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I'm a Mentor for Swift Transportation on the refrigerated side running out of the Jurupa Valley terminal.

I recently celebrated two years with Swift. Platinum driver with 100 percent on time and zero accidents.

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Posted:  2 days, 1 hour ago

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Americold Caves

Lol that was pretty much my experience. When I was finally able to pick up they had us go through the tunnels to get to the other side due to the roads being icy.

They gave me a map.

I do have a trainee. These caves had plenty of room. At least the docks I went to.

(Not trying to answer for Big T. here) This looks like the cave I was at most recently, Rob. They did provide a map at the gate showing you where the cave entrance is. There was parking just outside so I walked into the cave to check in. After i got a call with door assignment i drove in. After i got loaded I then asked "how the heck do i get out of here?"

Big T. may have had a different experience.

Posted:  2 days, 8 hours ago

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Americold Caves

No just dusty.

Is that snow blowing around in there?

Posted:  2 days, 13 hours ago

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Americold Caves

I finally got to pick up in the caves in Carthage, MO tonight.


Posted:  2 days, 17 hours ago

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I messed up BAD

Is there a reason 11,500 miles a month would be hard? What area will you be running?

Posted:  2 days, 17 hours ago

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Who's going swift

After two days on my truck my student had to use both the parallel and offset skills parking a blitz load at one of our terminals.

Then he had to parallel park a trailer on the street in the dark because Nestle didn't have any room on their actual yard.

One trip to our Sumner terminal or Denver terminal and you may have to use one of those skills.

Keep the basics in your head and learn to tweak the maneuver based on the spot you need to hit. That goes for all backing skills.

Posted:  3 days, 18 hours ago

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What is your most unpleasant task per week?

Attempting to pick up loads without the correct information. Customer Service seems to be dropping the ball a lot this past month or so.

I got to the shipper almost three hours early only to find out we weren't given the correct information. Six hours after our appointment and we are s.o.l until at least morning.

At least I'm sitting at the Joplin Petro and not some dirt lot somewhere.

Posted:  1 week ago

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Work boots or no work boots during otr training??

I wear a pair of $50 insulated waterproof work boots from Walmart during the winter. Get caught in the cold with tennis shoes and you may regret it.

If I'm packing light the boots are coming and tennis shoes, flip flops etc. are staying.

But I am also the jerk mentor that doesn't allow flip flops, sandals, or open toed shoes to be worn on the truck while on duty and you don't get out of my truck in them period. I've seen what that leg grater can do in person.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Question on Testing

Don't show up with alcohol in your system and don't drink while in school.

Swift has a zero tolerance policy and they mean zero. .01 and you will be unemployed.

I have watched drivers have a celebratory drink at the hotel after passing and Swift found out and terminated them.

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Loaner truck and DM issues

Drew I'm not saying go over his head for everything he says, but if you're having repeated issues then you can use the chain of command to your benefit.

As far as service goes, unless it's different for his fleet, his DM has to schedule the A or B service now. For the most part this has been a good thing. It has made getting a service done less time consuming because they have certain mechanics that focus on the services and you are guaranteed to get in on the day of your appointment. Four or five hours later you're back on the road unless they find something wrong.

Drew A service is every 25k, B is every 50k, and Cal Bit is every 90 days. Swift is usually (usually not always) pretty good at getting it done on the mark. So if you're mileage is getting close to x25,000 or x75,000 you will have an A do. X50,000 or x00,000 a B will be do. If you are close to your cal bit they are SUPPOSED to do it at the same time. Cal bit, however, doesn't get scheduled.

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Loaner truck and DM issues

I have never heard of asking permission to go more than 20 miles. If it's more than 20 miles to a parking spot then I'm going more than 20 miles. I will ask if they have a preference in direction (maybe they are working on loads from a certain area or customer), give them 30 minutes to an hour to respond and then head for parking.

I do that on the QC so there is a record.

If you're having with your DM and haven't been able to remedy it you need to contact your DL (DM's boss) and if that doesn't work then you contact your terminal manager (everybody's boss).

As far as the loaner truck goes; pack an over night bag with two or three outfits and get rolling.

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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You never know who you're going to meet

One of the things I harp on with my students is image. You never know who you're going to meet. Especially when you're at a terminal.

Yesterday my student had to update her CDL with safety and since we were there in Phoenix we went in to safety and took care of it in person.

While waiting for the office to open a man asked us if we needed help, so I explained what we were doing. He told us he would see if someone was there yet and away he went.

Twenty minutes later he came back down to check on us. Come to find out it was the COO of Swift.

Just something to keep in mind before getting out of your truck in flip flops and dirty clothes.

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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Any words on Covenant?

Amber they never forced their beliefs on anyone that I saw. They would offer to pray for you. They had a number you could call and leave prayer requests at.

There was some freight they wouldn't haul because it went against their values. They would terminate drivers for parking their equipment at an adult shop, strip club, etc.

As far as treatment by others, I was treated the same as every other driver out there.

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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Any words on Covenant?

I was a trainer at Covenant and really enjoyed working for them. They took care of their equipment and I never had too many issues with the office staff.

The only reason I didn't go back with them when I returned to trucking is I would have to team and it was important for me to be able to bring my son out with me during summer.

They are a Christian company and they make sure you understand that at the beginning.

Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Most cheapest/smartest way to obtain CDL A?

Why worry about tuition reimbursement if you're not willing to commit to a year at a company?

If the program is cheap then it fits your need. The cheapest smartest way to obtain your cdl will always be company sponsored training for multiple reasons.

1. You are guaranteed a job if you pass.

2. They have a vested interest in you.

3. Their programs tend to be more legit compared to the $1500 schools. (Avg cost of cdl school is around $6k. How are they able to offer it for 1/3 of the cost? )

As a mentor I listen to horror stories from students that went with cheap. Very little instruction, crappy equipment, and even less practice than the company schools. Half of them still ended up going through company school.

Best of luck to you.

Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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Question regarding Swift

They use a drop yard in Vegas for certain customers, but like Errol said it doesn't matter. I know they hire out of Vegas because I have had students from there.

Posted:  3 weeks, 6 days ago

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5:45 hours gained

Jim where are you coming from and when are the delivery and pu appts?

Nice meeting you by the way.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Postcards from the Road! (Post Yours Please!)

Good morning from Idaho.


Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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This is Great News, but Now What do I put on my Applications?

If you say you quit what do you think prospective employers will say when they call swift and swift says you were terminated?

Im confused though. Didn't you say PAM accepted you? Bite the bullet, take the job, get some crystal clean time under your belt and then worry about flat bed.

Your nemesis is 2.5 years out of a truck and less than a years experience before that.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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FEMA load pay

Wow Chelly you lit a fuse didn't you?

Without working for USX I won't even attempt the first question. That's going to be a payroll dept or contract his dispatch to go over it with him.

As far as the second question goes yes he may "make" more going straight mileage but will take home less. Which is better depends on your situation.

As I understand it. Being paid per diem can hurt you when applying for a home loan because on paper you are making less. However I'm sure one of the financial gurus on here will know for sure.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Got busted going 21 over, down the grapevine.

Traffic school is no longer an option once you obtain a cdl. Keep that in mind.

You may find a smaller mom and pop outfit that will give you a chance but the major carriers are probably going to be out of reach for a while. Apply anyway. They can't say yes if you don't try.

Get an attorney to get it reduced or traffic school.

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