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Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Dropping in for a hello

Oh, the preventable was all me. I caught a yellow post at a shipper and damaged my hood and right headlamp backing in to a platform. Totally a rookie move, but I stopped and called it in.

rofl-3.gif No wonder you described it as you did! rofl-3.gif

There's a movie in BK's thread for ya: "Attack of the Bollards" ~ go check it out! (Was that you?!?!)

All in fun, good sir. And congratulations, all the same; now you know!

~ Anne ~

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Not sure if my offer is worth it?

Wow, I'd never thought about it like that. I really do appreciate your input and the advice. The information I know is it's a 60/40 split, they pay all the niche stuff. It's not forced dispatch, load board jobs.

I should pursue an A and not invest further into the opportunity?

As the others have stated, in not so many words, I would say YES !! (Plus, it trumps a Class B, you could always revert.)

Get some info here, Mark O.:

Hope things work well for ya; stop back!

~ Anne ~

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Can a future employer tell that you took a year off work at one point?

Legends, never asked about my 6 month "vacation" after leaving CRST, didn't matter really.

That's because they were a 'division' of CRST, silly; you were already in their data cache!

(Under their thumb, however you want to call it, haha!)

Hope YOU are doing well also, man!

~ Anne ~

This is kind of a stupid question I realize, but I am curious if someone works as a company driver for a few years for 1 company and decides to take a year off work and then goes back to working at that same company they last worked for and then later down the road they decided to go to a new trucking company would it be possible to not tell the future employer that you took a year off work or could they find out if you tried to hide it? Curious if somebody could help me with this one..

Any word, decisions, new happenings, Chris H.?

Stop back, what's up ?!?

~ Anne ~

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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I'm off to Veriha!!!

I saw that, Ryan. It does seem kinda interesting and something I'll wanna find out more about down the road.

Congrats, Sandman!!!

That's great news, man. Hope you'll procure a diary, if you have time, too.

Wow, I'd be all about looking into the entertainment division..."This Is How We Roll!"

good-luck.gif good-luck-2.gif good-luck.gif

Best to ya!

~ Anne ~

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Have things been slow for the rest of you?

Am I the only one that's noticed this for the past two years? Mysterious fires, livestock deaths, planes crashing into DCs, company sabotage, factories shut down for months by the government for a two hour fix? This shyte is not random IMHO.

Nope. It's been duly noted by OUR homestead, in many ways. Factories shutting down, companies selling out after 40 years in the family, 300 power unit business (aka: FAB,) and internet providers selling after decades with no notice, too! CenturyLink 'changed' to BrightSpeed two weeks ago, and I've had nothing but headaches.

Not as bad as fires, crashes, and deaths, but . . . we've had a few more than normal private planes falling out of the sky here in Ohio, than normal...too.


~ Anne ~

ps: Between Tom's job and my internet . . . .bet you missed me, eh ?!?rofl-3.gif

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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First new truck


You can come help me swap mine out next year! 5 hours?!?! That'll never happen here. All of our 2022 and newer trucks are going to that "Swift Blue" paint scheme, too.


Pack, I would definitely help you do the swap if we could arrange it. Sounds like fun to me. Sign me up!

Yeah, what's up w/ THAT, PackRat???? I kinda like the color of yours, now! Green = my favorite!

BK, the blue of your truck is cool; similar to H.O.Wolding, I believe.... deep, shiny, nice!!

Kudos, and :


Best, man! Nice, nice . . .

~ Anne ~

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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What if American freight trucking was owned and operated by the federal government?

This is Todd.

Indeed. TomCougar, Purple Preston (sic) and others . . .

A lot of the newbies don’t know Todd The Troll.

Want the troll to go away… stop feeding it.

When you suggested he email me, because he couldn't 'counter' my last 'counter jab' . . he disappeared, haha!

Government, officials, politics, not my wheelhouse; y'all can have him, bois !

Some (if not most) writing styles and subject matter/manner just cannot wear camouflage and make a change!

! Anne !

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Studying for cdl permit, worried about my IBS issues while on truck

Glad you aren't that bad but, here is something you need to consider.. do not train anywhere that does team training. As far as I know, Schneider and CFI do not do team training, they run as a solo truck, and you do all the driving. The truck is parked for a 10-hour break. So set your clock and be up an hour before you need to leave.

You assumed that you would have 45 minutes to an hour at the beginning of the day. And that you are parked somewhere. With team training, there is no way I could park for an hour when you get up. I drive when you are sleeping. And honestly, there are plenty of times my students wake up and we could be 100 miles to a restroom. There are some desolate parts of the country.

So cut CRST, Prime, Swift, Wilson off your list.

Can the others put any companies below that does solo only training?

Good thinking, Kearsey; (See? That's why she makes the big bucks ! J/K, but it helps!)

Here's a couple more for you, Brandon. You should still apply here: Apply For Paid CDL Training.

Witte Bros. is small enough to be more amenable; large enough to matter: Witte Bros./Training

JRayl here in Ohio does a lot of New England: Training with JRayl

One of my faves, look at their training! If you'd enjoy flatbed: Keim TS, Breaker! Breaker! Training School

Another Ohio Home Baser: Mast Trucking (they are NEW on our site, too!) Apply For Paid CDL Training

One of my favorites, very diversified: (Train with, and ) Drive 4 Hogan !

Cypress Truck Lines, located in Florida Norte, another Flatbed Training Company: Cypress Truck Lines Paid Training

Continental Express, ask for Anita; Great gal, great Ohio folks, too: Continental Express, Paid Training

CFI would be a good wager, also; And, hope that helps & keeps you busy for awhile, let us know;

~ Anne ! ~

good-luck.gif good-luck-2.gif good-luck.gif

ps: YRC (prior Yellow Freight) has training programs popping up ALL OVER at different times; a link would be area specific; with not knowing even your state, you'll have to Google that one. Good luck!

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Bison Transport picks up another Maine-based carrier


I recall reading that, also . . . so now, you've got company, haha!

Or, would it be competition?!? Bison seems like a really solid & smart company, from what I've noticed and recalled through the years. I can't even COUNT how many companies are changing hands lately (including OURS!) and some changing back and around again, such as CFI (TFI?!?)

Something's in the air, the water, or ... Moderna, haha!!

Wonder where that Canada guy with the Mack (on here) went?? Keep us posted, if you will.

Thanks, good sir. Stay safe; winter's waving !!

~ Anne ~

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Are starting salaries of about $40,000 - $50,000 for OTR or home everyday?

There is a long story that goes with as to how I got sidetracked from being a truck driver about 2 years and 7 months ago. I am sure that nobody wants to hear it, but a major part of the delay was caused by the pandemic.

Since the trucking industry has changed somewhat post pandemic, nowadays I see that new truck drivers are more in demand, and there are more perks and incentives for new truck drivers than 2 years and 7 months ago.

I now want to have one final career before I retire. I think that is a great time to become a truck driver. Yet I want to get some basic clarification of what I can now “in 2022" expect for wages, since I plan to sign up with a company that offers training and I will more than likely have to work for that company one to two years, before I pay off the training and will obtaining at least a desirable two years of truck driving experience, to be hireable at another trucking company if I wish to move on to greener pastures at that time, thus is why I want to be very careful about what companies I try to apply with. Since there seems to be lots of great post pandemic trucking opportunities out there, I am just a few weeks from getting off that fence. :-)

Kind Regards,

Nick S.

Good to see you 'back in the saddle,' Nick !!!!

I'll be following, as well. Did you apply here? Apply For Paid CDL Training

Kearsey also just started a thread regarding Prime training, and the hours they now require. Coming into winter, personally I sure wouldn't balk at the extra time with a trainer.

So, do you have a 'short list' yet?? There's some really great ones, within the TT link, for sure.

Share, as you can; best to you, forward!

~ Anne ~

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