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Posted:  2 years, 4 months ago

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Pre-Trip Inspection - My Way! A must see!

When an issue is found what is required and when is an issue required to be fixed? Some things are more obvious than others.

Read, when the driver is comfortable that everything is safe. But we aren't experienced enough to know. We ask our carrier and the typical response is to roll and fix later.

Found a nail in tire and they pushed to repair at the next truck stop. Found crack inside one bolt hole on steer wheel, not as concerned.

Are these 2 examples safe? Will roadside inspection result in citation?

Posted:  2 years, 4 months ago

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Poems from the road

Not mine, sharing

DOT rap lyrics:

Yo DOT, let's kick it! Alright stop, Put down the phone & listen Ice is back & will make the roads glisten DOT ain’t taking this lightly, We’re out in force daily & nightly If there was a problem, Yo, we’ll salt it Sit back on your couch While our forces resolve it Ice Ice baby❄️


Posted:  2 years, 7 months ago

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What Dashcam should I get?

Oh, sorry, Innosinpo through Amazon

Posted:  2 years, 7 months ago

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What Dashcam should I get?

Affordable was the only criteria asked for.

I use a low cost cam. $50 gets me the cam and 128GB card to record 30 rolling hours of 1080i

What it lacks is connection options. USB only. Very rarely I saved videos, only like 4 so far. That's not why I bought it. Audio is turned off.

Here's one unedited video

Posted:  2 years, 7 months ago

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My 1st Breakdown

My 1st breakdown :(

Barreling South on 77 down the mountains 25 miles north of Wytheville VA. 8+ hours into the trip. Red "Stop" dash light, high pitch scream and engine shuts down at hwy speed. Very interesting experience, even broke a little sweat. Place triangles and dump in gallon of antifreeze. 12 miles to Love's Bastian but no services add half gallon water, 18 more miles to TA. New upper radiator hose comes tomorrow.

A week ago our terminal did a complete inspection and pm, and I've done the pretrips. No visible abrasions bulges or cuts, no puddle's, but the radiator support bar wore a hole in this hose.

Few moved over so I spilled a bit of antifreeze on the motor in my rush.

In the midst of warning lights, buzzers, engine failing: I some how noticed the approaching exit was a no truck, no reentry and got stopped right on the zipper as no shoulder 100ft further.

This is, imo, a design flaw that the upper radiator mounting bracket rubs a hole in the upper radiator hose. Even after pressurizing the cooling system, there was no obvious leak until mechanic pushed hose away from bracket and spray hit me 6' away.

If others with this Freightliner LW 2020 looked, they might easily catch this before it becomes an issue. Thus the reason for posting here.

Posted:  2 years, 7 months ago

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Load miles calculation

I thought I understood how companies calculate miles to compensate company drivers.

Households miles along route from the point you leave starting zip code until the point of entering destination zip code. That's what I thought anyway.

But that doesn't jive with a load where you stayed on the route established by the company provided gps, maybe total of 3 miles variance for parking and fuel. (would have more except only stopped once, instead of twice for fuel, avoiding an out of route stop to simply top off tank with 55gals. Drive 2,451 hub miles. Compensated for 2,225 load miles. Salt Lake City to Jacksonville, FL. To me that's significant, yet I'm fine with it, not complaining about the net compensation I'm receiving. Just would like to learn how it's calculated, and if this varies by company.

Posted:  2 years, 7 months ago

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Questions to ask your first trainer...

Tell trainer you would need to do everything from scanning documents, fueling, arrival/departure procedures, actually backing into docks and parking at truckstops. My trainer either slept or drove 90%, while I did all fueling, paperwork,,, everything, Just what I needed.

Assuming will be a team truck: Expectations of miles per shift 1st week and forward. Most can't safely do 600 miles per shift starting out.

SLEEP! Very important you get enough sleep. Establish SHARED rules for talking on phone, in-cab music/podcasts etc while the other is in sleeper.

Food and snacking, can you use trainer's fridge, microwave.

You'll get through it, then look back as the hardest thing you've ever endured.

Posted:  2 years, 8 months ago

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Milestone reached

Started this career at TruckingTruth as a research tool to learn about trucking.

I've now had my CDL for 6 months and have been a solo driver for 3 months.

At about 2,500 miles a week I continue to enjoy the view from 10' up. Even below ground once in an underground maze.

Not surprisingly this requires constant vigilance to keep yourself and others safe. 4 wheelers perform some amazingly stupid maneuvers in front of a 77,000lb truck. But other truckers are the most dangerous as I feel like a magnet causing them to change lanes before the nose of their truck even reaches my side windows. My cam faces forward but the real action is beside me.

I'm either running hard 540- 620 miles in a shift, or waiting on some shipper receiver. It's all good though.

Just stopping by, where it began!

Posted:  2 years, 11 months ago

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Completed 1st Solo load


Just checking in: Thursday I took assignment of this truck! I've driven it 1,600 miles since then. And delivered my 1st load from northern Utah to terminal I'm Springfield MO. Last few days have been great! Everything is easier and more relaxing, enjoyable without a trainer onboard.

Posted:  3 years ago

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How to survive training

Just now finishing training. I hear you. I'm through the requirements, but taking weeks to get routed to HQ.

I focus on the driving sleeping eating. Eventually, the trainer will be out of the picture.

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