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+20-year career professional in sales and sales management. I'm happy and fortunate to be where I'm at. Looking for a change towards a rewarding career and a lifelong dream. I don't know why I didn't think about this sooner. Lets get rolling!

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Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Long road through TNT - Prime

Haha. I'm glad ya'll think SPRIMOlogy is funny 🤣 It makes us feel like a VIP. Lol

Just found out the first class is everyday and starts at 7am in the sim lab. So, get ur FM to route you in and get signed up for classes. Check into Campus Inn and get to class early.

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Long road through TNT - Prime

Been awhile since I've posted. I've been TNT since 11/01/16. Just over 3-months with the same trainer as a PSD. The road during TNT has been long and ready to move on. Probably logged more than 50k miles since starting PSD. Winter driving included. No accidents or speeding tickets. I'll post more about TNT soon.

Headed back to Sprimo now. FM is aware of upgrade and routed us back. Thursday will be the first full day I'll be there. Hate to waste these next few days if classes start on Monday.

Anyone know the process to check-in when I get there for upgrading and get scheduled for classes? Go to campus inn 1st talk to staff? Check-in at sim lab and let them know I'm ready for upgrade?

I know this is crazy. But, I want to request another FM. Trying to find out if the school staff can assist.

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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Any teams at Prime running over 5000 miles? How about others?

My 1st 3-loads as TNT were 6,024 loaded miles. 390 empty miles. I'll up date as we go.

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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Starting with Prime October 31

I do have some questions regarding Prime in general.

+Bring all your personal shower and hygiene items. There's a Walmart nearby within walking distance of the Campus Inn if you forget something. You'll get $200 spending money after orientation. You'll end up paying this back when you're hired at 0% Zero interest.

1. What items do I need to bring with me for training?

+Your Recruiter will e-mail you a list of what to bring. 7-days worth of clothes. This time of year can range from warm to freezing temps depending where you go. So, bring 7-days worth. There's laundry facilities at campus inn and at the truck stops. I fit everything in a back pack and a large duffle bag including a sleeping bag. There's room for duffle bag in the top bunk where you'll sleep. You'll be living out of it while you're training..

2. If you are a company driver, do you get to drive the tractor home or leave at the terminal?

+Yes, take it home.

3. I need to call the recruiter on Monday, I was wondering if I can drive my personal vehicle to Springfield and have someone else drive it back as I live only 3 hours away from Springfield.

+Ask your recruiter. Why leave it there when you can drive the tractor home? Or leave tractor at the yard and drive your PV home. Most cars left at the yard just sit there and know one ever moves them. A waste IMO.

Good luck in orientation.

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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Making $ On You - Prime

All great responses. I wanted to know if there was a catch to TNT that didn't present itself. I'm here for the excellent training provided by my instructor. And get some real winter driving in before I get my own truck. So, this may go on for more than 30k miles or X amount of months.

On the home page of the Prime app. Click the "View Loads" button. Shows each load with loaded and empty miles.

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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Making $ On You - Prime

Please explain why and how a TNT trainer is making money on you During the TNT phase. I know they're making a lot more money because the truck never stops. And Prime is paying the students wages $700/wk gross + .14 cents/mile over 5,000 miles while available for dispatch. I've heard trainers may lie about the miles completed and keep you on the truck longer (download the Prime app. and count them yourself) We've only completed about 5k miles in PSD. So, I figure I need 25k more miles to complete my training and upgrade. Winter is coming and I'd like to get winter driving in before I upgrade.

Am I missing something?

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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Blow Up This PSD and onto TNT - Prime

It's only been 15-days while training as PSD. My trainer is awesome and only 24-yrs old. He's been with Prime since legal to drive intrastate. He's owned his own truck while pulling tanker and now is a lease operator in a brand new 2017 FL automatic pulling refer because he wanted to train again. I might be his last PSD as he may only do TNT in the future. PSD's can be difficult to handle. Plus, his parents are team with Prime. Goes to show you Prime really is a family based business with the drivers treated as family. I know, I'm new to Prime. But I'm enjoying it so far. He lives in North Carolina and I'm in Texas. So, don't know how my home-time will be taken. Hope to have something figured out by T-givng holiday.

My PSD adventure was eyeopening. We left out of Springfield, Mo with about 42k pds in the box to Orlando, FL. Refer set to 28 degrees roughly. The first night was just trying to get used to the refer kicking on and off. And the APU running all night. Best to get some good ear plugs that are comfortable for you. I'll sleep like a baby with them in my ears. It really feels like your sleeping next to a jet engine starting up.

Driver's comfort is why I choose Prime was for the available tier 1-facilities, APU, bunk heater, and allows pets for extra cost. This truck better feel like home but it feels more like camping in an RV.

Driving cross-country is like an adventure. You never know what will happen. But, you better be prepared. We got stuck in North Carolina while my trainer took 2-days home-time while Hurricane Matthew was headed our way. Our shipper delayed us because they had to shutdown to get there employees home and take care of their families during the flooding. All in all we were stuck there for 5-days and we didn't know when we'd get loaded. Good thing my trainer lived nearby. My trainer put me in a hotel for the 1st 2-days ($102/night), then I slept in the truck at Wally World for a night, I paid for 1-night nearby Wally World in a Extended Stay-Studio with kitchen ($68/night). Once we loaded we made a few more pick-up/deliveries then headed back to Springfield to test out for CDL.

I studied the pre-trip every chance and felt like it I got. My trainer helped me along the way. My trainer drives an automatic so, we had to get into a training pad truck to get the shifting down. You don't want to be tested in an automatic. Because, that will be the only thing you'll be legally able to drive with your CDL. We got back Thursday night. Practiced shifting, backing maneuvers on the exam pad, and studied pre-trip for 2-days. I tested on Sunday morning at 6am and passed all exams the first try. Prime calls it a TRIFECTA. I'll get a $250 bonus and our picture on Prime's facebook page as well as my trainer gets a fat bonus as well. Help pay for that expensive hotel, some dinners, and necessities he paid for :) Great way to thank your trainer for his hard work and dedication to his job.

My backing (straight back, offset passenger side and driver side parallel) was flawless. My in-cab, air-brakes, light check, driver door, and fuel area were flawless. But, my coupling wasn't pretty. If I missed 1-more thing on the coupling I would have failed. I lost focus and forgot what I was inspecting. Best to repeat what your inspecting (coupling) to yourself and take your time and possibly tell the examiner you want to start the coupling over from the beginning.

Onto TNT phase with the same trainer. I plan on staying on trainers truck through winter to get snow and icy conditions training. Stay tuned!!

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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Preparing for Prime CDL Permit and Driving Exam

I passed the required CDL permit multiple choice exams. I used the computer so I could skip questions and come back to them later. Less chance of making a mistake. Or you can take the paper exam for ya'll old school traditionalists out there.

You'll need to take the general knowledge, combination, air brakes, and tanker. Tanker is the easiest then general knowledge is 2nd easiest. Combination and air brakes tend to be the hardest ones. Because, a lot of the same questions are in both tests. Understand the terms and components they're relating to. Reason the brake chamber and brake valves all have different terms related to the same thing. More trick questions then anything. Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! 😡

I got through orientation week with Prime in Springfield. I can't believe how well this process has been for me. Got matched up with a great trainer Friday afternoon. Already dispatched with a load to Florida with a pre-plan to Ohio.

I have been pulling utility trailers, boats, and 30' travel trailers since my teenage years. It's easier to drive these trucks and trailers when you know the concept. As well as driving a stick shift. You'll need to be coordinated with double clutching, upshifting, and down shifting/skip shifting all while driving.

We've been practicing on the pad bobtail then with the trailer. Then my trainer felt confident of me driving on the road then on the nearby interstate. Nerve racking (you need to have thick skin for this job) but, it was so fun to drive these trucks.

You have so much time out here while delivering and receiving loads. There's always an opportunity to practice your pretrip inspection, driving safe, shifting, and backing. The goal is to pass the CDL driving exam so you can get PAID!!

Can't wait to get through PSD in 2-weeks then on to TNT phase.

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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Any homeless Truckers out there?

I'm in the same situation as Brett. Not married and no kids. I've been in a professional trade for 20-years and deceided enough is enough. I took 2-months to decide if trucking is for me. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, read about trucking, and used all the resources Trucking Truth offers. If it weren't for this website. I'd probably be wasting away trying to figure out what to do with my life and another year added to lease my apartment again.

All in all my lease on my apartment was up and one thing lead to another another. Put my personal effects in a 5'x10' temperature controlled storage unit. Within a weeks time. Then parked my car at my parents house and got on that bus to Springfield, Mo.

From the moment I spoke to a recruiter, got on that bus, getting through orientation, on to delivering my first load as PSD. It was my best decision yet. Sometimes, you just have take the bull by the horns and just do it! Being homeless is just a formality.

"The world is your oyster" GO EXPLORE!!

That's what I did most of my career. I've never been married and don't have any kids so I just travelled for a lot of years. I didn't have a home, nor did I have a vehicle most of the time. I just lived in the truck and spent time off visiting family and friends. It's an excellent way to live and a great way to save up some money.

Posted:  6 years, 2 months ago

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Preparing for Prime PSD

I agree with the statements above after going through orientation week.

The trinity healthcare nurse from Prime called me and cleared my medications so there isn't any issue with them when I got there. I did receive a 1-yr medical card. My first BP reading was perfect. They will take multiple readings and even lay you down so you can relax.

I suggest a doctor or minute clinic (CVS or Walgreens) to read your BP. They can suggest what needs to happen next. This should be taken very seriously. The BP reading should only be done on your upper left arm as the wrist readers are very inaccurate.

Plus, no issue with the 1.5 yr gap in employment. I gave excellent references and they verified the unemployment.

I took the greyhound bus and arrived Saturday night. Gave me time to rest and to get prepared for orientation to come on Monday 7am. Every step of the way has been great.

Some students don't understand orientation is a week long interview and that you're a guest at Prime. Bring your "A" game and be ready to work for what you want. They will be testing you every step of the way and you won't even realize it.

Posted:  6 years, 2 months ago

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Preparing for Prime PSD

That's great to know. I was hoping they'd tell me if my meds are cleared or not If I talk to Prime's medical staff/ Trinity Health care is who the recruiter is having me speak with. I was wondering if my doctor should write a note. I'll have the notorized letters as well.

YouTuber: Prime Driver Jacob. He was the only one that mentioned TT out of any trucking vids I've seen.

Curious as to the name of the Youtuber....

Two things that catch my attention right away with your post.

The BP meds might come into question as Prime has some very strict ideas that their insurance company says are go or no go. If you are denied do to this its not a big deal. You can have your doctor change BP meds to something that works for you and that Prime approves of. It might be an issue or might not. Just wanting to make you aware of it before had.

Now the recruiter may or may not be concerned with the 1.5 year gap in employment but it also might become an issue. Just in case it is I would get a signed and notarized affidavit from friends and family stating what you were doing during that time period.

These are the only two things that might be an issue that I can see. Just remember things that a recruiter thinks and believes that aren't issues often become issues once you arrive at orientation and HR has a chance to review you full application once you are on their property.

Recruiters only do a surface check to see if you are cleared for hire according to that companies set of preliminary hire guidelines and HR does a deeper and more in depth check once you arrive at the company.

Not trying to scare you but I want you to know up front what as happened in the passed to other people.

Posted:  6 years, 2 months ago

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Preparing for Prime PSD

After a couple months of research on trucking. I decided to take the leap. I'm approved for Prime orientation in Springfield, Mo. I'm just making sure everything is taken care of before I get on the bus. So, there are no surprises when I get there. Please let me know if I'm leaving something out.

The recruiter called me the same day of application around 6pm. After that, contact has been hard to get a hold of late in the day. Best to call with persistence in the morning or early afternoon. The recruiter has been helpful and knowledgable to get the paperwork pushed through. Make sure you disclose EVERYTHING on the application. Once you complete something by request of recruiter always follow-up.

I did have almost a 1.5 yr gap in employment. But, it was overlooked because my job prior was 15yrs. My current job is 1yr employed prior to applying with Prime. They verified my past employer and I had excellent references.

I'm taking blood pressure and cholesterol meds as I see my doctor regularly. I've been self checking/recording my BP throughout the day to make sure I'm under the requirement of 140/90 and receive a 1-yr medical certificate during the physical. You may be able to ask the Medical Examiner to take multiple readings if you have abnormally high BP due to White Coat Syndrome. I may need clarification on this. The recruiter is setting up a phone call to go over meds with their medical staff/Trinity Healthcare. Recruiter does not want to go over any medical conditions. I can say drinking Naked bright beets juice and eating a banana and not necessarily together will help reduce BP temporararly. Not sure if they make you fast before the physical. Since, there's no blood test involved.

I'm currently living in an apartment and I'll be moving everything into a storage unit. Great to not have that expense and save $. I do have vehicle as well. You can't drive to Prime as long term parking is limited. You'll be given a free bus ticket on Greyhound 10-days before you arrive at Prime.

I was referred to TT by a YouTuber. So, without this website I wouldn't have been able to make the leap. I've always been interested in trucking. Just didn't know anything about it.

I need to start studying the High Road!!

Thanks to Brett, moderators, and all the members for contributing and passing along their experience.

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