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Posted:  3 years, 6 months ago

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Western Express Second Chance Advice

Western express isn't premier but they are not as bad as most of.the reviews.

I started their. If you work hard you can still make money.

Posted:  3 years, 6 months ago

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5 years went by fast!!!

Congrats on your milestone. Your time and effort you out into your content is appreciated. Stay safe.

Posted:  3 years, 7 months ago

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Tarping Tall Loads

I wouldn't worry to much about it. I carry a 4ft ladder and I normally don't have issues.

A machine will be their to either put the tarp on for you, or you will be able to roll the tarp out yourself because the load isn't high, or the ladder will make it possible.

Also alot of loads kind of build a natural step ladder for you.

Posted:  3 years, 7 months ago

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Update and possible inspiration flatbed

I appreicate the kind words and coil bag advice it does mean alot to me.

I dont think I need to state this but will for any possibly new person. I am always 100 percent sober when operating a cmv.

What It did allow me to do was turn months of sobitety into 1.5 years with little hardship.

Posted:  3 years, 7 months ago

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Leaving dryvan to go to Flatbed

I find flatbed very rewarding, however I have never done anything else but it does usually guarantee a decent daily workout. :)

Posted:  3 years, 7 months ago

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Update and possible inspiration flatbed

I just felt like throwing an update and sharing some of my experience into this blessing of a career change.

Before trucking I worked in law enforcement starting at 23 but I wasn't responsible enough to handle my position or the amount of money I was making. Long story short I fell into addiction 2.5 years into the job. Besides a dui that was pleaded down I have a clean record not that I deserved one alcohol wasn't my issue.

Trucking helped me stay a productive member of society when I desired it deep down inside but was struggling to win against my unwanted demons.

The dept of labor in my state helped me get my cdl. I went out applying everywhere I could waiting for the one company that would still give me a chance. Western Express was the winner.

I am very thankful for Western Express for giving me the means to begin learning this career. Not only did it help me provide for myself and repay some debt it allowed me the time I needed to let my brain heal and find myself again. Or start working on who I wanted to be in the future. During my first 6 months of trucking I was with western express I will admit the hiring process didn't give much hope, nor the securement training course but once solo in my own truck its what I made it.

I worked hard everyday, I would research load securement or specific tarping techniques to make sure I was ready and confident for the load i was about to run. I will admit I always tried to stay positive and be polite and just work hard but sometimes it seemed that their was alot of down time despite good communication, being early to appointments never late. Eventually I let it get to me and for lack of better words created a disodence between me an my dispatcher.

During the very beginning of covid I was sitting alot and that idle time was hard on me because I still had bills, debt and other people depending on me.

Eventually research and communication led me to another company. I'm not saying switching company's at 6 months was my best move i had full intentions of staying at least a year as recommended by many successful drivers. But i was the decision I made. Pre covid I was making a standard expected first year wage and have no complaints with western express. I only wish my ignorance of not understanding how things really worked didnt deteriate the work relationship i had with my dispatch. Think I had alot of stupid questions.

Anyway I found a new home with a company that is with in walking distance from my apartment. Its not a company I ever see really talked about on the forum so I thought i.would give a little insight.

Hmd LLc started as a dry van and two years ago they opened a flatbed division and they currently have 60 flatbed trucks. I literally have no complaints im treated like family, all my equipment is brand new literally brand new, and the pay is very good for my exp.level. The whole situation is alot better than I deserve. They are a northern macedonia company but they do offer company drivers which is what i am. Also can easily say my dispatch is becoming a very good work friend.

This isn't by any means a recruitment post but I want to be more active in this forum. I'm mostly a silent assassin reading threads keeping to myself up till now and I felt It was best if I gave an update on my situation.

Overall western was a blessing to me and your own productivity to an extent will determine your experience just like it will at any other company.

Nov 27 this year will make 1 year of otr exp. This will be a milestone i cant wait to safely achieve.

But also wanted to relate that I was at my lowest point when I started seeking a cdl career and found a new love out of what it has to offer. Which has helped me in many more ways then just an income.

If anyone has questions feel free to ask.

If another flatbedder has a brand and size type coil bag they find most universal i would appreciate guidance as i reinvest some funds back into trucking luxury.

Posted:  3 years, 7 months ago

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Prospective New Driver...plz help!

I do flatbed myself and can share my exp i have not pulled anything else though.

With flatbed I can assure you you will not escape congested areas loading or unloading. With that being said you will more than likely have at least 1 easy in easy out load in a week.

I will say flatbed can be quite physical sometimes and other times a breeze. Def a learning curve on how to secure unique loads but very rewarding once you have enough experience.

Best of luck hopefully some van drivers can also give input.

Posted:  3 years, 7 months ago

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Transfer CDL To Illinois

Yea illinois is special for sure im from their aswell. Advantage driver training out of joliet is where I got my license. They do care their, I believe they offer refreshers and you test on site the dmv comes to the school.

Not affiliated or anything just sharing my experience and knowledge.

I also was eligible to use a debt of labor grant their.

Good luck

Posted:  3 years, 7 months ago

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Just getting started and already it's bad.

Try western express if you haven't.

Posted:  3 years, 9 months ago

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Just need to vent to people who understand

Just reassurance that above advice will help i was helping my dad when he recovered from a stroke. A accurate time line with info for companies to double check makes a difference.

Best of luck.

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