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Posted:  2 years, 1 month ago

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Fmcsa does not care about your opion on Cbds


So i went back to freymiller last week. One of the drivers in class with me was planning on teaming with his wife after she got off her trainers truck. Well his drug did not come in when the rest of ours did. He admitted he took cbd for a tooth ache. Found out to he failed the oral drug test. This is going to be on his clearing house for a good while.

New upcoming drivers. Your opinion of cbds does not matter in the eyes of fmsca. If they say no dont do it


Damn sad state of affairs. Sadly, it IS confusing to some.

My fam damily won't even BUY (let alone eat) ANY gummy anythings anymore!

Gummie Recall Alerts

Good to see you back around, GA Mike!!! Hope Freymiller works out for ya, this time.

Don't be a stranger....!

~ Anne ~

OMGosh. My sister sent me gummy vitamins cause she thinks I am going to get Covid since I'm around so many people all the time. I never liked gummies, but those vitamins tasted good. So, I recently became a gummy addict. Luckily, I'm cheap and bought the store brand, but that notice just ended my short term gummy addiction.

WTH is going on in this world anymore?

Posted:  2 years, 1 month ago

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C.R. England Nightmare Experience (True Story, Need Help! Nondrug User Tested Positive!)

OP, if you are truly innocent, then I'm glad you were able to find a way to get into trucking, as you wanted to do.

If you are not, consider what injuring someone does when one drives under the influence of drugs:

In May of 1999, I was driving down a 4 lane road, 2 lanes each side, going to do a job. I was approaching a curve in the road when a car came flying around that curve, and came at me head on. Because I had experience driving (not trucks, cars, lots of courier work), my reactions were fast enough to avoid that head on collision. Nonetheless, the other driver over corrected their out of control swerve into my lane, by now they were on the passenger side of my car, and slammed into my car, spinning the car 180, to the point that I ended up in the same lane I had been traveling, facing the complete opposite direction. In addition, there was a hill right next to that road, so when he hit the car, and caused my car to spin, what stopped me was a hard slam against that hill. I was holding the steering wheel, tightly. So, when the car came to a very sudden stop due to the car slamming into the side of the hill on the driver side, I got wrenched way out of whack, and because I was gripping the steering wheel so hard, it completely screwed up my entire spine.

There's a point to this, I promise.

I was not hit head on, no thanks to that idiot. It was my own skill that got me out of that head on collision. But I can only do one maneuver at a time, and did not have the time to prevent him hitting my car hard, on the side, and spinning the car around to smash into the hill.

Because of my own skill, I am not dead, and I can walk. However, ever since that day, I have been in non stop pain. See, I'm like how you stated you were. I don't like taking anything. I was prescribed 1600mg of Ibuprofen, per dose. Yes. That much. I did take it in the beginning because it was the only way I could function right after the accident, and for some months after. I continue getting prescriptions for 800mg pills of Ibuprofen, but I try not to take them unless I absolutely can't stand it anymore. To. This. Day. We are in 2022 now. The accident was 1999.

Now, the point: After the idiot hit me, he took off. Luckily, someone behind me saw the entire thing, saw the guy take off, whipped their car around and got the license plate, came back to the scene, and gave the police the license plate number. The police went to the other driver's house, his car was parked in the driveway, and he proceeded to a) tell the cops that someone stole his car, it wasn't him driving (because car thieves are always kind enough to bring it back to you after their joy ride), and b) fail a drug test that the police gave him.

This loser piece of trash was on drugs when he hit me. I have been in pain for 23 years because of him. Settlement money means nothing. I'd rather have my pain free life back. And, were it not for my own experience with driving, he would have hit head on - who knows where I'd be right now.

That was just car on car. Imagine if that had been a truck.

So - IF you're not innocent...

I can't even say what I want to say. You better be innocent. If you're not, and you hurt someone, I hope you pay, dearly.

If you are innocent - then nothing I say should get your hackles up. i have a few problems with your story, but I'm just pointing out why it is very necessary for anyone on the road, but especially truck drivers, to be clean. And I mean 100% clean.

Don't get mad at a company for doing what they did. They have students to teach who pass their drug tests. They have people to put in their trucks, and they sure as hell don't want someone who could end up killing an innocent person on the road, and they knew about it because that person failed their test. Do you have any idea what that company would be in for if that were ever the case? It would destroy that company. So don't get mad at them, don't get mad at people who have issues with your story. We don't know you, like you said, so you can't expect everyone to believe everything you say.

I just hope you really are innocent. That's all I can do right now.

Posted:  2 years, 1 month ago

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Diesel shortage especially out east

Watched a youtube vid lastnight, guy saying another reason is, we are send OUR reserves over to the EU to help them??? Since Putin's cut off supply to a bunch of other countries.....Here we are running low, and the powers that be are giving our stuff away?? Jeezus when will someone use their god given brains in better ways....We are NOT the worlds guardian !!

Dominoes will fall, westward,and effect gasoline as well. No diesel,no fuel deliveries=big DUHHH, or any other deliveries as well. Is the SHTF or what? SMH

This is correct. Can I link here? If so, here:

Thanks, Brandon.

Posted:  2 years, 1 month ago

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Diesel shortage especially out east

I got a new car a couple months ago .. she is a snob. Big surprise...her canned food is $50 for a 24 pack!!!

It's the only stuff she will eat. I think it's time to reassess our politicians

You feed your car canned food? Interesting.

(I know you meant "cat".)

Posted:  2 years, 1 month ago

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Getting Hired as a Gig Economy Worker

I don't think it will help all that much, to be honest. I am doing that right now, (thank you, lock downs, for destroying my livelihood). As you drive more, you gain more experience and learn how to watch the people, not just the road straight in front of you, but other than that, I can't see how whipping around in your car for restaurant deliveries is anything like trucking.

More driving experience is always a plus, but it's not something I would count on any company being impressed by, especially when you consider how some of those delivery drivers drive. I wouldn't want them in a truck, or anywhere close to a truck. I'd just leave that off the resume.

Posted:  4 years ago

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Dealing with protests

Hi everyone. Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd ask on this thread since the "disband the police" thing is tied to these protesters and rioters.

I've been reading in a few places that some truckers, (a large amount depending on which publication you read) are stating that they will refuse to deliver to cities that disband (abolish) the police there. As you all well know, if those cities do not get supplies, it will only take a day or just a few days for everything to go really bad.

My question is, since I trust this place more than other publications or forums or sites, what is the feel here? If you were to be given a shipment that went to the Capital Hill area in Seattle - where there are grocery stores, for example, would you refuse, keeping in mind that these people in their little CHAZ area are demanding that people pay them to go through their fake country, and are also armed.

If more areas or cities abolish their police, like Minneapolis is now doing, would you deliver there?

Posted:  5 years, 5 months ago

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Merry Christmas!! Transitioning from seasoned driver to other trucking-industry positions.

The bottom line with me: the MONEY. It's all about the money.

If it weren't about the money, nobody would give two dams about this work. The smell of a fresh crisp dollar bill still keeps me remotely interested.

I can't think of an easier way out of poverty can you? ...I am 54 years old. I don't feel like going to college at my age to get a bachelor's degree while slaving over textbooks. ..

My two unwarranted and unrequested cents: I would hope that you would see more in it than "the MONEY". If you don't like anything about a job aside from the money, it's always going to seem like a chore, and you will start to dread every waking moment of it.

I would not say that trucking is an "easy way" out of poverty. Sure, you could look at it like you have a roof over your head, as small as it may be, so you don't have to worry about being homeless...unless you really screw up and lose your job, hence your "home" as well. Sure, you can eliminate a lot of expenses by living in your truck, but don't you think that living in your truck and doing this for a living takes more than it just being about "the MONEY"?

On the other hand, at 54, you're going to face age discrimination in the tech field. People don't like to admit that it goes on, but it goes on. They always say they went with someone "more qualified" so the feel good laws do nothing, but rest assured, going back to get a bachelor's for tech is not going to erase the age discrimination you're going to get. That's just a fact. I was told in the past, however, when I asked how old was too old to get started in the industry, that you don't really see that in trucking. As long as you can pass the physical and all the tests plus the training, you would be set.

Why not just start with that? You don't have to get into it right away, but at least take the test, see if you can pass it. At least get a physical, see where you are in terms of health. Taking the test and getting a permit doesn't mean you're required to go further with that. Why not just start there.

Posted:  5 years, 5 months ago

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Sexism In Trucking From A Woman's Perspective


I've read many posts and articles that you've written over time, and today I just read the one on this topic. Knowing what I've seen from you in the past, I had high hopes for it, and I was not disappointed. In fact, I was even more impressed by you.

And I was coming here to tell you that, and then I read the replies. I then read your response back to one particular reply, and I didn't think that my respect for you could go any higher, but it just did.

What an absolute class act you are.

And based on what you wrote, you're a lot like me. I don't even bother with worrying about what someone else is doing. Why should I? It doesn't affect my life, I've got enough to think about and concentrate on, and I have goals. Gossiping about what someone else is doing is not my thing, nor is scrutinizing the way they present themselves and live their lives.

Anyway, I could say so much, but will leave it at: You really are a wonderful person, and I thank you so much for sharing your views, your experiences, tips, suggestions, and what you've learned along the way. Whenever I see "By Rainy", I click immediately.

Have a great day, Happy New Year, and stay safe. We need people like you.

Posted:  6 years, 2 months ago

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Abc 20/20 episode: "My Reality: A Hidden America": Sexual Harassment

Rainey is my queen today. I agree with so much of what she said.

I was in the military, as I'm sure some of you were, as well, and if you want to talk about harassment, be a female in the military. I could fill pages with what society today calls harassment, but instead I'll say only this: As Miss Rainey said, you have to stop it right then and there...or, you could also just let some things go that really don't affect you (ie: locker room talk). Seriously, you can walk away and go on with your life.

Now, if someone is constantly harassing me, personally, and/or borderline stalking, that's when things change. And from what I've read from various drivers on the internets, (taking everything with a grain of salt but also paying attention to what is being said), there's some pretty scary stuff that can happen to female drivers. It's one of the main reasons I will only go with a company that will allow me to bring a dog...a big dog, not a lapdog. If I have to sleep at a truck stop at night, I can do all of those things that I've read about to secure my vehicle, but a big, barking dog is a deterrent to those who think they can make my life hard.

Some of what I read happened because the females were very naive and another driver took advantage of that. The good news is, I don't trust a lot of people, so I won't be climbing into someone's truck to "check out the new stereo" (or whatever) that they installed, and they sure as hell won't be climbing into my truck to help me "fix something". If something on my truck needs to be fixed, I'll either have the company fix it or I'll figure it out if it's a personal item.

Someone telling jokes, or just being their nasty selves by talking about females the way some people do...whatever. I've heard so much, graphic stuff, when I was in the military, I'm just going to get on with my life and worry about myself. But, if a situation turns into one where I'm to the point that I don't even want to stop at a truck stop if I see a certain driver, that's when I'm going to make a whole lot of noise following whatever chain of command I need to follow. I don't like being intimidated, it ****es me off, and I will not cower away from stopping it if I can.

Having said all of that, once the video becomes available out from under that pay wall, I might have more to say.

Posted:  6 years, 2 months ago

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Truckers Join Forces To Stop Man From Jumping Off Freeway Overpass

Just saw this in the news. Came here to see if anyone had posted it, or was going to post it if not.

You all truckers are awesome.

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