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Posted:  2 months ago

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The "Boogey Man" Virus

The only way to develop "herd immunity" is for enough of the "herd" to GET EXPOSED. And we're going to actually slow the process (and give this thing the opportunity to MUTATE - since there appear to already be TWO DOCUMENTED STRAINS).

There also hasn't been ENOUGH TIME (and enough documented cases) of people who have been EXPOSED AND RECOVERED - than have been RE-EXPOSED AND NOT GOTTEN SICK, to determine whether exposure/recovery (and the immune systems production of antibodies) ACTUALLY CREATES IMMUNITY. If it DOESN'T - than there will BE NO VACCINE (as the very mechanism of the vaccine is BENIGN EXPOSURE and the immune systems creation of anti-bodies/immunity).

While I'm not going to walk into a COVID Isolation Ward and start making out with people - I live a fairly risky life (riding a motorcycle without a helmet, driving my slingshot at insanely/illegal/dangerous speeds, carrying/playing with/shooting guns), that I've presented the Good Lord with many opportunities to call me to his side. Apparently he isn't quite ready for me yet - but if this virus is His ringing the dinner bell to sit at his table with Him - SO BE IT.

Until that time - I am going to live my life without fear of little bugs. The thing I fear the most - is DEMONCRATS.


Posted:  2 months ago

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DOT and FMCSA issue COVID-19 responses

Funny thing (somewhat related).

Got a letter today from Florida DMV - telling me my CDL will be suspended for having an expired MedCert.

Thing is - I got a 2 year card ONE YEAR ago - this month. So I got on line and verified on the DMV site, that my cert is valid until 3/16/2021.

Called the number on the letter, just to verify (since all DMV walk-in office are closed due to that cold-thingie).

DMV employee verified that my card was in fact, on file - and valid for another year. No explanation as to WHY the letter was sent, but she told me "just rip it up and IGNORE IT).


Get caught driving a CMV with a downgraded license - that's "operating a CMV, without a CDL" (KISS OF DEATH).

The letter was dated (strangely enough) TODAY (that's some QUICK DELIVERY for a USPS), and informed me that unless I comply by April 14th, I would be automatically downgraded and my CDL privilege would be suspended until such time I was in compliance, or changed my changed my status to "Intrastate Exempt". But the letter made NO MENTION of the extension.

So states DO MESS UP - even though their online verification showed the correct expiration.

Most states now are now setup to upload your Med Card to the state DMV site (instead of standing in line at an office - especially helpful if you're operating out of state), and also allows you to verify the status of your license and med cert.

Weird stuff, during a weird time.


Posted:  2 months ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Theres no question in 2024 you will see cuomo throwing his hat in the ring he is smart enough to know he has to wait till trumps reign is over He will somehow try position himself as a cutting edge hero when this is said and done

I see him as positioning to get nom'd at the convention.

Everyone knows Joe is senile. The covid panic makes for good cover to keep him away from the public/cameras. Finding him a "minority/female running mate" is the key to him having a snowballs chance (despite the people who will vote AGAINST TRUMP, rather than FOR BIDEN).

Put a women up, and other women will vote (regardless of qualifications). Put a minority up, and minorities will vote (again, despite lack of creds). Put Michael Obama up, and you get the women/black/tranny vote and it's pretty much a lock (and a lock for me moving to Israel or S/Central America), due to the continuing "Jim Jones Cult-Like Adoration" for anything Obama.

Cuomo would be a good choice for the party at this late stage of the game, as it give repubs ZERO TIME to do oppo research/marketing.

This posturing isn't for '24, it's for '20.

But the SCREWING he's given NY - is nothing compared to the SCREWING HE'D GIVE THE ENTIRE COUNTRY (and boy did he SCREW NY). His dad wasn't quite as horrible. And DeBlasio (Warren Wilhelm Jr) is a TOTAL CLOWN SHOW. If Ringling Brothers was still doing a circus, he'd be their STAR ATTRACTION.

Meanwhile, Pelosi flies back from SF on her broom - and loads a bill with so much pork - even the PIG RANCHERS are up in arms for her trying to steal a piece their action. KEEP THE F'in thing to COVID RECOVERY - not the lefts "Artist Rider" (what we in the music biz refer to as a "wish list"). Hopefully the AMERICAN PEOPLE SEE what these cattle rustlers are trying to pull. Makes me wish DJT had LINE ITEM VETO powers - they could send the bill and he could use a sharpie and say "f-this, and f-that too".

Political gamesmanship is turning into POLITICAL BRINKSMANSHIP - and it's OUR NECKS on the chopping block (little realizing if they keep this up, it's going to be THEIR NECKS). Eventually - even the most ardent socialist (a nice word for COMMUNIST) is going to say: LET TRUMP DO HIS DAMN JOB ALREADY".


Posted:  2 months ago

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Pet transport? RI to MN.

Thank you for the info. I was really excited about Halvor Lines as they have a good finishing program and great pet policy. Think I may try and wait it out. Laura J

Love to see how you get a BULL MASTIFF in and out of a TT (yeah, they make ramps/steps).

Have a hard enough time getting my rottie into my pickup.

But she loves it once she's in.

Dog Is My Co-Pilot 0090476001585061402.jpg

I spent $50 on a ramp - that she refuses to use. My breeder told me to try TREATS to get her to go up the ram. I could USE A CAT - and she would still stand up on her hind legs and ask me to pick her (90lb) furry butt up. (NOT HAPPENING).

Best of luck in your job search.

I think many companies are going to be reluctant to stick a bunch of people in a room for orientation at this very moment...


Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

LMAO! "Found a lady sitting on my couch yesterday." That was awesome!

I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses....


Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?


On the subject of being born, I think there will be a baby boom this year, just in time for the Christmas holiday.


Haha, "hunkering down" seems to always produce babies for some reason.

Nothing else to do but screw. Saw this in Costa Rica when I was a frequent visitor.

My GF's cousin lived next door (up in the mountains, small village).

Why do you have 7 kids, if you're poor? Nothing else to do around here - PLUS - when coffee picking season comes around, I have 7 pairs of hands to put in the field.

Or it could be this: 0205151001584835670.jpg

Just sayin...


Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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CA, IL & NY issue, "Stay-at-home" orders.

The post office where i used to work and where my brother still does has one positive.

and one idiot who returned from italy 2 days ago and went to work with a horrible cough. she has been sent home for 2 weeks.. they are having a meeting later today.

Da fug is wrong with people?

I spent the last week getting all my clients setup to work remotely. My big law office is doing real estate closings on a card table in the parking lot.


the show must go on.

I do 95% of my work remotely - so nothing really changed for me anyways. I sit here in my underwear, playing guitar, playing with my dog - and waiting for someone to screw something up - so I can berate them for what idiots they are (fringe benefit), fix it like the miracle worker I am - and get back to binge watching downloaded movies and triggering liberals on facebook.

And the next idiot that messages me telling me "I hear there will be martial law next week", I will make a personal visit to, and punch them in their mouth.

"martial law", will become a "self fulfilling prophecy". Keep spreading unsubstantiated rumors, keep freaking out people that are already freaked out by the media/social networking - and eventually, they will meltdown in the street - requiring government intervention.

Without getting into the politics of this - typically, the ONLY OFFICIAL that can "lockdown" businesses and citizens is THE STATE GOVERNOR - not the mayor of SF or Teaneck NJ. But I digress.

Friend wanted to buy a couple of hundred rounds of .308 from me (because you cannot find a round of ammo ANYWHERE on the interweb).

Sorry can't help you. I thought you were my FRIEND. I am, I can sell you a couple of rolls of toilet paper.


SHTF - you have enough ammo to fight your way the 5 miles to my place.

This still has the potential to get A LOT WORSE - not from the virus itself - but FROM PEOPLE ACTING DUMB! Like the person that came back from Italy, and walked into work at the POST OFFICE with a cough).



Maybe NOW, THEY'LL START APPRECIATING US! (not likely, people have short memories)


Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

I've never been concerned about being ridiculed or thought "peculiar," I'm not interested in fitting in with the group, and I also don't believe the general public is better informed than I am. I guess that's rather apparent by the fact I started this website and named it "Trucking Truth" - I'm obviously compelled to trust my own knowledge, experience, and instincts.

In the case of this virus, the math simply doesn't add up. It hasn't from the start. I'm a math and data kind of guy. I do not argue with math or statistics no matter how many times politicians tell me that our reality is the opposite of what the numbers tell us.

I still stand by my original thesis, that this is a gigantic fire drill and that before the month is out they'll announce some sort of solution that allows them to begin loosening the reigns and turning us loose. The math says that the devastation to the world's economy simply will not be tolerated much longer than that.

We'll see how it all goes.

Jeremy, naturally I hope you're feeling better soon and I have no doubt you will be.

I'm pretty much the same way - trusting the results of my search for the truth, over what I'm being spoonfed, REGARDLESS OF WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT ME (most think I'm an a-hole already, why deny them their opinions).

The new expression out there is: "flattening the curve". And what it means is - if we can STAGGER OUT THE TIMELINE of the transmission, we can more effectively treat those that are getting worse symptoms WITHOUT overloading the healthcare system and having to start refusing treatment to those that might require "advanced treatment" (ICU beds, ventilators, etc.).

That appears to be the BIG THING that the .gov is trying to accomplish here.

YES - it's just the ******* FLU.

Current US mortality #'s (out of John Hopkins as I type this) are 150 dead, out of 9,415 confirmed cases. Which is bound to be low-balled, but still 1.6% mortality (almost 1/2 of which are out of the nursing home in WA state).

It "appears to be" more contagious, with transmissibility during the non-symptomatic (which is why it is communicated so rapidly - people are sick without KNOWING they're sick, so they aren't "staying home with the flu) . And it appears to survive on surfaces longer than previous iterations.

That aside - IT'S JUST THE ******* FLU.

As far as the "Fire Drill" aspect - pretty much onboard with that (not the flu itself, but how it's being dealt with - not even going to get into whether it was CREATED AND RELEASED as part of a bigger plan).

I also thought the aftermath of the "Boston Marathon Bombing" was a (really scary) "Fire Drill". How to get a major metropolitan city, under MARTIAL LAW - WITHOUT ACTUALLY DECLARING IT (not getting into whether it was a "false flag" and the Tsarnov brother were just the "fall guys"). A city on LOCKDOWN - HOUSE TO HOUSE UNWARRANTED SEARCHES - PEOPLE GETTING MARCHED ONTO BUSES. THAT SCARED ME MORE - than the "Kung Fu Flu" does.

Though things could go sideways REALLY FAST.

People are SCARED (media pimped kabuki theater or not), but fear turns into FRUSTRATION (at being locked down, and not being able to pay bills, find toilet paper, etc.) - which turns into ANGER, which turns into PEOPLE ACTING OUT - which turns into GOVERNMENTS EXERTING LETHAL FORCE TO RESTORE ORDER.

ONCE THEY GET A CHANCE TO TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY FROM US (suspending posse comitatus, Stafford Act, National State of Emergency, Martial Law, etc.) - DOES ANYONE THINK THEY'LL GIVE THEM BACK?

And I trust the "Bad Orange Man" in charge - more than I would EVER TRUST the previous admin, or what could be the FUTURE ONE (Biden/Stacy Abrams - give me a frikkin break). Whatever his faults, I do believe he GENUINELY LOVES THIS COUNTRY, OUR CONSTITUTION AND ITS PEOPLE.


Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

A new wrinkle, have any of you experienced this or heard of it? One of our drivers went to deliver to a DC, and before they would let him in, they said they needed to check his temp. Using one of these at his forehead...


Im thinking all kinda ways of screwing with this A/C or heater on forhead for starters. Not to mention the fact they are using an industrial tool to make a (fully untrained and inappropriate) medical assessment.

I kind of think I can guess what Old School and Brett would say about this. My response would have been, quite simply "Nope. I'll unhook the trailer and leave her right here in your drive and you can getcher temp checked and approved jockey driver to move it and bring'er out to me when it's unloaded. Oh, and by the way, my detention clock starts *check the watch* NOW"


I was in 3 different Walgreens last night trying to find a "contact thermometer" (the kind they use in medical offices, where they "swipe" your head, or go in your ear).

AMAZON doesn't even have them (or the 1 or 2 they do are upwards of $200).

An industrial infrared is going to get in the ballpark. But obviously not on the $$, unless it's a REALLY EXPENSIVE PRECISION PIECE (not a Milwaukee or DeWalt HomeDepot special).

I have an oral digital - fairly accurate (at least when I shoved it up my dogs chute last month - YES I CLEANED IT THOROUGHLY WITH ALCOHOL). Funny part is - I ALWAYS run "sub-normal" - my basline temp is usually around 97.5 (right now, it's 97.3 sub-lingual, no I'm not shoving it up there to be sure). So 98.6 (supposed normal) would be a FEVER for me.

Also - as of last night - GOOD LUCK FINDING AMMO ONLINE EITHER. A friend spent most of the day looking for 7.62NATO - finally found some. He asked if he could be a couple of hundred rounds from me - told him no.

HEY - I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND. Want some toilet paper there friend? Ammo - SHTF, you can come over here.



Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

This hysteria has kind of become this one-upmanship game where all of the governments are trying to prove who is the most dedicated to the safety of their citizens.

Like, "Oh, you're just going to close your schools? We'll close all our businesses!"

"Oh, you're only going to close your businesses? We're going to set a nightly curfew for all citizens!"

"Oh, you're only going to set a curfew? We'll make it illegal to leave your house at all!"

It's odd, and indeed quite eerie.

It really feels like this was all premeditated. It doesn't feel like governments intelligently managing a crisis on the fly, which of course no one believes this virus even constitutes anything near a crisis. It feels like they've had this plan all along and they're doing everything in quick, bite-size stages as quickly as we'll tolerate it in order to get to a final police state with everyone on complete lockdown.

"Governments intelligently managing"?

None of those words belong in the same sentence. Really need to proof-read your stuff sometimes (LOL).

While I get the sense this was a "made to order crisis" ("never let a crisis go to waste" - Saul Alinsky, and the left's operating credo).

San Francisco is under 24 hour lockdown now - well, except for the homeless. They'll get a "BOGO" there - keep their citizens locked up, and let their homeless die off. Nice move SF.

While the funeral pyres burn into the night, and the lonely sound of "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD" rings in the streets.

I think the virus itself is real (without getting into whether or not it's man-made -but funny how most of these seem to originate in China, and China gets all urinate-ey about being blamed for them), it's difference it the much higher communicability and the ability to live on surfaces longer than previous ones.

That aside - is also appears NO MORE DEADLY than any previous one. Certainly not what Ebola is, certainly not what HIV was in the 80's/90's (and ex-#2 has been + since '83 and will probably outlive us all, if for nothing other than SPITE).

This is not an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT. But it HAS been leveraged into a game-changer. And of course the blame is being laid AT TRUMPS FEET. Like the man or not, he's doing a pretty good job. But you never saw this level of panic during the previous admin - where THEIR flu pandemic had a higher mortality rate. And the panic is not ORIGINATING from THIS ADMIN.

So I'm still not down with "coordinated global(ist) conspiracy" - YET (or even national one). The response is too disorganized, haphazard and sloppy for their to be actual coordination (or someone/thing pulling the strings nationally/globally).

I DO THINK that many of the local governments see this as an opportunity to "flex their muscles" and see what they can get away with. Then again, I also saw the response to the "Boston Marathon Bombing" as the perfect dry run for doing "martial law" in a major metropolitan area - WITHOUT ACTUALLY DECLARING IT.

Again - never let a crisis go to waste.

I think the current admins response, is a measured one - WITHOUT OVERSTEPPING IT'S CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITATIONS. Whereas the PREVIOUS ONE, would have likely had us on a national lockdown ALREADY. And putting the federal government in charge NATIONALLY, brings us closer to the place WE DO NOT WANT TO GO.

Local governments that OVERSTEP THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITATIONS (even in time of crisis, manufactured or not), are going to show their leaders for WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

Notice some of the questions from the press yesterday at the WH briefing. "Why can't the states just get this stuff from the feds". "BECAUSE THEY CAN SOURCE AND OBTAIN IT MUCH FASTER THEMSELVES, than getting it from us. BUT IF THEY REQUEST, we will accommodate. ABSOLUTE FACT - the state/local govs can get stuff MUCH FASTER, than going through "federal bureaucracy". BRILLIANT (and truthful) RESPONSE.

And again - notice what has happened since this discussion was originally posted.

I had a long conversation with my ex-therapist yesterday - a brilliant women with gifted insight and observational skills. My position was - NO LOCKDOWN, let darwinism take over. Since the mortality rate is so low, and a vast majority of infected will have very little symptoms, let's just let it runs its course and get it over with. What's the use of a 30 day lockdown/quarantine - since the process will likely start ALL OVER, once people come out of hiding?

Her position (which made total sense after considering it - which it usually does when it comes to my friend June, even though I consider her bat-guano-crazy on many things) - FLATTEN THE CURVE (which is pretty much the admins position). If EVERYONE GETS SICK NOW - it WILL OVERWHELM our ability to care for the REALLY SICK - and MANY MORE WILL DIE. So if we can "stagger" the outbreak, we will have a better shot at treating more of the critically ill - instead of doing "triage", and deciding who lives and dies right there in the tent in the parking lot.

From a TRUCKING ASPECT - as supply chains CATCH UP TO DEMAND - I think we're going to (and are already seeing) a HUGE UPTICK IN LOADS - maybe even EXCEEDING CAPACITY TO CARRY. 2019 was a dumpster fire for trucking, where the anticipation of it being a HIGHER THAN AVERAGE YEAR (like '18), led to downsizing.


Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?


It's not the size of the weapon - it's how it is used :)


Nice try. But if you want to put up your rifles and pistols against missiles being dropped from aircraft... well, be my guest!

And if they're shooting cruise and hellfires @ american citizens/cities - it really IS ALL OVER now, isn't it?

I'll go down fighting for my city/state/country and my countryman. I SWORE AN OATH, that didn't expire when my enlistment did. AND TO THIS DAY - I TAKE THAT OATH SERIOUSLY.

Keeping in mind, from a political standpoint - "us gun-toting patriots" are the current POTUS's biggest supporters - he ain't gonna be SHOOTING AT US - WE WILL BE SHOOTING FOR HIM.

If it gets so far that there is a coup or other breakdown of government - again - IT REALLY IS ALL OVER.

So what's the difference at that point?

My biggest (personal) issue right now - is that a KEY MAN in any small 4-man operating unit I would form - is IN JACKSON MEMORIAL ISOLATION UNIT right now, with COVID-19. And this is a guy that trains PD's, SWAT Teams and military.

Him, my oldest son, and one other key player. Stay small - stay mobile.

Keep in mind - the "average gun owner" has no .mil experience, and no training. I've done more post-mil training serious tactical training (with some of the top tactical guys in the country - Travis Haley & Chris Costa), than I did in the mil. I was just ships security force and assistant armorer on my ship. The "average citizen" will be USELESS in Bretts "doomsday scenario", they will say "baaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh" and do what they're told to ensure their survival (and eventual slavery).

Which also makes me a target if SHTF. But it also means if this all goes to hell, after my amazon pickup today, I can be out the door in under 30 minutes (less if I just keep the truck loaded - but I don't want all that stuff riding around with me beforehand).


Keep in mind - many non-active "oath keepers" are our PD's, EMT's and other public service organizations - and THEY WILL NEVER TURN AGAINST THEIR COUNTRY OR COUNTRYMAN.

So when we talk about the "militia" being every american - and look at the people who are ACTUALLY READY TO DEFEND - there's still a whole helluvalot of us out here. And a majority have chosen to live in "relatively free states" FOR THAT VERY REASON.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

By the way, for all of the people with stockpiles of guns and ammunition for this sort of scenario? You'll be the first ones they'll be coming for.

Which is funny - because all my friends say they're coming to my place if SHTF.


I tell em GOOD LUCK WITH THAT - I'LL ALREADY BE BUGGED OUT, because I'm in the FIRST WAVE of those "they'll be coming for".

Hope for the best - PREPARE FOR THE WORST.

My "get home bag" has been in the truck all week. My "bugout kit", is almost finished going into bags (couple more items to get from my Monday Amazon delivery).

Is this the "endgame scenario"? It will crumble into total anarchy first, and millions will be sacrificed.

All I'm seeing is the hysteria gets worse by the day - but it's still local governments, not the feds (YET).

DOD has ordered NO DOMESTIC TRAVEL for military personnel. Trying to keep them on base where they can limit their exposure to the virus - or keeping them on base for a mobilization?

I'm neither scared nor paranoid - it's gonna be, what it's gonna be.

But when push comes to shove - I've got enough ammo to put up a decent fight, staying or leaving.



I've got a set of walkies I used when I was on tour, to keep track of band members. Fresh batteries and in the charger. They're FM with a private encrypted channel for secure comms.

The difference between "paranoid and prepared" - is a matter of "training and intellect".

I was in Walmart this afternoon - relative calm because there aren't any products to fight over. The "feminine products section" is bare too. These women have enough tampoons and pads to get them all the way through to menopause. It's INSANE out there. But strangely - the CONSERVATIVES are the ones most calm of the whole bunch (myself included).

I WILL be going to the bank in the AM - to pull out some cash for the vault. Though, if the whole thing goes to hell, paper (fiat) money will be worthless anyways.

I was by the longshoreman's union hall today. Port Everglades (the cruise capital of the SE), is getting the last batch of cruise ships. Tomorrow has 5 cruise ships coming in - and then THEY ARE DONE. One container ship, and that's all (we usually get 3 or 4 on a Monday).

There's going to be A LOT OF PEOPLE NOT GOING TO WORK - worried about paying their bills. WIth schools closed pretty much nation-wide - there's going to ba lot of PARENTS trying to figure out WHO IS GOIN TO WATCH THEIR KIDS (so they can go to work, if their businesses are actually open).

Publix supermarkets down here - are closing at 8 (usually at 11) to "disinfect and re-stock). Super Walmarts (24/7) are closing at 11 (to do the same).

At some point FEAR turns into FRUSTRATION. That's when CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE begins - and that's when loca/state authorities will start to "flex their muscles" under the guise of "maintaining order".

We're a little safer in here in the "dirty south" then our friends on the left(ist) "commie coast", and the NE - where the local governments are used to lording over their populaces.

This is snowballing rapidly - even in the week since we LAUGHED at the original post in this thread and called people PARANOID...


Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?


Are you old enough to remember all the hype and the money spent on the looming Y2K disaster? I am, and many more false national panic attacks. As a trucker, living this unique lifestyle, I do move about an awful lot, yet I have very little human interaction or contact. The isolation of this job is one of the many difficulties of it that people can't handle.

We have been under our own unique type of quarantine for generations.


I worked for a huge software company in 1999. I was working from home New Years Eve 1999 waiting for armageddon.

It never happened.

Been in IT since '84. Damn did I make some REAL $$ in '99. And I TOLD EVERYONE IT WAS BS - but they went ahead and spent anyways.

Interesting notion there Brett - of this being a "fire drill".

Had breakfast with some friends (regular meeting of the minds on Saturday). They're like "if we stay safe for 30 days" it'll all be over.

I'm like - until that ONE GUY walks into a crowded room of people, and it starts all over again.

Sheep will follow.


I'll never claim to understand the lack of logic, that goes along with the above...

Or we could look at the "fake oil war" between the Saudis and the Russians (getting ZERO AIRPLAY because of the Zombie-Virus) - all designed to make oil CHEEPER TO MPORT, THAN TO PRODUCE - so we SHUT DOWN OUR OIL FIELDS. Then it takes at least a year to get them back up to full production, AFTER THEY JACK THE PRICES BACK UP.

But with the "global distraction" of the media invoked "pandemic" - no one is even watching all the other "shady dealing" that's going on. ESPECIALLY THE UPCOMING ELECTION...


Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

With the inference of the original post - a QUARANTINE might just affect us.

Think "I am Legend" (Will Smith Zombie/Virus flick). What if DumBlasio decides to close the bridges and tunnels (don't laugh, they're just dumb enough).

Re-routes into the NE. DC closes down (love to bring my zombie-hunter .300 Blackout MCX out there), they shutdown 395, or maybe even 495 (like they're not parking lots already). Or Atlanta goes bat-guano and shuts down 75/85.

Don't laugh - it could happen.

This could screw the industry up even worse.

I'm already hearing from my longshoremen brothers down at Port Everglades and Miami that things are getting weird down there (I'm a member of ILA 1526 - yeah, yet another piece of plastic in my wallet I never use, but can always fall back on). Longshoremen move the cargo off the ships AND deal with the CRUISE INDUSTRY (baggage and food/freight coming on/off ships).

Now - I get that this is mainly hype/hysteria/POLITICS (where the Bad Orange Man is at fault in everything - he could CURE COVID-19 and folks would say he's screwing them out of the days off from work). Bill Mahr and others were praying for a recession to help unseat DJT (like what moron PRAYS for the country to suffer) - and we're looking at one if this continues at the "fever pitch" (see what I did there) that the media is jacking it up to be.


Yes, it's HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. Yes, it has a LATENT CONTAGIOUS PERIOD. Yes, it's LOWER RESPIRATORY (as opposed to most others that are upper, so there's a greater chance of pneumonia). Yes, PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM IT - but statistically, no more than any other but that goes around - it's just happening in a faster time-frame because of the faster/higher communicability of it.

If the HYSTERIA CONTINUES (or gets worse, as it seems to be) - this can & will create logistical nightmares FOR US.

Reefer folks are (as usual) going to be pretty safe - people ALWAYS HAVE TO EAT. But there are still going to be issues (factories closing due to illnesses - "out of an abundance of caution" type crapola).

Funny how this has gone from a "WTF are you worried about", to a full-blown panic (especially with the WHO Pandemic declaration), to ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE in 4 days. All sports cancelled (totally don't care myself, don't follow sports, and the Dolphins will ALWAYS SUCK). Towns on lockdown.

I'm seeing it at home in my IT Business. I've spent the last week, getting all the employees at my primary law office client (68 of them) setup for remote/work access. If someone gets SICK with COVID, they're going to shut the office down. My backup vendor (the guy who services my clients if something happens to me), is having all his employees work from home (I'd rather lose 10-15% productivity by having them remote in, than 40-50% by having 1/2 the office sick).

The issue is less for the 85% that won't even barely get sick from it - than the 15% that will (and that the 85% will BRING IT HOME TO INFECT others), and the 5% of those that are already immune compromised, elderly or young that will have severe/fatal outcomes.

Client at the law office - "I'm not worried about catching it myself, but I am worried about giving it to my 85 year old mother that lives with us". THIS CAUSES PANIC. Justifiable or not.

While the ACTUAL EFFECTS of this years FLU (it's THE FLU DAMMIT), are not as (statistically) horrible as they're being made out to be - this IS GOING TO AFFECT US AS DRIVERS. The mere "trickle down effect" in production chains, is going to slow us down. Panicked local governments shutting down access through their locales - is going to slow us down.

While the PANIC IS A JOKE - the effects it's having THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY - IS NOT. And it's going to GET WORSE - NOT BETTER for the immediate future.

Side Note: like, what's with the TOILET PAPER THING? Diarrhea isn't a symptom/effect. Why is everyone buying cases of toilet paper? And why won't WALMART OPEN ANOTHER DAMN REGISTER ALREADY? I mean - REALLY?

I normally don't carry my "get home bag" in my truck (POV), but it's in there now (med kit, spare weapon, backup mags, etc.). People are REALLY GETTING NUTS OUT THERE.

I mean - the NATIONAL GUARD is out in New Rochelle, NY - (to disinfect and deliver meals in a 1 mile "hot zone"). How long until someone tries to break out of a hot-zone and gets crazy enough to get themselves SHOT AT?

I am the last person to be paranoid or prone to hysteria. But I AM CONCERNED about those that ARE. Hysterical people do STUPID FECES.



Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Qutting Smoking.

Chantix is actually WELLBUTRIN.

FMCSA Advice On Smoking Cessation Meds

Additional Comments on an Occupational Medicine Forum

Wellbutrin (Chantix) is not SPECIFICALLY BANNED as a medication - BUT - YOUR COMPANY may not allow it, as it "can cause" DROWSINESS.

So if you decide to go that route - CHECK WITH YOUR SAFETY DEPARTMENT BEFORE YOU START. G-D Forbid you have an accident while on it - and they haven't given the OK, you could be in big(ger) trouble.

I'm a relapsed smoker. I've quit cold turkey. I've quit with the gum. I have two 180 piece nicorette gum boxes on top of my fridge for my next attempt - AFTER I LOSE 45 lbs. (haven't started the diet yet either - so much for NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS).

The gum is a DRUG REPLACEMENT THERAPY. If you actually follow the protocol of of dosage reduction - you can do it "gently" over 12 weeks, and stop the gum completely (done it twice that way). Most people end up STAYING ON THE GUM (my sister has for 20 years, as have many friends).

It is a "healthier alternative" to smoking. But it still ain't cheap - cost almost as much as the cigs themselves (assuming 10-12 pieces a day).

Most folks also don't follow the DIRECTIONS (chew until you get a stinging sensation, then park between cheek and gum), but CHEW FURIOUSLY to get that instant "nicotine bump" (ask me how I know - my doc told me "you know yer doing that wrong" - told him "GFY and mind his own business, what're you, my mother" - LOL - but I have that kind of relationship with my doc).

Lots of folks VAPE - but my personal opinion (BIAS) is that ANYTHING you introduce into your lungs aside from AIR is potentially harmful (and even AIR is questionable in some places). So to me "safer alternative" is NOTHING AT ALL. Just ask the guys that have had vape batteries blow up in their faces.


After quitting (the last time), on the gum for 6 months - I gave myself permission to have the ONE SMOKE I REALLY MISSED - THE AFTER DINNER CIGGIE. Which then gave me "permission" to have the "after lunch ciggie", then the "after breakfast ciggie" - and pretty soon, I'm squeezing my legs together on the way to the bathroom in the morning because I can't find the frikkin lighter.

And as a recovering alcoholic/addict with DECADES SOBER - I SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Picking up that first cig - is the same as the first beer/joint/crack-pipe. And I KICK MYSELF FOR DOING IT (the cigs, haven't done the others in almost 20 years).

Anyways - I do know people that went the Chantix/Wellbutrin route - they ALL REPORT BIZARRE DREAMS (as well as some other side-effects). I know folks that report "vivid dreams" on the patch too. I have other friends on Wellbutrin as a "psych med", and while they "aint right" to being with, you can tell they're being medicated (or in many cases, OVERMEDICATED).

In a "safety-sensitive-position", like DRIVING A TRUCK - I'm not sure I'd be OK with it - without knowing FOR SURE how it affects you (and this varies from individual to individual) - so again, BE SURE AND CHECK WITH YOUR SAFETY DEPARTMENT ON THIS. You'll likely find most are going to give a THUMBS DOWN - just to err on the side of CAUTION.

But I'm not a doctor, or a safety manager - just a "technical advisor"...


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Long time no see TT! It's been awhile.

Congrats and waves there youngster.

Best to you and the wife...


Posted:  2 months, 4 weeks ago

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How do you guys plan your stop for the night?


I rely heavily on my Truck Stop Guide. Add notes as needed, too. Things like how good the parking is, restaurants, ones to avoid, scales with parking, etc.

I always have several plans on where I am going to park. Usually plans "A through E", because things can (and will) change every single day.

Adult Book Store with parking.

Though no one would catch that, did you...


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DACA Recipient

I'm not a lawyer. I do know how to read and where to look for the applicable laws though. Your best bet would be to consult with an attorney. Since you're asking on a trucker forum here's the trucker answer:

There are three routes you can take:

Option #1 Get a CDL

You don't qualify. Per FMCSA ยง383.71

"(9) The person must provide proof of citizenship or lawful permanent residency as specified in Table 1 of this section, or be registered under paragraph (f) of this section."

As Rick said if you get a green card you will become a lawful permanent resident but you don't qualify right now. Green cards can take years to get and can cost thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Option #2 Get a Non-domiciled CDL

States are permitted to issue a CDL to an individual who is not domiciled within its jurisdiction. This works for citizens of most countries but since the US recognizes CDL equivalents from Mexico and Canada natives of these countries are not eligible for this program so this won't work for you.

Option #3 Get a Mexican CDL

Get a Mexican CDL from Secretariat of Communication and Transport ( You can legally drive in all 50 states with a Mexican CDL. You can legally work for a US carrier with a work permit (Form I-766 employment authorization document). This is your best bet. Much quicker and cheaper than getting a green card.

Interesting perspective.

#1 - as you (and I) elaborated - non-qualified under current immigration status.

#2 - since he (likely) has been a resident since childhood, and since FMCSA and state DMV's have really scrutinized non-domciled CDL's (to the point where some companies are now making you get a CLP in your home state, then upgrading there) - like not a good option. He "might" be able to get an "itra-state only" CDL in CA (MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT), but that doesn't get him on with an OTR company.

#3 - likely the WORST OPTION. He will have to claim citizenship/residency in Mexico to obtain one, and compromise his current DACA immigration status - and run the REAL RISK of not being re-admitted into the US, since he will have asserted his citizenship/residency in Mejico. I'm sure INS/CBP would LOVE TO SEE someone throw away a DACA.

Since trucking is one of those heavily regulated industries, and people who are BORN HERE have hurdles to jump through, I doubt anyone (but Commiefornia) is going to make it easier for someone with "grey-area-immigration-status" to get a job where you have to be an american citizen or legal permanent resident to qualify under federal regs. You will likely NOT GET A HIRE from an OTR company that does CDL Training, as there are numerous applicants WITHOUT status issues to choose from.

And while it's sad that children who were brought here illegally are stuck in "legal limbo" while the idiots in DC fight over it - either the laws are ENFORCED OR IGNORED...


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Big Friday Announcements - New Article from Kearsey, Old School is honored by his company, and 3 new moderators!

Very cool.

Congrats to Dale/Old School.

Congrats to the new mods Been awhile since people have been "kicked upstairs"...

Good stuff there Brett...


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Just watched a driver beside me at a truck stop roll a joint

I would have called the police immediately.

Did you, Grumpy?

Dunno about the coppers - definitely his company. Unless he was an Independent O/O - then, possibly the coppers.

Though - if he was in a weed-legal state, a local-yokel may not know how to deal with a CMV driver in simple possession. In which case a call to the State Troopers.


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