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How Having A Great Attitude Earned Me A Second Chance

This truck driver shares an embarrassing story of how he destroyed the front of his truck and still kept his job. Learn what it's like to work for a 'BFI' company and how to keep a good attitude to succeed in the trucking industry.

What's A Tough Day Like In The Trucking World?

This article gives an informative perspective into what truck drivers may encounter in their day-to-day. Read about a bad day in the trucking industry, from fueling to unloading, and the unexpected surprises that come with it.

My First Time Driving A Rig Through The Big Apple

A truck driver shares his first experience trucking through New York City and the unexpected challenges he faced. From rain to full trailers to tolls, the driver had to navigate the city with caution and common sense.

My First Solo Run Went Better Than I Expected

A truck driver shares their experience of their first solo trip, including the lessons they learned along the way. From picking up an empty trailer to dropping off a load, the driver recounts the problems they encountered and the lessons they learned.

Training Time Is Over And It's Time To Test

This article provides an overview of the tests truck drivers must take before being assigned their own truck. It covers the road test, coupling and uncoupling procedures, a skills test, a test on the Qualcomm, and a trip planning test. Tips and advice are provided for passing the tests and getting assigned a truck.

On The Road In Training: There's Been A Lot Of Ups And Downs

This article follows a new truck driver's journey as they learn the finer points of the trucking industry. From learning how to shift and scale a load, to the challenges of city driving and being away from family, the article provides an insightful look into the trucking industry.

On The Road In Training: Doing Things For The First Time

This first-hand account of a truck driver's first day out delivering loads details the excitement and challenges of the job. Learn about the difficulties of unloading a 53 foot trailer, driving in the dark, and the surprise of a truck stop shower.

My First Days On The Road With A Trainer

This article follows a truck driver's experience of meeting Bob the trainer and sleeping in the truck for the first time. It provides tips and advice on truck driver training.

Testing Time For Orientation Has Arrived

This article provides an overview of the truck driver training process, from learning to testing to graduating. It provides tips on how to pass the driving and written tests and explains the importance of following company policies and procedures.

The Meat And Potatoes Of Orientation

This article is for truck drivers and anyone in the trucking industry. It covers the 'meat and potatoes' of truck driver training, including post-trip inspections, backing, and coupling and uncoupling. It also covers the good days and bad days of training, as well as the skills testing that drivers must pass to become officially certified.

Our First Day Driving

On the first day of truck driving, you will learn how the company wants you to drive to be safe, how to properly shift and turn, and how to use the Qualcomm system. It can be overwhelming, but thousands of truckers do it on a regular basis.

Judgment Day At Orientation

Day two of orientation was the most stressful yet, with a physical assessment test and driving simulator. The assessment tested various squats and lifting tasks, and the driving simulator tested how the driver would react to different scenarios. After the assessment, everyone passed and the instructor said they would teach the company's way of shifting and downshifting next week.

My First Day Of Orientation

Today was a truck driver's first day of company orientation. They filled out paperwork, learned about logbooks, map reading, and safety tips. It was a week-long job interview, and the instructor was very patient and focused on safety.

On My Way To Orientation

Jakecat22 shares his journey to orientation for his first trucking job. He drives 170 miles and experiences a miracle with his car's air conditioning. He arrives at the hotel and meets his roommate. He ends the blog with the promise of more to come.

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