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I've been a trucker's wife for the last 20 years; hubby's been driving for almost 30. I got my CDL the 'non' conventional way, being his B'seat driver, for an Owner Op.... now finding out this limits my abilities to move on, should I choose to. We pulled asphalt (6122 and 3257) which is hot, but non'hazmat. Winters, he used to haul precast concrete, but the flatbed world isn't his life, nor forte', nor mine! Kudos to y'all that do it.. He's been pulling 'boxes' in boxes in a daycab for the last 3 winters and then some....and I get 'left behind'. Guess I've gotta start over, eh? :) At least I can drive better in reverse, haha! (Wasn't that a song? Going forward, in reverse!) Nope, never got the buck sixty paper. Dang it.

Can't get that as my avi...idk what I'm doing wrong. Oh well. Brett, if you see this; it's our 'vintage' PB.

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Posted:  2 days, 21 hours ago

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The TruckingTruth Meet Up Thread

Tractor Man ... EXCELLENT pic of you and Devan ~!!! He needs to show up HERE more often. Whatever happened to Paul / Pianoman, btw???? Do you still talk to him, Gladhand?

PackRat ... so you are finally on the road, then ?? Any pix of your International available? Is it a straight 10? Tom's 'spare' is and man, he loves it. Beats the Mack he drives on a daily (kinda like Don's but his is a twin screw daycab...)

I've not met anyone on here; talked to a few peeps on FB and elsewhere, however.

Be safe, drivers... Roll On~!


Posted:  4 days, 15 hours ago

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Get out of the truck and explore

Most awesome pix, Mr. and Mrs. Turtle! We went to Yelly about 10 years ago and I kept telling the hubby about that SECRET SPOT (actually many acres) that is owned by NO STATE... hahahaha...he kept watching his back, butt, etc.. I'd never off him, was just a bone of contention (still is, haha!)

Brett, YO... you are right there in the 'daks. POST PICS, would ya? My brother hiked there.. i was a little kiddo back then... but the photos were amazing. HUGE part of my scrapbook....even if in raw form.

Okay, now I'm getting jelly, haha!

Awesome, Turtle.

Brett.....PIX?!? :) If i ever figure it out, I can post pix of our creek, and an old, non functional bridge over it, and our 'raft' we use to navigate, LoL...!

Hubby heading out. hope to see replies tmrw, haha!

Posted:  6 days, 15 hours ago

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Swift hair follicle test

Not having enough hair will be an automatic fail.

Essentially speculative. When my husband drove for USX back in ... (heck between 03 and 05?) A gentleman who had alopecia (aurealis or something) got hired on with a few (maybe many?) blood tests.... and a few randoms.

Last contact they had was in 09 and he was still there.

I bet Brett actually knows Bo. To our knowledge, that was his first name.

Posted:  6 days, 15 hours ago

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Doing The Happy Dance.. My sweetie is doing better

Susan D., I second (or 10th plus?) everything the above posters have said. I have MAD respect for you, m'lady. Trying to help ME w/ my hub's conundrums in and amidst your issues with your husband to be. You are priceless. I aspire to be you, if I ever get the opportunity. Angels among us (well, y'all~!) CONGRATS to you and the new husband.

MAD PROPS to ya, Susan, and ... just wow. You kept your man, your career, and your company loves y'all.

Hugs and congrats, for sure, from Anne and Tom~!!!!! :)

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Alternative medicine for Barometric Pressure Headaches?


I Googled it, and it seems a lot of it has to do with pressure points on hands and feet. Heck, we could do that at home and save a few bucks, right?!


Yeah, it's free and you can do it yourself. There are pressure points all over the place that it uses - shoulders, arms, neck, etc. I've done it for mild headaches or a slight tightness in my chest from asthma and it seemed to work remarkably well in just 10 or 15 minutes. Certainly worth a shot, even if it only provides a little relief.

Brett, I can't thank you enough. I spent a good part of my day (besides having 3 15 y/o teens to look after, one being ours....) and learned immensely. Today was really bad for Tom, with the Flash T'Storms here and the pressure dipping to 29. ot something or other. I actually DID do a few pressure points on him today...seemed to give a bit of relief, even if not entirely. I ordered the e'book, 'Acupoint Location Guide' so I didn't have to flip around the PC and collect data in one day. Hopefully the best $35.00 I've spent.

Will let you know, collectively. Maybe won't NEED acupuncture if I can really do this for him....with a bit of study and direction.

On another note, my sister emailed me and said they use BOTOX for migraines now. I've never heard of that, but it figures she would know. In her Botox experiences, no wonder... LoL~!

After looking into Imitrex (and what Rob T. said with his wife's experiences) we don't want to go that route.

Sue, I can't talk Tom into that sinus irrigation thingy (forgot the name already; sorry M.B.!) He has a fear of drowning; so that's a nope.

Thanks again, Brett~! If this works, we've possibly helped other truckers in this situation; appreciate your insight, as always.

Be safe, y'all~!!! Anne

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Alternative medicine for Barometric Pressure Headaches?

Anne, since you haven't found a solution here's a very simple thing that's well worth trying if you haven't already - acupressure. I've tried this a few times for a few minor things and it seemed to work surprisingly well. The theory is the same as acupuncture - you're simply putting pressure on nerve centers in certain locations on your body which may affect the nerves in other parts of your body, thus relieving certain symptoms.

There are a ton of websites and YouTube videos about acupressure. Check em out and give that a try.

Thanks, Brett... sure can't hurt, that's for sure. Gonna begin the 'hunt' though I'm not a big YouTube fan, LoL! Will let you know what we come up with; appreciate the input. I Googled it, and it seems a lot of it has to do with pressure points on hands and feet. Heck, we could do that at home and save a few bucks, right?!

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Alternative medicine for Barometric Pressure Headaches?

Anne did you guys find anything out?

Thanks for asking, Rob T. ... nope, at this point. Yoga just isn't working (because he won't try) but we DID get a Teeter hangy upside'down thingy second hand this weekend...not really sure how that would help with bloodflow TO the head tbh, but he's trying it...actually helps his 'wallet hip syndrome' however.

Our primary doctor is going to see him again next week and do scans and whatnot, but she also recommended Excedrin Migraine because of the caffeine as long as he doesn't take them at night (well, morning because he drives nights by choice) .... We will discuss the Imitrex at the appt. next week. Just seems that his two doctors kinda contradict one another.

His GP is also looking into an acupuncturist (since he's willing... NOT ME, NEVER EVER!) that takes his insurance. Keeping the 'extreme' humidity out of the house without making it too cold, seems to help a bit. This is all still a 'year (summer?) new' so nothing we've dealt with in the past.

I'll just let him sleep when he needs to, until we figure something out. Twelve Advil and ten tylenols a day is kinda bothering his belly, and understandably so.

Again, thanks! Will keep y'all posted.

Ain't no needles on me, no ... ain't no needles on me..... (sung to the tune of: 'ain't no bugs on me' haha!)


Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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Shhhh!!!! Be Quiet!

I sure wish I could post pictures in here; never works. There's a link to it in my profile (i think....) it's our '89 (circa?) Petercar DAYCAB. Hood, stacks, and all. YEP, the ole'Bessie we used to tote asphalt around Ohio with. Sore buns later, but dang that gal could pull~!

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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Met up with Bruce K.!

I am still impress they figured out how to start it since it does not have a crank handle.

...and no hood'mirrors ... wth?? LoL...

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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What does Independence Day (4th of July) mean to you all and how do you celebrate it each year?

.....AND DONNA ....

Please thank your family from 'usn's' here, as well~!!!

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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Alternative medicine for Barometric Pressure Headaches?

Thanks, Michael B. ~!!!!

Probably cheaper than accupuncture...think it's worth a try? Any experience? I don't know if / what / when / where / how it can help w/ pressure headaches from the weather, but heck... I'll almost try anything to help him at this point. Looking forward to winter. (< How sad is THAT?!?)

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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Alternative medicine for Barometric Pressure Headaches?

Migraine - ....The following preventative migraine drugs are approved depending upon the severity of the condition:

Beta-Blockers Caffergot Calcium-Channel Blockers Sansert Imitrex Zomig

Rob T. , thank you.... i've been doing research, and found this on truckermed ... and Imitrex is ALSO FAA approved.... I'm still perusing the side effects; took me awhile to find that on MedRx but it seems like the 'shot' / injection is faster acting and less dosing. I'm sure gonna check with our GP tomorrow, however. I'm also looking up the other stuff on this list. Thanks so much for your input, I miss your diary postings, btw, LoL.

Susan D. , I've been looking at the sinus issues as well. There's this 'irrigation' thing that shows up on late night TV (Tom works 2nd and a half shift if that makes any sense,....leaves out around noonish and gets home around 2 am'ish.) I sure can NOT RECALL the name of it, dang me. Flushes the sinuses, as you are speaking. Heck, maybe it WILL help.

Rob, again I thank you for the insight re: Imitrex. If it has a 'remote' chance of's probably not the best idea, tbh. Caffergot (haven't checked) sounds caffeine based, and he doesn't do well with caffeine besides his one cuppa joe in the morning. I'm researching today, as the storms once again linger. Barometric pressure is 29.97 (and our daughter bought him a dang watch that I wish I could alter, haha!) because the dang thing tells him all the time.... and then MY head hurts.

Accupuncture, anybody????? << Thoughts?!?!?!?

Again, I thank y'all. My trucker hubby is my life, and it sucks when he suffers......i get sympatico pains, as well.

Stay safe; Anne

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Alternative medicine for Barometric Pressure Headaches?

Thank you so much, Errol, Susan, and Michael for your replies. I've done extensive research on the CBD oil, and it's almost like the cops that pulled over that girl and A or R (arrest or release) is a coin toss. He's come too far to play. He's never ever even touched MJ (THC) since his teen years; not worth the risk.

I didn't realize that about Kratom; just saw it had 'pain relieving' properties.... wasn't aware it could make one sleepy. Sheesh. Two down, none to go.

Susan, I DID look up imitrex (thank you for that info) and apparently its a 'shot' like Insulin almost that you stab your thigh with when a headache comes on. First thing tomorrow morning we will call our primary doctor and see what she has to say, as the holistic approach obviously isn't working or is unattainable for the risks involved.

Michael, yes this is his livelihood, and hopefully mine when I can afford a cochlear implant for my left ear. It's just so depressing when he gets home (and yeah, all holiday weekend) all he wants to do is sleep / rest with his precious tablet in hand.

Oh boy. I don't remember it being this bad in earlier years (circa 2003) with these headaches.....guess age is a factor, haha!

Again, thank you all for the input. Until I can call Dr. Cassie tomorrow, guess we'll just chill..... literally. The A/C seems to help somewhat. This just sucks.

Be safe, and much respect, y'all. I read often, don't have much to offer posting wise. TYSM.


Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Alternative medicine for Barometric Pressure Headaches?

Hay y'all...this is moreso for the husband...he's been having a REAL problem with Barometric Pressure headaches....i mean almost to the point of debilitating. Somehow he gets thru his driving days... and just sleeps when he gets here..... We've tried tradition Advil and Excedrin... to no avail .... (and yes, I get them, also... but not as severe.) The 'new' DOCTOR suggested Yoga (yeah right, with his gut....I tried to 'help him' to no avail, as well.)

His primary doc sent him to a 'holistic' of some sort doc (both docs are women, so you'd think yeah? LoL) and the 'new' Doc says acupuncture, kratom, and CBD oil, beets, and non gluten diet. We've tried the 'dietary' changes, but no 'pinpricks' yet.

Isn't CBD illegal for drivers? When I googled it, it said Yes, and No. Kratom is about to get banned in Ohio, so ... why try something that MIGHT work and only to have it 'non sourced?'

I know y'all don't care for the wife person posting..... just look at the pressure systems in Ohio...I'm at a loss. Almost glad the fireworks got rescheduled to nxt wknd for the rain, honestly. Kids run off and leave, and I don't care to be alone....wondering.

Just hoping SOMEBODY can chime in here.... Ideas, thoughts, kick back, kick me, anything..

Thanks in Advance.. Anne.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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What is this trailer for?

The Lowboy that Real Diehl posted looks like an RGN.. perhaps (?) ... as far as that and the others (awesome pix, btw..) have a question, because H/H and OS/OD/OW intrigues me...

WHO steers the dolly(ies?) / jeep ??? The driver? A pilot car or two?

Chris M ; we live by windmill farms and the 179th airwing.. yeah, they usually are just on super stretch trailers around here, too.

Interesting find, RD. Piqued my interest, as well. Too bad Pat M. and Bud A. aren't around anymore; they might know. Then again, don't even know that THEY'd KNOW, haha!

Posted:  1 month ago

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Hay, Lanette.... When I used to drive w/ my Hubby, we BOTH took St. John's Wort before bed. Also, chewing gum and eating dried banana chips really helped cheer me up; don't know if there's any scientific proof, but it's something to look into. EXERCISE (even when hubby didn't want to) would build up my endorphins rather well. I hated it, until I got up on it.... ie: a routine. Some of these peeps even tote bicycles with them. Daniel B. perhaps (?) is/was one of them.

Sorry it took so long forsomebody to reply; I'm not currently driving these days; but hubby has 'legally' since 2003.

Hopefully Rainy and/or Susan D. and Phoenix may chime in soon; our veteran (and amazing) female truckers on TT !

Hope you find your happy spot; STAY SAFE, and best wishes~!!

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Why dont we have a national truckers day ???

3X LIKE.. all yall. Hubby just got home from pulling a 16'er because a loaded trailer tire blew out..and he sure didn't catch it on the pretrip; not always possible. Recaps that they DON'T run out of his yard; got it from CMH.

EVERY week in my home is 'trucker appreciation week' whether it's free donuts (that was a week or so ago, he doesn't eat'em) or just a week I know he's taking his ten here with me. Omelettes anytime for appreciation. Rainy, stop by.. I'm a heckuva cook, jsyk~!

KUDOS to y'all.

Best of luck, sparkles.


Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Thoughts on Cypress Truck Lines??

My nephew works there, out of TPA, FL. Flatbed work; he does well. Not a lot of options in Florida, but he's happy there. Better than slinging boxes/cratres for GFS where he worked prior. I think they even have training now; he was already in the industry as a 'food guy' in a '28 and /or two... so they fast tracked him.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Returning to J.B. Hunt... Or Not!?!

Great lead, PJ . Marc has a 'bit' of experience; should work, right? I sure miss pulling tanks with the hubby 5 years back. Asphalt (non haz, 6122 and 3257) .. tanks make banks, LoL~!

ps: You driving this week?

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Road Dogs

The KONG with treats, and the pee papers work. Leme tell ya. i learned this thru Trucking Fur Babies on f/b. When I ride w/ the hubby, we take our pittie....have been since he was a puppers~!!

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