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I've been a trucker's wife for the last 20 years; hubby's been driving for almost 30. I got my CDL the 'non' conventional way, being his B'seat driver, for an Owner Op.... now finding out this limits my abilities to move on, should I choose to. We pulled asphalt (6122 and 3257) which is hot, but non'hazmat. Winters, he used to haul precast concrete, but the flatbed world isn't his life, nor forte', nor mine! Kudos to y'all that do it.. He's been pulling 'boxes' in boxes in a daycab for the last 3 winters and then some....and I get 'left behind'. Guess I've gotta start over, eh? :) At least I can drive better in reverse, haha! (Wasn't that a song? Going forward, in reverse!) Nope, never got the buck sixty paper. Dang it.

Can't get that as my avi...idk what I'm doing wrong. Oh well. Brett, if you see this; it's our 'vintage' PB.

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Posted:  1 day, 14 hours ago

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New Lifestyle

Berserker... thank you for your service...first and foremost.

I'm a trucker's wife, atm.. had a 'go at it' a few years back under my CDLP ... just isn't working out atm.

You seem to have a GREAT 'pre plan' and I'll be following you, diligently. Can't offer much, but for a welcome. You ARE at the right place for correct information, guidance, test info, et al.

All I have for you, just thank you for .. yeah.. and for being here~!

Best wishes; will follow ya for sure.


Posted:  4 days, 15 hours ago

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Starting Roehl GYCDL program in Appleton WI Nov.11

Best of luck to you tomorrow, Keith ~! Wishing you the best, for sure. Update as you can~! :)

Posted:  5 days, 3 hours ago

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A Thank You, And A Promise To Our Community

Rick, whomever may deem your posts 'worthless' has no business in the business, anyway... IMHO. Heck, my 'driving' husband (of many years) STILL gleans valuable information from YOUR POSTS~! You sure know your stuff, man.

Don't ever feel less valued than a 'driver' here. You know more than many DRIVERS I know, TBH~! (ps: I'm a 'non driving' f'er myself, haha!)

Brett, major respect and props to you for starting this thread. (ps: I'm one of the peeps that was trying to nag Rick, haha!)

Major thanks and Kudos to you both, as well as ALL the mods and contributors here. I may be a 'lurker' of sorts, but I sure love y'all~!! :)

Posted:  1 week ago

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Walmart Private Fleet

Turtle, I had to sign in just to tell you . MAD PROPS and MAJOR kudos.... from my husband and myself. (He's been a driver for many years....)

I read him your diary (he has an aversion to reading, LoL...) and we are just ASTOUNDED at how thorough and precise the training and hiring process is (screening, per se?) Y'all are THE elite fleet, IMHO. G'Town, as well. I'm enamored, TBH.

ps: I asked Tom about looking into WMPF because he definitely has the requirements met, yet after reading the comprehensiveness of your diary and their orientation; he said, "yep, nope....tell your forum friend congratulations from me....."

Wishing you the best, Rich. Just WOW. Harvard Grad of Trucking for sure~!!!


Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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OH YEAH OH MY WORD!! This was Honestly Beyond what I Thought Would Be Possible but this has just blown my mind........

Major Kudos and CONGRATS, Victor J. Jump on this like a hot tamale. I've known many a great man raised at WEL. Flatbed, even better. Avenues will open tenfold; yet who might get your stirrups in a fond place.


Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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Best wishes, man. Tell your gorgeous daughter in the avatar to kick in an extra 'whoot' for ya.... Cheerleaders are great~!

ps: As far as 11/14.. I'll let you WISH ME LUCK at that one. LoL.. 200 bux for a ticket from a family with a fam pass...hanging out with a 19 y/o kiddo, haha! STILL gonna beat 'chas~! ;) Steelers, anyway, haha!

TOTALLY congrats and well wishes. Love reading your updates, for sure.

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Congrats, Ryan~~!


Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Food for thought from an o/o

Hello, I will possibly be switching insurance companies next year and when I went to get my quote they mentioned that if I hire anybody to drive under my authority, they would need a minimum of (9) nine years of experience for them to cover. Yikes.

Have a nice day folks and be safe out there.

Are you sure that wasn't a misprint; that they didn't mean 9 'MONTHS?' embarrassed.gif

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Going Great With Crete So Far

Thanks to the preplan they assigned me a little bit ago, I should hit 3k miles this week or be very close.

Sounds great, Jamie~! I may not sign in and post often, but I read daily. My hubby almost went with Triple'C back in his OTR days; seems like a great place.

KUDOS, for sure~! :)


Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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I failed a U.A. :(

How long have you held your CDL'A... (used or unused?)

It's SAP btw, IIRC.

Why would you compromise that 'gold card?'

I'll do without TV/Direct to pay our auto insurance, to protect my husband's CDL..

Not much help, I know. Just why just why. I won't even let him drive with a tail light out on his PV....

I'm sure you will hear from the veterans sometime soon...just IMHO.

Posted:  2 weeks, 3 days ago

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Major KUDOS go out to our man, G'Town... on this one. I printed and laminated this for my husband when Mr. G first posted it... kinda hard to find on a phone hands free. He keeps it in his permit notebook, and abides. Doesn't matter what the 'home office' winds are; that chart is the bomb'diggity.

Thanks again, @GTown. (shared it with a few of our other trucker pals, as well!)

Be safe, drivers. Amazing chart, yep~!

Posted:  2 weeks, 6 days ago

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I have got fired on my last week of training

Pam transportation is taking you in with 3 accidnts I have a very clean driving record beside from the two accidents and they told me no

PAM may be one of the handful of companies not hiring from S. Florida, currently. Again, Trans Am (as you said will have you) is your best bet, IMHO. Western is EXCELLENT but in 'one' post you said they aren't hiring from your area currently. One of our members here (Chickie Monster) got HER start with Trans Am and brought her husband AND pet along. The amenities in the rig were awesome, IIRC. She's not around much; but you can still look up her diary(ies.)

Rick S. can probably help you with S. Florida companies, otherwise. I don't know much about Southern Refrigerated Transport; just that they haul juice and flowers....all reefer loads, I believe.

A few of us kicked in to help 'ya.... kick back the courtesy and let us know. (I grew up in Bradenton, FL myself.)

Best wishes, Anne

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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I have got fired on my last week of training

IIRC, you posted something similar a few days ago, and stated it was 3 accidents. I'm NO expert here; my husband is the driver in the family for 20 plus years, but I've been around the industry for a while, accordingly.

1.) Would Swift not offer you additional training, either in house or otherwise, to overcome the mishaps?

2.) Aren't you indebted to them, for training? (and if so, to the tune of ...what, dollar wise?)

3.) Did you get your 160 certificate?

4.) If you could elaborate on the 'accidents' (or incidents, perhaps?) I'm thinking we could be of more assistance. (Well, the experienced guys/gals anyhow....)

5.) Carolina Cargo, Western Express, and IIRC Trans Am are a bit forgiving, but not sure that either of those 3 <<< have training programs. You could check. More info regarding your situation could help the veterans here, help you.

Best of luck, Anne

Posted:  1 month ago

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Western Express orientation Ashland Virginia

Congrats, Sharon. Takes a heckuva woman to do this; that's awesome!! Are you going flatbed side? Just curious. I'm here in Ohio, I can shout out to your kids when I ride with my hubby, LoL~! :) (Are you originally from here?)

Best wishes all around; fellow female.


Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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My journey with Wilson Logistics/Jim Palmer

Congrats on your eventual arrival, and best wishes, Matt. I really believe (somewhat wantonly) that GreyDog DOES this stuff to y'all CDL trainees on purpose, to test your nerves, stamina, and whatnot, LoL.

Always read; don't comment much.

Best of Luck, Anne

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Little Humor for those of us in CDL Class

This is actually EPIC.... hilarious, and outright truths, haha! Thanks for sharing~! (Did you pen this?!?) Should re'post in GENERAL forum, IMHO.

@Marc Lee ... good read for ya, bro!


ps: Good luck in school, man!


Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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What's the most exciting thing you've ever seen or done as a driver on the road?

Bullitt VW, YOU caught it too, LoL. (And I thought I was the only one, so was keeping my mouth shut, haha!)


Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Hos rules about passenger seat time

The husband and I have a couple, that we are great friends with, that run 'SUPER SOLO' .... Whether or not one has to be an O/O team to do so, is out of my league, but it sure works for them.... 8 driving hubby, 8 driving wife, 8 mutually off. (working in all the other details, of course...) but that sounds like a perfect 24 that IF I ever get out there w/ my hubs again, that'd be the way to go.

Just a thought. 3x8 is 24.

Maybe PJ and Packrat could clarify, whether this is 'company' doable.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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My return to work

Just a quick update:

I passed my Swift skills test today with 100%!

Road test tomorrow then state test on Monday.

Things are going well.



Congrats, for sure! I love reading along w/ y'all... don't always sign in; always 'be a readin' '

ps: HAY ERROL... i'm GETTING IT, haha! (watch when I hit 'submit' something goes wrong, LoL~!) ;)

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Starting with Wilson Logistics

1983 Manatee Hurricanes alum here... ;) (auuuuugh...old.) Spent 26 years in Bradenton, Florida...almost went with Lester Coggins Tranport, now defunct, in Opahumka. Then I got married, and moved to Ohio, LoL~!

Anyway..... Best of luck to y'all, for sure~!

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