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Posted:  1 day, 11 hours ago

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Ta petro

Welcome Caleb. I’m a little connfussed on your post.

Parking first, if you were not parked in a marked spot your not entitled to park there. There is no understanding it can be used to park and I agree with the ts making you move. It is dangerous and alot of incidents happen because of it. The lots are marked for a reason. No readon for you to get upset when you are the one parking that way.

The paid parking issue. They are running a business. It is private property and they have every right to do it. Look at any large city. People pay to park every day when they go into those areas. Paid truck parking is no different.

Shop issue. Your post sounds very strange to me. I use ta shops on occassion and I always have to sign a work authorization before the truck ever gets in the shop. If you or your company didn’t authorize it, they sure wouldn’t do it because they won’t get paid for it. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, just sounds very strange how you outlined it.

Or that he just joined the forum, and this is his first post...


Posted:  1 day, 11 hours ago

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More indictments in New Orleans area accident insurance scams

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" - Shakespeare

Truckers are always considered easy targets. Between the anti-truck attitudes out there, and the fact that everyone has to carry $1Mil in liability, any time you can make a trucker "at fault" - the cash register rings.

Insurance scams between docs & lawyers have been going on for decades. And who it sucks as bad for (aside from the drivers & companies) are those that are legitimately injured, and have lasting disabilities and pain - who end up "giving away" most of their settlements to the lawyers and doc/scammers that run up their med bills (often exceeding the limits of mandatory PIP med-pay, cutting into the proceeds of liability settlements), or are looked at as "scammers".

We have billboards down here (in SoFla) on I-95 & the turnpike, advertising for lawyers SPECIFICALLY for those who have been in accidents with CMV's.

The fact that docs/lawyers/setup people/patients are "acting in concert" in a conspiracy, damn near makes this RICO and "interstate fraud by wire".

Add people that are TRYING TO GET INTO ACCIDENTS with truckers, to the rest of the idiots that do it WITHOUT EVEN TRYING - and our lives become a lot more stressful. And of course there's that occasional "setup that goes wrong" - where the occupants are KILLED (instead of just rolling out of the vehicle holding their necks).

Glad they nailed these guys - be even nicer if it got some NATIONAL PRESS as a warning that this is being looked at.

With congress attempting to RAISE the minimum liability requirements for trucks to $2Mil, we are likely to see scams of this nature happening EVEN MORE. (not sure if this has been signed into law with the amendment to raise the limits).

As someone who has been doing IT for attorneys for nearly 40 years - I will rarely take on a PI Attorney practice as a client. The are the scummiest of the scum - and usually bat-guano-crazy to boot.


Posted:  3 days, 11 hours ago

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New driver failed drug test

Call the police and press charges against him for drugging you. This is pretty sad and screwed up. He's not your friend. He's sick and demented.

Don't know about doing this. Creating the need for some dental work comes to mind though. And that "friend" certainly would no longer be a friend - that's for sure.

But WOW - just WOW.

And yeah - you are pretty much screwed as far as the industry goes. Assuming this gets reported to the FMCSA Drug Screen Database - you will have to complete a SAP (at your own expense) - to even be considered. And as someone with zero experience - even that is a LONG LONGSHOT. Even experienced drivers (10 yrs +) have a really hard time getting back in after dropping hot.

You could "try" footing the bill through a private school (or getting one of the federal re-employment grants) - but even many of the more reputable ones will likely tell you, that you're wasting your time trying to get a hire with a black mark like this on your record.

I'm still SHOCKED - that a "friend" would dose you (whether or not they knew you would be getting a drug screen).

Best of luck to you...


Posted:  3 days, 11 hours ago

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Change of career from law enforcement to CDL driver

So, I was given an offer by a friend of mine. He runs a small company (6 drivers) with a couple accounts, one being amazon.

I'm gonna try this out part-time while still working for my agency. This should hopefully give me some better insight on the job.

Sounds like a valid compromise to get your feet wet, without bailing on your current LEO gig.

As other have mentioned - double-thanks for your service - both military and LEO.

I can't imagine what LEO's are going through right now - in morale, personal safety on shift (versus political correctness that can get you killed). You didn't indicate your locale - I know some jurisdictions are doing way better than others (like who wouldn't want to work for Polk County FL Sheriff Grady Judd?).

As a few have mentioned - being out OTR (especially the first year), being newly married - adds a large dimension of stress both to the driving/training and relationship. This would obviously be a decision both you and the wife would have to give real careful consideration to.

So "checking things out" with your friends company might be a good way to figure out if that's the direction you want to go in.

While not knowing your friend (and having the advantage of doing DOT inspections) - smaller companies (with smaller cash-flows) tend towards being "somewhat lax" on maintenance. So make sure your rig is up to snuff (pre-trip) to avoid getting jammed up by safety issues (hate to sound negative, but it is, what it is).

Good luck whatever you decide. Keep us posted. STAY SAFE OUT THERE. IMHO - JOB #1 of EVERY LEO - is GETTING HOME IN ONE PIECE EVERY DAY. And know that, while the press and the "pc crowd" may not have your back - there are MILLIONS OF US THAT DO. A.L.W.A.Y.S. Every deputy that know me - KNOWS I GOT THEM.


Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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SAP Program

Why indeed?

Because you will NEVER HAVE A SHOT at driving a CMV again - until you complete a SAP.

As in NEVER HAVE A SHOT - as it is a FMCSA REQUIREMENT. Technically - by regulation - a company cannot even consider hiring you, if you are pending a SAP after a positive drug screen.

Your length of experience works in your favor - as opposed to walking in as a trainee, and dropping hot at orientation. Dropping a hot at orientation and you can pretty much forget about ever working.

You might find a small company to hire you - AFTER COMPLETING SAP.

Someone from here contacted me on FB recently (as I really don't come on that often), that dropped a hot THC (from something he supposedly ate at a family BBQ) and completed SAP. He's currently driving container out of JAX - so he got someone to hire him for local. He's applied for OTR and has been turned down. But keeping a clean track record, he may be able to get back into OTR after a few years.

Now - not being judgemental or lecturing YOU in particular. But this should be demonstrative to ANYONE READING, that even things with a miniscule risk of exposure (like CDB oil with supposedly "miniscule amounts of THC") can be potentially career ending. The proliferation of edibles, and people adding weed products into cookies/etc. - makes that cookie you ate at the family cookout a potential career ender.

And for better or worse - THC stays in your system the longest and tends to be "cumulative" with exposure. The more/longer you're exposed (for example - miniscule amounts in CBD oil), the more likely you are to drop hot from it.

Even if Weed were recreationally legalized tomorrow - very unlikely that people in "federally regulated safety sensitive positions", are going to be allowed to partake.

Waves to all...


Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Happy Birthday, Rickipedia ~ !

Thanks all. The big 6 oh. Feeling old.

I pop in to read here every so often. Looks like y’all got everything well in hand.

Thanks again.


Posted:  5 months ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Just a reminder...

Go back to page one (44 pages and 6 weeks ago) and look how we laughed at the OP.

Manipulation, hoax - whatever (and the FLU is real, the REACTION TO IT IS WAY OVERBLOWN).

Look where we've come in 6 weeks.

Citizens "rebelling" against their governors draconian/capricious lockdown protocols. Another 4 trillion in government debt. Political shenanigans and finger pointing/blame-casting (love the $20K Freezers there Nancy Antoinette - "let them eat ice cream" she said).

Remember where we were 6 weeks ago - GOD ONLY KNOWS where we'll be SIX WEEKS FROM NOW.

Huge thanks go out to my fellow truckers for keeping things moving in America. Don't know where America would be WITHOUT US/Y'ALL - and hopefully THEY GAIN SOME DAMN APPRECIATION FOR US NOW.



Posted:  5 months ago

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Cat rolling the window down

My dog used to do this on road trips. GORILLA TAPE over the switch, and leave about 1/2" folded over onto itself, so you can life it up and get to the switch if you need to. Scared the bejesus out of me the first time she did it, she could have easily gone right out the window.

In "regular cars" (or trucks/SUV's in my case), there's a "windows lock" button - where you can "lock out" the non-drivers window switches.

Obviously, the industry doesn't need to "child-proof" (or CAT PROOF) their passenger windows.


Posted:  5 months ago

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DOT physical question

BMI is "high". Not giving you a hard time - I'm 5'5" and prolly 260 now.

Those recommendations are the "standard boilerplate recs" for a diagnosis of OSA.

But - I can tell you from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I have no "underlying conditions", except obesity.

And I'm "off diet plan" since Thanksgiving - and have put on 60lbs in that time (flipside is, I can lose that weight in 90 days +/-, done it before and I'll do it again).

I have trouble sleeping at my current weight - wake up frequently with a choking sensation, feeling out of breath - all classic OSA symptoms. At this weight, my hemoglobin A1C's (diabetic indicator) will start to spike (and I have diabetes on both sides of my family) - whereas, when I'm at a "more optimal weight" my A1C is around 5.1 (normal/no diabetes risk). My lower back starts killing me, knees, feet, etc. - not to mention I haven't seen my "you know what" (except in a mirror) in about 40 lbs, and basically have to sit on my hand to get my butt wiped.

Any of this sound familiar? NONE OF IT IS FUN.

I'm telling you this - because I'll be 60 this year, and have been dealing with my weight and issues ALL RELATED TO WEIGHT for about 25 years now. And I'm 5 inches TALLER than you. And as you get older - IT GETS EVEN MORE DIFFICULT.

Not yer mom or dad - so I'm not here to lecture you. Simply laying out some facts, based on long term PERSONAL experience.

How does this relate to trucking? I have a CDL for the last 11 years - haven't used it, my DOT Med Doc is not a "company doctor", so pretty much as long as you're breathing, can walk, can read an eye chart, and not peeing sugar ("bend over and touch your toes" - right dude, I CAN'T SEE MY TOES) - I keep a current medical card.

BUT - were I to go to a "company doc" for a DOT Physical - I'd be in for a sleep study in 10 seconds - AND IT WOULD BE ON MY FMCSA DOT MEDICAL AT FMCSA FOREVER (a diagnosis for OSA).

Which begs the question: WHY did you go for a DOT Physical?

Hopefully this might be a wake-up call for you. Even at your young age - your BMI puts you at SERIOUS HEALTH RISK for a number of other issues (aside from generally feeling like crapola all the time).

And getting a job driving a truck IS NOT GOING TO HELP. Sitting behind a wheel all day, eating crappy road food, gets even the best of us putting on weight - and the LAST THING YOU NEED IS MORE OF IT.

Again, not "lecturing you" - been there/done that - currently wearing the 3XL shirt to prove it. My "peak weight" in the past, was 307 - literally dying on my (swollen) feet. 54" waist. I've gotten down as low as 178 (34" waist - 130lbs & 20" (yes TWENTY INCHES) in 8 months (Medifast Diet STRICT - but I don't recommend that one, it's going to cost me my Gallbladder eventually).

Even if you NEVER DRIVE A TRUCK - you have a chance at this young age, to change your lifestyle and get a handle on a LIFELONG ISSUE that will plague you for the rest of your life.


Get a CPAP NOW - it'll help you sleep much better and you'll have more energy and not feel like "your azz is dragging" all day. Plus the enhanced quality of your rest will give you the energy to perhaps "move around" a little more.

See a nutritionist, and work out a plan that will help you lose the weight in a HEALTHY MANNER - which includes good nutrition (good food and limiting caloric intake), exercise (though I'm not one to talk myself) and changing your attitude towards food and self-image. Stay away from pills & fad diets. Pills are a crutch (and potentially dangerous) and fad diets only work until you go off them (ask me how I know).

"I'm not fat, I'm pleasingly plump" - ONLY WORKS FOR CARTMAN. I AM FAT, and I make no bones about it.

But I can also lose it and keep it off - IF I CHOOSE TO - and at this moment, I AM NOT - AND I'M PAYING THE PRICE FOR IT. And that price (for me) is beginning to get too costly (tired of being in pain, and know it's directly related to my weight). So as much as I like eating, WHATEVER I WANT/WHENEVER I WANT - I'm going to be back on my particular plan that works for me (Isagenix) REAL.SOON.

I write this as much for MY BENEFIT (self-confession) - as for yours.

Best of luck to you - keep us posted...


Posted:  5 months ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Folks, if nothing else, please do not blindly believe and repeat what you hear on television. Look into it for yourselves, think for yourselves, draw your own conclusions, and have the courage to speak your mind. It's far less devastating if some of us are wrong once in a while than it is for all of us to blindly follow the herd and let the wrong people lead us off a cliff.

Well, they don't call me "Ricky-pedia" for nothing...



Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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Medical Card Issue

Excellent plan.

Now "technically" - you should DO IT RIGHT NOW.

Since the heart attack VOIDS your medical card - even if you aren't operating, you are OUT OF COMPLIANCE with both state and federal regs.

While your BMV likely hasn't gotten the news - to remain in legal compliance, you should change your status NOW.

You can do this online at Ohio BMV.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, a clean med exam when you're able, and back behind the wheel ASAP...


Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Did a "raw numbers" calculation on one of my FB posts. Looks like this:

Let's look at some REAL NUMBERS here. To start with:

U.S. TOTAL Population - 328,200,000 (2019 #'s). US Cases (according to John Hopkins as I write this post): Confirmed Cases: 577,842 Total Deaths: 23,232 (won't go into how this number has been "fudged" to include people that DIDN'T DIE DIRECTLY from COVID-19 - but we'll use it, just to make things easier).

So now - looking at "confirmed infections" (considering they are NOT TESTING EVERYONE) versus "total deaths" = 4.02%

"confirmed infections" versus TOTAL US POPULATION: .18%

"total deaths" versus TOTAL US POPULATION: .0071%

So let's go under the (most likely true) assumption that WAY MORE PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY INFECTED than have been "confirmed". Then the "actual death rate" (however artificially bloated) goes WAY DOWN.

But always keep in mind - despite the "scary picture with red blobs" - the ACTUAL NUMBERS (both infections and death) in the ENTIRE POPULATION is actually very minimal - despite the PANIC that we have had foisted on us...


Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?


I believe this is the one where Gates is being interviewed and says: "and we could lose 10 million EXCESS PEOPLE". Not IN EXCESS OF 10 million. But 10 million EXCESS.

Freudian slip?

Methinks not...


Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

I've cracked the code y'all... this is all a conspiracy by the construction companies to get people off the roads so they can close more lanes on the highway!


Brett & I have been discussing some of the "conspiracy theories". Most of them are just deep rabbit holes (even the rabbits couldn't find their way home).

I was in the ER down here in Broward sunday night. Place was DEAD (as in EMPTY). They refused to test me for COVID, because I didn't meet the criteria (no fever, no international/domestic/hotspot travel, no known contact with a COVID symptomatic person) - even though they drew 10 tubes for everything else. They say I passed a kidney stone (with no PAIN, but a sample cup of urine that looked like cherry koolaid - scary stuff), nothing on the CT - nothing in the blood, nothing in the urine labs (well, except BLOOD - DUH!).

What's scary about this is, the left is URGING DJT to "take federal control" - and he's leaving it to the GOVERNORS (where he is CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED TO LEAVE IT). The LAST.THING.WE.WANT - is for the Feds to take the power away from the STATES & THE PEOPLE.

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

A point he KEEPS REPEATING as the left and the press try to force his hand.

Once the power is TAKEN FROM THE PEOPLE - the ONLY WAY WE GET IT BACK, is with BULLETS (and you can take that to the bank, or the gun range - your choice). Had the "other person" got into the WH - we would have been under Martial Law by now.

But the reigns need to be loosened soon.

As I've been telling my friends: "it's one thing to not be able to FIND a roll of TP, and quite another to NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD ONE".

And if we don't get people back to work soon, many people will find themselves in this very dilemma. Fear, turns to frustration, turns to anger - TURNS TO VIOLENCE.

Fauci's motives are incredibly questionable, and his actions even moreso.

The ONLY WAY to get immunity, is through HERD IMMUNITY - and the only way to get that, is for MOST OF THE HERD TO GET INFECTED.

Will people DIE - yes, but not the millions the (faulty) models predict.

"What if someone you CARE ABOUT DIES"? I'll mourn the loss and move on.

"What if YOU DIE"? I'll consider that I "took one for the team", that it was just MY TIME, that maybe I should have taken better care of myself - so my body could fight this off LIKE ANY OTHER FLU.

"Are you going to get the VACCINE?" NOPE - I never get them. Not that I'm some wild-eyed-anti-vaxxer. I just consider that I rarely if ever get sick (probably jinx myself now), and I genuinely CANNOT REMEMBER (aside from surgeries) when I've been bedridden/laid up by a cold/flu/etc.

Interesting Article On Virus Mechanism & Treatment. The guy isn't a doctor - but I find the suppositions to be very plausible.


Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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Hair Follicle VS. Urine

Hello Everyone,

So I will be upfront and honest. I am switching careers from medical to OTR driving. I am an addict in recovery. I have been clean for awhile but worried about potentially not passing a fair follicle test. What companies offer just urine testing and CDL Training? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Disrespectful comments are not necessary as you don't know me or my life and I don't know you or your life. Thank you!

Congrats on your sobriety. Coming up on 20 continuous myself (and just passed 31 from "the REALLY bad things").

But don't get all "uppity" either.

Depending on the particular substance, how long you've been abstinent and your metabolism - upwards of 90 days to 6 months.

They're only "supposed to" test the last 90 days of growth (first 1.5" of hair from scalp).

Keep in mind that synthetic opiates take a while to "leech" from your system, as does heavy weed use (especially the stuff that's out there now - though us "Deadheads" have been smoking that skunk bud since the '70's).

Also remember - no "major decisions" in the first year. But if you're switching jobs because you screwed up the medical career - companies WILL CHECK REFERENCES.

Also - right now, companies aren't doing any orientations - and you will pretty much not find a SCHOOL that's enrolling CDL (or any) students. Social distancing and all.

A number of members here, have had their orientations PUSHED BACK - because of the current COVID-19 situation.


Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

A bit yes. I have heard so much crazy chit these days, people talking about national lockdowns, gun confiscation, new global governments, crazy stuff old school.

Stay safe out there..... I dont buy the nwo government stuff, a very bad virus caused by human stupidity and lower cleanliness standards yes absolutely.

Will we see blue UN hats going door to door rearranging American life? highly unlikely.

Night out there


Has anyone noticed how the person who started this conversation by exhorting us to escape to the woods and build a lean to so we could avoid the insanity, is now fanning those very flames of insanity with rhetoric, and then calling it truth and facts?


Any of em show up in my neighborhood - they will have 7.62X51 holes in them pretty blue helmets.

If this ever gets so far out there - that UN Troops are on American soil - pop some popcorn, sit back and watch the show.

Just sayin...


Posted:  5 months, 4 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

In the same respect, banks can't handle a run on money, either. They're not set up for it. They're set up to handle a certain percentage of people depositing, while a certain percentage of people withdraw. If they started talking about banks failing on the news every day they would create a panic that would lead to a run on the banks, which would in fact cause them to fail or require bailouts from the Government. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

Interesting perception.

Friend of mine went to write a check to himself from his BOA account for $4K (this was a little over a week ago). They told him they would require A WEEKS NOTICE to cash a check that large.

BANK OF AMERICA - a WEEKS NOTICE to withdraw a few thou OF YOUR OWN $$ on deposit?

I think they're doing this intentionally - to discourage people from making large withdrawals (trying to head off a run of people pulling large sums - not necessarily emptying their accounts). But I cashed a $2,500 check, from a client against my account at TD last week, they didn't say a word.

I was going to pull $4K myself - but I have $4K in cash in the gun vault at all times anyways. SHTF FOR REAL - paper $$ will be worthless anyways - unless you run out of toilet paper (though I prefer huggies baby wipes myself).

Precious metals, firearms/ammo, gasoline/diesel, antibiotics/pain-meds (and even illicit narcotics) - will all be "coin of the realm", as well as non-perishable foodstuffs.

Again - far from panicking. As things get WEIRDER AND WEIRDER down here even.

I check the booking page for my local jail every morning (don't ask - looking for familiar faces). Average bookings for Broward County Jail (under normal circumstances) - 150-180 a day. The last week - 25-30 MAX.

I get the logic. From friends who have friends in BCJ right now - there is no outbreak of COVID. But start introducing 150 ppl a day into genpop in a closed environment - and if even 5-10 of those people (daily) are carriers - you have a HUGE PROBLEM on your hands. Deputy I know DENIED they've been instructed to "use discretion", but I have it from a friends wife who works at the Medical Examiners office that they HAVE.

Meanwhile - Fort Lauderdale has gone on a "safer at home" program - threatening arrests - when they KNOW DAMN WELL, that the jail is NOT INTERESTED in incarcerating curfew violators.

17 arrests on 3/29 - UNHEARD OF. Most of them are domestic violence (yeah, force people to stay at home broke & bored - what'd you expect?), or misdemeanors that will get them kicked in the morning. AND ALL OF THEM ARE BEING HELD IN THE MAIN JAIL which is way smaller than the other facilities). And ALL OF YESTERDAYS ARRESTS ARE OUT ALREADY.

So yeah - threaten to arrest curfew violators - gimme a break...

Meanwhile - DJT floats the notion of a tri-state quarantine - and Cuomo says that's "a declaration of war". So we're going to WAR AGAINST NY? Can I ENLIST? Send in the BOMBERS DONNIE (NYC - leave Bretts place alone - LOL).

We are reaching a tipping point in the "mob insanity" - and it will get worse as the displaced/unemployed run out of what little $$'s they have stashed. It's one thing to not be able to FIND a roll of TP - and another to NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT.

Also (the latest insanity) - "illegal alien advocacy groups", are calling for ILLEGALS to get their $1,200 checks too - ALL 11 MILLION OF THEM (that's 1.32 TRILLION $$"s, for those whose calculators say 1.32e10 when you do the math).

NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE THE DAY. But here we are...


Posted:  6 months ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

(part 2)

This is madness.

I want the United States to concentrate on its people. Charity begins at home. I want not a single dime given in any kind of foreign aid until the following requisites are fulfilled: Not a single Homeless American Citizen. Not a single unemployed American Citizen. Not a single senior citizen living in fear of not having a meal or a home. Not a single legitimately disabled person living without hope. Not a single US military Veteran living in need. Not a single illegal alien allowed any funds until every single American Citizen has what they need. Not a single American citizen without proper, affordable medical care. Not a single underpaid teacher, police officer, fire-fighter, EMT, Paramedic or Nurse.

No more social or political indoctrinations of our students at any level of education. Education programs to be well-rounded and all-encompassing. Junior Highs and High Schools to reintroduce shop classes for wood, metal, and stonework. Classes for tradesmen-to-be. Electricians, Plumbers, Welders, Mechanics, etc, right alongside the computer programmers.

Arts and Sciences to be hailed as important as sports programs.

Honest, fair representation for every class of American, from their actual peers, in Washington D.C. No more cries of (insert your particular ‘ism’ here) whenever someone disagrees with something someone else says. This is the United States of America. Disagreement used to be de rigueur. It still should be. It was a necessary part of the process. It still must be. We are still allowed our Freedom of Speech. Political correctness and social justice be damned. They are constructs that have no real meaning. They are tools of a controlling party who use them to shut down true debate. They are a way to deflect without having to respond. If you disagree with something someone says, then, have the integrity and the intellect to debate the point calmly, honestly and factually.

There is far more to be said and done. But it must be said and done by all of us and not just one man, sitting at his laptop on a Saturday morning.

Say what YOU would like to see. Say what YOU want this nation to be when the current crisis is past and we can get back to a new normal. Maybe we can figure a way to make this whole thing work for us as a people.

The floor is now open for questions and debate.


A great read from a good friend...


Posted:  6 months ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

(part 2)

So, with the history lesson behind us, we now have to answer important questions.

In the past few weeks, we have been asked, in most cases, ordered, to give up some of our freedoms. It has been done so easily! Worry people about the disease and magically, they surrender their rights to any political whim. How, when this is all over, will regain those freedoms? Once power is seized, those who grab it are generally, and historically shown to be loath to release it. Politicians have blithely invoked all sorts of powers to ensure that Americans are tightly controlled. We do not respond well to this and I pray we never do. I never dreamed that in the United States one would require travel documents authorizing passage from one’s home to one’s place of business. National Guard units are being deployed to ‘contain’ communities. All of course, for their own good. Martial law has been discussed. But for whose real benefit?

How, when this is over, do we regain our rights?

We must change our ‘leadership’. Neither side of the House or Senate provides honest support or clear, truly representative leadership. I have never had great faith in our politicians, but I never thought I would see the day when our ‘public servants’, those ‘elected representatives’ of our nation, would conspire so mightily, in a great moment of crisis, to fund pet projects and senseless programs when people are out of work, sick, and in mortal fear for their lives, families, and livelihoods. These career politicians are a cancerous tumor in our Republic and they must be excised. The Founding Fathers did not envision such a world and would not approve of the current situation where Senators and Congresspeople ‘reign’ for years on end. This has to change. For us to move forward, it must change. Who do we bring forward to replace these patsies? How do we bring forward men and women who can honestly represent the people of their towns, their cities, their counties and their states?

How do we as a nation, get back on our feet financially? The economy, which was chugging along very nicely, has been eviscerated by the current crisis. We need money to feed ourselves and our families. We need funds to ensure the survival of even the smallest of businesses. But politicians would rather make sure airlines have money to adopt sustainable fuels. They would provide cash for Cruise Ship Lines that are not US Flagged and are not so specifically so that they avoid US maritime and other taxes. Why would we give them a single penny? We need medical supplies and equipment. But Congress and the House want to try to make Congressional pay raises a priority. We should be attending to our Seniors and our Veterans, but a sitting US State Lieutenant Governor has publicly suggested that Seniors are completely expendable. Another Governor has opened to doors to prisons, releasing inmates who might be in danger of contracting Wuhan while in Prison, yet threatening to arrest people who dare to venture out of their homes without proper authority and holding them in those same prisons.

This should be a proud moment for America. Instead, it has reflected the rot and insidious self-service of the people elected to represent us. It is a shameful, disheartening, disgusting moment. There are no statesmen in our political houses. Our Polity is populated by drones who serve some master that does not have the interest of the average US Citizen at heart.

When this is all done, I am hoping for a new America in the old fashion.

I want no manufacturing done abroad. If you are going to sell in this country, you are going to manufacture it here. I want no financial chicanery in the Stock Market. No more foreign influence by artificial inflation or deflation to suit another foreign government. I want not one single career politician left standing. I want the ‘profession’ of lobbyists to be eliminated and outlawed. We need new blood and new ideas in Washington. We need to forget Republican, Democrat, and all other definitions that divide us, generally artificially and unnecessarily, as a people. I want to be able to voice an opinion without automatically being branded a racist or a nazi simply because I fail to, or chose to, follow the herd mentality. I want us to stop being hysterically sensitive to all manner of things. If you don’t want to see something, don’t look. If you don’t want to hear something, don’t listen, if you don’t want to be part of something, then don’t. I want us to stop pretending that if one person in ten-thousand objects to something, all the rest of us have to accommodate that one person and their objection.

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

(posted on my friend Randles blog)

Historical Context with Hope for the Future


Randle Finley


We stand at a great crossroads, not only for our nation but for the entire world. A new reality is upon us. One which even the most ardent fans of apocalyptic fiction never actually foresaw as a possibility. When this ‘Wuhan Virus’ is past, it is doubtful that our world will return to the state it was in. And perhaps, just maybe, that is a good thing. This is the second time since 2001, we have had such an occurrence. But this time, we should not miss the opportunity we had after 9/11. We have a chance to hit the reset button. We have, out of brutal necessity, received a wake-up call which we should have seen coming. One that took place to a very limited degree and only in certain parts of the country after 9/11 but seemed to dissipate after a few years. It is a humiliating kick in the crotch that hopefully, once again has awakened the sleeping giant.

First, however, we need to understand a few things with stark and bitter clarity.

In the early 1970s, our collective souls were sold primarily to China, but also to India, Mexico, and other ‘developing’ nations all in the name of cheaper labor and no real rules to inhibit manufacturing. America and its burgeoning Middle Class were the envy of the world and yet apparently despised and damned in our own backyards by our politicians. Nixon went to China, making arrangements with Chairman Mao which were destructively anti-American. He did this with no consensus from the American people. Neither he nor his toadies had any real understanding of what would happen. Play stupid games with a Communist regime and get stupid results. So, within twenty years, this led to the obliteration of the US Automotive industry (given away in whole or in part to China, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Canada, India,, the impotence of US Steel production (given largely to Japan), the dangerously increased and unchecked monopoly of the Pharmaceuticals industry (China and India), a disappearance of the once great US Textiles industry, etc, etc. The list includes virtually every aspect of American Industry. As a Nation, we caved to OPEC in the 1970s when instead, we could and should have simply steamrolled them. We allowed them to dictate oil prices while we sat upon massive reserves of our own. We had options for developing more of our domestic supplies and dealing with other trading partners with whom we could have made better and more intelligent agreements. All the while, our politicians were too foolish in their arrogance and in the watchfulness of their own bank accounts to want to use one drop of the national reserve. Not even if it ensured our completely national independence from foreign petroleum. Instead, our livelihoods and futures were auctioned off to the highest bidders in the Middle East in the name of the almightly dollar. Politicians and industrialists lost sight of the fact that the American people needed those jobs. America needed those jobs.

We need them today.

Since the late 1970s we have forgotten, or rather, we have chosen to ignore, that the farmer, the plumber, the auto mechanic, the welder, the grocery clerk, those so-called ‘great unwashed’; in toto, the people who can work with their hands, are just as important as the lawyers, the accountants, the executives and all those professions who cannot move one inch without the laborer and his work. In light of the current crisis du jour, perhaps even more so.

If a doctor needs a ventilator for his patient, who is going to make it? Who is going to repair it? Who is going to replace it when it cannot be mended? Where is their real representation in Congress for those ‘lower IQ voters’? We have hundreds of lawyers, doctors, millionaires in Congress. Where are the farmers? Where are the small business owners? Where are the people who truly are the salt of the earth? They are not represented in either our House or Senate. They are in-fact, looked down upon by the elite. They are mocked and labeled ‘deplorables’ by people who are so clearly out-of-touch and who do not understand how vital those human beings are to the well-being and survival of virtually every single person in this nation.

In the late 1990s, we were told that computer programing was the only way to earn a living. Go get that degree in programming? What good is a computer if you have no power to run it. What good is the ability to code if you have nothing in your refrigerator?

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