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What You Need To Know Before Beginning CDL Training

by Rainy

This article provides essential tips for potential truck drivers on how to prepare for a CDL and land a job. Learn about the requirements for a clean driving record, criminal record, drug/alcohol history, medical record, and employment history.

Factors Affecting Job Placement In The Trucking Industry

by Tanya Bons

This article covers the major factors that will affect your ability to find work in the trucking industry. Learn about criminal history, alcohol related violations, drug and alcohol testing, driving record, employment history, physical health, age, and different truck driving school scenarios.

Training Time Is Over And It's Time To Test

by JakeCat22

This article provides an overview of the tests truck drivers must take before being assigned their own truck. It covers the road test, coupling and uncoupling procedures, a skills test, a test on the Qualcomm, and a trip planning test. Tips and advice are provided for passing the tests and getting assigned a truck.

Testing Time For Orientation Has Arrived

by JakeCat22

This article provides an overview of the truck driver training process, from learning to testing to graduating. It provides tips on how to pass the driving and written tests and explains the importance of following company policies and procedures.

An Intro To Big Trucks And Truck Driving School Part I

by Brian Laine

This guide provides an overview of the truck driving experience, from anatomy to brakes and transmissions. Learn the basics of truck driving and get the information you need to become a truck driver.

I'm Becoming A Truck Driver...and so it begins

by Murray

Truck driving can be a very rewarding career but it requires training and dedication. Learn what to expect before entering a truck driving school, how to prepare yourself, and how to maximize your chances of getting hired.

Preparing For Your Profession In Truck Driving

by Tanya Bons

Truck driving is a special profession that is not for everyone. Learn about the two assumptions about truck driving, the difficulty of finding local work, and the pros and cons of getting your CDL on your own, through company-sponsored training, or through a private or public school.

Recruiters, Companies, and Schools - Choosing The Right Path Into Your Trucking Career

by Ranting Warrior

Researching the right trucking companies can be difficult. This article provides tips on researching potential trucking companies, such as the location, courses, and pay of the company, so you can make the best decision for your career.

The DOT Recertification Physical

by Rhonda

Get all the information you need to know about DOT physicals, which are a necessary part of the trucking industry. Learn about the questions you need to answer, the physical tests you need to do, and the medical card you can get with your successful physical.

The DAC Report And Your MVR: How Companies Use Them For Hiring

by Rhonda

Learn what DAC reports are and how employers use this information to decide whether or not to hire a driver. Understand the importance of disputing a DAC report to make sure your record is accurate and up-to-date.

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