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Nearly 40 years as auto/truck mechanic. Started as diesel tech on trash trucks, then to big rigs/trailers for Pepsi n hazmat tanker place. Engine repair & overhauling specialist.....Heavy Line Tech for Ford dealer, and a Chrysler/Dodge dealer

If it's got an engine, I can fix it lol.......Handy at many different trades Built tract homes in Vegas with my uncle @ 15 years old. Learned things from step dad he was handy, I just turned out better hahaha

I've done pretty much every aspect of construction, from foundations to framing,,,roofing,,, drywall,,, stucco,,,electrical,plumbing,,, cement work,,, driveways etc... rebuilt a few washers n dryers in my day

Naval entry exams at 17, said I had a very high mechanical aptitude hmmmm who'd a thunk it haha Enough rambling it aint a resume~

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Posted:  8 hours, 32 minutes ago

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Birthday Shout Out!!! IDMtnGal !!!!!!

Happy birthday !! Stay safe out there, ya gots plenty more of those special Bdays to see dancing-banana.gif dancing-dog.gif

Posted:  19 hours, 1 minute ago

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Insurance on your personal vehicle

Dunno how others might handle that lol. Back when I had my '69 VW bus, '68 beetle, my '92 silverado x-tra cab and my honda shadow. I told them, I switch between all 4 vehicles. And usually it was just here around town, to work n back or to friends close by.

Back when I had only my truck,,,I never did over 7,000 miles a year, I don't run all over town, just wasting gas lol. I'm a point A- point B kinda guy

Being single, no kids around, NO 1 else, EVER, drives my stuff. Just had send em pics of odometer readings to get cut rates.

Surely telling em you're out of town X amount of weeks at a time, so less driving your personal vehicle.

Posted:  5 days, 18 hours ago

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Do owners get drug tested?

P.S. Yes Mrs Anne lol check ur gmail ;) didn't wanna spam the thread lol since we can't delete/edit

Posted:  1 week ago

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Do owners get drug tested?

Besides the fact that "Hot Shots" are targeted pretty much at the scales.... Same as haz-mat haulers tend to get inspected more often out there.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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I passed my road test today!!!

Congrats on your start of the new journey!! Safety 1st lol

GL n be safe

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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How to shift eaton fuller 6 speed transmission correctly?

Listening to the RPM's and matching the speed ur going...It takes practice to get it down. But not too hard. Heck I drive my civic 5 speed, all my old VWs rarely using a clutch except 1st n 2nd slowing down....

Used my GFs 1966 beetle @ 16 for my first drive test at DMV, barely passed.

Because the examiner dude didn't like my speed shifting. Told him "Bro you need to wind out each gear to get up to speed" lol

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Just NEVER EVER park on the shoulder, or rest area off ramp at the back of those other trucks!!

Mentor sent me a pic couple weeks ago. A truck was on the shoulder, and got rear ended by another trucker. Which his tractor burst into flames. Burning the whole tractor and back half of the trailer he hit !! Don't know if the driver lived or not pretty much doubt they did.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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People getting sent home because of drinking and drugs!

My mentor hauls R&L loads and hazmat, so they get inspected quite a LOT ! almost 50 times last year because they have placards even if no haz mat loaded. Last time 2 weeks ago they got pulled in for a random, of course passed easily. Inspection officer told him the day before, that he pulled in a truck, only to find BOTH drivers had been smoking weed while driving !! Needless to say they both went, directly to JAIL, didn't collect $200 for passing GO hahaha Idiots!wtf-2.gif wtf-2.gif

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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People getting sent home because of drinking and drugs!

Happens a lot I hear at our main terminal in has eyes out at all nearby liquor stores n such. They drop a dime on any students buying liquor etc. I got off my trainers truck there in 2019 was snow on the ground. Away from the patio walkway someone had a big bottle of grey goose vodka stuck in the snow am guessing keep it cold haha idiots

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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Surprise in the mail

No Anne, not really, am taking this free time to do stuff around here....Haven't decided yet if and when I will get back in a truck, even if it's someplace else SOLO lol.

Team driving was ok, but when I am on sleeper berth usually get cat naps while my Co drives. The roads out there are pretty harsh all over, repairs they made , actually made road worse etc. I always say "Dang who signed off on this road fix? they made it worse than it was" lol Job security I guess.

Besides I got a good size stack of cash tucked away to not worry much. Being single with no debt or bills (just $660 spot rent n cell bill) makes it easy to stack them Hundies hahaha

Might look into regional or local, seen couple outfits run 4 western states, AZ,NV,UT,CAL And my plan was to probably quit on Sept 9, 2021 exactly 2 years after starting this gig (my mom's birthday)

Filing for my Soc Sec ,,being born Dec 1st, that month is the waiting period, to get first check in Jan 2022. Then its pack light, hop a plane back to the Philippines, retired and with my GF , and probably get married at some point. dancing-banana.gif

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Surprise in the mail

As many know CRST, had some prior drivers, file a class action lawsuit a few years back. Well,I was not expecting anything to come out of the recent settlement on those.

Figured "maybe" $50 lol, well, since I was employed with em during the time frame, I got a whopping $980 check in the mail Monday,

WOW shocker hahaha but I' wont cry over it woop woop in the bank it went....

Still off duty, at home, working on my stuff...

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Non-employee failed non-DOT hair test at company sponsored CDL training

I heard our company CRST is now joining that hair test group and I think are on the CPAP train also ( Things I've heard haven't verified)

Posted:  2 weeks, 6 days ago

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About them Terminal rats ive read so much about

Just like other company lease-op' drivers, who try and brag how much they are making.....I tell em "Sure buddy, show us your tax returns" lol

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Put OOS by Safety over Med Card

Yes Pack Rat I been eating healthier lost 20 pounds with out really trying. Just cut out all the breads, sugars,sweets etc eating fruits eggs subway sammiches lots of garlic at home, raw spinach instead of lettuce.... My Ideal weight range for my large frame is 210-220 MAX not 265+ lol now down to 249 and still eating as healthy as possible out here. I'm a 6 foot big boned guy, have been, since I buffed out in high school. Not the 6 ft 125 lbs scrawny kid with size 12 feet hahaha Used to vertical leg press 1000 lbs When I dated a gf after my divorce back in 1988, was going to the gym 6 nights a week, 4 hrs a night I got down to 185 pounds, and looked anorexic.....So anyways working on getting back to 215lbs or so

Funny, how both DOT examiners came up with different things......But yes my sugars need to get lower, testing it without eating (lower 200's) and after eating (higher, 300's) The doctors both used the exact same test strips because I watched lol There's some "K" chemical word in urine I forget what its called to show sugar levels. 1st Doc said high, it was, 2nd didn't say diddly bout sugars by urine test.

I didn't do anything different in the 3 or 4 day gap between em. Struck me odd, like I said, they both had the exact same test strips out of the exact same brand bottles? hmmm

Anyways, after my 3 days in Laughlin and back home will go to a medical office near me and get them to set me on the path to lower my BS....IF it's gunna take a month or more, I'll say screw it and retire earlier than December.....Tons of local work near me in So Cal..... Took safety dept a month to throw this out there? It is what it is lol

Time to sleep,

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Put OOS by Safety over Med Card

Oh and my DM told me the safety admin lady said I failed to disclose to 2nd DR why I was given a 3 month card (no papers ever given to me period) Well, not verbally, because he never asked me anything, and YES I filled out health history questions honestly duhhhh.

2nd note is my co-driver already said, when I leave, he will too,( yeah we almost like brothers now) so they will lose 2 guys that can do 650-700 drive shifts (my best was 720 miles no stoppin'!). He will take a solo gig...

Anyways ran outta room 1st post, like OMG ! really? 5000 letters? hahaha

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Put OOS by Safety over Med Card

Ok will try n keep this as short as possible so it's no snooze fest haha

In May my DM got me my appt for DOT med card physical at Concentra Clinic they use. Last June at Gardners they sent me to the Chino office, all good 1 year card dunno why, fine.

So in May boss sends me the the San Bernardino clinic branch same outfit as Gardners. Prelim exam all going ok then the asst goes to measure my neck lol I stop her right there. Told her yep I got an 18 inch neck and have since I was 15 or so (buffed up smoking weed/beer) plus weight lifting etc. Ok no mention of CPAP stuff. Does usual urine test strip which leads them to prick my finger to test my blood sugar, which was 307 at the time.

Now just to mention, I amstrong as an ox and never get sick. Last bug I got bro brought home from his job as a casino he works at in Laughlin. This thing kicked my butt 3 days, I was in bed, (had full cast on leg too) so my imunnity was prolly weak from that. I prolly put on 40+ lbs living on quick foods, white bread sammiches 4+ a day, frozen burritos etc as I couldnt stand to cook. Eat be bored take snooze, not good so gained weight from norm of usually 215-220 to a 265-267 YIKES!

So now the female DR comes in to exam room talks to me a bit started to input info into her computer, then suddenly stops. Tells me it threw red flag for my blood sugar, if she tried to go on I would lose my CDL. So she sends me home, says come back tomorrow and retest?? She failed to gimme a clue what I needed to do etc. Says no appt just come in hmmmm. While in exam room she see's my left lower eyelid with a small white bally thing n says "Og you have a sty?? i'm like NO thats a clogged tear duct it dont bother me I have yet to pop the sucker. She dont know the difference??? WOW and she is a DR huh lol.

Ok now I am lost what I need to do , so I think ok I'll go buy a tester at wal mart first n see, why go back to fail and be SOL on my CDL? She never gave me any paperwork or nothing, just come back tomorrow. So, now I'm thinking this place is screwey, so I tell DM I will get 2nd opinion etc. Go to where had very 1st DOT done for 1st school near my house. Now this DR does the EXACT same urine strip test, same strips same bottle, yet does NOT get led to check blood sugars n gives me a 1 year card. Ok cool I saved my license for another year, and will be retired way before it expires, all is good.

Next day I go to the CMV DMV in Fontana. Just as the clerks entering my info DMVs WHOLE system crashes !!! I sit for an hour, then go in ask "Can't you just copy these pages so I can go and finish entering em once your computers are back online? Yes no problem we can do that. So 10 days later boss calls, and says DMV hasnt put my medical in the system? I'm in Texas etc. Make dmv calls somehow, some way MY paperwork gets lost! everyone elses that day is put in.....Resend em photos of med card so they can fix this crap.

Fast forward to last week, we are headed to NC for fed ex load when boss calls n says safety admin, says I cannot drive!! She said I broke FMSCA rules by "DR Shopping" ! Like hell woman you better read up on the laws !! Only if you go to 3-4-5+ DR's it's considered DR shopping.....And drivers ARE allowed to seek a 2nd opinion per the LAWS !! Anyways' that did no good, they're idiots I guess. So I was Uber'd to hotel in Knoxville TN, they cant find a rental car. I did, got uber'd to airport Budget don't accept Debit cards, now am stuck .3 hours to get Uber ride back, to another night in same hotel,same room lol.

3 days of this, so I ask the night DM, why can't I just ride back with co driver in the truck, not driving? Same as I did last year with my co who crashed, he rode with me home, and was OOS for a week w/ me. DM agrees, gunna re-route my co back to Knoxville from NC, ok cool. Well, when I call for DM on duty (different guy) he has no info where I am, says give him hotel address, and co's ETA reaching the TA later he will send Uber.

Well, my luck, I call back n get a different dude who came on duty and clueless to weekends events geeeez. He goes to ask says will call me back. Whoever he asked, said NO, I cannot ride along. Now 3rd night in same hotel same room wait til Monday when my Head DMs on duty.

So talking to the boss he says Yes ! good idea, have my co driver drop trailer at TA he is at 8 miles away, n BT for me. So he does this and we rolling, Supposed to been on Vacation July 4th-11th, so now am on it earlier, a week to get home on 2 loads I cant drive lol. Got rooms reserved in Laughlin for buddies 63rd bday. Co drivers running on recaps, so will barely get home Sunday the 4th..... In all this mess, before I started eating better no junk foods n sweets dropped sugar out of my coffee. Eating watermelon chunks from loves etc lost 20 lbs when weighed in at both DOT clinics, shocked me down to 249 so sticking to "diet"

My thinking and now being totally pizzed off with how things were handled, I CAN always go elsewhere with my 22 months exp no issues hitting stuff etc. And with our new raises this is gunna be costing me anywhere from $1100-$1400 wkly take home pay! grrrrr Ruining my stackin the $100s for goal taking with me to asia of $20k 1 month I'd a been there! dang nabbit

Haven't decided what I will do, if anything. Don't think it's cool start with a new job to only up and quit in a month or so. Couldn't get to see a dr on this to get a path to take on our last hometime.

Posted:  1 month ago

View Topic:

HOS Rules; New 8/2 or 7/3 Split

Lol Old Skool I mighta not said it totally clear lol ......I work my clocks "legally" and our QC is set up properly. I or we fuel multiple times a day.Don't run fuel level down past 1/4 tank.

CRST says keep tanks full, especially during the cold or high heat. Since you don't wanna get stuck someplace and not have plenty of fuel for idling for comfort.

Off Duty, is my time, so I choose to refuel during that time sometimes. Since I do log on duty for fueling. I don't need to sit around or whatever idle for 30 minutes lol am trying to get most out of my shift (600-700 miles). Basicly my logs are good, legal, and I ain't worried about getting inspected.

Which in last 20+ months was only ONCE, and a level 1, easily passed..... We both pre-trip daily, we find bad trailer tires etc, and right to Love's to fix. Seems we been getting screwed on bad empties, others have dropped off with issues. Even a couple loaded trailers, had 1 or 2 bad tires we had to get replaced.

Not like DOT or CRST are out there watching every second HAHAHA, Sometimes, we have HAD to make U-Turns against policy BUT we find a huge area to do so, like say shopping center etc not in roadways or traffic blockage.....

Couple months more, and all this trucking adventure, will be but a memory. @ the very latest, on Sept 9th, I will quit driving. my 2nd anniversary.... And on my moms 79th birthday, when I began this journey, I will also end it then..... She would'a been 81 this year

Lookin forward to retirement and moving to Asia for part 2 of life thank-you-2.gif

Posted:  1 month ago

View Topic:

HOS Rules; New 8/2 or 7/3 Split

I have found with our Qualcom system, 2 hrs, and exactly 31 minutes as off duty, does pause the 14 clock.

BUT that 31st minute, starts it rolling again. I don't really do splits either, except if I really need a quick 1-2 hours nap, I will go Off Duty, take a quickee snooze then jump right back driving out my 11.

Me and my co-driver have disagreements on how he wastes lots time. Me I will do my 30 DOT ,while fueling, spend maybe 15 mins or less fuelin move off pump, go in grab fast coffee n a snack or 2, and soon as my 31st minute clicks I am rolling! Will clock fueling later. Can't drive 650-700+ miles, wasting valuable time. And I drive Nights, which is harder to find a legal parking spot most of the time, I won't park on shoulders, off ramps etc.

Now he will log out for fueling status, takes wee bit longer than I do. Then once done, grabs coffee etc, will park, THEN log out on his 30 DOT, and sometimes that becomes bit longer than a 30 hahahaha

But I ain't complainin' he DOES drive out his clock a lot even if lil less miles. But he has done enough 600+ days. And he prefers to drive the daytime, which is cool since I am getting fed up dealing with the city daytime MORONS on the roads hahaha.......Nights are sooooo much better ! lol

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

View Topic:

Oldest new driver ever or bust with no work record?

Lol I started at 60 almost (3 months prior) .I plan to retire at 62 and relocate to SE Asia to live out the rest of my life. While I am still able to enjoy it lol.....I rarely get sick am pretty healthy last bad flu I had was 9/2014 nothing since.....If the left wants to make us a 3rd world country, I might as well move to 1 in the tropics near the equator surrounded by beaches and beauties......

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

View Topic:

3 dot non recordable accidents

Wow kinda harsh for 3 itty bitty mistakes lol

My 2nd Co...broke the cab extension and bracket u-turning in a Loves....Next pm the shop replaced it DM was told and ok with it. He blew out a few tires 1 brand new trailer hit sumpin n bent rim didnt fess up when I asked.duhhhh he hit a curb someplace. Another trailer I did a walk around on driver swap found 2 tires drug on asphalt big worn fresh spots= 2 replaced. Think in all he cost company 6 tires he screwed up.....No penalty. Worst he is pulling into a small flying j wasnt paying attention, cut the turn tight hit left front of guys headlight cracking fender, middle of our trailer. He Got a ticket for that, but later got it changed to impeding traffic (in a parking lot hmmm)

He then tries to line up at a loves ,he bumped into the shops big yellow pole. Which was tilted from prior bumps.

That cracked our lower bumper valance lucky it was tilted or our headlight woulda been tore up!!

Last I heard he was to do use cpap after a physical dont think he still driving .....But all the cost n damage he did, never got fired. Go figure that 1 Told him quit tearin up the damn truck!! Jeeeze ( a 2019 too)

Ok I don't like draggin out stories haha peace out

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