed with trucks up and down the interstate ramps.


Tho that truckerpath app *failed me once so yeah, backup for your back up.

*Says there's a truck stop, cake was a lie gentlemen. No truck stop :(

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