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Posted:  3 days ago

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Best 2nd company suggestions

You might look at the big dog there in your town. JBS has a plant there in Hyrum.

Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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What kind of ignorant is this! Unbelievable.

The language you speak doesn’t change the sound of metal crunching. Nor does it prevent you from looking in your mirrors.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Terminated For safety

Your problem has nothing to do with the economy. A 15 mph over is a major deal. That’s a reckless driving charge and a deal breaker for companies even in an excellent market. Let alone a market where drivers with clean records and experience are struggling to find a job.

Posted:  6 months ago

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Introduction and advice for Driver from Europe

How possibly they could take advantage of me? They offered to pay my CDL

You need to ask yourself why a company would go through the hassle of hiring a driver from overseas and getting them licensed when there are experienced drivers struggling to find work. There are also plenty of citizens that want to go through CDL school, especially if it’s being paid for by someone else.

One of the reasons there are a lot of companies around Chicago that do this is because Illinois is one of the states that doesn’t require you to have a regular license for a year prior to getting your CDL. You just have to have an Illinois license that will be valid during the year the permit is good for.

While it is technically possible to get an H2B visa to drive a truck in the US, I would be interested to see how they convinced the department of labor that there are no drivers available right now considering the about of trucking companies that have failed over the last year.

Posted:  2 years, 11 months ago

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Big T Checking In from Memphis

Hope everyone is doing well. I got a friendly reminder from a student today that maybe I should check in on here. I apologize for the absence but have been going a little crazy down here.

I started at the Swift Driving Academy March 2nd and have been going almost non-stop since. I have maintained a 100% pass rate so far and I enjoy the position. It was a bit challenging to change from a mentor over the road mind set to an instructor for the CDL mind set but it is coming together.

Besides the day to day instructing of students they have me training new instructors, moving equipment between schools, and I’m a go to when students are struggling. Provided Tennessee accepts my application I will be heading to class to become a state CDL examiner as well.

I went home for the first time a few weeks ago and will be heading home again as soon as we find out about the examiner’s class.

I am not going to lie though. I miss the road, but I think I am in the right place right now. I enjoy moving the trucks between schools on the weekend because I get to play trucker lol.

Posted:  3 years, 3 months ago

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Swift Academy Memphis

I remember. You and I met while you were working at the academy. I’ll be reaching out.

Hey, Big T, Welcome to Memphis! I taught at Swift Academy for about a year, up to 2018. Let's get together.

email to I'll get it. I'll get you pointers on teaching the skills. (And maybe you'll have some for me - I'm teaching CDL at a "private" school now!)

Posted:  3 years, 3 months ago

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Swift Academy Memphis

It has been almost four weeks since I cleaned out my truck and passed it on to my last student. I took two weeks off with the family and then packed up my car and drove from San Diego to Memphis to begin the next chapter in my career at Swift.

Yesterday I completed my training and Monday I will get my first class of students on the range. It has been interesting switching my brain from teaching otr skills to teaching the basics, but so far I’m doing alright and have had some success with the students I’ve been helping so far.

Now I just need to find an apartment and all will good.


Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Where are they now?

I'm still here. I try and jump on and read what is going on.

I'm still mentoring for Swift but may be taking a position as an instructor with the academy. I should find out this week or next.

Big T?

Posted:  3 years, 9 months ago

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Asking for information

The FMCSR only requires you to be 21 to operate interstate. There is no federal requirement that you have a non-commercial license for a year. FMCSR 49 CFR 391.13 lists the actual requirements.

Many states however do require you to obtain a non-commercial license and have it for a year before they will issue you a license. Your best bet is to just Google it.

I’m pretty sure the FMCSA requires you to be 21 years old and have a regular drivers license for at least 1 year

Furthermore, if you just started driving, there are a lot of other basic skills you need to get comfortable with as well as driver tendencies and reaction scenarios you need to learn to recognize in a 10-18 foot car, suv or pickup truck before trying to drive a 70 foot tractor trailer. These skills can only be honed by repetition and spending time on the road

Most important thing is learn to drive safely and keep your license clean!!! No tickets or accidents

Posted:  3 years, 9 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?

If it's on your DAC you can dispute it. Same way you did here. Then Trans AM has to respond. Even if it's not removed your dispute will accompany your record if someone does a check.

Best of luck


If you read Trans Am's own words they offer training and on going training. Now, maybe their words are more carefully scripted than the ordinary reader would read them but when I asked if what they say they offer was offered, they said "No". They said they did up to fairly recently offer the training and trainers but no longer do. I took my question to the highest management on the scene and was told that they do not offer trainers.

Ok, no problem with that as far as I'm concerned because it was an easy decision that Trans Am was not the company for me and I did sign the "Voluntary Withdrawal" from the orientation after three days. Maybe I should not have?

I hold to the fact that I was never "employed" by Trans Am trucking. I dont want it on my employment record or my DAC that I was employed and quit the job.

What I claim as to their misrepresentations can be clearly read on their web site written by them.

"Quibble" is a word I learned as a term used by the army in the 60's. To "Quibble" maybe does' not mean to out and out lie about something. What it could mean is "double talk" maybe. maybe they didn't actually out and out lie with their representations on their web. Maybe just worded so that dopes like me would think they're saying something that they're actually not saying? Maybe so, maybe not but it might also be worth the time to read what their former drivers have to say about them. Now and then a positive statement but for the very most part by far.............pretty ugly.

When I read Kerry's remarks on a different thread I tend to lean his way some because of the way I feel about Trans Am. Maybe he's wrong. Maybe I'm wrong.

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