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Trucker's wife, Trucker's life~!

22 years and counting.

God bless, be safe, y'all~!! :)

ps: Sure wish there was a 'Trucker's Wife' status... I'll just be a 'Driver In Training' until I get out here w/y'all, when the nest is fully empty, haha~!! ;)

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Posted:  18 hours, 31 minutes ago

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FABulous Don

Don I see you are enjoying things at Fab which is great. My dad is sick of management/supervision and has been looking at getting his CDL back unfortunately he probably can not return to OD.

I know Fab hires right out of school do you know what the pay range would be? Or of they even still do it? Right now he has no interest in OTR so it would have to be a local job.

I can tell he is pretty miserable in his current position so I have been trying to come up with places he could contact.

PS: Have you looked into GP Transco ? Recent article on them, via TT.. in his area. Not sure about experience level; website didn't say.

Wish you and your dad the best, good sir.

Posted:  19 hours, 34 minutes ago

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FABulous Don

Haya, BC Bob.. I was waiting for Don to reply.. so maybe with this 'bump' he will.

Anyway, my husband has been there five plus years, so I can share with you 'his' starting pay... if Don doesn't show up. (We helped him jump on board w/ a few months OTR.)

In IL, they ARE taking 'select' people straight from school; criteria unknown ... but I could speculate maturity has a lot to do with it, then again I could be wrong.

When Tom started, he was clearing between 7 and 800 a week. Insurance there was/is pricey. Pay stub numbers are higher now; I don't recall the starting mileage pay, but can look it up if Don doesn't. Keep in mind, my hub had a few many years under his belt, so pay could differ.

It's an awesome, laid back place to work. Tom brings the rig home as needed, and works every 5th weekend (on call.) No in cab cameras, newer Mack Pinnacles, no employee numbers, just names.

We are set...making what Rainy does, and home daily/off weekends. Lovin'it ~!


Posted:  19 hours, 53 minutes ago

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Friday Short Haul - JKC Trucking announcement, truck stop break-in, WIT top women businesses

Interesting week, for sure~!!

Thanks, DaveW. as always.

Anne ~ :)


Posted:  1 day, 3 hours ago

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Papa Pigs Zainy Rookie Solo Adventures

Still loving the reads, R ~!! Glad you are eating well.... enjoy when you can, for sure!

OTOH... any videos?!?!? ;)

I will wait, patiently, (haha!) with the others, good sir~!!! I'm really impressed with how you're getting along w/Werner and the DG's.

I'm going up to 'our' DG with the hubby either tomorrow or Sunday, and will sure try that windshield spray, as I'm the one tasked with cleaning the in'cab windows, LoL~!!

Stay safe; again...thanks! ... I love the reads!

Anne :)


Posted:  4 days ago

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Pics With Your Trucks!

Tada!!!! Markam Transport truck 177


Awesome, Robert B. ~!!

^^^^^^ Wish you and Old School would REHAB the thread, Flatbed photos/loads~!!!! C'mawn, boiz~! ;)

Love it. Sweet. Thanks for sharing, do it MORE often~!!!

All I've got right now..... PJ I will get a 'shot' of the 'fat guy' w/the Petercar. . . .


Posted:  4 days ago

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Game: Word Association

Let's start over and spell it correctly this time.


Air Brakes

@Kearsey = Peterbilt

I'm thinking 'ulterior' meaning?!?!?! ;)

0467637001596568467.jpgOTOH.... To answer the game word associations, since everybody said 'Petercar' or however y'all spell it, the word that associates ME to trucking is:



Posted:  4 days, 1 hour ago

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Tutor needed — Cincinnati near

Thanks to both of you for your responses, your thoughts, and an explanation of the demographics of Trucking Truth. I am currently a student at Napier’s Truck Driving School, Inc in Hamilton, Ohio. Learning the rules, procedures, and protocols was not a problem, however the operational aspects are overwhelming.

At school we have a limited number of reps each day on each of the three (parallel, off-set, and alley dock), and I have not been able to ‘put it all together’. I learn best when I can repeatedly complete a maneuver, hence my desire to find a ‘coach’ that can work with me one-on-one.

Thanks again for your thoughts.


Buckeye here, as well. Howdy~!!!

CBH, the 'real' training you are going to get is OJT no matter HOW you slice it. All t he 'schools' do is put a certificate of completion in your hands. Just like college; you can get a DOCTORATE degree, but it SURE DOESN'T make you a Doctor~!!

Have you thought about applying for jobs (on here, we have the link, it's below!) now, and let them know that you ARE currently in school, and listing the school will alert them to where/when you WILL graduate, and will pre hire you? That 160 certificate you will be getting is like a 'golden ticket.'

One of our members of TT (tripletdad) just got accepted into Millis Transfer. He IS going through their schooling, but.. having your CDL, you probably would have an abbreviated training per se.... having CDL in hand, ie: OJT / OTR. Trenton, Ohio. You can apply to them RIGHT here, as well as other companies~!

It's a total misnomer that you need to get hired on to a company WITHIN your state, to get home. Research that right here; it's not at ALL the case. Look up Truckin with Kearsey on this forum; she explains it in great depth, as do ALL the veterans. (She's even shared YouTube videos, under the same ^^^ above name.) Where you live really has NOTHING to do with, where you hire on to. ALL the moderators have threads on this subject, and I sure hope you are making good use of all the testimony this site provides.

I wish you well. Welcome to Trucking Truth ~!

Here's a link to the applications, and yes; Millis (here in Ohio) is on the list. While you are at it, Read Brett's book~!

Apply For Truck Driving Jobs

Becoming A Truck Driver: The Raw Truth About Truck Driving

Posted:  4 days, 1 hour ago

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What Would Cause a Trainer to Kick a Student from a Truck?

Teaming can ruin relationships though. Lol.

My friend took a pay cut to team with her boyfriend who was lease. He couldn't afford to pay her what she made as a company driver. When they start to annoy each other resentment over the money built up!

Agree, 1000%, m'lady~!

Just riding ALONG w/ the hubby made me contemplate the 'D' word~! ;)

PJ has the corner, on THIS one, as does Susan D. <<<<< Kudos to THESE two, for sure!

Posted:  4 days, 2 hours ago

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OTR Trucking is HARD WORK???

Holy Smokes. So this is where the IT people go to pasture. I to was in the IT field for over 20 years and experienced what Gary and others have experienced. Trucking also looks good for me. See you all on the road.

Yeppers, sure is~! My hubby is a former RIF'd IT guy for Lucent Technologies.... graduated to trucking for the last almost 20, and doing rather well for himself and his family~! (Me and the the teen, and the 'grown' one!)

Welcome aboard, start a thread, ask away, and APPLY onsite, here!

Study here, as well. Read Brett's book.

High Road CDL Training ProgramPaid CDL Training ProgramsBecoming A Truck Driver: The Raw Truth About Truck Driving

Posted:  4 days, 2 hours ago

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Questions about name-changes, social security numbers and trucking employment

Here is an amazing thought.... Women do this all the time due to marriage and divorce. SS and IRA just list them as "also known as".

The IRS will find you. Qhen I got married , Social Security never properly changed my name although I applied in person. So guess what..... My CDL has a hyphenated name. My SS has my maiden name and the bank and credit cards cash the checks.

I never had an issue until my sister died. My info was listed as witness and somehow SS said I was alive but IRS said I was dead....despite being a federal employee at the time. IRS rejected my returns for 3 years until they straightened it out on their end....not my fault

Women just need to provide the name change documents to DMV.

Kearsey, it was nice chatting in the Y/T last night~!

O/P (We shall never know your real name, Mr. Holmes ..and probably not John, haha!) you sure do well changing your name up here, and on the 'other' forum.. so ... you have your OWN answers and parameters, methinks~!

Again, to Kearsey (Rainy, haha! << name change with NOTICE~!) as you know I am married to Tom, and pretty sure you know his last name; not important. I didn't change my last name; didn't see a need to. Our son has his last name; all that matters. . . .

How is this even 'really' a trucking topic?

Carry on, folks. Wish you the best, Moose. Get in a dang truck already. Isn't your 'short' a 'stump' by now, or ....when?

Luck in battle, as TripleSix would say (y'all both know whom i refer to, for sure!)

Anne ~ :)

ps: sidebar ~ Kearsey ... you should start a chat group somewhere, called 'Kickin'it withKearsey.' I'd be in.

Posted:  4 days, 20 hours ago

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Tanker - Mega Carrier

I know Schneider and Prime have a tanker division. Are there other Mega Carriers who have tanker division for someone with a CDL without experience?

What is your attraction to / aversion FOR .. tanks?!?!? Just wondering.

Posted:  4 days, 20 hours ago

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Tanker - Mega Carrier

Liquid, dry, pneumatic?????




Sorry PJ, just showing off... .

O/P... we ran tanks (hubby and I ... well, him .. I was just along...) for a few years. It's nothing I'd recommend to a freshie. Just my 2cents!

Posted:  4 days, 20 hours ago

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Wow! This was a great month.

I was born in that hospital in 1967. Lived in Jamaica until I was one. My dad's business, Fumex, was based in New Hyde Park. Was in Westbury until after 3rd grade. We then moved to Woodbury after I graduated HS, we moved to Syosset. I have a brother in Syosset and one in Yaphank, mom lives in Coram now. Small world.

Wow, just holy WOW... SURE is A SMALL WORLD (after all!) I beat ya to that hospital by two years. Just WOW. Westbury had the best shopping mall when I was growing up, off 110. Sheesh.. just wow. Same hospital. Nice~!!!

Somehow I remember Fumex. I'm gonna speak w/my bro and sis on Wednesday (he's still in NY and she's in FL now) and figure out why that sounds familiar.

I know ALL the places you speak of!

Do you remember Brush Hollow Road? When I was little, it scared me in my sister's Ford Falcon (white w/red vinyl seats) and I'd be in the back, our mom riding shotgun...and they'd go 'driving' out thata way..and I cried....and my sister (all of 17 or so? ) THREATENED to throw me OUT there, haha!

Oh yeah; one more thing. She lived on 52 Park Avenue, in AMITYVILLE. Yessir. My sister. Wow, huh? Still have people in Valley Stream, also!

Posted:  4 days, 20 hours ago

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Pics With Your Trucks!

Yes ma’am Anne. We’ll hollar if we get up your way. Would be very cool.

Definitely have the room for the rig~! Would be AWESOME~!!!!


Posted:  4 days, 21 hours ago

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Lost my first trucking job, rather resigned ( a longish post sorry for length)

What a beauty! smile.gif

Okay if you REALLY have to see it: Here's our 'FABulous truck; similar to Don H.'s but ours is twin screw. . . . READY ???? Ready ???? ready?!?!?!?

Simple, sweet...Mack attack~!


I know, right?!?!? ;) Tom's been fortunate enough to hang on to ole' 2029. He loves that girl~!!! You get a twin screw yet? Still good w/Fab?

(notice the horrific trailer, hahaha!!) rofl-3.gifconfused.gifrofl-3.gif

Posted:  4 days, 21 hours ago

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Pics With Your Trucks!

Thanks Anne ... G you look like your gettin younger in that photo...

All the time, anytime, PJ~!! I aspire to meet up w/ you and the missus, one day... and buy y'all supper....! I'll drag 'my' guy... would be awesome.

Dunno that I'll ever be back out there trucking w/ y'all, unless I get back to getting my CDL. (Had the P' once... pulled tanks under the training of the husby; just 6122 and 3257; no HAZ... ) and when he was '199ing' the tanks... I kinda made myself scarce, haha!

Re: G'town.. he's doing SOMETHING to get 'younging' again. I agree, PJ~!!! <<<< I'm not speculating, but YOU can, haha! ;)

See, G'man hasn't been 'sharing' much lately. I think he's keeping some 'secrets!'


Posted:  5 days ago

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Which companies are more lenient with previous tickets?

I’m hopeful. Being relatively close during training would be nice, the recruiter has my info and told me Friday once she gets my criminal background, she will see what she can do. Criminal is mostly clean. One misdemeanor about 20 years ago. As for the triplets, they’re great. Arm pumping ever semi we pass, and enjoying the summer, as weird as the summer is.




Just w as noted to update. I as plied to western express. The recruiter called me this morning and he told me that my 26 over they limit speeding ticket would absolutely not be a problem not since it’s been a year. However, their training is different in that I would need to get my CDL first. I’d go to some school to get my license on my own, and western will hire me, get me trained, and reimburse me the cost of schooling up to $6,000...

Not sure how I feel about that, s as that will or me without any income for however long school takes.

On the other hand, I’m also working with millis. We will see how that goes.



If Millis will take you, that's HUGE. Didn't realize Western wasn't training in their Nashville facility; could be they are still recovering from the hurricane.

Seems we have another one wanting to wreack havoc as it is.....sure can't finish yard work with these intermittent storms here, in Ohio..I'm south of Mansfield.

Let us know how it goes; how ARE the triplets, btw ?!?!? ;)


Keep us (me!) posted, fellow Buckeye. I'll root for ya, and help however I can. Glad to hear the kids are great; that's JOB ONE~!!


Posted:  5 days ago

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Molded cargo

Good miles if they are a bus company, hauling tourists around Chicago.

LMFAO~! Yessir, true THAT~!

(Maybe that explains the name, too then?!?!?!)


Posted:  5 days ago

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Been litchobgb but still here

Ps: Hope that Lyme disease has been resolved; meant to post that earlier but was too busy LMAO... hehehe....

My sister (in FL) has Lupus due to Lyme...and I pray that doesn't be anything at your young age, would occur.

pss: As far as Lease/Op, I'm neither here nor there about it. I know this site is 'opposed' .... me personally? Individual decisions.

Love to see pix of your truck! My FacePalm is in my profile, if you'd rather.



Posted:  5 days ago

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Been litchobgb but still here

My auto correct likes to create new words!!’ smile.gif you and Kearsey / Kiersten / Rainy eat lunch at the millenium .... i think y'all conspire these oddities, haha~! ;)


Seriously... stop back in the MAIN forum more often. I ASPIRE to drive... just can't atm; Covid, teens, homeschooling, et al. Been around the industry since 2003; do some 'freelance' related articles and such, on the side.

Love to see you post more; you are an INSPIRATION, to me, and many~!

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