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I'm an experienced driver, not with loads of experience, but never the less, I do have experience. I went to school in 1993 and worked for almost a year with JB Hunt. So, I think this qualifies me as being experienced. ha ha, anyway. But, I'll put ' Considering a Career ', because it's been such a long time since I've driven.

I actually have around 23 years experience as a driver, but mostly limited to 4 wheels. Actually, 2 years of this was either driving a bucket truck for a tree trimming company or for another local company I drove for, driving a box truck. I really wasn't aware that you had to have a Class A to drive one of the longer box trucks. I think it has something to do with it having air brakes. Dun't know, didn't ask.... I don't think the company honestly knew.

So, I drove for Pony Express, yes the faithful ole Pony Express for 4 years, 3 years part time, and 1 year full time. Then I decided on the truck driving career. My dad also worked for Pony Express, full time. He pretty much got me my first driving job... which started my career in driving. And then we both ended up working for the same company again. Pony Express shut it's doors some years ago... In Irving Texas anyway....

The truck driving career only lasted around a year or so. I can't really pin point any one reason why I stopped driving over the road. I had a lot going on at the time. I lived in a Christian Ministry for a year and a half back when I was 21, and became highly involved in Ministry work. Not that I traveled a whole lot, even though I did go to Mexico a couple of times, staying there for around a month once. My involvement with Christianity/God grew and it led me to Trucking. I guess God wanted me to see the country side (That and the fact that I came home and got a job and the guy told me he hired me because I had experience driving over the road. He figured I could handle the route he hired me for). ha ha And then I came back home to pursue other things, a music career and furtherance in Ministry work. And one thing has led to another, and now here I am.....

Anyway, I've found myself in a little bit of a bind here lately financially, and only see it growing worse over time. So, I set out researching the trucking industry, and came across trucking truth. We didn't have all the luxuries of the internet back in the early 90's. I need to go to school because I let my Class A go a few years ago. Don't ask me why, I don't have a good answer to the question. Maybe I do need to go back to school. I'd love to learn everything over again, and anything new. Then there are the school cost, bills in the mean time, and of course the cost of living on the road. Sooo, I'm still researching my options.... And yes, I'm aware of free training from certain companies, but that's for companies I may or may not be interested in.

Mmm, well, I guess I covered the fact that I've been driving for a living for around 23 years. It's been interesting to say the least. I just can't shake the desire to drive the big rig. It's in my blood I think. I was good at it. I wasn't great at it, but good at least.

I don't believe I have anything else to add... this all about sums it up, the past 29 years of my life.... besides the fact that I worked mostly in restaurants before age 21. I didn't attend college, even though I did graduate from High School.

Ok, I'm done...

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Posted:  8 months, 3 weeks ago

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A Day In The Life of a Walmart Dedicated Driver

Thank you GTown, this was a great read. I have a friend that I went to the Academy with who trained for Walmart Dedicated. I was curious about the life of dedicated, as opposed to otr. I think they both have their advantages and disadvantages. I don't believe that I am built for dedicated myself. It's just, hard work, to me. Buttttt, on the other hand, otr is hard work as well. ☺️ My clock is ticking tick ticking away as I type this. It seems like I've been cutting it really close on my clock here lately. So, ha ha.... another day in the life of otr, and dedicated.

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Mentor's/Trainers (all companies) and Starting Rookie Solo (Swift)

Woohoo, I start my rookie solo career today. I spent the better part of yesterday evening at home (with my tractor... my DM let me bring it home and load it up. I thought that was cool... ) cleaning the outside of my truck. It was filthy, and now it looks brand new. It's something to feel good about. I mean, yeh, it's an older model but, IT'S MINE, ALL MINE. lol

Anyway, yeh, mentor's/trainers, all companies. I won't mention any particular company because, I'm sure that they are all pretty much the same. People wear different cloths but, they all still just people.

I had a pretty rocky experience, as well as a friend of mine. He and I both attended Swift Driving Academy in Corsicana, Tx.. Anyway, yeh, we had bozo's for Mentor's. Ah well..... You do with what you have sometimes. My mentor came back to the tractor drunk and expected me to drive. He was an owner operator. I heard they chased him all over the parking lot on foot but, never caught him. I was stuck in Jurupa Valley, CA/Ontario, for a better part of 11 days. They really had a difficult time getting me another mentor out of CA. Finally they got me a ride to Phoenix where I met number 2 bozo. Aaaa, the second one wasn't so bad at times but, he did have a way about him. So, on to mentor number 3. And by the time I got him, I only had 22 more hrs left of my training. So, we shot up to Illinois and back down the Phoenix, to Loredo and then back to Landcaster. I think I ended up with 220 hrs, and he ended up with a nice little pay check. I passed all of my test, after going home for 7 days (my training took 7 weeks.... remember, I was stuck in Jurupa Valley for 11 days), and now here I am, getting my first load assignment. I get to go make the big bucks now..... :)

My friend, he had a really hard case.... I mean, this guy, while my friend was driving down the road at 65 mph, came out of the sleeper and stuck a towel my friends face. Not cool.... it's no big secret to Swift. My friend wrote a 3 page report on him, and was still writing..... he did end up with a cool mentor after this though.

On a positive note, not all mentors are bad. It's about half and half I think. You seriously just have to work closely with your Driver Coordinator and find the best solution for you.

Anyway, it worked out.... and away we go. :)

PS I may or may not reply to this. It depends upon my phone service. It hasn't been that great lately. Anyway, be good and God Bless... I love my truck. Drives like a dream, even for an older model.

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Swift Academy and Terminal Overview

I'm almost done here. I just wanted to mention real quick about the Medical Card (DOT Physical). There is a little dot or place to mark Yes/No for CPL applicant or CDL Holder, I believe the 2 options are. Make sure, if you get your physical done before going to the Academy, make sure that they mark this option as ' Yes '. Otherwise you will end up having to get another physical. They paid for mine so, no big deal for me. I just had to pass another physical. But, yeah, this has to be marked ' yes '.

Oh, and the only information they ever asked for from me was my License and my Med Card. I went to the County Clerks office and got an original copy of my birth certificate, and never used it. Not one bit of information I took that they needed other than my license and my med card. This will differ individual to individual I guess but, as for *having to have all of this information, not so far. You may need 3 forms if you get Hazmat endorsements, I don't know.

Anyway, out of school and in orientation. You get to pick your orientation date. They did mention, you may not want to wait to long because positions are filling up. You can either go on Monday or Wednesday for orientation. You can wait a complete week if you need or want to. But, it's either Monday or Wednesday.

Orientation last for 3 days, and then you should get put out on the truck with a Mentor.

Everyone was pretty friendly at orientation. Just a butt load of information being pushed at you. Some of it you've heard before and some you haven't. And then you're handed 2 books and a few sheets of paper you have to study and over the course of the next 3 to 5 weeks, you'll be studying this information and taking test. Yaaaaaahhhhhh..... :(

Oh yeh, I wanted to review the Hotel (Days Inn and Suites) I believe it was called. It's a step down from the LaQuinta but, it's not to bad. About the only issue myself and some of the guys had was that there was a lot of questionable things going on there with some of the guests at the hotel. My roommate said that the smell in the hallway was Meth. Personally, I don't know what meth smells like but, I could definitely smell what he was talking about. And someone else smelled pot....

and here all of us guys are standing here, fresh out of schools and with our brand new Class A cdl's thinking, ' crap, I hope this doesn't show up in my Urinalysis. By the way, if you went to swift academy and already did the hair follicle, you won't have to do it again, just the Urinalysis. But, still, it had us a little concerned.... for our safety some. But, yeh, that meth smell was seriously strong....

Ok, so you get through orientation, all your stuff gets verified, you get your Employee Code, and your off to see the wizard....

The End

If you made it this far, the rest is an adventure. So, enjoy.... by the way, the Driver Coordinator said something in regards to Mentors. They are not your boss, I am. Even though she'd like for us to try and work things out with the Mentors, if issues should arise, they will find someone else to mentor you if necessary. I like that though, they are not your boss, I am.

So, good luck in your adventures with Swift..... a lot of talk about different companies, how they pay and what not. Do your homework, I mean, seriously do your homework before making your decisions.

Oh, almost forgot..... Knight merged with Swift, for anyone who does not know.

Sooo, anyway, yeh, if you made it to your mentor then the rest should be down hill from here.... if they've liked you up to this point and you passed all of your test, then I don't see any serious obstacles in the future. Besides the fact of, are you really ready for this. Who's really ready for anything though, right?

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Swift Academy and Terminal Overview

Also included in 2nd week is straight line backing. They'll let you start practicing around the 3rd day. If you can not get this, they'll send you home. You have to be able to straight line back to drive a truck. And yes, you only have a couple of days to get it. I'm not sure what kind of leave way you'd have there. They pretty much told us, within those 2 days, if you don't get it, or pass, you're going home. I think they worked a little more with a few people that weren't getting it. But, in the long run, if you slide by on the straight line, it may bite you in the behind when you start the offset and parallel backing.... so, pay attention to what they are telling you and try your best.

3rd week - yahoo, you'll get to stand around on a rocky dirt hot parking lot for several hours this week so, prepare yourself. Hydration is key word here. And head cover, sun screen, anything you need. This is pre trip, pre trip, pre trip week.... study folks, study, study, study. We had some pretty smart peeps (including my roommate) out there, and they still missed stuff on their test. I was one of them. I never could remember, no foreign objects or spacers, between the tires. And I failed the air brake test the first time I tested. I had to wait until the next day to retake the test. And I believe you only get 2 chances at this, and if you don't pass, you'll have to come back the next week and take the whole 3rd week over again. I forgot to turn the key on (so I could read the gauges)... once you start learning this stuff, you'll understand what I'm talking about (safe start). You can't miss or get anything out of order on the air brake test. You can miss and go back on anything else but, not the air brake test..... anyway, you test out on it on mmm Wednesday.... so, Over the weekend, after week 2, study study study the pre trip and air brake information they will give to you. And continue studying it all the way up to the test.... otherwise, you will return the next week and retake the entire 3rd week over again if you fail.

(I'm going to do a quick overview of the facilities at the Academy and the Instructors after I finish this info. )

4th week actually begins on Friday, after the pre trip and backing test. By the way, the backing and the pre trip/air brakes test are separate. You can pass the pre trip and airbrakes ( considered the written test ) and fail the backing, and only have to come back on Thursday and retake the backing test. On Friday, you'll get to meet your road instructor. You may or may not drive this day, it all depends. John, my instructor had to do road test and was tide up until 12 so, we only had a 4 hour day on Friday. Most of it we spent talking..... Ok, so, you come back on Monday, and you go up and down the service road, shifting up, shifting down, shifting up, shifting down.... you do this along with around 3 others, all day long. And Tuesday, you get to do it all over again. Wednesday, you get to visit in city and practice crossing railroad tracks, making turns, observation (bridge heights, speed limit signs, etc. ). Thursday, off to the long windy country road where you go and do the off tracking practice, of your trailer. Thursday evening, you practice your backing.

And then there's Friday: Big test day.... and let me tell you folks. I was the very first to test. I had just driven up and parked in the parking lot when the instructor came around the corner bellowing my name, looking for me. It was 5:50 am, and even though I was still early, he was ready to get started. Soooo, I was first to test.... yahhhh me! whew, I passed.... I tell everyone, maybe it's a good thing. I was still half asleep and didn't have time to over think things.... He complimented my driving though. And I'd passed the backing with only one problem. I'm going down to the next paragraph, because I want to make a point of something.

GET OUT AND LOOK. I had one "encroachment", because I didn't get out and look, on my offset back. Stupid, stupid, stupid.... I knew I was getting close to the line but, I didn't stop and get out to look. After he blew his whistle, I got out, looked, shook my head, got back into the truck, pulled forward and straight line backed it in. I mean, COME ON, you get 2 free get outs and 2 free pull ups, except on the straight line back. You only get 1 free get out and pull up on the straight line.

Ok, anyway, got that out of the way.... yeh, get out and freakin' look already. Don't be stubborn.....

Overall the conditions and the instructors were pretty awesome. I think a few of them could be a bit to gungho for my blood sometimes. And they have their own personalities but, they were generally friendly, helpful, good people. They really only get upset when they believe that you are wasting their time. They'll be very helpful if you honestly want it. But, hey, they can't give licenses away.... so, work at it and you should do fine. The Academy, while I'm thinking of it, was an old terminal. That was pretty cool....

Oh yeh, I think I wanted to mention a little about the other students.... it was like family out there for us. We all pretty much stood on the side lines and cheered one another along. You have your certain group of people you get along with but, everyone pretty much had one another's backs. At least, as much as possible. We can't drive the truck for you.....

Ok, so, we pass, and we go home.... for the weekend.

To be continued.....

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Swift Academy and Terminal Overview

I went through the Corsicana, Tx training facility, and am based out of the Lancaster, Tx terminal so, some of this may or may not apply to you. It's all relatively the same information no matter what Swift Academy or Terminal you go to but, maybe with small differences.

Ok, first, go to your local DMV and get started studying the information in the Commercial Handbook. It's simply a whole lot of information to cover, and you'll want to get started on it asap. If you wait until you are already at the Academy, you'll find yourself thinking, ' this is a whole lot to grasp in a such a short time '. They only gave I believe 3 days learning the handbook before the class had to go test for the written exam. And from talking with my roommate, he was a bit frantic about it. Luckily I had already been through all of it and was there to help him out with any questions he had. And personally, I had already picked up a Handbook at my DMV and started studying way in advance. And I also took the written portion before I went to the Academy. So, I didn't have to attend the CLP class (The first week of Academy). I was only at the Academy for 3 weeks.....

The Hotel in Corsicana (LaQuinta) was awesome. I mean, this is a very nice Hotel. It has a pool (unfortunately, I simply didn't have the time to check it out), exercise room ( I did check this out. It was small but, still very nice. ) There is an outdoor patio with a grill so, take advantage of this. Can food and fast food gets old. I personally brought all of my own food. So bring a few pork chops in a cooler or something with you. They have microwaves, and small iceboxes. The rooms are huge.... and the Tv had to be a 50 inch. I have a 36 inch at home and I know it's much smaller than the ones at the LaQuinta Hotel. And there are around 200 channels to choose from.... woohoo. :) They also have free wifi. And it works very well.... I watched Netflix on my tablet. So, that was cool..... They do have two computer stations down in the lobby... And I believe breakfast is free the first day but, after this, you'll need to pay $6 a day if you want to continue eating it.

The shuttle will pick you up around 5:30 am your first week. mmm, yeh, believe so (I started out in the 2nd week).... if you're in class, it's 5:30, if you are out on the Range, you'll be getting up around 3 am and leaving at 3:30. And depending on how many people are going to class, it could be the mini bus, the full size bus or the van. Most likely it'll be the bus.... and it does not roll up to the front door so, be standing out by the service road in front of the Hotel. You'll most likely see others standing out there.

The Academy isn't but something like 15 minutes from the Hotel, if that far. Don't miss the freakin' exit off of the Interstate or you'll be driving a good ways down to the next exit to turn around. There are a few routes to take to get to school.

On a personal note, I checked out Collin Street Bakery. It's on Hwy 31 West a few miles from the Hotel. They have great cookies. And from what I've heard, great food over all. Oh, and the Walmart is somewhere around 4 miles West, also on Hwy 31, down on the Left, from the Hotel.

1st week - CLP

2nd week - mapping, logbook, general discussion, overview....

3rd week - Range/Class ( very little time will be spent in Class, most on the Range practicing backing. )

4th week - Road ... The first day will not last long or didn't for us. The second day, up and down the service road you'll do up shifting, downshifting. And yes, you do learn and test on trucks with Manual transmissions. 3rd day you'll go on a route through different parts of the city. 4th day, you'll most likely go East of Corsicana and drive a long country road with a lot of curves to learn off tracking. 5th day is D - Day, either pass or fail. They will not give you your grade, only pass or fail.

Oh, yeh, forgot to mention or haven't gotten around to it yet. They have 3rd party testing at the Corsicana Academy. We didn't have to go anywhere or to the DMV to test. We tested right on the facility, and DMV approved testing routes for the road test.

You get tested for blind side offset back, blind side parallel parking and straight line. First you have to do the pre trip, and it's not simple. They don't simply ask you a few questions, you have to know it all, front to back. You'll choose a card that is facing down. It will either have A, B, C or D written on it. Which ever one you choose, you'll pre trip this part of the truck or the trailer. Everyone has to do the coupling. Coupling includes the pig tail (electrical line) and air lines coming from the truck, going to the trailer, and everything about the (fifth wheel). DO NOT call it the fifth wheel. It's called the skid plate.

I hope I'm not confusing anyone. I'm not proof reading much and I may skip around a bit.

Ok, first week, CLP is a pain.... generally ask anyone who has had to do it.

2nd week is pretty easy... mapping is generally fun stuff and who doesn't like log books.

By the way, no, you will not use paper logs, unless the QUALCOMM goes down. It is illegal to keep 2 sets of logs. And Swift uses the Qualcomm to log all your times. But, you will learn how to paper log in case the QUALCOMM does go down.

To be continued....

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My head will explode!***

Ok, let me explain.... I'm not being overly dramatic. Back when I first got into trucking, I knew absolutely nothing about trucking. I couldn't tell you how many lights were on the back of one to save my life, much less the inner workings of a rig. I was *winging* it I suppose you could say, out on the road.

Everything up to this point is on a, ' Need to know ' basis for me. I skipped so many things back then. I look back on my experience as a trucker, and it amazes me that I didn't get myself, along with anyone else killed. It's not that I wasn't extremely careful, as much as I could be. It was the lack of training that I had though.

I studied more to pass a test, then I did to actually learn anything. This is a very exciting and adventurous deal for me now. I'm really into it. I'm really excited about learning as much as I have, and learning more. I really, from the beginning of this, have wanted to *know* what I'm doing out on the road, instead of simply, *winging* it again.

And not to mention, I could seriously use a really good long term career right now.

I'm trying to be to much into *having to know everything* or thinking that I have to absolutely know *everything*. But, still, do desire to *absolutely* know as much as I possibly can.

I don't believe I can explain my attitude any better. I honestly simply want to know the answers to some questions. I'm not so much into the whole DWI deal anymore. I've already taken the test. So, simply put, you shouldn't be driving *any* vehicle while intoxicated. This is all I need to know about this in the future.

I didn't say that I wouldn't get hazmat if it is required. The test that my recruiter or the Online School set up for me simply didn't give any information, or have me study to get the hazmat endorsement. I really only meant that, if I had a choice, I wouldn't not want to.

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My head will explode!***

I think my brain has shut down. I might as well just walk around moving my finger quickly up and down on my lips, making the bbbbrrrr sound.

Way to many facts and twisted question as of late. My brain needs a break. It needs time to catch up. :)

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Confused - DUI - 2nd offense?

It's sort of crap anyway, because I know someone who got a DWI while driving their personal vehicle, holding a Class A CDL License, and they only suspended their license for 90 days. This was after 1999... pft, who knows sometimes now days. Probably best to just to not get any convictions that will keep you from either getting or keeping your Class A CDL.

I use to run a route down to Houston and then come out of Houston on 59, down through Lufkin and Nacogdoches, picking up work along the way, then over to Jacksonville and into Tyler from there. It was a nice little run. I ran it for 2 years, 6pm to 6am.

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Confused - DUI - 2nd offense?

I still might do some double checking on it. They use not to count previous DWI's or DUI's, or whatever, against you. Now, they all, no matter how far they go back, count against you, in a court of law that is. The 3rd offense is a Felony now days I believe.

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My head will explode!***

Congrats on your CLP. What school are you attending again?

Thank you, PackRat, Retired Army.

I am attending, Swift Driving Academy, in Corsicana, Texas. They have a terminal in Landcaster, Texas.

I just looked it all up on the map... I was meaning to. Corsicana is around 83 miles from my city of residence. And Landcaster isn't but, another hop skip and a jump of 45 miles from Corsicana.

Not near as bad as I'd originally thought. Landcaster isn't but 117 miles from my city of residence. I was thinking that it was further. And yes, I suppose it is, if I were to go back down to Corsicana first, instead of hopping up on the Interstate. Still not much further. Might decided to go the country, scenic route. :)

My recruiter got back in touch with me. I'm enrolled for the 28th, and will be leaving on the 27th to go to the Hotel. She was telling me that I couldn't get signed into the Hotel until 3pm. I think I was hoping that this time would be earlier. It doesn't leave much time before having to get to bed and get up in the morning for School. I would have liked to have had a day. Ah well.....

Anyway, thank you again....

I started sweating it a bit thinking about passing or trying to learn everything to pass all the test. I took 4 separate test. No endorsements.... truth be known, I'm not much interested in Tanker or Hazardous materials. Maybe someday, naa, not. :) lol

I still am a bit surprised I passed all of them.... 20 questions on the first test (and I would sit there at question number 20 before comfirming my answer going, come on, come on, lol... pass, You can do it..... and I'd press the button to see the results of the test), then uh 20 I believe again, then 50 and 25. They saved the airbrakes test until last. They wouldn't even put it on the screen until after I'd finished the other test.

Ok..... oh, they have a fitness room too. Now that's something I want to check in to.

Oh, and they have some good fishing holes around that area. Thinking seriously about taking my catfish pole with me. :) Yes, that will be me at a rest area where I can find a grill. :)

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Confused - DUI - 2nd offense?

Found it again while studying for my CLP.


1.3.7 – Traffic Violations in Your Personal Vehicle

The Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act (MCSIA) of 1999 requires a CDL holder to be disqualified from operating a commercial motor vehicle if the CDL holder has been convicted of certain types of moving violations in their personal vehicle.

If your privilege to operate your personal vehicle is revoked, cancelled, or suspended due to violations of traffic control laws (other than parking violations) you will also lose your CDL driving privileges.

If your privilege to operate your personal vehicle is revoked, cancelled, or suspended due to alcohol, controlled substance or felony violations, you will lose your CDL for 1 year. If you are convicted of a second violation in your personal vehicle or CMV you will lose your CDL for life.

If your license to operate your personal vehicle is revoked, cancelled, or suspended you may not obtain a “hardship” license to operate a CMV.

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My head will explode!***

Well, I hope that anything that has gone on before this hasn't completely turned anyone off. It's funny, because I'm normally accused of being to serious. I have my reasons. And because of this, I may be a bit over zealous sometimes but, I assure you, I am a pretty serious, direct and straight forward person. Even though, I do tend to like to steer clear of conflict, at least, as much as possible.

I seriously just like to share things. And, I believe it's good to share our experiences with one another.

Ok, moving right along.....

Boy, some of those are some pretty wacked questions.

115 questions, I got 8 of them wrong. I did quite a bit better than I'd expected to do. I've been cramming all week. Whew, and the wait at the DMV isn't getting any shorter. I was talking with a guy in the restroom, and he said that Fridays are the worst, especially in the evening. Good thing I got there early.

Anyway, yeh, passed.... I've got my learners permit and am trying to get in touch with my recruiter now. Voicemail...... :(

And I'm still gathering things together before leaving for Corsicana. I also called the Hotel and asked them a few things. They DO have microwaves.... that's a good thing. Especially since I've already bought a large quantity of food to take with me. :) They ALSO have coffee makers. Oh, and free coffee.... that's cool though, I'll buy my own coffee. I'm not a caffeine drinker and want to have plenty of decaf on hand. Even though I did buy 2 jars of instant coffee. Oh, that and tea. I'll either brew some tea or use the instant. Ah, and the pool.... I haven't swam in a pool in years. I may have to make time for it. Breakfast is $6. They give rides to Walmart but, they only give you 20 minutes to shop. This is ok also because, I'll be taking my own vehicle to drive around in.

Alrighty, this about wraps it up for today... later gators.

I still need to give my employer notice. I hope my recruiter calls me back shortly, or I can get in touch with her. I want a set date before I do anything.

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My head will explode!***

My mothers sick, and I have been caring for her for the past couple of days. I don't know, she has 4 to 5 symptoms of food poisoning. She has a headache, fever, stomach pain and chills. These are all signs of food poisoning. I spent the better part of yesterday sitting with her and checking in on her.

I guess it worked out, not that this is a good worked out situation. I spent the day making copies (I gave mother my printer/copier because, well, she needed one and I hardly ever used it. So, anytime I need to print or copy anything, I use it.) of everything that I think I may need for school. I bought a folder to hold all of the copies in. It looks all nice and tidy and professional, lol .... Honestly, I just like being prepared for anything.

Otherwise from those things, I was going to spend the weekend studying (refreshing my memory) for the Permit. I'd told my recruiter Thursday that this is what I would be doing, and hopefully going to take the Exam early next week. I don't think the early week is going to work out. I'm still feeling a bit uncomfortable about the Exam and would like to do another serious study before going. So, later this week will have to do.....

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My head will explode!***

I think you guys have misunderstood me and a lot of things that I have written here.

I can understand that the subject matter may seem mean or inappropriate at times, and for this I would apologize. And I also have to admit that I have been wrong on some things, which I do again apologize for.

But, honestly, it wasn't at all meant to be mean or belittling to anyone. The last thing I wrote, involving Gabriel was more or less just playing a bad experience down. And to be completely honest, not trying to be mean here but, I wouldn't recommend to anyone to go to the same place I did for an exam. I found them to be unprofessional, for a few reasons. As for the doctor recommending that I go get it checked out, it was the way he went about doing it, not that he did it.

Anyway, sorry for any misunderstandings. I'm not a very aggressive person, as this all may have made things to seem.

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My head will explode!***

Farmhouse Cheddar? Perhaps a horseradish infused Dubliner? Tasty. All will pair quite nicely with your whine.

Greg, not sure if you are spoofing us, but if you're not, the incesent complaining will not help you at all. It's chronic and petty.

I am being totally sincere here; you'll have a whole lot more material to critique once in school, then with you mentor. Try not to self-destruct.

I now understand why you selected; "my head will explode" for your title.

You're forgetting, it's a diary.... not everything, everyone thinks or goes through hits the floor. I'm trying to be honest about my thoughts and reflections on what I'm going through. I don't usually outwardly show it to all the world to see but, like I said, it's a diary. A very private thing.

Honesty about someone's wrong doings isn't being petty. It's recognizing a wrong being done....

Posted:  1 year ago

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My head will explode!***

I wanted to share something a little funny about Gabriel. It's in relation to my recent experience with Quack 1 and Quack 2, I will call them. :)

As I've mentioned, once upon a time, Gabriel is very acute. I have to be careful about dealing with him, or talking to him. My tone seriously affects him. You'd really be surprised how perceptive animals really are. They are more sensitive in some ways and more numb to life around them in others. I mean, take you and me for instance, we're all basically spoiled. I love the trips down memory lane to the old days. Back then there were a lot more people who had it hard. I mean, water well water, really? Now days there are so many different types of crisp clean water that you can drink, it's ridiculous. Anyway, Cats and Dogs, in general (many different types of pets), they don't have it so easy as we all do. They always have either fended for themselves or eatin' and drank what's given to them. And also, they don't get the attention that most of us get. They don't have mommy's and daddy's that they grow up with all of their childhood lives. They have you and me. And sometimes that attention is far, few and between. A lot of people think that pets have it easy, no they don't. We have it easy....

Anyway, Gabe, acute, sensitive to his surroundings.... Gabe doesn't have it as hard as a lot of animals. He's an indoor pet so, he's not subject to being outside. Hey, if it's to cold for him, or starts raining, he's whimpering at the back door wanting in. :) lol

I'll get to talking to Gabe sometimes..... back when he got infested with flees (still angers me when I think about it), he would gnaw and chew and scratch until he drew blood. So, I look at him and see the blood and with this concerned tone in my voice, I'm like, ' Gabriel! what have you done to yourself? ' And he'd look at me with this concerned look like, ' oh no! am I dying? ' Seriously though, he'd give the same look as you and I when we're diagnosed with something severe and we're sucking it up thinking, ' oh my god!!!! What???? '.

So, needless to say, I watch what I have to say to him now days. Or I at least keep it to myself and just pat him on the head and say in this, ' awe, you poor thing, you got a booboo ', type voice.

So, getting back to Quack 1 and Quack 2. :) lol, you get my message.

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My head will explode!***

Greg, they take it serious because if something medically happens to you, or you fall asleep (why they test for sleep apnea) while you're behind the wheel of a rig chances are very high that somebody will be seriously injured or killed. When I went for my physical my blood pressure came up at like 165/96 or something crazy like that. They ended up having me lay down for 20 minutes in a dark room to relax and retook it and was ALOT better. It's something worth seeing your doctor just to be certain. Let me tell you about a driver who fell asleep behind the wheel That I posted elsewhere about a month ago . I don't know if he has sleep apnea or not. He left our terminal with a loaded 48 foot trailer, I believe it was 30k pounds he had on it. He fell asleep behind the wheel with cruise set at 65 mph and didn't wake up until he slammed into the back of a box truck that was trying to get up to speed as they were merging onto I-80. Our driver rolled the truck on the side when he went into grassy median after hitting the truck at 65 mph and slid into oncoming traffic. They shut the interstate down for 4 hours to clean up and do their investigation. Thankfully our driver, and the driver of the box truck suffered minor injuries, spending a night in the hospital. Luckily there was nobody in the way when he crossed the median. It's scary to think how different that could have turned out.

Thank you for your response. Even though, it's not as simple as my making the mistake about the measuring of the neck. It's like a question on the form I had to fill out. I needed to discuss it with the doctor/nurse, and the lady at the counter told me to tell them when I go back. Sooo, I brought it up, and the nurse pretty much didn't want to hear me. She pretty much just shut me down. My end sentence to her was very calm, quiet and polite when I simply told her, ' I just didn't know If you needed to know or not. '. I mean, hey, a question on the form, is a question on the form. And if it's left blank, I feel obligated to answer it. Why is it on the form, if you don't want it answered? Anyway, and as for the bp, wayyy more complicated than needing to go get it checked out. When I came home and checked it on the home monitor, it was the same as when he took it. Meaning that the monitor works fine. And if I'm getting the same reading as the grocery store is on the home monitor, then that would be highly coincidental if both were out of calibration or whatever you call it. And seeing how most of my readings are pretty consistant with the 120/70 readings then there is no need for alarm. My blood pressure does tend to jump to over 130/80 when I've been active, up and about or exercising. It's just the way he presented it to me. And I was really stressed yesterday, more than I realized. So, again, no worries.

I've got a story for you. My trainer, back when I drove in 1994, told me that he was asleep with a trainee driving when he suddenly awoke to the truck being on its side. He said that he heard the Emergency brake and parking break or one of the two engage while they were sliding down the road on their side. :) The ole boy/trainee evidently reached down, while the truck was on it's side, sliding down the road and pulled both knobs. :)

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My head will explode!***

Yeh, got it guys.... I looked it up to see if there actually was a reason. I didn't see that answer coming. Who knew.

They were all to elusive for me though. It freaks me out, elusive people.

I mean, the one who game the bp test just pretty much Jumped right on the, ' you need to get that checked out ' band wagon. That freaked me out..... Here I am just trying to get through the day and keep my head tied on straight and your throwing, death is at your door at me. lol Well, maybe not that bad. But, still, you may want to restrain your lips from moving before you know or understand all of the facts. I'm the one who started questioning him, not the other way around.

Ok, so, I fuel at where I get groceries. I figuring, ' well, while I'm here, I'm going to go check something out '. And I know I mentioned taking the bp with the palm up or down. And I'm not sure what's up with that. I just let it rest straight up and down, that seemed the most comfortable way to put it. 126/74 Heart Rate 84 ..... I came home shortly afterwards and checked it on the home monitor. It was a little lower but, still about the same as at the grocery store. This is the one that I'd been having the higher ratings on.... I tell you, bp is beginning to elude me a bit. I mean, especially since HIS machine gave me 138/80; I believe the lower was 80.

Anyway, thinking about it, I vape (electronic cigarettes) and I'd been without a /hit/ for around an hour, and I'm wondering if that could have caused the hike in the bp. And the second time he took the reading, I had been in and out of the restroom, up and down, back and forth. I couldn't pee for the urine test to save my dad gum life. I drank 7 freakin' glasses of water before I could pee. And this awful tasting cup of coffee.... at least part of that. Finally I was able to pee.

BUT, still, the words that came out of his mouth were, ' you should probably get this checked out '. Instead of something like, ' it's probably no big deal, if you've been getting lower readings. '

Anyway, this has been my experience..... and he knew that I had been up and down, back and forth for the passed hour trying to pee. He just assumed.... I'm not a doctor, and it freaks me out when they are supposed to know what they are talking about, and be sure about stuff, while I'm out here fumbling around in the dark.

Anyway, I'm over it.... it's not bothering me anymore. I mean, sort of.... I'll keep monitoring it. And test the bp theory wherever I can I guess. I honestly don't believe it's that high on a regular bases. Just a long, cold and dark day. :)

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My head will explode!***

Just a quick note in regards to the ole bp. I went to a lot of trouble these past few months to insure that it would be within a normal range. I mean, I didn't just do it for the physical but, .........

Anyway, it was very frustrating for me.

Ok, I have to wear corrective lenses to drive now. I was seriously hoping that I would not. This is something else I've had to take care of in the past few months. I had my prescription renewed.

I've never had to drive with corrective lenses before. I generally just used them for reading. Butttt, anyway, its been getting more and more difficult to read some of the ole road signs so, I got the prescription renewed.

I've always passed the eye exams at the DMV in the past. I guess not this time.

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My head will explode!***

By the way, I was played. I can see that now. They were a younger lot, in their 30's. I mean the physical was pretty much legit, and on the up and up. But, I can see that they were being smart about giving it. They were watching my responses to my every move, my reactions, and my answers to questions. I believe it actually mentioned on the form I filled out that they would do this. I mean, she actually took a tape measure and measured my neck. What, are we getting a suit here? No, she was trying to see if I'd flinch when she got around my neck. Or maybe something else she's knows to check for and I don't.

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong but, it seems pretty obvious to me. The way they went about giving the test, they were also trying to see if I was trying to mask or hide any problems.

Me think people are to smart for their own good sometimes.

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