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    Cebu City, Philippines, CA

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    Experienced Driver

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    9 years, 9 months ago

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Started as diesel tech back in early 80's Engines were my specialty natural talent. Worked as mechanic over 40 years. Auto n truck tech. Did forklift tech job 2 years for Nissan. Did a few stints for myself, doing mobile mechanic work between jobs. Know every facet on home building and repairs too. Jack of all trades lol

Spent last 3 years trucking, until reaching 62 and retired to move and live part 2 of life in the Philippines, after coming here twice before and being kind of adopted by 3 of my Filipino friends families. Currently living in the mountain jungle province of the 1st family I spent 3 months with in 2016.

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Posted:  3 days, 8 hours ago

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Handling paperwork on the road

With CRST I used Transflo on my cell, saved the paperwork for months "In case" they ever asked for em. Burned em later......

@ Legends, we used an app they had/used,I forget the name, sometimes it was "iffy" going thru. Numerous times the ladies would call me to resend. We also carried manila envelopes to save the papers, until we were in the terminal to hand em all in for the month. And we had a "inventory" list to write each BOL down in order, along with the BOL's.

Posted:  5 days, 13 hours ago

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Question about the DOT physical

I did a lot of off the clock stuff IF it was going to help me boost my productivity....I thing I was told by my mentor was he would fuel and do that stuff, while on his 30. Besides what am I gunna do for 30 minutes lol I didn't always need it. It takes under 15 minutes to fuel up, clean windows and mirrors and pull out to run in grab a bite or coffee or take a leak whatever, and get right back on the highway. My 2 co's did waste a LOT of time on a 30, and make it an hour or 2, like they were special or sumpin'

I kept up on my pre n post trips religiously, besides having newer trucks, still kept me alert to what wasn't happening, leaks or defects. Of course my lifetime as a mechanic helped me out more than most, knowing everything, was good and no problems with the truck/trailers....Trailers, I did get most repaired when I found defects. Once on I-80 during the winter, headed west, from Iowa, we needed 2 tires fixed ASAP.

Well, since most Love's, either had no active tire lane or shop opened (during the china flu), I was not driving, so I kept calling ahead to every Love's on route. Took 3rd Love's to finally have 1 open, 2 a tire guy on duty, so told em to await our arrival in about 2 hours or less!........Also they had issues with frozen air lines or guys calling off work, so no one on staff etc. This was all after our DM gave up with calling any road side help. We did get it handled as soon as we rolled into the shop...Gawd I hated winter on the I-80 hahaha

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Beginning the process of becoming a Truck driver

Michael, 1 tip I learnt a bit late RE: military bonus's lol.....I got my DD-214 and Honorable Discharge "an actual diploma too" 1978.....Well, I got a whopping 1 cent starting CPM addition (31 cpm) I was told later by retired army guy the companies really push the military thing hard, because....

They get a lot bigger kick back from the Government for hiring a vet, than they're giving you in CPM lol Oh well, I didn't really care or fuss about it like some other guys did.

Very good luck to you man, sounds like it won't be too long until, you're in that drivers seat, with someone out there!!

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Rest Areas / Truck Stops Full - Eclipse!

My mentor at CRST weekends in Dallas after their last delivery for the week. They run dedicated R&L freight, Dallas-Fontana and back.. So their week ends in Dallas, he sent me 3 great pics of the event. 1 of it beginning, 2nd during full eclipse, n 3rd as it cleared away very nice cell pics actually !

My filipina's kids liked the pics, they've never seen 1 in their 10/11 year old lives, they were in an AWE moment checking out the pics lol

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Question about the DOT physical

When I had to go take a random, the company sent an Uber to our Catapillar load delivery, right as we were turning to make our delivery. Then, sent another Uber, to return me to that customer, just in time to meet my co-driver coming to the customers gate to leave lol.....DM specified to make sure, the DR did both tests, drug and alcohol and get the papers for both.....This was all done within their required 2 hour test window....Kinda funny for the urgency of it all really

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Trucker Humor: Trucking Company Name Acronyms

CRST (just thought it up) "Can't Remember Shiitt Today"

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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Question about the DOT physical

I had this very issue with my 1st company during my 2nd year with them. Their clinic doctor said I had high keto's in my urine=sign of high blood sugars (340) Dr was an idiot, I had a white pea on my eyelid(clogged tear duct) she says "Oh you have a sty?" uh NOPE a clogged duct.SMFH @ her lol

She says go home, return tomorrow to retest? Didn't tell me what to do or try the night before? I'm not an idiot, knew i'd waste a drive there, to only fail. So instead, I went where I had my DOT's done 3 times before. Now they BOTH used the same brand of test strips, I watched both times, and yet the 2nd test showed no excess ketos?? Really?

Ok fast forward, a month later am in Tennesee, they call me, and told me I cannot drive anymore due to blood sugar issue. Safety said I "Dr Shopped"?? Really? I said everyone is allowed a 2nd opinion on medicals and I didn't "Shop" I only went to 1 other clinic, and passed, not 3-4-5-6 etc. Besides that Dr never gave me any paperwork like she should've, besides telling me to return tomorrow.

It wasn't my job to teach my DM or safety the LAWS on the books of the FMCSA regarding "dr shopping" which I hadn't done.

So you really have no choice in NOT going where the company sends you. The Fed's over ride states period. Good Luck hoping your stress is for nothing, and you pass fine!!

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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Anxiety before training even starts

"White Coat Fever" lol My BP would be at the limit usually when I went for physicals. I'm a big guy by my frame, was at like 267 @ 6 ft. Dropped around 35+ pounds when I driving by eating healthier foods, than the fast food junk. Used to test myself while smoking and drinking coffee, all 3 setting on tester, and was always in the good range, yet not at DR's?? hmmmmm Thinking from over thinking it and the anxiety effect made it rise....

I've always had an 18" neck since around 15-16 when I started to fill out from a toothpick kid. I snore, smoke etc, but I've snored all my life, mom used to tell me "How the hell do you sleep with that snore?.....DUH mom I'm asleep lol I've heard me recorded snoring WOW I sounded like some alien monster!

Before going I'd eat bunch of bananas I did have 5 mg BP pills too, I'd take over a weekend before my visit to clinic. No problems, once the nurse was going to measure my neck, I told her "Oh no we ain't goin' there, my necks 18" and always has been, don't waste your time"

Chris, just relax and try not to stress over it, that too will raise your BP..... Good luck, maybe see your doctor first for a check up to know for SURE!

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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Requesting some rookie advice please - team driving

Hi Jon, I too, was like you, I totally was against team driving before I started 9/9/19. But I was a member here 3-4 years, reading and sucking up all I could. Life kept getting in the way, until I eventually just pulled the trigger and jumped in with both feet, and an open mind. And the economy was in way better shape back then too.

Turned out CRST was close to my house (45 mi) and had all I needed to stay at the terminal dorms. We got bussed both ways to off site school they contracted with then. Within 10 days I had my CDL, and was ready to get rolling. I ignored all the negative reviews or rants by people that couldn't cut it (terminal rats) I will make up my own mind by my own experiences in life. I never looked elsewhere than here at TT for my early learning about truck driving.

So it took me 4 co drivers to find 1 that I could get along with, we actually became friends outside of trucking. 1st 2 I had were NOT drivers, they couldn't do more than a couple hours, and have to park to sleep!.....First classmate would not sleep while I dorve, so by the time it was his shift he would need sleep, and he was a hazard behind the wheel. 2 weeks in, I bailed on him. 2nd guy was older guy, know it all type, with a big loud mouth, it was embarrassing sometimes how loud he talked in or out of the truck. He too couldn't drive for crap, and was tearing up our truck, and trailers. Finally got away from him after 6-9 months.

CRST had lots of bad reviews and the like but I thought I will see for myself, they can't be that bad, they;ve been in business a LONG time. Just as I thought, they were not that bad at all. We had a DM , 1 of 4 top guys by regions. He kept us rolling on long hauls, so even though the starting CPM was low, we made money and the pay rose of course. We' done a couple 7,200-7,500 mile weeks, it was tough, and wore us out, but well worth it in the end. I stayed with them 22 months until on a physical was told my blood sugar was too high. (never felt like it) So I ended up parting ways to work on the medical thing, 5 months. Took a job with a company my last driver went to, for a solo otr gig. They were great, treated me very well from the start, in cpm and giving me a brand spanking new 2022 FL.

So yes team driving can suck, but it's sometimes a way to get started, then ya can move on later. Never regretted my time at CRST, no matter what things came up during my time there. It did take a bit of getting used to, being 2 grown men sharing a small cabin space, but it was what it was. In the end it was a good experience in that lifestyle. Yes SOLO was far better alone in that same size space!! And the freedom from someones possible bad attitude or habits.

Werner, RM was my original choice but it didn't work out. Same with Knight, and couple others.

Good luck in what ever you go with Jon, time will fly by faster than you think ! good-luck.gif good-luck.gif

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Black Ice

Sharon, sorry to hear of your hubbies accident, glad HE is/was ok in that mess !!

BK, now days there is NO such thing as company loyalty in any field anymore ! They only care mostly about what it cost them in damages done. Sad this is our world, well it's been around for ages actually. My buddies dad @ Waste Management, was with them over 30 years. He would do anything they asked of him after hours or on weekends. He would do all that extra work because he had a extended family to house and take care of. Company policy was ANY type of accident 3rd time, no matter what, instant termination.

I used to tell him "Bro we work 60+ hours a week, and you go way over that, for what? You're just a number to them" Well, his 3rd little mistake, was knocking off a mirror on another trash truck, parking 1 he'd finished fixing (night shift) We had around 150 trucks, and the drivers parked em any which way, no certain spots per truck, and crooked a lot of the time. I knocked off a mirror or 2 in my 6 year stint there, we all had.

Well, he was fired on the spot for that mirror, just like I tried to remind him, his loyalty and devotion, didn't mean SHYIT to them....

Good luck to your hubby Sharon, hopefully he finds a company to bring him on

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