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Posted:  2 weeks ago

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I have a NO contract with CRST?

XPO Logistics, Anne lol 97,000 employees 1500+ locations In 30 countries etc Just 1 of CRST's biggest customers.....I just seen are 2 near my location now in Meridian ID. Sittin outside delivery appt 5 hours early....


I sure know WHO XPO logistics is, Stevo; and I sure 'didn't' know they had any affiliation w/CRST. One of the largest LTL carriers was all I was aware of, tbh.

Since they are a CRST customer, would that qualify / quantify you working for them, as a lateral move?!?!?!

Interesting, for sure. I learn something about this industry everyday, sir!


Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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Update on new Millis Transfer job

Are you still with Millis? If so, what's your opinion after a year?

Thank you

Haya, Mike D. Not sure if you are addressing this to Kevin, or whom. Grumpy drives for H.O.Wolding and always has; haven't seen Kevin pretty much since that post; sorry!


Anyway, one of our most recent Millis drivers is Pete E Pothole, and the story of 'how' he got that 'earned' name is in a thread. Here's a link to all his posts:

Pete E Pothole

Also, our longtime driver and moderator, PackRat, drove for Millis for quite some time. I'm not too sure (or know how?) on linking two LOOK UP PackRat (all one name/word) and you'll even see PHOTOS of him w/his Millis truck, AND meeting Pete E Pothole.

Wish you the best; just saving you sometime with the waiting game, as to who's around, and who isn't.

Be safe, good sir.



Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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Kids and air horns

I'm a 50 plus year old female kid, and when the hubby rolls down 314, about a 1/4 mile away from the house, he 'airhorns' me and our 16 y/o son, without us 'signaling.' (<<< Too far, LoL!) Pretty much same time, everyday thru the week....and we STILL smile, and 'say a prayer' for Daddy.

I don't think I'll ever outgrow the love of the sound.

He does 2 short, and one long. Wonder if that's Morse code for something ? embarrassed.gif

We oftentimes hear the Jakes, as a predecessor..... just because~! ;) Love it.

Stay safe, guys (and gals!) Hope everyone had a marvelous Father's day~!!!


Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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I have a NO contract with CRST?

Anne:) lol Well, Friday I had enough, got ahold of the recruiter@ CRST who got me transferred over to Gardner's

Long story short, they are good for more localized loads, not so much for any over 500 miles hence I ain't making enough moohlah.....You have to hunt for empties to get a load, which is a waste of LOTS of hours ! Not talking smack on em just isn't all it was made out to be, 47 cents a mile ain',t diddly without them miles !!

Right now am in Idaho delivering 29,000 lbs of new tires lol longest run yet 850 miles. I know already I won't probably get a back haul, since last time here I didn't 3 of us were here in Idaho, and dead headed to SLC Ut.

So I am going back to team driving, at CRST,,,, BUT on an XPO 3/2 lane, point A to point B and back. More of a steady paycheck, and mileage which is why I am out here driving in the first place.... Besides I been parking my truck at the CRST Riverside terminal on off days, because GT's trucks all keyed alike which is fine for local city guys slip seating.... But I'm not removing my stuff, when off duty, so some idiot don't steal it ! We were told in orientation to do so, take your electronics etc out or it can come up missing lol We were like WTH??

Anyways, lot more to it behind the scenes but I ain't workin' for free, period!


Good to hear from you, man! Sorry to make you an 'exemplar' for CRST.... but you 'ARE' current, haha! I'm just trying to help the O/P understand the process/company; with you as a conduit, haha!

Yeah, I can't blame you there, man. My husband did teams for FX/LH for awhile, after our son was born. He sure DID take a paycut when he went solo with Transport National. In your situation, I'm not getting the XPO connection, maybe you can start a thread and clue us ALL in?!?!!? I'm sorry to hijack (again!)

Ya know, we'd love to hear (and analyze!) your 'behind the scenes' stuff, haha! (I did NOT say behind the curtain, LoLoL... ;) ) I know, I'm awful. Being a truckers wife for 20 plus years, corrupts a gal after awhile, haha! On a serious note tho, Stevo............I remember you and all your 'heck' from your 'prior' screen name. You've come a long way, 'baby'... LoL. For sure. You KNOW what's best for you now.

Bubbles; Stevo ^^^^ is the one to ask, as I mentioned. Read every and ALL of his posts/threads. You just saw what he posted, here! I'm NOT dissuading you, m'lady. At ALL. Just been around the industry for a while..and reading this forum for over 7 years!

Got to thinking, if you are NOT okay with full teaming, I recalled a female that was quite the 'hot topic' on TT about 2 years ago, until she got her own Twitter account and followers, heck who knows, maybe even Trump....LoL~!!

She started with Trans Am. She had some 'bump' in her licensure (I'll let YOU do the research, haha!) and also wanted/needed to bring her disabled (God bless him) husband and cat along. She started with Trans Am (who's apparently lenient to an extent) and chronicled her journeys here:

Chickie Monster's Trans Am journey, and more. . . .

You know, I wish you well. You still have a week, to pull plugs, punches, and priorities~!!


Anne good-luck-2.gif

Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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DAC report

If your 1st company was CRST, that could be an issue. Like the others have said, the more you share....the more those guys can help you.


Wish you the best.

Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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Many Kudos, man. Very happy for you. I TOTALLY AGREE, about Western. Look at the product in Old School that they turned out!

Impressive. Keep on keeping on, Mike.


Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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Ladies Teaming

Hello, Im currently looking into teaming in a specialized field. I have experience in dry van and reefer. I have my hazmat, twic tanker, clean record, enhanced and I am interested in gaining more insight of the trucking world. I tried various popular companies but I was never given more responsibilities because my teammates weren't compatible. Plus just getting a female teammate is a mission on its own. Any suggestions? Pets allowed (yorkie male)?

Just wondering; did you ever find who/what you were looking for? Sorry, TT is not really about pairing up teamies...but another one of our new members (BubblesDahDriver) is perhaps wanting to team. Look her up on here, if you've not had luck.

Best to ya, m'lady!

Anne :)

Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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Is 700 miles a day possible

Yeah. Remember Todd?

Patrick....Todd....Same Troll?

Good sir, I believe you ARE correct. He started 1st here, as Patrick. . . a green horn child. Evolved into 'manly' Todd. THEN reborn as TomCougar, and elsewhere. He's also 'duping' me / others elsewhere, pretending to be a 14 y/o child, wanting the know. Purposely using 'Patick' instead of Patrick...and I can't / won't post the last name he uses. He's consumed endless hours of many peoples' time.

Yessir, PackRat. . . . in my experience of being a 'forum follower' ..... I'd almost bet you a Benjamin. (Actually, I will.)

Ya know, IF YOU REALLY CARE, 'PATICK' . . . 700 MI/DAY 'is' possible, as stated above. Is it common reality with eLogs and speed limits, not much. I bet PJ has days like that. Hubby used to. On paper. Nuf'said?

Fold this topic/thread, IMHO.


That's probably close to what he really looks like, Pack. ^^^^^^

Be safe, good sir. I've got tons of respect for you, jsyk. thank-you-2.gif

Anne ;)

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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I have a NO contract with CRST?

Thanks for your response Anne A. Driving team is kinda my biggest concern. But at this point I'm willing to stick it out. And will definitely start my search for CRST on TT for sure!! Willing to make the best out of it since it's only for a short time. I read so many people end up quitting before their contract was up and found out it was a huge mistake later on in their life. I rather stick this out vs having to get stick with warehouse pay all because I wanted out with because it didn't go my way. Anne A, I'm hoping to keep a positive attitude through my first rookie year of trucking cause I know its gonna be difficult. But man the rewards are gonna be amazing afterwards,long as I keep a leveled head,positive attitude, and want to be proactive,I just know trucking will be butter to my pancakes for me & my family.

"Lastly, I wish you the best of luck. I was still under the impression you were going with Swift. (<< What happened there, anyway?!?)" Ah yes! Good ole Swift! They wouldn't take me because my license hasn't been reinstated for a full year as of this month (will be fully reinstated in October)😊😊.

LoL, no problem on the 'forgetting how to post' part, haha! Stevo Reno (here on TT) went solo with CRST, ONLY due to being 'promoted' to their Gardner division; ya GOTTA read his posts on that.... here's a link. It took him awhile....but further down the line (in a different thread) he was saying that he was 'short' on miles... way less than CRST, and thinking of going back to teams.

Stevo Reno on Gardner/CRST

Again, either way I wish you the best. That sux about Swift; way darn it. Nothing became of KLLM either, eh? sorry.gifconfused.gif

Not sure who all your school is hooked up with, but since you've got that darn license issue, I guess that 'will' limit you. Have you looked into Millis? Just a thought. Western Express? Another thought. (They DO have a dry van division, too!)

It could just be 'me' but....I've run many a time with my HUSBAND (he's a driver of many years) and I sure could NOT team for a living, even as much as I love him. . . just saying~!

Keep us posted, and do your due diligence, m'lady~!!!

Anne A.

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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I have a NO contract with CRST?

Just sent my recruiter a TON of questions I had about the school I'm attending and the company I'm assigned to. The number 6 or 7th question I had for him was:

Me:*With joining CRST,will my contract only be 6 months or will it be alittle longer?

My Recruiter:You are not signing a contract, all you have is a loan for 1500 from the company and as long as you complete 6 months with them you don't have to pay that back.

How true is this? I'm attending TTDS (Tennessee Truck Driving School) in another week (the 29th). I plan on staying at CRST for 1 YEAR,if everything goes well. Don't plan on breaking my contract at all if I have one. Just wanted to know has anyone actually NOT have had a contract while working with this company. Any other helpful input is welcome☺️☺️.

Thank you.

Haya, Bubbles; I've been reading your posts since you've joined the forum, and just want to congratulate you on taking the leap into the world of trucking!

Regarding CRST, are you aware that they run teams? That's not a deal breaker for some; a few of our current members are with CRST, and quite happy there. One that stands out in particular is Millionmiler24. Search for CRST in the above bar, and you will find his diary, among a few other threads started by him. He is still there, and is/was a trainer, as we last knew.

Stevo Reno is another one of our members that drives (drove) for CRST. You can search for his diary & threads, as well. He just recently got a transfer to Gardner, which is a regional/solo division of CRST; and he's very happy as well.

Regarding the contract; from what I gather, CRST is one of the hardest companies to get out of a contract with. We have a recruiter, JRod, who is on this forum, works for Greater Omaha Express, and often times posts his experiences in dealing with 'prior' CRST drivers. If you follow this link, look within his photographs (and his threads, actually also) and you will see an example (or many) of the letters that they send out when someone tries to break contract. JB Hunt lost a lawsuit from them many years ago, and the law still stands. Just be WELL AWARE of this. Here's the link:

JRod's posts and pictures

And finally, there is another driver (well, aspiring driver) that got hurt or something while training with CRST, left the 'orientation' per se, and was still on the hook for the full tuition cost assessed by CRST. For the life of me, I can't remember his name; you really should just search CRST in the bar above altogether, if you've not already.

Mind you, i don't KNOW if CRST will put you under 'contract' since you are training elsewhere, unless they've got some affiliation directly with your school. (Another reason that TT recommends going with COMPANY PAID TRAINING.) If I were you, I'd double and triple check with your recruiter, IN WRITING.

Lastly, I wish you the best of luck. I was still under the impression you were going with Swift. (<< What happened there, anyway?!?)


Anne :)

Posted:  2 weeks, 5 days ago

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I've had two accidents and I'm having trouble finding work. Which second chance trucking companies will hire me?

Quick update, O/P ~ Carolina Cargo is NO LONGER a 2nd chance company.

You could also look into Trans Am, and perhaps PAM transport, whom you can apply for on this site. I think you are too far west for Dutch Maid. My handful of ideas.

Western Express is a fine company, if you can get in with them, just saying~!


Posted:  2 weeks, 5 days ago

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How strict is kllms background check?

Hay, KJ . . . this is quite an old thread; don't believe that any of these folks are active on TT any longer. If you bounce over to the diaries section, I'd bet that William could help you with you question; he's currently waiting on a trainer, and was actively posting a few minutes ago, regarding KLLM.

Best of luck~!

Anne :)

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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Down time.

We run team so not much down time. When we get it then it's time to do laundry, relax, watch tv, and take a walk. We also cook on the truck so grocery run and food prep

Hay, Michele ~! Long time no 'see' you on TT~! Are you still with CRE? Do you still team w/ that guy from your class? Girl, I remember the heck you went thru w/that female, who 'can opened' y'alls trailer, OMG! Miss your posts~! START A THREAD and UPDATE us.... 'ladies' especially, please! :)

Mike B. ~ There is a thread on here started by Turtle, but I don't have time to look for it; but what it is about is "GEOCACHING." Turtle used to be really into it when he was Solo OTR for Prime flatbed. He had a 'blast' doing that, looked real fun, pix and everything.

If I were out there OTR, I'd definitely get into doing that. Also, look at Rob D. (Andy Dufresne's) posts as of recent; he's found some really neat places to go walking, right around truck stops !!!

Just my 2 cents; Be SAFE, y'all~!



Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Four S Trucking .....5 trucks...Memphis

How can I find out if the company Four S trucking in Memphis is any good. They have about 5 or 6 trucks.

According to SAFERweb, they are only authorized for ONE truck (power unit) and one trailer. Go to and type in the parameters; I couldn't get the link to work.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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WS Thomas/ Online Transport

Anyone have any info on this outfit

Hiya, Buckshot~! :)

I was hoping one of the experienced vets or mods would chime in before I threw in my two pennies, but... here I am, if you ever come back to see this, LoL...

My husband worked for OnLine Transport when I was pregnant with our son (who is now 16, go figure, haha!) and had ZERO problems. He got offtime PAID (accrued vacay and sick days) when I was in the L & D stages. Parked the rig at a PFJ about 7 miles from our home...and left a vehicle there. A few occasions, he brought the whole T/T home. They were very good to him, and paid fairly. He got an offer from another company, being 'home weekends' awhile later, and . . . passing through a night or two throughout the week, so... he left on VERY good terms. They did great by him *us.*

Wish you the best, sir.

Anne :)

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Donna Laredo

Were you at the Laredo drop yard today?

Rob D. ~ I'm thinking Donna M. who drives for Prime (as do you,) won't catch that Thread Title as being addressed to her. Maybe somebody can change it ?!? :) I was looking for somebody named 'Donna Laredo' myself...and even though I've only been 'registered' for less than 3 years, I've been a 'lurker' or an 'emailer' for at least (and if not more than, haha!) 5 years. Was one of the first subscribers to Old School's blog (which I incredibly miss, besides his family~!!!!) confused.gif

Either that, or if she searches a 'mention' for her name, she will see mine.

BTW: Congrats on your progress, good sir. I'm following, always~!

Anne :)

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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New Article Now On TruckingTruth: Truckers And Guns

Until you get locked up.

I find most people with strong feelings have never had to take another's life.

You, are 100% correct. Military family brat(s) here, too. Again, thank you for that, good sir.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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New Article Now On TruckingTruth: Truckers And Guns

I know this is an old topic, like to know if you all still feel the same? This is a job and I’m leaning to do it better every day, won’t just leave my life to a company policy, got 4 littleones and a whole bunch of bills to be paid,!i do the rite thing work hard run hard, i in this **** going on would be a fool not to be be packing, not gonna be a victim and don’t really care about any damn law

Hay, Jakester~! I remember you...ya don't post much anymore. :(


I'm just a bystander, and trucker's wife....but IMHO, if you feel so strongly about CCP 'ing in a rig, perhaps you could get an intrastate job in Texas? I know (or have read?) that TX has more liberal policies. Just my two cents.

If you are still with FFE, it probably won't fly. My hubby works intrastate Ohio, for a company with zero tolerance .. and even though he HAS all permits, it's a huge NOPE in the company CMV. Immediate termination, here.

PackRat is 1000% right, and he'd probably rather carry, too.

Best of luck to you, either way you decide. Many O/O's (and perhaps companies?) are refusing to deliver to states that have defunded their PD's. Article is here:

Refusing defunded PD counties/towns deliveries

Anne :) ~

Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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Second Chance companies

Hi, Benjamin...and welcome to TT ~! Sorry about your bum hand that's been dealt, for sure. Sure would help if you'd expound on the situation, as Rob suggested. ALSO, location..location..location. It's asked during registration, for a people can better assist you!

Rob T. . . . Just a reminder, Carolina Cargo IS NO LONGER a 2nd chance company, and only hiring experienced drivers currently. They've got some sort of dealio worked out w/Penske; Big Scott actually posted this awhile ago, and I researched and confirmed. Western, pretty much, it is.

However. . . Dutch Maid Logistics (here in Ohio) is a 'little known' 2nd chance company..on the smaller side. Marc Lee tried them out, as well. Hiring area is 'regional' to Central/Northeast (but not in the New England true, to my knowledge.) I know, not a training company (per se) and that's what we focus on here at TT.

Just my 2cents for the O/P. Was also thinking about maybe how Mr. Banks went, a dock to driver program, perhaps? Hay, it's a start. Then, there's CraigsCrap....FWIW.

Wish you the best, Benjamin.

Anne :)

ps: Never heard of Driver iQ.....but going to look into it, and see what's on my hubby's record just because! (He's a long time driver, hope he's not hiding anything from me, haha!) confused.gifrofl-3.gif

Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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Have my mind set on career change and getting into trucking industry!

Been roofing for 40 years and have decided to do something i have always wanted to do and finally get my CDL..looking for some feedback ona couple things 1 - is it better to get in with a company sponsored cdl training..{looking for recommendations] or pay the 6k-7k out of pocket for training with like TBI or similar cdl school....that would be a tough pay....and why are there some cdl training as low as 17-1800 bucks which got me suspicious....any feedback or suggestions are very welcome as i have made my decision on doin this and have spent several days oon phone and researching options and talking to truckers at truck stop near my home(florida)and like anything get mixed feedback on these questions.....good luck out there and stay safe ...God bless!

Howdy, Eugene, and welcome to TT forum!

First of all, we highly recommend company paid training . . . due to the fact that you will be gainfully employed upon completion of said training! You may be indebted to work for that company for a year to settle up the cost, but will still get paid for driving ... quite well, and some companies will even pay you while training. Can't beat that.... IMHO~! Florida is one of the tougher states for hiring out of, as well. If you go to 'private' school for 3 to 7K .... you may or may 'not' land a job.

I wish I knew how to send you our 'starter' package, but I'm sorry, I don't. If you go to the top left of this page, the 3 black bars, you will see links to everything you need, right here on this forum.

I highly suggest that you read Brett's free book, ^^^ linked above. The training materials included on this site are second to none. From getting your permit, and beyond.

Daniel B.'s pretrip study guide is ALSO phenominal. Check it out~! Once you've gotten exhausted doing all that (LoL) . . . apply with our one'click application, that will send your info out to numerous companies, and leave YOU with the choice of whom to go with.

Again, thanks for choosing TruckingTruth to get started in this industry, good sir~! Hopefully one of the moderators will show up shortly and 'fine tune' what i'm trying to get across to you.

Best wishes on your new endeavor~!

Anne :)

ps: I'm not a trucker, just the wife of a long time one... and a huge fan of this site.

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