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The Unexpected Call

by TruckersWife09

Truck drivers may receive unexpected calls to hit the road, leaving their family behind. Learn how to handle the situation and keep your family happy with tips from TruckersWife09.

Welcome To The Life

by TruckersWife09

Lacey, a truckers wife, shares her experiences of the trucking industry. She talks about the close-knit community, the sacrifices, and tips for truckers and spouses to make home time easier.

Working My Way Back Into The Trucking Industry

by Rhonda

This article reflects on the challenges faced by a truck driver trying to get back into the trucking industry. It discusses the frustrations of the job, the regulations, and the consequences of decisions. It also provides advice on how to navigate the trucking industry and its regulations.

Night Shift

by Angelique

This article provides an in-depth look at the 24/7 trucking job in the Netherlands. It covers the experience of a female truck driver, the hazards of the job, and the unique challenges it presents. It also provides insight into the process of unloading fuel and the dangers of selling fuel straight out of the tank.

Not Much Help For The Drivers

by Steve Rubens

A truck driver in southern Texas has a load of meat due for delivery at 9:00 a.m. The driver is faced with a challenging route and a disconnected phone number. After a few attempts, the driver finds the right address and delivers the load on time.

Inside Trucking Part 3: Life On The Road

by Rhonda

Truck drivers can take advantage of free driver payback cards from truck stops to save on purchases. This article also provides tips for female drivers and first-year drivers navigating the trucking industry and offers insight on how to make the most of their time on the road.

My 33rd Anniversary In Transportation

by Rhonda

This is an inspiring story of a woman's 33 year journey in the trucking industry. She shares her experience of fighting limitations and stereotypes while navigating the male-dominated world to make a career of it.

My Overweight Ticket

by Rhonda

This article follows one truck driver's experience with an overweight ticket. The driver was following instructions from their employer, but still received a fine. Learn about the unfairness associated with trucker regulations and what can be done to avoid overweight tickets.

Truck Drivers Must Be Flexible, Committed, and Adaptable


This article discusses the realities of the trucking industry, the cutthroat tactics used by companies to survive, and how drivers must adapt to the changing demands of the job to be successful.

Dealing With Load Planners

by Karen

Miscommunication between truck drivers, dispatchers, and load planners can cause undue stress and fatigue for truck drivers. Learn why communication is key and how to handle difficult dispatching scenarios for a smoother trucking career.

Women Truck Drivers

by Rhonda

Women have been braving the trucking industry for many years, inspired by daring pioneers in aviation such as Harriet Quimby, Matilde Moisant, and Anne Lindbergh. Today, women can be found in every aspect of the trucking industry, from driving to dispatching to owning their own trucking companies.

Love or Infidelity? It's Your Responsibility!

by Karen

A heartfelt reminder for truck drivers and anyone in the trucking industry of the importance of communication, trust, and respect in relationships. Karen Smith shares her experience of being the wife of a long-haul truck driver and how they maintain their relationship over long distances.

Camaraderie - Where is it?

by Karen

Discover the importance of camaraderie among truck drivers, why it's slowly diminishing, and best practices to keep the camaraderie alive. Learn why it's necessary to maintain the trust and bond between drivers while on the road and how to foster communication and connection.

Potty Break....

by Karen

This article discusses the unsanitary and illegal practices of truck drivers discarding waste containers on the side of the road. It explains the health and legal risks associated with this and provides tips to help truck drivers properly discard their waste containers.

Long Hauler's Recognition - A Letter From A Truck Driver's Wife

by Karen

This article provides an insight into life on the road for truck drivers. It discusses the lack of recognition and inadequate facilities they have to work with. It sends a message of appreciation and respect to the truckers for the job they do.

Trucking Company Orientation - Day 3

by TruckerMike

Truckers will appreciate this informative article where they can learn essential orientation and safety tips. Find out what the company views on sleep deprivation and how to deal with dispatchers. Discover important truck maintenance advice and get equipped with the right information.

Long Hauler's Recognition - A Letter From A Truck Driver's Wife


In this article, the wife of a long haul truck driver provides advice and tips on how to be successful while on the road. Learn strategies to help make your job easier.

Maintaining The Equipment: The Driver and The Company Share The Responsibility

by Rhonda

This article provides truck drivers and people in the trucking industry must-know tips for understanding and inspecting vehicles, as well as how to find the right company that takes care of their equipment.

Getting Real About The Trucking Industry and How Things Really Are


Learn the truth about life in the trucking industry from a 15-year truck driver's experiences. Find out what it's really like on the road, how to navigate through challenges, and the rewards of being a truck driver.

Women on the Road - Preparing for the Trip - Part 2

by Tumbleweed

This article covers what essential items every truck driver should have when on the road. Clothing, footwear, electronics, and other accessories are covered. Learn what you need for a successful road trip.

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