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    4 years, 10 months ago

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Nearly 40 years as auto/truck mechanic. Started as diesel tech on trash trucks, then to big rigs/trailers for Pepsi n hazmat tanker place. Engine repair & overhauling specialist.....Heavy Line Tech for Ford dealer, and a Chrysler/Dodge dealer

Time for a change of careers, no small kids, no wife to hold me down. Wanted to drive trucks for few years now, but life's been in the way. Family deaths , broken leg etc lol.

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Posted:  7 hours, 55 minutes ago

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Future era of cab-less trucks will be the end of HOS rules

124 miles on 1 charge? lol And how long to recharge that power cell? You would think, by now they would have designed some onboard charging system to reduce down time for a recharge....@124 miles, will be more than 2 days to cross this country Sounds like they'll be leasing those trucks.....200 trucks will spread pretty out thin, I'm thinking..........They sending over Swedish techs to service them too? Imagine the amount of charging stations they need to install across the US !

Won't see much of this in our lifetimes, maybe by time they're all set up, we'll be flying around like the Jetson's And their trucks will already be obsolete lol

Posted:  8 hours, 10 minutes ago

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Prime Inc TNT students will see increased mileage requirements in training

Rainy wrote;

some are hands on.

Yup that's me lol more hands on learner ! When I worked for Pepsi, as diesel mechanic, my boss, wanted me to bring a trailer up to the shop to replace the worn out lift-gates.

Well they were only 48 ft trailers then, and truck was a cab over, no sleeper. Well he wants me to drop the trailer along the office building, with end of trailer just at the edge of shop door not to block it. I'm like NO way I can jack knife the truck 90 degrees to drop that trailer!

Gas pumps were probably 60+ feet away, with concrete steel posts by them.

So he goes and gets the 1st truck/trailer and puts it how he wants me to do it. Man I was amazed how he did that with 2-3 inches between the axles and them concrete posts!........So he says , next one, YOU do like I showed you ! wtf.gif

After I finished with the lift-gate job, I went out got the 2nd rig to put that trailer how he showed, and I'll be damned, I got it within 2 inches of them steel posts shocked.png

Posted:  8 hours, 27 minutes ago

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Latest Load

And this lab 3.5 years old, is scared of the 2 rat dogs! they dominate lol when actually if she wasn't so mellow, 1 snap be all it took for rat dogs demise...She is a lizard and rabbit hunter! lol

Sad thing is she only catches the baby bunnies, that may have slipped out from under a shed. She's got 4 already brings em and drops em on the porch.....Guess she proving she's doing her duty lol

Posted:  9 hours, 14 minutes ago

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Latest Load

His name is from an obscure language and it means "Much Dog"

LOL it's just a lil spanish with a twist Bruce, Mucho Poocho

Posted:  9 hours, 18 minutes ago

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Latest Load

Buddies wife's dog, she thinks she belongs to me mostly, Probably since I feed n water em and give em more treats & loves

After my mom died, we kept her dog around as long as we could, she loved her doggy. So we had her cremated as well, I put the dogs ashes in the urn with mom's, so her and doggy will be together always


Posted:  22 hours, 9 minutes ago

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Need money who can help.

Packrat wrote......

Don’t they anyway?

Oh, they ALWAYS hold the power hahahaha some have more than others lol

Posted:  1 day, 22 hours ago

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European truck driver (German) Driving in the US?

Yes I found out we can get international drivers licenses here as well....But why bother? if you visit other countries, our licenses from here should normally be "honored"

Guy at my local gas station is Indian, he told me there's a place here in town, to get the International Lic' lol

Posted:  2 days ago

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Trainer Driving while trainee in the top bunk

Lol I can't even count how many times I have banged my head on car lifts working underneath....Turn and forget that steel leg is there and BANG! Not good feeling, sometimes even drew blood....No biggee,

But as a kid @ age 11, I fell off my bmx bike in the middle of the street near my house. Knocked me out, I came to, sitting up beside a tree, a neighbor drug me to the tree from the middle of the street....

So I walk my bike home around the block with a bad headache. Dad had old bench car seat on the porch, so I laid down to rest. Hour or 2 later, mom calls us in to wash up for dinner. Well when she saw my head she screamed lol....Seems I had a major skull fracture, and brain fluid seeped out causing a large lump. So she took me to E.R., My x-rays showed a big "L" shaped break over my left ear top of my skull, to the back of my skull, then downward toward base of skull.

Was just restricted to NO school sports or rough physical exercise for 2 years......(not like I listened to DR's orders for long)

Posted:  2 days, 6 hours ago

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Pre trip- what is the DOT requirement

All reason why I plan to carry a bit of tools with me to make any quick fixes or brake adjusts on the road. Rather than sit waiting for service if needed .Maybe carry extra mudflap, drive belt for tractor etc.

Back when I worked on garbage trucks, we would work Saturdays, to roll under each truck with service truck adjust all brakes on the fleet, note which needed brake jobs, blow out radiators of junk. If memory serves me we would run down slacks, then back off 1 full turn to have allowed rod travel.

When they switched over to Volvo Whites, with disc brakes, adjustment was rarely needed, as they had auto adjusts back then. And I "think" 1/2 inch travel was the norm lol been awhile.

Thinking maybe making a chalk mark on your tractors brake rods, would be easy way to always know where the rod travel is at. Of course, you'd need to pull the front air can rods manually,to check em, since they are service only air cans.

Been wondering, why checking the radiator / A/C condensors for debris is not in a PTI procedure? I mean they can accumulate trash etc and blockage causing problems hmmmmm

Posted:  3 days, 23 hours ago

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Living in the Truck

Actually, Bruce,, that IS my plan once I am out on the road. Having no real family left, kids or wife, nothing to rush back here for. I have my best bud here and his wife, he and I been friends 50 years now, we all went thru school together.

So I kinda plan to stay out and take anytime off , right where I happen to be at the time lol.... Bankin' most of the loot, and boosting my social security........

I plan to retire in Asia, when it's that time, to enjoy life in the tropics. The Philippines to be exact, I have American & lots of Filipino friends there, and loved it there, the 4 months I spent there.

Posted:  4 days, 5 hours ago

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Career Interruption.

Good news then on rehire when you're ready Bruce ! Good luck in your summer endeavor make them BIG dolla's lol I should be showing as "Rookie driver in training" way before your back in the saddle hahaha

These hoops I been jumping thru just to get IN school, is enough to drive ya nuts, but it's getting really closer FINALLY! Don't really care where I get training, just to get 'r dun ! Just as long as it's in THIS decade hahaha

Posted:  4 days, 19 hours ago

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I hit a deer this morning

I went head on once @ 4 am in fog leaving to work, I had an S-20 Blazer, the dang Great Dane didn't have good paw brakes! I stopped fast, saw him try to stop, and slid , he disappeared into my tube grille and ran off, scared hell outta me! Big head stood bout hood level he was huge ! Stopped at 7-11 for coffee near freeway, found my grille hanging on by 1 screw hahahaha Bet he had a headache later poor fella

Posted:  1 week ago

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Weather: When to shut down?

Well, here in Calif along the I-15 northbound side between Fontana & the base of Cajon Pass, I have seen 5-9 trucks flipped over along the side of the highway in 1 day! So it CAN happen lol That spot always has the worst winds on windy days, as winds come down or thru the pass/mountains on both sides. Another reason our wildfires, when they happen spread so dang fast due to winds.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Prime inc Springfield CDL training 3/6/2017 female student

LOved reading your story Kori ....Yuba City lol was born there,not many even heard of it....Keep up your wonderful journey !

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Some Guys Don't Know How to Treat a Woman

AHA ! 1 of them "clickbait" topics, sucked me right ion too ! lol embarrassed.gif

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Clock Management Question.

Really trying to get this stuff!

You and me both Marc

Guessing they really don't spend too much time on this stuff in school huh?? Find out soon enough I guess.......

I am "supposed" to be starting on May 20th, now with a local school (Skyway) who is now approved on W.I.O.A program. Least its only about 6 miles from home

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Home Like Cookin'

Hahaha When I worked on garbage trucks in the '80's, I can't count, how many times, tilting the cab forward to access the engine, I'd burritos, or tacos, etc in foil. They had forgot their lunch, who knows how old most of it actually was when I found it, I sure wasn't gunna open it!

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Sold on Leasing... no, Lease Purchase!

Quick tip for the technically challenged, Reboot your cell phone after a week or so, just like you do a computer.....Pages get stale, and cause issues on a cell phone too lol ....Who'd a thunk it

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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Bills would restore per diem for company drivers!

Just read also today, they are looking at taxing every mile we drive in personal cars/trucks using the data link connector! Says to increase taxes for infrastructure as the gas taxes supposedly aren't enough ! lol Calif has high gas taxes as it is, so where the heck they ****ing off that money?

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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Dispatcher Wants To Talk To Me

Lol yep, worked with a guy years ago at Waste Management,,,, dude snorted coke all the time, n smoked weed. 1 night they send him for a random drug test, just because.

Well, bad part was, his buddy, our parts guy, took him for his test, duhhhhhh. Well, when results came back, turned out he was......... Pregnant !!......... hahahaha NO JOKE !

Guess they took a quick detour to his house for his wife to donate hers !! rofl-3.gif

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