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Living the dream. Living in the truck, company driver, no bills.

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Posted:  9 hours, 3 minutes ago

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U.S express low pay. Should I opt for per diem and tuition reimbursement

I’m at U.S express and I noticed even when I run hard my checks are low. About 500-600+ a week. I’m a solo driver.

I didn’t opt for Per diem and I think I should have. Thoughts on this?

When I started I stayed local a week making 22 an hour as a garbage driver. So with the increase from 14 an hour to 22. I payed off my loan from community college which was $1500. I payed it off myself.

Should I ask U.S express to reimburse it or do you think they won’t now since I payed it off myself. I have proof I payed it off and receipts from my school.

I’m liking U.S express. Maybe because I have no bills or kids lol. So it’s exciting to now be building class A experience.

What do you consider running hard? How many miles are you getting per week? I think most drivers opt for the per diem so do some research and change it if you like what you are reading about it. Definitely less taxes taken out for me. I would ask about tuition reimbursement, all they can do is say no but keep in mind if they pay it they are going to want you under contract for a certain amount of time just as if you went through their training program.

Posted:  1 day, 4 hours ago

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That dreaded surprise

What are these straps you speak of??? Lol. I threw away a dozen load bars from a Wayfair load they left in my trailer. I asked the reciever if they wanted them but they said no. I had no use for them and no place to store them. It was sad as I saw on Amazon they were $85 apiece. I've not had to use straps or bars on a single load in a years time. I've had to leave straps in a trailer before but the loaders strapped their handiwork and I rolled them back up after unloading.

Posted:  1 day, 15 hours ago

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The "Boogey Man" Virus

Old School, this is what awaits you if you sign your bills before he relocks the door....


Posted:  3 days, 7 hours ago

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Free lunch at......the scalehouse!?

It's my experience that everything given to you at a scale house you end up paying for later. Nice if its true but I'd settle for having the rest stop parking and bathrooms open.

Posted:  4 days, 12 hours ago

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Starsky Robotics calls it quits

Hutch is gonna be mad.....oh c'mon, you know you were thinking it!!

Posted:  4 days, 13 hours ago

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4 scale tickets in first year solo. Excessive?

My subject line says it all actually. Should I join trucking truths wall of shame? Or am I only human?

Sounds lazy to me. Does your company not pay to scale your loads?

Posted:  6 days, 7 hours ago

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CA, IL & NY issue, "Stay-at-home" orders.

On the other side I crossed the GWB and drove the Cross Bronx Expressway about noon today and never dropped below 47mph. Near empty both directions.

Posted:  6 days, 19 hours ago

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US Express lease purchase

Anyone out here have any information on US Express's lease purchase program. Is it good or bad

They are ALL BAD. If it cost the companies money by paying you more than a company driver they wouldnt lease/purchase trucks to drivers. They do it because it costs them less money. Your best bet is to be a company driver and later on if you still want to own your own truck use the money you have been saving to buy one cash. Once you gain experience you will laugh at ever having thoughts of lease purchase.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Pennsylvania is shutting down rest stops!

At least as of now I feel like the reaction to Corona is overhyped. If you didnt read about it would you even know it existed or would it just be another flu season?

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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High value flatbed load during Corona virus

This was taken from Facebook, hope they dont sue me for reposting it. This is now a high value load for these times.


Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Predictive technology increases driver safety, benefits carriers

I though the three Precogs, Agatha, Arthur, and Dash were allowed to leave and the Minority Report program was shut down now they bring it back for this??? SMH...

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Qutting Smoking.

Moe, I too quit cold turkey after smoking for 13 years. In 1996 just after a divorce. I like to claim all the stress left my life so i didnt need them. I got to where i didnt like the taste anymore and was just ready to quit. I would recommend cold turkey. If you truly want to quit for YOU it will work. Even if you relapse once or twice recommit to stopping cold each time. Good luck.

Posted:  2 weeks, 5 days ago

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Companies that hire felons

Joe, I was talking to a guy driving for Westernexpress a little while back said he had 11 felonies and had been driving for 3 months after having spent 5 years in the pen. I didnt ask what they were for but I'm sure they ran through the list with 11 of them. Someone will more than likely give you a shot. Good luck with your search.

Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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How long do you think I should wait before adopting a dog to take with me over the road?

I would suggest you wait until you are comfortable with the job and trip planning. I got a dog a few weeks ago myself.


There are challenges that come with a dog in the truck. Everytime I stop be it for fuel, 30 dot break, bathroom etc, including before I start and after i stop my day the dog has to be walked, rain or shine, snow and freezing or hot. I have purchased a halter rather than just the collar she came with. At night i carry a flashlight not for her but so i do not step in poo since many dont pick their animal waste up. I guess i waited too long a couple days ago and she peed on the bed. Was a beotch cleaning everything on the road since we live in the truck. Everything the dog needs including the dog takes up valuable space in the truck. As mentioned some customers dont want your dog out on their property so make sure you stop before you get there if it's been a while. I always ask before walking my dog on customer property and only if I'm going to be there a while. Dogs shed, and track in dirt so the truck is not as clean as it was before getting her. My dog is 46 pounds but she gets in and out on her own. An older dog couldn't do it so you will be lifting up and down so weight matters. Where you put food will change as a dog will get into it if they can reach it. Although my dog doesn't all...ever, some dogs will bark all night and day at every sound they hear. However, I love having her with me and all the extra effort and cost is more than paid back with unconditional love and companionship so I do reccomend you get an animal when your experience level dictates it. Just remember, not all animals can handle being cooped up in a small truck or handle the noises and motions of a truck so if you adopt make sure it's open ended just in case. However all the walking I have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. A dogs a great excuse for excercise.

Posted:  4 weeks ago

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How do you guys plan your stop for the night?

I have several methods I use. Like you, about the 2 hour remaining mark I see what's ahead and stop when I get to either a stop with spots left be it truckstop, rest area or weight station. Sometimes it depends on what time my delivery/pickup time is. I generally try to stop as close to 10-11 drive as possible on longer runs. Sometimes you have no choice to leave a few hours for the next day and stop because there's no place to park any closer to where you are going. I dont ever preplan my parking at the beginning of my trip like some do mostly because a lot can change in 8-14 hours. I've only paid for parking a couple times, never parked on the highway or on/off ramps. Something generally opens up even in full lots since people are coming and going at all times. Sometimes in certain areas I will park earlier (so long as my delivery time allows) in areas I know will be hard to find a spot after a certain time, some areas i know well enough to know there will be spots open at midnight. Also Saturday and Sunday generally have more available parking due to those on weekend hometime.

Posted:  4 weeks ago

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Heard on the radio this morning Corona beer sales have tanked. Some 40% of people said they wouldnt buy any due to the Corona virus. SMH.

Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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It really doesn't matter what pandemics or diseases hit us. It's my understanding the world is going to end in about 11 more years due to climate change.

Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Clean your sleeper.


..... I picked up a company truck while mine was getting serviced that was at a dealer, it was NASTY, I needed a shower after being in it for an hour. Couldn't get enough hand sanitizer. The 3/4s of a gallon of semi frozen urine on the floor in front of the bunk was topping on the nastiness cake.


Mikey B., I realize this truck you picked up may have just been a short-term loaner but still..... do you have any right of refusal?

The truck wasnt a loaner, I was just getting paid to drive it back to the terminal for them. I dont know if one could refuse a truck assignment or not even if temporary.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Clean your sleeper.

Just a friendly reminder, clean your sleeper before you drop it off ar the shop. My dad is a shop supervisor for Ryder and he bad a couple trucks dropped off recently for service and the mechanics need to be in the sleeper and they where absolutely disgusting.

Treat it like your having company at your house, you wouldn't leave dirty clothes, urine jugs, condom wrappers, animal waste, dirt and grime laying around your living room if you know someone is coming over. Why do it when expecting someone to work on the truck?

Also, just because your truck isn't dropped off for something related to the sleeper doesnt mean a mechanic doesnt have to enter it. One of the trucks he had in the shop was in for a PM and needed a campaign for something in the sleeper, so a mechanic entered then promptly left since it was so bad.

The sad part is those that need to hear this wont listen since a pig is a pig regardless. The rest of us care enough and have enough self respect that we keep our "home" clean anyways. One could enter my truck anytime without notice without being grossed out (even with my dog). I picked up a company truck while mine was getting serviced that was at a dealer, it was NASTY, I needed a shower after being in it for an hour. Couldn't get enough hand sanitizer. The 3/4s of a gallon of semi frozen urine on the floor in front of the bunk was topping on the nastiness cake.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Just watched a driver beside me at a truck stop roll a joint

Back in December 2018 I was at a reciever in Washington, I went to use the bathroom connected to the gatehouse but there was someone in it. They took FOR EVER. When it opened up I went in and started my business and as I looked down on the floor by my feet there was a little green baggie of what was either meth or ice. When I finished I picked it up with TP (didnt want my fingerprints on it) and handed it to the guard at the shack. Dont know what he did with it but it surprised me to see it.

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