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Factors Affecting Job Placement In The Trucking Industry

by Tanya Bons

This article covers the major factors that will affect your ability to find work in the trucking industry. Learn about criminal history, alcohol related violations, drug and alcohol testing, driving record, employment history, physical health, age, and different truck driving school scenarios.

Understanding Pre-Hire Letters: The What, Why, And How Of This Important Step

by Tanya Bons

Learn what a pre-hire letter is and how to get one to increase your chances of getting a truck driving job. Get tips on how to apply for pre-hires, such as being honest and completing applications online. Pre-hire letters are an invitation to orientation, which is a pre-requisite to employment.

5 Advantages of Company Sponsored CDL Programs vs. Private Truck Driving Schools

by Driver Solutions

Learn the advantages of company-sponsored CDL training and how to get started without paying thousands of dollars upfront. Understand the benefits of pre-qualifying for a truck driving job, not needing student loans, and receiving great CDL training from a top trucking school.

Financing Options For Truck Driving School

by Tanya Bons

This article provides an overview of the various financing options available to help you afford truck driver training. Grants, loans, and company-sponsored training are all options to consider, as well as tuition reimbursement after you complete training.

I'm Becoming A Truck Driver...and so it begins

by Murray

Truck driving can be a very rewarding career but it requires training and dedication. Learn what to expect before entering a truck driving school, how to prepare yourself, and how to maximize your chances of getting hired.

On The Road Again: Week 2, Day 3 of CDL Training

by Adrian Nunenkamp

A truck driver's 4th day is full of practices and job interviews. Follow the journey through pre-trip inspection, straight backing, 45-degree angle backing, quick shifting, skip shifting, downshifting while rolling, and the local freeway.

The Shift From Computers To A Trucking Career Begins

by Adrian Nunenkamp

Adrian, known as 'Old Wolf', is a 30-something Navy veteran who found himself out of a job due to the economy. In search of a way to get back into the job market, he decided to take the plunge and enroll in trucking school. He shares his experiences in the process of becoming an over the road (OTR) driver.

Preparing For Your Profession In Truck Driving

by Tanya Bons

Truck driving is a special profession that is not for everyone. Learn about the two assumptions about truck driving, the difficulty of finding local work, and the pros and cons of getting your CDL on your own, through company-sponsored training, or through a private or public school.

After Several Pre-Hires I've Made My Choice - I'm Headed To Truck Driving School

by Ranting Warrior

This article discusses job prospects for truck drivers in the Southeast. It discusses the various trucking companies that are hiring, tips for those interested in becoming a truck driver, and the process of getting a CDL license.

Recruiters, Companies, and Schools - Choosing The Right Path Into Your Trucking Career

by Ranting Warrior

Researching the right trucking companies can be difficult. This article provides tips on researching potential trucking companies, such as the location, courses, and pay of the company, so you can make the best decision for your career.

That Truckin' Orientation - What I Went Through

by Farmer Bob

A new truck driver shares their experience after finishing CDL school and starting their job. They discuss the orientation process, patience, and preparation for the job, and offer advice to others considering the same career.

Trucking School Is Hard: Peter's Crybaby Blog

by Peter Jr

Discover the troubles of waiting and alley backing for a truck driver fresh out of school. Get tips on handling waiting times, and learn the basics of alley backing to become a pro in the trucking industry.

Students Searching for Trucking Jobs After CDL Training During a Recession

by TruckerMike

One truck driver's journey of searching for a job in a tough economy. Learn tips including applying to multiple companies and attending their CDL training school.

CDL Training Week Two - Finding Out Which Of Us Will Make It Through

by Peter Jr

This informative article follows a student truck driver as they complete their second week of training. They share what they have learned, including advice on down shifting, parallel parking, and alley docking. They also offer insight into the experience of being a student driver, as well as tips for job-seekers.

CDL School's Out! Choosing a Trucking Company

by Farmer Bob

Start researching trucking jobs as soon as you know your school completion date. Make a list of questions & contact companies for more info. Fill out online applications & be honest about any issues. Don't get frustrated during the application process!

Range Driving and Road Driving Semi Trucks at CDL School

by Scott.P

This article follows a truck driver's week, from pre-inspection tests, to alley docking, to road and backing tests. Read to find out more about the process, and what to expect when you become a truck driver!

After My Graduation - Final Thoughts and Advice For Those Considering Truck Driving School

by TruckerMike

In this informative article, TruckerMike shares his thoughts and experiences of CDL training in Illinois, offering tips on getting a CDL license, studying for exams, and more.

Truck Driving School 2009: Will The Poor Economy Still Offer Truck Driving Jobs For Students?


In todays slow economy, considering a job in the trucking industry is a smart decision. Find out what the job outlook means for new drivers, the perks of the job, and the best ways to find employment in this article.

CDL Training - Approaching Test Day

by TruckerMike

Trucker Mike is getting ready for upcoming trucking tests and shares his preparation tips. He is taking all the necessary steps to ensure he passes and is ready to hit the road and make some money. Read on to learn more about Mike's journey and tips.

Tough Times In Trucking: Getting Pre-Hired Is No Guarantee


The trucking industry is currently dealing with a hiring freeze due to a declining economy. Learn more about the current situation, and how it might impact your decision to pursue truck driving. Get tips on how to stay on top of the economy and your options, and feel free to reach out for more advice.

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