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Retired police officer from Ca. Relocated to Ga. I was looking for a second career that will give me some new experiences in life. I have 4 amazing daughters and 7 grandkids. A lot of my friends were truck drivers and loved the job, except being away from the family. I figured I would give it a shot and see what happens. I have learned alot about myself, the industry and life in general. I love my new career. My email is

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Posted:  10 hours, 19 minutes ago

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Finished school, Stevens Transport wouldn't hire

Scott that is a mess. As said you did everything right, they messed up. The clearinghouse is the important area of concern and since that failed test was not job related shouldn’t be reported to them.

I went a round or two with them a couple years ago. You need to contact the folks that take care of the school and/or the safety director. You did get a cdl through them so paying something for that is probably going to happen, but you can probably get it reduced. Otherwise you can always have an attorney send them a letter.

They probably haven’t responded to you yet as noone probably has a clue how to handle this. I would be concerned with did they consider you an employee or just a student???

Posted:  1 day, 8 hours ago

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An interesting short tale about a truck driver turned real estate man.

Sounds like Todd again!!

Posted:  1 day, 8 hours ago

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Is this normal for school has mine over enrolled?

Thanks OS. Sorry haven’t been around much but this entire yesr has been crazy for me.

Yep I just saw I got the 2 people backwards. However it sounds like Kerry knows exactly the issues I referred to first hand.

I hate to see folks struggle getting into this business. It’s hard enough when things go good in the beginning.

Posted:  2 days, 6 hours ago

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Is this normal for school has mine over enrolled?

Kerry I really don’t know what to make of your last post. If I’m understanding this correctly you were turned down by the big carriers that operate driving schools due to background and a stable work history. So now your in a private school that someone is paying for.

What do you reasonably expect to happen once you graduate??? You will then be looking for a job with a brand new cdl in your pocket. Still have background and work history problems.

I hope you found someone willing to hire you before you started school. Having a cdl isn’t going to help. Small and or private fleets hiring practices can be less restrictive, depends what the insurance company says, and many insurance companies have a 1-2 year experience requirement.

Wishing you the best in your journey.

Posted:  2 days, 6 hours ago

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Buy a truck and lease back to transport company - scam?

May or may not be a scam, but I can see what is going on if it is real. The person in the US is looking for someone to buy them a truck so they can get their own authority. They probably have looked into leasing programs either carrier based or third party and don’t have any money. The 2200 figure is about what alot of those programs charge for lease payments. That is 550.00 a week. The 70k initial would no doubt be used to buy the truck, tag it, and insure it given the year model stated.

If someone is going this route they don’t need to be an O/O. They have no startup money which translates they have no maintance money, and no credit to get started. Most likely not a great record of employment either.

Just my thoughts.

Posted:  2 days, 7 hours ago

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Have any of you had equipment not returned by someone you no longer work with?

Al I have never experienced that situation, but I can feel for you. It sucks for sure. The answer is not simple no matter which way it goes. There is alot of information needed to determine if it is criminal or civil. IF you have a written lease with them then that is where your answer starts, but that depends how it is written.

I don’t know what state your business office location is. That would determine the state laws that may apply. There could be a possible embezelment case which alot of states refer to the state statues on theft for guidance. Chassis’s are registered so auto theft charges may apply.

Again without knowing alot more information it is hard to give specific information. Provable intent will be crucial in your outcome. My email is in my bio. Give me a shout if you want and I’ll try and give you better guidance. I’m not an attorney, just a retired LEO from Ca.

I wish you the best with this mess.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Grey area of is it safe to run or not?

Senior Chief I haven’t been to wy in 2.5 years and don’t plan on returning. Most snow I get is up through the middle midwest and occassional NE. The more I stay south of I40 the better I like it.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Grey area of is it safe to run or not?

At your experience level DO NOT push it. My general rule of thumb is 2 fold. IF chains are required I’m parking it. IF I can’t safely maintain 45 mph I’m parking it.

Too me no load is worth risking anyone’s life and less than 45 your wasting your time. Road crews are pretty good getting roads in good shape not too long after a storm passes.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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People Net & 8/2 or 7/3 split problems

Do you have peoplenet’s phone number. Mine works fine. It may be something goofy in your system. I have had a vouple issues with updates where 1 file didn’t transfer correctly. Peoplenet was able to resend over the air and straightened it out. If you don’t have their number hollar and I’ll get it for you. It should be on the bottom of your instruction sheet.

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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TA Dallas sale refusal

No I have never experienced something like this. My question is why did you keep going back and forth with him?? After the 2nd attempt to explain I would have politely asked to speak with the on duty manager. I certainly would not have wasted 30 minutes having a back and forth with the first person.

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Will You Take The Jab?

Personally for me, nope!!! My Dr and I make the decisions on my health, not the gov’t. I suspect the mandate Biden wants will never happen. Will never stand in the Supreme Court. He is trying to strong arm companies to do it and some have fallen in line. The Sheriff of LA County went public today he will NOT enforce a mandate on his employee’s regardless if it comes from state or feds’s. Guess he figures if the gov’t can choose what laws to follow he can also.

My company has already said they are against a mandate. Won’t effect me being a contractor and I’m well under the 100 number. I’m waiting to see if customers start mandating it?? We’ll see.

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Happy Birthday Brett!!!

Posted:  3 weeks, 5 days ago

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I dunno, I just don't know.

Welcome!!!! Well we don’t sugarcoat anything around here.

You need to look at what is important too you. We all do the same thing, however different companies have their induvidual way of doing it.

I am an elder graduate from Roehl. They have a top notch training program, but so do other companies.

Figure out what perks are important to you. IE rider policy, after training of course, pet policy, Apu on truck or not, optional added equipment, time on the road, and the list can go on.

We strongly encourage company sponsored training, because for a basic comitment you get free training.

This is very basic but I think you can get a general idea.

Best wishes in your journey!!!

Posted:  3 weeks, 5 days ago

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Paths To Making GOOD money as a truck driver?

I’ve read along and digested the posts. Everyone makes some good points in their own regard.

OS and others are very correct in this is one of the most complex and diverse fields in this country. Nothing and I mean absoutely nothing is one size fits all. There are different modalities and even more subsets of those modalities than one can imagine.

I think most doing linehaul will agree there are various aspects to that area. Just like every other. Flatbedding is not all the same and so on.

I think OS was trying to illustrate from his perspective on his account the differences. Which is a great example for the original question asked. One has to compare apples to apples.

Most company drivers never strive to understand the business side of this industry. It can be mind bogeling to say the least.

Every driver no matter where needs to learn the company inside and out. Many things OS stated he does is fine at Knight, but may not be acceptable at another company. If memory serves me correctly even Brett got fired one time for showing up early. Even though the basic premise of every single trucking company is the same… Pickup and deliver goods… They all vary in their individual practices of doing that. First and foremost a driver has to understand what is and is not acceptable.

Every single customer and load are different, in every aspect. For those drivers that frequent certain customers you have the ability to build relationships, which are golden to a driver.

My best advise is learn your company and customers to the best of your ability, learn how to manage your clock to its fullest and you will maximize your earnings at that company. As said keep your options open.

Posted:  1 month ago

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I guess I am a dissenter on this one. I have been running rand mcnally’s since 2013. I started with a 720, went to a 740 and a tablet. Weak point is the charge cords. Otherwise not to bad. I recently bought the new 750. Works well so far.

I have an installed gps unit in my Pete. It is Garmin based. I have used it against the RM’s and I’m not impressed with it at all. It never agree’s with the RM and consistently plans out a longer route. I have checked the settings so many times I lost count trying to figure out if it is set differently than the RM’s.

Just my experience’s.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Kearsey / Rainy! omigosh; lady! Dang dispatch!!!!!

Holy crap young lady!! Prayers for your quick recovery. I sure hope it was at least for something important.. Get well young lady!!

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Unresolved Maintenance Issues

I’m not real up on the dry bulk trailers, I pull a regular sp407 or occassionally an iso. The compartment’s have to be secured completly. If the latch your talking about prevents the hatch from being secure, then it’s an issue. Lights are a problem for sure. A/C isn’t a safety issue in and of itself but I wouldn’t expect my drivers to operate without it.

Are you doing paper dvir’s for some reason. The electronic verisons are not signed you just type your name in a bix at the bottom. On peoplenet that is.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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It keeps changing

Tammy I feel for you in your situation. So far from what I am reading cfi may be your best shot given the details.

I’m not the lecture type. Nor do I judge anyone. But I’ve been around the block a few times.

I left home and went into the military at 17. It made me grow up. Your son has not had to grow up as of yet. It’s never too late. I raised 4 daughters as a single parent. Scariest part of my life. I taught each of them to be self sufficient, and they are.

9 years ago I retired and moved 2400 miles away from my kids. They were all grown and through college. I worry every day, but from a distance. I did what was right for ME after doing my duty to them. It was a shock, dad was no longer 5 minutes away. However they all did fine. We are always in contact and apart of each others lives, just from a distance.

You have to do YOU at this point in your life. His best place is probably where he is at, with friends around. He can learn to clean behind himself.

Training and starting in this industry is hard. No doubt about it. You need to be able to concentrate on your studies and new career with the least amount of distractions.

Just my cent and a half. Best wishes to you and your son!!

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Mom died tonight

I’m so sorry to hear this. Our prayers are with you!!!!!

Everyone deals with these things differently. You are a very smart young lady. You do what you need to do…

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Off to ROEHL I go!!!

Ouch, I always hate hearing things like this. As a fellow rider I feel for you Chris. Just a blessing it wasn’t any worse.

Tankers are a whole new world sir!! What kind and who with??

Tanker work is not all the same for sure.

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