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Retired from a 30 year career in computer technology. Finally realized that it was the journey I really enjoyed and not the destination. So in January of 2013 I fulfilled my lifelong love of trucks and driving by enrolling in Swift's Richmond Academy. Graduated, passed the CDL test, and went OTR for 240 hours with a mentor. Once that was completed, I was re-tested by Swift and offered a job. Overall a great experience. I wish I knew about this website while I was contemplating this as a career and while I was in school. Great information exchange.

Fast forward to the current, I am working for Swift as a dedicated driver assigned to the WALMART account in north central PA. Best job I ever had.

Happy to truthfully answer any questions about Swift and/or my experience in school and training.

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Posted:  7 hours, 39 minutes ago

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Thinking of Packrat...

PackRat of all the things you have written, for me; walking 2.8 miles as a recent heart transplant recipient is truly amazing and inspirational.

I wish you all the best!

Posted:  22 hours, 9 minutes ago

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Switched To A Local Account

I’ll restate something already posted;

Until Jamie has some extended experience with this new job; any comparison to his OTR income is a tad anecdotal at this point.

Like I said...delivering for Home Depot tends to be seasonal with demand. Once he has a full year of paychecks, then and only then can he make an accurate comparison.

And...and, if Jamie is happy with the new gig...that is really great. We all need to find our niche’ in this business... sometimes it takes a while. Tractor knows all about this.

Good luck Jamie, be safe in the neighborhoods and conduct yourself with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. It will be noticed.

Posted:  22 hours, 18 minutes ago

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Restarting after 3 years

Tractor wrote...

Mark, I stand by my original post. Companies are hiring drivers and students left and right these days. If I read your original post correctly, you did originally drive for 7 months? Then had family issues?. If you have a clean driving record, no preventables in your previous jobs with Celadon or Werner, a clean criminal record, (although not completely necessary. There are several drivers on this forum that have been hired, even with felonies), and a steady employment record, there are 50 companies that will have you in orientation next week. Get the Driver Pulse app on your phone and apply today. Good Luck! Please report back and make a liar out of me if necessary.


Tractor if you reread his initial post, he actually quit twice before finishing training at Celadon and then Werner. It doesn’t appear as though he had any solo, 1st seat experience; and if he did, definitely no where near 7 months. Mark if you don’t mind, could you kindly confirm this?

I do think (like Tractor), his best bet is to return, hat in hand to Celadon and Werner and humbly request a second chance. Be honest...of the two, Werner may be more forgiving since it was a serious health emergency in the family.

Mark use these links to help expedite the process:

Paid CDL Training Programs

Apply For Paid CDL Training

I do caution you Mark that you must be 100% committed and see it through. Might be your last chance...

Good luck to you!

Posted:  1 day, 5 hours ago

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Rick C.'s CDL renewal journal

Classroom week done, yay. Painfully long at times, but it's mandated so whatcha gonna do.

Next two weeks: pre-trip, coupling, backing, etc. Two weeks?? Yeah, only 3-4 hour days and... mandated.


So loosely translated; you think it’s unnecessary? Beneath you? A waste of time?

Maybe “watcha” should do is maintain a positive attitude, stop complaining, focus and learn something, so that this time around you don’t fail at this career.

Posted:  1 day, 6 hours ago

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Switched To A Local Account

There is a pattern with several members (some former), that seem to take great pleasure in posting once or twice a month and offering content of little to no value, opposing that which is reasonable. And then disappearing...back into the safety of other social media outlets. Ring a bell Chris?

When anyone makes an unsubstantiated claim like: “I’ve doubled my pay since moving to a local job”, and then changing the story, a request for supporting information and clarity of context is warranted. It’s a request that’s neither invasive or offensive. An unsupported claim that is either far left or far right of conventional wisdom; is NOT about the truth Chris. It’s actually irresponsible and sends the wrong message to many unsuspecting readers.

Posted:  1 day, 23 hours ago

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First Year Solo done

Don showing Bruce how it's done...

A daycab is like a Smart Car when compared to sleeper cab

Now that's funny!

By the way Don...job well done! Congratulations for beating the odds and achieving 1 year of experience.

Posted:  2 days, 1 hour ago

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Classic Rainy...bravo.

I’d vote for you Girl! Although I doubt you’d ever run for office...too smart, too honest, and you clearly value your privacy.

Usually I stay out of these types of conversations...but like many of you, I am so sick of being told what I should and should not accept in our liberally contempt society.

If something stinks like sh**, looks like sh**, I avoid stepping in it and too damn bad if it offends someone who elevates their rights above mine just because I’m heterosexual, love woman, fear God, believe in the death penalty, hate communism, eat meat and will always (hopefully) stand while I pee.


Posted:  2 days, 3 hours ago

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Switched To A Local Account

So to not try and butt heads with anyone, we have seen cases recently, where some Schnieder drivers were making significantly more or less per mile. With the same experience, perhaps Jamie was one of those guys who signed on at a lower rate, and is making now what he claims. Seems to me since I have been around he's been on the road ALOT, turning miles. I just don't think we have all of the information here to claim he isnt being truthful, or hard working.

Just my .02, have a great and safe day everyone.

CPM is only part of the equation. Mileage and other forms of pay like stop pay and bonus pay must also be considered. In the end it all comes down to mileage per week, per month and per quarter.

I copied this link; it's from Schneider's website: Schneider Pay

It clearly states $49,000+ is a reasonable expectation for first year pay. We constantly reinforce the concept of first year pay in the range of 40-45k total. This is where the learning curve is absorbed and experienced. That said, I doubt Jamie is doubling his income. Until he has a full year of pay history, no idea how he or anyone else can make a claim like; "I am doubling my pay". He does not have enough data or experience to back his claim, which is why more than 1 forum member is casting doubt on his post.

Posted:  2 days, 7 hours ago

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Switched To A Local Account

Jamie along with what has been said; depending on the region of the country you are working this type of gig can be rather seasonal as the need for building materials diminishes during the winter months.

The other thing to realize; these trucks make both commercial and non-commercial deliveries. Thus you’ll be navigating tree lined residential streets with your rig placing bulky “stuff” on driveways and grassy areas. Be careful.

Good luck with it.

Posted:  3 days, 2 hours ago

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The TruckingTruth Meet Up Thread

Bruce has a dream...

My dream is to meet Todd and get some photos.

I'm sure Todd has a similar dream...

Posted:  3 days, 2 hours ago

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Hours in truck, miles, home time.

Stephen this sounds like a Dedicated Account.

As far as I know, Schneider only runs Temperature Control in their Dedicated Lanes. Depending on the account; that will have a direct effect on CPM (pay), mileage and of course home time. I run NorthEast Regional Walmart Dedicated for Swift. My pay, mileage and home time is vastly different then my OTR brethren.

My suggestion is to contact your recruiter, inquire on the information you posted and find out what account you will be assigned to. Once you know these things we can better assist you.

Reviewing these links will also help you to build a stronger knowledge base, setting reasonable expectations.

Good luck!

Posted:  4 days, 1 hour ago

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Don't Watch Stuff On Your Phone While Driving

Although not in a commercial vehicle, I was in Vegas in April. I get into a Lyft and the driver asked me if I liked Game of Thrones. I told him I never watched it and he was like "you should watch it with me" and pointed at his phone, he was streaming it on his phone while driving down the strip and nearly killed us twice.

And you continued riding with him? Why?

Posted:  4 days, 1 hour ago

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Does Swift train you in automatic or standard?

I spoke to them at my local swift academy and told me they train and test you in a manual but when you get out with a trainer and get your own truck it will be an automatic, this is because they want to avoid that restriction on your license.

In 2-3 years time...I doubt they will continue with this policy. Since they are not purchasing manual shift trucks (not since 2016 model year) the Academy fleets age, they will be replaced with auto-shift tractors. It's inevitable...

Posted:  4 days, 1 hour ago

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Does Swift train you in automatic or standard?

Went through training with swift starting in October last year, my trainer had an auto shifter. You train in whatever truck your trainer is assigned to or leasing, so depends on that. I know like 90% of company assigned trucks were auto shifter at the time as well.

School (for CDL) and Training (Mentoring, post CDL) are two different things...

As of right now the Swift Academies still "teach" their students in 8 and/or 10-speed manuals. Please refer to what Errol posted earlier.

And "yes", Swift began transitioning to an auto-shift fleet with the model year 2016. Which means once the 2015's (150xxx number series) are phased out (like "now")... Swift will be very close-to 100% auto-shift. Only L/O's can order a truck with a manual and I am quite sure over time, that too will end.

Posted:  4 days, 4 hours ago

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Researching who to train/drive with

Did you miss this?

Fact, there is going to be a significant learning curve with every company. During the first year you are basically paid to learn and can expect to earn about 45k. Your income potential has everything todo with how quickly you can become efficient and safe. CPM of a few cents here and there has little effect on first year pay.

Trucking is 100% performance based. Burn that concept into your "brainware".

Top performers make top money. It's no different at Steven's; I can assure you their top drivers are making 65- 70k annually. Go to their website and click the link for the 3 million-mile driver they have featured. Do you think he is worried about 10CPM?


Your first year (again) is all about learning... Maintaining focus on a 10CPM lower starting pay as compared to other companies is a waste of your time and has far less effect on your first year income than you believe. You have no idea if you'll even make it that far...and if you do, Steven's (like all of the other carriers) will bump your rate as you begin to prove yourself and focus on learning to be a top performing driver.

Remember what I said about performance?

Although I do not drive for Stevens', I am familiar with their training process and methodology. I believe it's one of the best in the business and will effectively prepare you for this career.

And for the record...I drive for Swift; over 6 years now and my income this year will likely eclipse 80k (have you ever read that about Swift on the internet?). I didn't achieve that level of performance over night...this industry requires commitment, tenacity, patience, consistency, laser-focus and a desire for excellence. Focus on those elements; NOT starting CPM and I promise you better pay will bless your future. Get in the game, learn how it's the best.

Good luck!

Posted:  4 days, 23 hours ago

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One year in the books


Posted:  4 days, 23 hours ago

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Gauge weight SHIFTS?

All that plus, if you have air-suspension on your tractor and/or trailer, the air can bleed (doesn't take long) from the bags causing a shift in weight balance.

Posted:  5 days, 8 hours ago

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Swift hair follicle test

Pack Rat wrote:

We should make one: If You Are Into Drugs, Hang Around With People Into Drugs, Or May Be Asking For A Friend That May Use Drugs.....Please Wait Five Years Before Considering This Industry!

Drugs And Commercial Motor Vehicles DO NOT MIX!

I 100% agree with this.

It’s not about being clean for 3 months; it’s about staying clean well beyond that if truck driving is the career you want. A lifestyle adjustment, that for some might be significant.

To be blunt; I don’t want to be driving next to a truck with an operator who blew a joint hours before.

No tolerance.

Posted:  5 days, 8 hours ago

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Researching who to train/drive with

Stevens has turned into my last resort option.

I cringe when I read a statement like this...

As an unproven student with no skills and limited knowledge, you have little to offer any company; let alone one that is arguably a top training company. Stevens will teach you to be a safe truck driver; “priceless” in every way. Probably not your intent, but thumbing your nose at them comes off as rather arrogant.

Fact, there is going to be a significant learning curve with every company. During the first year you are basically paid to learn and can expect to earn about 45k. Your income potential has everything todo with how quickly you can become efficient and safe. CPM of a few cents here and there has little effect on first year pay.

Not sure if you’ve read any of these links but if you haven’t; I highly suggest reviewing them and then throwing-out everything else you’ve read on the inter web...

Good luck.

Posted:  1 week ago

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Doing The Happy Dance.. My sweetie is doing better

Wow...bad news; really good news and great news!

Best wishes for a happy life!

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