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    Oak Hills/Hesperia, CA

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    6 years, 10 months ago

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Nearly 40 years as auto/truck mechanic. Started as diesel tech on trash trucks, then to big rigs/trailers for Pepsi n hazmat tanker place. Engine repair & overhauling specialist.....Heavy Line Tech for Ford dealer, and a Chrysler/Dodge dealer

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Posted:  6 days, 21 hours ago

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Good bye Pepsi

Corporates are left swingers joining the herd mentality.....its either 6 feet or a mask idiots lol

2 masks will definitely be a breathing issue for lots of folks.

Its ALL bout the money period. Now. I seen in a wal mart 4 pallets 5 foot high with hand wipes and same for sanitizer....

Makers have billions of overstock they cant give away....They missed the hoard craze awwww poor babies

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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How does local driver navigate themself ?

New Joisey yuck VGL with that state lol

Posted:  1 month ago

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The Driver had to Swim Out

Was a flatbed out here in Utah forget the area was getting back on the I-15 onramp (mighta been SLC) onramp totally blocked.

He must not have rechecked his straps the whole load of steel warehousing racks were thrown all over it. 2 flatbed tow trucks were picking up the mess stacking onto their trucks. Musta just happened not long b4 we came by. Hate to been that guy!!

Posted:  1 month ago

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Greater discrepancy between dispatched and actual mileage

Ha we figured these 2 XPO loads from Abilene Tx to Clackamas Or is 210 free miles each way!

I really don't sweat it figuring the overhead, fuel used etc the company has it was just the nature of the beast.

When May's raise hits , that extra 18 cpm, will more than make up for it in the end. Lol

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Its still the same Pack Rat

Since each driver started at diff times. Mileage is split he will get 50 cpm now 10 cents more for his 10th month

I get 18 cents since I been here 18 months. BUT it is capped at 18 cents per my Sr DM.... Been at 42 since my 12th month.

Somewhere. I did lose my giant xtra penny last Sept. for my short navy stint back in '77 lol But I wasnt cryin over it now this more than makes up for it.

NOW I see why by other threads posted of raises ....Trying to retain drivers from jumpin ship knew there had to be a reason behind it.

But I am happy with our DM he has been here q3 years 1 of 4 Sr DMs and he takes pretty good care of us.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Oh duh.....that's for all with 1 year exp here.....I just clocked my 18th month last week*

Did better than I expected in 1 full year not really busting my butt .....With a $36k year with those few hiccups extended home times due to prior co drivers n replacing em.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Got a call from our DM we are getting 18 CPM boost in May !!

Cool puts me up from .42 to .60 CPM potential to double my 1st full years pay into the 70-80k realm......

Might rethink retiring this December when I hit 62 haha or not

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Lumpers are a pain....

Worst reciever lumper deal we dealt with last year......

Kellogs load breakfast bars etc. We arrive 14 hours early camp in their yard per security ok cool.

Appts @ 1pm checked in early 11 am. Given the 1st dock door by their ramp inside. 3+ hours later, after probably 3 or 4 " breaks" we are unloaded. Seemed they worked 30 minute stints then took a break pfffft. Lumper fee $604 dollars!!

Took us another 5 or 6 hours to get dispatch to load our comdata cards to pay n leave. We didnt have com checks on us then.

Night/weekend dispatch are total morons. Said " oh we can only load $500 then the rest after 12 am" I replied HELLLOOO there are 2 of us in this truck split it on both our damn comdata cards jeeeze!! Finally 36 hours later we are done with this load!!!

Best part of whole thing I was teasing n joking with the 3 women at the window inside even flirting kinda with 1 of em. Had them rolling in laughter which kinda made it all ok lol

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Am I a wimp?

That was the only thing I didn't like about my trainer. He was from India and had some weird thing about me using the lower bunk. I slept up top too, got used to it since I "had to" and made it thru my 28 days out with him.....

We don't drive drowsy period I drive nights mostly when I get the sleepies, I don't care I park and sleep or grab quick 2 hour nap then finish my shift. Most of our loads don"t really have a time crunch, since 90% we pull, are usually given to us late, we just get it there asap!

The company stresses to sleep if you're nodding off. Just went 91 days without a sleep related off road issue, until yesterday, someone dozed off luckily no damage, injuries, etc, just a tow out. 18 months and I haven't tapped anything lol (YET) whewww

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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I-80 in Wyoming, rolling shutdowns

Sitting at pilot I-25 with an empty waiting to head north the 170 miles to Cheyenne grrrrr

Set us up on a 4 stop kayaks and misc deliveries... Am not a happy camper, like once they get us on the 80 we get stuck running it east n west.

Drop in Rochester NY, then down to 1 drop in Burlington VT, then 2 deliveries in Bedford and Nashua NH. Hoping we don't get more shut downs along the way....And these all are in big retail centers lol

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Where’s everyone at what’s you 20 how’s the weather??

Been stuck in Dallas area ALL week. Took 5 days to deliver last Saturday at FX parked 2 days plus at loves in Weatherby Tx They had NO power so we moved slowly, to Loves in Hutchins Tx. My mentor saved us a spot. Right by fence and tirepass lane. Which that pump was OOS til today. Bout 100 feet from the doors convenient lol. Finally got us another FX load goin to Colorado Springs lol

Makes for slim paychecks once again.....WHERE IS SPRING??? LOL

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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First day solo snow storm coming :(

I hate snow lol. Got shutdown in Odessa Tx 2+ days. Finally got to Ft Worth fed ex make our delivery. Then again shut down now in Weatherby Tx ....

No load pending and now were sitting in a few inches of snow .....I coulda stayed home if I knew better lol

Welcome to Texas and sitting. I love not making no $$$ NOT Such is this life in truckin eh lol

Beats being in a ditch or worse , in a pile up like those poor people Thursday morning :( :(

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Should I keep my CDL?

Fed Ex and UPS you will need your doubles/triples 1st

UPS is even hiring of the street now , at least in So Cal outta Ontario hub I know was for sure

Posted:  3 months ago

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Vaccine Eligibility for Truckers

Our company posted something to the effect once its available they wll say so. And which terminals have it etc. BUT people who can afford to pay, wont be getting it for free go figure.

Not worryin' bout it as I don't plan getting it myself, unless it becomes Law or Mandated to get it !!!! (For passport to travel out of country)

Posted:  3 months ago

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I really really really hate team driving

The way I see it is your best and possibly ONLY answer is to go over your DMs head. He has bosses to answer to as well.

Qualcom should have a macro for " macro to management" on mine its Macro 19. I used it a month or so ago. I needed a better answer to a tax issue my DM kinda skirted around. I knew it went to his bosses and it DID get me answers within 5 minutes!! I played it off, that I thought it went to my DM and I didn't wanna get him in hot water. Because minutes after hitting "send" he was calling me asking what was up because they were asking him why he never fully explained things lol.

He was cool bout it all just said go to him direct next time. I said, I did but you never explained it duhhhh.

Posted:  3 months ago

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Anyone else stuck in Wyoming?

Getting to where I hate going thru WY/NEB lol

Besides the nasty high winds, and winters constant issues on I-80 with the wrecks and foul weather, my cell literally has NO service, especially in WY.

Seeing how hard Iowa etc got hit we just missed all that. Hopefully Tuesday when we get back off hometime DM dont send us anywhere N. East lol

I'll run the 80 all summer no problem lol

Posted:  3 months ago

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How Can I Make Any Money At This?

In the end the ONLY real proof is seeing the tax returns supporting the stated claims lol

Got home seen my W2s was actually lil surprised my 1st full year 2020 .....Not killing myself and having a buncha shut downs or other delays. Taking a couple days of extended time off and working up on my cpm from .32 to .42 hmmmm I made 35k the first year where I am lol Now to push it n do lot more of those 6000-7200 mile weeksdancing.gif dancing.gif dancing.gif

Posted:  3 months ago

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Anyone else stuck in Wyoming?

We finally got outta that mess .... We did get stuck on Donners Pass grrrr had to run down to rainy part of road to chain up 6 wheels grrrr. Wasn't doing that ahead like others in 6 to 8 inches of slushy mucky snow. Only took hour and 15 mins. And. I was still in my shorts n sneakers lol. Got 2 2x4s now at home I put in truck. Maybe should toss in my new boots lol

SLC wasn't too bad, our crap load home was 44,000 lbs cardboard bales. Put us at 78k total balanced load. BUT it cost us 6 tires to get fixed at the Loves on exit 62 on I-15......3 trailer n 3 tractor tires.

Had co driver use tirepass he seen the outter truck tire look funny. So tire guy showed me totally flat broke the bead, with good kick yep its loose.

Turns out once in the shop 2 tires on 1 hub were taller sizes. And recaps were starting to separate from the casing. They swapped 2 good used size matched tires. Patched our truck 2 flat bead breakers.

Guess we picked up a few nails in Waste Managements transfer station where we got loaded up with them bales.

Sorry we didnt get to meet up when we were at that same Love's Jamie

Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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Credit card for truckers

I just use my comdata card for whatever I buy to eat. Then of course for fueling. Transferring money to my Chase acct does take 2 or 3 days. I haven't had or use credit cards or credit for 30 years......All cash mostly and dont leave much in ANY bank. Glad only bills I have is my cell phone And I pay my buddy "space rent" for my 5th wheel trailer and 8x10 shed I bought in the far back corner if his 2.5 acre lot outta sight lol

Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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Stranded I-80 AGAIN

Yes Pack Rat they are lol late reply since now we camp out As out CVS load reset til 8am tomorrow to SLC. 5th is our pre set 3 days off....

Bad thing was 2nd shutdown in Aurora NE for 2.5 days, they never sent update was ok to go on. So I sent em a macro tellin em we are leaving NOW sky is clear I-80 as well. Not like we get paid due to crap weather lol

They tried to put us on a load outta Hayward to Jersey City. I know how to play weekend dispatches game......Ignore em to get unassigned. They blew smoke up our skirts sayin they will get us home on time. Like I ain't heard that BS line before lol

So bright & early our DM sends us 2 different CVS loads get us closer to home......Daylight Transport, in Jersey City, is a real nightmare getting in & out of, down some narrow alley......

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