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2 1/2 years in ups and downs but keep it moving forward keep em rolling

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Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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Company wants me to join teamsters

This is tricky for me because this is teamsters and it falls under division of construction drivers they said at our current pay rate we make more than a union driver so when it comes to getting on union jobs we won’t get prevailing or scale pay because we already make more than what they pay. They also said we would get more work if union job came up they would get our guys to help another company and vice versa. It didn’t sound right to me but i tried calling the hall and no answer figured you know left a voice mail etc and they don’t have info on there page. As drivers some companies are union and wages are based off contracts no one is being upfront so I was hoping some drivers here are familiar or have been with a teamster driving position for driving hot asphalt in dump trailers etc high speed rail or anything that can shine light

I was in the carpenters local 532 in Seattle. I framed nothing but civil jobs. The company voted to go union.

We were making prevailing wage plus equivalent of benes in straight pay. Roughly 34.50 an hour prior to it.

After, the union collected (stole) all kinds of fees, non refundable, barred us from working on any sites if we're were on lay off and couldn't collect funenjoyment either. Take home pay dropped from 1500 a week to 600 a week with absolutely no benefit for the missing money.

Given the rich history of corruption and greed that unions have, until such time as we come up with a voluntary organization that embraces all pay structures inclusive of piecework and salary, and forces the employer's to hold and facilitate pensions rather than the union, the problems will exist. The flip side is that the union should provide better skilled and more professional drivers in order to justify the higher labor cost.

Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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Company wants me to join teamsters

At the moment I have no idea it was proposed to us as an extra workload the company can get from getting city state and federal jobs not sure of the federal I’ve only worked on a federal job one for the forrredt service taking road work matireal.

But here in ca the high speed rail drivers get paid prevailing wage for their hourly wage when I asked if we were to get prevailing wages on jobs they said we make over the drivers pay wage so we don’t get anything else but the added benefit of having more work hours so if a company needs a union driver they send us if the company I’m at needs guy they pull from them I don’t mind the union but if we have to pay dues and all this not get the union benefits etc it doesn’t make any sense to join

Tee, just curious. Is joining the Teamsters mandatory or optional for you?

Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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Company wants me to join teamsters

The thing is they said our hourly rate just over the union driver rate so we won’t get prevailing for any jobs so that’s where I wasn’t sure if they are correct or not

the teamsters application is as given didn’t have a problem at scale there or anything I know people in trade unions who get pay scales forms at the hall so I was expecting similar packet with information

This sounds a little fishy to me as too the reasons stated, and I’ll explain my former experience and opinion.

I was a teamster member in Ca for many years. It wssn’t construction, but was a a city employee. They really did very little for us overall, made a lot of ill will with the city leaders, but faithfully took their dues out of my check. They always had excuses for not performing better, but did always say they would make up for it the next year. This was years ago during a state budget crises, and I went 6 straight years without any raise. I’m not much of a fan.

Our city, county and the state all put jobs out to bid. They get the sealed bids back, hold a hearing and select the one they want. Majority of time that will be the lowest.

If the teamsters can assist any company to get bids it would be suspect too me.

I’m no expert in this area, just my experiences in the past.

Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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Company wants me to join teamsters

Work for a company in Northern California who moves rocks sand and other aggregates in bottom dumps or end dumps. They are planning on joining the union and getting city state and federal work when it comes available. Has anyone ever dealt with construction division of the union I’m a class driver combination and double. Was wondering about prevailing wages do we ge those as drivers or we exempt for it. I’ve heard other companies get it but I don’t want to taken advantage of and want some insight from drivers contacted union also. Not sure where else to go internet didn’t lead up any information. Thanks in advance

Posted:  2 years, 4 months ago

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Carrier Question

I might go back over the road and the last over the road company I was with was prime inc 3 1/2 years ago. One thing I liked about them was the option for equipment and how they had an incentive for running a light weight/single bunk sleeper are their any similar companies out their that offer similar options ?

Posted:  3 years, 9 months ago

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Personally prior to getting in the road I do the pretrip etc and all that good stuff. I also check before getting to the shipper/receiver google reviews to see what other drives have put for advice then I check google satellite view and see if I have enough room for a straight line back an alley dock etc but once I’m their and I’m waiting for a door or prior to going to my door I park open my doors on trailer I give the entire lot a look for anything that can obstruct and have a plan in my head. Don’t be afraid to take your time it’s your truck and job. Ignore the other guys get out and look and people may offer assistance but remember you hit something they aren’t driving it’s you.

I will start my very first load by myself on Tuesday or Wednesday, I am still having a little trouble with backing. While in training, my mentor always took over or they wanted me to hurry up and park because other truck was behind us. I thought we were suppose to take our time no matter what. So what should I do?

Posted:  3 years, 11 months ago

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I Need Help; Trying To Switch Companies

I drove for prime my first year finished out with them and applied for Estes express doing line haul doubles and a day cab. You won’t be home daily but will have 2 days off 5 on until you build seniority and an open lane is available for you to take on a bid. Your best bet is to land an interview and get the job let your current employer have a two week notice. During my TNT phase at prime I did get into a parking lot backing incident nothing to crazy just some scuffs and scratch to a parked truck bumper I let estes terminal manager know and they were okay with it since it wasn’t dot reportable they didn’t bother Needing more info but be honest and tell them wether it was dot reportable or not.

I'm still relatively new to trucking and was wondering if some of y'all could help me.

My year with my company is almost over and I'm trying to get into McLane since it'll be more local. I'm trying to see what my chances are from where I stand right now.

I have had two minor collisions that were reported to my company since I started trucking. There were no points added to my license but I would like to know how long they stay on the company's record? I don't know if I should wait a year since my last collision to switch companies or just do it a bit after my year is over.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Posted:  4 years ago

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Help me find my forever trucking home

I’ve Spoken to few Walmart drivers but all said they like working for them money is good always say 80 something k for first year with them all companies have good and bad I personally enjoy pulling doubles in a day cab for ltl carrier no need to find parking after a shift you can be in a hotel every night they let you run 6 days a week regional sometimes you can go past the regional if allowed it’s home every weekend it all just matters to what your willing to settle for and give.

Hey There Drivers, Looking for any information you all could share with me. I’ve been driving about 3 years now and am looking for a change. I’m looking to continue OTR and would like to join a carrier that covers all 48 states. To me, finding the proper fit means more than just cpm. These are the carriers that are at the top of my list so far...

Meiborg- Great equipment with good miles. They have a salaried program right now 3 week out OTR, flat $75,000 annual

Merx Global- nice newer Volvo’s. .50cpm. A little concerned because I can’t find much driver feedback on them

Sharky- great benefits, free healthcare for family and .54cpm, but older trucks. Have a long history

Nussbaum- Great reviews, never heard a bad thing about them. Everything hung sounds great about the company, Except cpm, .40 to start. Recruiter says with all bonuses and pay factored in, drivers are averaging $1,000-$1,2000 per week

I’m looking to settle in and find my long term home. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you all and be safe

Posted:  4 years ago

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Moving violations/ grace periods

I had one of those years ago before I applied to cdl school through a carrier recruiter by passed it didn’t even ask it I was never even asked only about the speeding ticket

Is no insurance and/or expired tags a moving violation? And is it required that I report them on my application? Also, are they not supposed to care about anything 10 yrs or older?

Posted:  4 years ago

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Requesting some assistance...

Just apply everywhere I was in a similar situation and managed to find a local company small fleet 10 trucks to work for in California with two tickets for speeding. Just stay positive and apply I still managed to get calls from otr companies like jb hunt and swift who had regional work should I take it doesn’t hurt to roll the dice on every application I also managed to get a call from yrc so just continue to stay positive and if that ticket is to go to court suggest off the record and ticket clinic two firms who have traffic lawyers who maybe able to help reduce the ticket to another one less serious good luck to you I hope you get something

Hey, all!

I am not a new CDL driver. I have seen a few threads similar to the following, I note most (or even all) are from the new CDL Students or the soon-to-be. I do not know if my situation will be viewed the same as theirs since I have enough experience to know better. So, here goes...

I worked the CDL side of trucking from 1995-2000. I gave up the license for personal reasons. Skip forward to 2015, I attended a MEGA school (Prime) to regain my license, which I did. I've remained employed ever since.

I kept a squeaky-clean driving record until September 2018, when I was clipped for driving that restricted left lane in Illinois. A year later, I brain-farted and did it again in Kentucky. I'm not used to getting tickets, so I was pretty upset with myself for WEEKS after that. Problem is, and what I did not know at that time, is Kentucky calls that Improper Passing. A straight Left Lane violation is considered minor, but a second under the title of Improper Passing I have recently learned is a MAJOR violation.

Before I knew it was such a major violation, I left my home and job in Illinois for San Antonio, Texas. I love it here, so I decided to live here. I had a large enough savings to take it easy and take great care on the new job search. That was 2 months ago. I usually secure a new job before leaving a current, but this time I figured I could just chance it. After all, even through COVID, a lot of companies were hiring. They still are, just not me. I finally got one company manager to clue me into why. As you may have guessed, it was not just the two tickets, it really is that last ticket. Improper Passing is major, and coupled with that ticket the year before, I now have 6 Points against my CDL. My heart sank and I felt gutted as I suddenly realized I had completely F'ed myself by allowing complacency to replace common sense and vigilance. After years of climbing that income ladder, I was now slapped back to the bottom. Again, no one to blame but myself...but it's done and I am left with extremely limited options. bad luck? No. Three bad decisions (the tickets and the decision to move without the above knowledge). If I can find a company willing to hire me, it'll be OTR again. Just the next two years driving a lower gig will be a constant reminder, especially that part that my last gig paid .55/mile loaded or empty. See? F'ed myself and need no more lashings...

I am now in the unenviable position of requesting help with companies which will likely hire an experienced trucker with a messed up DMV. I also ask to not be lectured. I'd only agree with you which would make the interaction no fun for you. See? I'm keeping my spirits up!

If anyone can assist with a suggestion or few, I would be quite appreciative. I live in San Antonio, TX.

Thanks in advance,


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