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Started as diesel tech back in early 80's Engines were my specialty natural talent. Worked as mechanic over 40 years. Auto n truck tech. Did forklift tech job 2 years for Nissan. Did a few stints for myself, doing mobile mechanic work between jobs. Know every facet on home building and repairs too. Jack of all trades lol

Spent last 3 years trucking, until reaching 62 and retired to move and live part 2 of life in the Philippines, after coming here twice before and being kind of adopted by 3 of my Filipino friends families. Currently living in the mountain jungle province of the 1st family I spent 3 months with in 2016.

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Posted:  12 hours, 6 minutes ago

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New job and looking for advice

As is the most recommended way mentioned here on T.T. is go with a company that trains you for your CDL, and a guaranteed job after training. I can tell you from my 1st experience going to a local to me "School" was a waste of my time......The best option I found, was with CRST, not that I wanted to team drive, but it worked to get started, FINALLY. My first full year, learning the ropes, and with lots of time off between finding co drivers (a PITA) I made $36k gross (started 31 cents pm, 1 year of monthly penny raises hit 42 cpm) next 10 months earned up to $40k. Then I quit (@ 60 cents pm)to take some time off for 5 months. It was a great starting and learning experience.

The thing is to go in without expectations,an ego, a bad attitude, and be like a sponge and soak up as much knowledge possible!.......I started again, at a new company to earn n save up for my impending retirement in March 2022. There I was solo, with a brand new truck, @ $0.59 cpm, and kinda had a sort of dedicated lane from Cali to Oklahoma. I'd still be driving for them if I had continued working to max retirement age, but hell no I could't wait for age 62 hahaha

Posted:  1 day, 12 hours ago

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FMCSA to propose 68 MPH limit for trucks

Exactly, BK, since semi v.s. car accidents are more caused by the auto drivers, NOT the truck driver! Did a little checking on the stats......Yes Dennis lol that was the original reason, but then they said "Oh it's for highway safety" typical governmental BS

That NHTSA notes that this data indicates there are on average 99 fatalities every day from a car accident. There are 7,507 people injured in the United States in car accidents every day. That number is high. America experiences more car accident fatalities and injuries than any other first-world country.

NHTSA conducted its own study and found the percentage of car-caused truck accidents to be closer to 90%. If we assume a margin of error for each study and round to the average, then it is probably safe to say that 85% of all truck accidents are primarily caused by a negligent motorist, not the truck driver behind the wheel of the big rig.

The NHTSA reports that while trucks account for only 4% of all registered vehicles, they are involved in about 9% of all fatal crashes.

Posted:  1 day, 12 hours ago

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Trainer on truck drinking and parking at strip clubs

That "trainer" isn't showing a very professional way of doing her job with a trainee sheesh. Even with dinner or a meal they shouldn't even risk having ANY kind of "drink"

While at CRST, seen few things similar. At their Iowa terminal/school, we happened to be there by chance. I met our DM since we happened to be there.It was during the winter, so there was snow everywhere. Along the walkway from the parking lot to the school, someone "planted" a BIG bottle of vodka, in the snow !

Another time at a truck stop, 2 CRST african female drivers, were standing by their truck, smoking a big fat doobie (blunt)! My co-driver called it into safety....We later "heard" thru the grapevine, they were brought into a terminal. And there was an ounce of weed in their truck, they were terminated on the spot of course.

Like they say "Ya can't fix stooopid"wtf-2.gif

Posted:  2 days, 8 hours ago

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What's the most miles you've got from one order / work assignment?

Fontana Cal. to Miami FL, 2800+.....We did do that trip once, then from a load Florida to Albany NY, a load out of Albany to Seattle, and a load back to Riverside, So Cali....I joked to my co driver, "Wow, we pretty much touched the 4 corners of the states" took us around 11 days and change. And we were wore the heck out. Took a few days off once home in Cal.

Posted:  4 days, 2 hours ago

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T880 disc brake dust

I "think" there might be dust shields out there for your needs. BUT, is it a company truck, or yours? They might not approve, since they would think the cooling effect of those holes will be an issue, blocked off with a disc of sorts (Car's do have those shields.)

There are a TON of sprays out there you can spray down the rims with, and hose off, without dulling the finish..... I Know I had gotten a brand spanking new 2022 FL with 10 alcoa rims (rear inners kind of wasted) I asked at our terminal shop if they could remove those ugly arse plastic covers, so the purty aluminum could show thru. They removed em, I just had to keep them in the side cabinet with the truck. Glad the cab had 1 of those storage bins on both sides !

Posted:  6 days, 4 hours ago

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Chains required / wind advisory signs

RE: Chains, Don't put em on, until you're at the spot you are required to.....My last co-driver, we had to chain up in Bishop, Nor Cal. And once we got past the snow, he drove on em once we were back on asphalt ! I told him to pull it over asap and let's get em off NOW....

He figured seeing a mountain range, miles n miles away, we "might" need the chains on again, DUHHH we ain't goin' thru those hahaha Took us all of 15 minutes to de-chain 6 wheels

Posted:  6 days, 13 hours ago

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Talking Shop: The Just Talking Thread

Always good to have a 2nd key ! I locked myself out at a Pilot fuel Isle once, had to go in and buy the slim jim kit $30 ughh (have all that at home + a pro master lock picking set) I couldn't stand on the step, and try to use they long rod to pop the door. 2 nice younger Indian guys were helping. 1 couldn't get it, 2nd guy gave it a go and POP opens the door. I offered em cash but they refused. Searched under hood for a spare key too, as I'd heard new trucks usually have em. My new Legends truck did not dang it.....For the life of me I dunno how the hell I hit the lock button getting out to fuel.

The VERY next day, I'm in a rest area, when this indian guy comes and asks if I can let him try my key lol It didn't work, so gave him the long rod and slim jim, and he got his door opened. Offered me cash too, I told him to just "pay it forward"

Years back at Waste Management, I pull my Olds Cutlass up to the shop on my way home. Left car running while I ran to get something out of my locker. 1 of my co-workers being funny, shuts my open door !! Got a wire coat hanger to get it open. After that, I put my spare keys in my wallet !!

Posted:  1 week ago

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Coffee making

I never paid for a coffee at Love's or Pilots lol.....Years ago, maybe 30? I tried Starbucks, plain ground brewed coffee, none of that foo-foo lala crap, total BLEHHHH.....Years later, got a starbucks, same thing, again tasted like crap!

2018 here in the Philippines, a guy I met in my hotel was a Starbucks guy. He even bought his own packets to make in his room. So we walk down to a Starbucks, I was amazed, their coffee (plain ole brewed coffee) tasted sooo dang good!! I told the girl, "WOW, your coffee here tastes so dang good compared to American Starbucks", she says "Because, we make it with Love" lol

But I found an even better coffee chain here, "Bo's Coffee" like Starbucks, in Cebu City, there are a lot of them around. And I too, gotta have strong coffee, since the caffeine, really has no effect on me, immune to it............ At home, mom had a 2 burner commercial machine dad got at work with Waste Management, they were tossing em out so he took both machines. We usually had 2 pots going, so I drank a buttload of coffee over the years, and could go right to sleep, even after having a cup before bed lol Getting off work at 12am, I'd stop at a 7-11 and get large coffee as well.

Posted:  1 week ago

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Prioritizing - Or Risk Versus Reward

Sad, but too true OS. We had a bad tire once out on the I-80, on a loaded trailer we picked up. No big deal, I'm calling the nearest Love's we will be at in 15 miles,they had no tires. Ok fine, so I called the next Love's further down, they had no techs on duty (winter-ish time) Ok, on to the next Love's again, no go with them either. FINALLY, the 4th Love's said "Sure thing, we have tires, come on down we'll take care of you" This was 150 miles away. So we get there, get the tire replaced easy peasy. I only text our DM from the start so he knew we were going to get things done.

We never let those out of the blue problems, make us ****ed off or get frustrated because, "Ish Happens" roll with it lol

I've seen a few drivers at warehouses, get all huffy and yelling at the guys inside giving them their bills. 1 guy was so dang loud and acting like a 5 year old, cussing them out, etc. Swore he would never come there again (an owner op to top it off) Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face hahaha And there are plenty out there just like him!

I always like reading your posts, usually they ALWAYS have great advice and information for everyone !! Thanks

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Curious question

Maybe they are just lazy, or have many stops, and leave it on during their shift? Would be a PITA taking it off n on all day lol.....I hated those, only used it when I HAD to, otherwise, it was on the back of my seat (we rarely needed it) Target and most big box dist. centers required em, soon as I was done, it came off.

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