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Posted:  1 day, 9 hours ago

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The Great Freight Recession Has Now Lasted Longer Than The COVID Bull Market

I mentioned before that I think the shippers are going to try to keep this marketplace like this for as long as possible. In turn the large carriers are going to keep this as long as possible in regards to their drivers. It's counterintuitive but they are benefitting from it as well. It's driving the cost of labor down. If they can keep it down, they will. Overall, I see this current state staying for a long time, it's too profitable for the large corporations to let go of.

Interesting that you mention this as I was speaking to management in my building not too long ago about this.

I brought up how FedEx freight's shipments per day dropped from 120k to 90k. He told me he didn't expect it to get back to where it was. He said the focus on customers was qualtity over quantity. They raised shipping prices and were fine letting go of anybody that didn't want to pay the increase.

We saw it with FedEx Express being ok with USPS going to UPS. They're still making a bunch of money, but labor costs have dropped significantly.

During Covid, we saw an increase in employee demand leading to increased wages. It seems like a move to make people desperate and take what they can get leading to wage stagnation.

Posted:  2 days ago

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Quick 4-minute trucker survey

Another one of these "research project" surveys. My advice is don't hit any blind links. Phishing links are a huge issue.

I'm not sure if that's what this is, but not worth the risk in my opinion.

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Question about the DOT physical

Copy that.

Is there a DOT standard/reg that supports your position? I’m not gonna argue with your answer (we all hate it when someone asks a question, we provide an answer, then the questioner wants to argue with the answer).

There is no DOT reg that says you have to go to the doctor they choose. That's not the part that matters though.

The part that matters is that there is no law that states they can't. An employer can require you to use their doctor and you can refuse, but they can terminate you for refusing.

Just like your employer requiring you to submit the long form. There is no law that says you have to, but there's no law that says they can't require it as a condition of employment.

If they're not breaking the law, they're in the clear.

Posted:  2 weeks, 6 days ago

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Massive Layoffs At UPS A Big Win For The Union!

What I'm doing is pointing out the fact that not all childhood beliefs make a solid foundation for proper financial planning.

I agree with that, but I believe what somebody has attained has no bearing on my life. If you told me you have a million dollars it doesn't benefit me or harm me in any way. Why would I care?

Good people don't see a fancy boat in the neighbor's driveway and want one for themselves because that would be consumerism and greed.

I think that's freedom of choice. I live in what's now a high tourist area because of the water parks, hiking trails, AirBnBs and other attractions. Every summer I see all these 100k+ cars. When I was younger I'd think "I wish I had one" and now that I'm older I think "that dumb ass spent 120k on what my Toyota does". It's just a material tool. I think it's stupid, but it's their money, their choice. It doesn't benefit me or hurt me in anyway and I have no control over it.

That's how I look at corporate execs. I think they're grossly overpaid, but I understand how they arrived at that number. There's absolutely nothing that I or a union can do about it. It's a decision made by board members and majority share holders. I'll never be either one, so I have no say in it. What I do have control over is who I choose to work for and what I agree to work for. Nobody will ever ask me what I think the CEO should make, just like Knight never asked Old School if the CEO should get a severance package. It's completely out of our control, so I don't lose sleep over it.

My life and even 2023 has been filled with sucker punch after sucker punch. It felt like every time I turned around there was another tragedy or obstacle waiting for me. I don't have the energy to care about how much money somebody else makes or what they have.

If you should be proud of getting less than you deserve, should you be ashamed of fighting for your fair share? If you should be happy having very little, should you be ashamed of achieving prosperity?

I don't think anybody is happy accepting less, I think that's they're only option. I've worked hard to make sure it's not my only option. 50 years ago, you could buy a house working at a steel factory or managing a supermarket. You'd work for 45 years and die 5 years later. That's not how it works today.

People are more concerned with making people believe their well off by flaunting material positions, than actually being well off. Just look at the repo data.

And what about inspiration? Where should that come from?

For me? It comes from success and the success of others. I have no intention of reinventing the wheel, so I just follow the blueprint. More sacrifice and hard work. It wasn't easy to leave the only home I've ever known and move 100 miles west because it was the only option I had for home ownership, but I did it. Lots of other people could've done it too, but they chose not to. Now they complain that rent in NYC is at about 5k a month.

Now I have the opportunity to build on it further so I use tools available to pick the brains of people that have already done it. I can avoid their mistakes and know what to look for. Do you know what I did when I was on furlough? I did grunt work for a guy that flips houses. I cleaned up all of his construction projects and he paid me like 12/hr, but I didn't do it for the money. I did it to get information from him. He explained to me how he finds these cheap properties, how he learned to fix them up, how to contract out work and he hooked me up with his realtor. I could've easily said "I'm not doing that hard work for 12 dollars" like a lot of people would've, but then I'd just be sitting at home doing nothing. And you know what's the craziest part? He was excited to share all of this. I simply asked "how'd you find this place?" And he became a faucet. He wouldn't stop.

That is what inspires me. Not a Benz, not a boat and not a tacky McMansion.

Staying at a single employer for 45 years does not benefit anybody. At one point it did, that time has passed. That's why I believe unions don't really serve a purpose anymore. If a person wants to work for a union employer, more power to them, but I don't care. I want to get paid as much as I can and invest as little of my time as possible. FedEx checks both of those boxes.

That's how I think and the stuff I think about.

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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Massive Layoffs At UPS A Big Win For The Union!

My father was in the steelworker's union for 18 years, then the union for Correction Officers for five years after that until his passing.

That's it? An industry that lost it's market share to foreign competitors and a bureaucracy that accepts whatever's put in front of them because in 4 years it's the next politicians problem? That's the basis for "unions will save everybody and make stuff fair"?

I was never in a trucking union.

That's not what Lion men do, Brett. I can't believe you let them take advantage of you. Let's write a skit about what those CEOs were saying about you when you were running hard for them. I guess you didn't care about "the future of everybody's kids" when you were lining your pockets.

My grandfather, the foreman at Bethlehem

Right in my back yard. A company that had horrible working conditions and had to be sued to meet pension responsibilities. Sign me up!

My view on unions regarding trucking is that the old-school unions no longer fit today's business model.

That's interesting because yesterday when I said

Because the unions membership numbers are dwindling

You said

Yap, thanks to guys like you.

Now it's

They were created during a much different era and haven't adapted. They became relegated to one part of the industry, their reputation is tarnished, they don't have the support they used to have, and they don't seem to have a vision for the future. They seem to be riding it out and doing their best while staying within the old paradigm.

So, I was right? Unions have little to no effectiveness in today's workplace.

Glad we hashed this out.

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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Massive Layoffs At UPS A Big Win For The Union!

Except that I clearly did know that, and even included a joke about it in the skit, which you missed

Well the skit was poorly written. There weren't many jokes in it, other than the poor attempt at making fun of my childhood and the lessons that I took from it. Lessons that led to some massive growth and led to the person am I today which I'm very proud of.

Not to mention, my girlfriend worked at FedEx for 20 years and laughed about you taking the alert line seriously, so I knew exactly what it was, how it worked, and what I was talking about. So, you're wrong again.

Not really. You nor your girlfriend don't know anything about the success I've had using the alert line. And since you said "worked" past tense, it matters even less.

I also wouldn't put too much stock in her information since you believed FedEx was one big opco not too long ago when freight started their furloughs. You know, how you insisted on how it terrible it was Fedex was laying off during "peak season" and I told you it's not our peak season and you needed to hear how it's not our peak season.

I'm assuming your done with the union talk, since you're not discussing it anymore and we're now discussing who knows more about FedEx and your horrible skits (maybe ask AI to write it next time), I'll leave this alone. If you need more union info, let me know.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Massive Layoffs At UPS A Big Win For The Union!

Yap, thanks to guys like you.

Not really. It's because they can't organize and suck at that they do. If they were actually useful, they'd have no problems signing employees up. It'll probably get worse now, with what UPS is about to do.

One of them is when a person starts playing dumb

When you can't attack the argument, attack the person.

Banks, you know exactly what they did about it, so why did you ask? Why are you pretending you don't know?

I really don't.

They got a huge raise for their drivers.

It's that what they did in response to the CEO's poor decision? And I wouldn't say it's a huge raise. 8 dollars over 5 years doesn't even keep up with inflation and it's in line with what hourly people at non union employees get.

Previously I had given a link to an article about the raise their drivers received, we discussed that raise, and I even broke down the worker pay and executive pay.

I saw that. That 8 dollars an hour over 5 years is really closing the gap on that 40M. Good job, teamsters. What will the CEO be making in 5 years? Doesn't matter because the union has no say. It's up to the board and the share holders.

Exec #2: What? There's no way that 'alert line' worked!

Now you're making up skits rofl-3.gif

And poorly written ones at that. The alert line doesn't go to execs and the CEO, it's handled by a third party company and at a local level. It's funny how you continue to make stuff up on things you know nothing about.

CEO: Yeah, but wait. That's not the best part. He won't even question our salaries. He doesn't care how much we make compared to his measly little salary.

Yeah, I really need that union to get 8 dollars over 5 years and close in on that 50M.

"Frowning upon pocket-watching" is a way for parents to tell their kids that they're too poor to buy the things their friends have.

Not really. Believe it or not, they're weren't too many rich people in the projects. Crazy, I know. It was more to keep us from focusing on what people that did illegal things have so we wouldn't follow that path. It also taught us to be resourceful and build on what we did have, but keep speaking on things you don't know or understand in absolutes. I'm actually laughing at this stuff.

What are the chances you will ever become wealthy if you were taught that wealthy people are immoral?

Pretty good in today's age. See where I said

I think this is the easiest time to learn how to be wise with money and grow a portfolio or do something else. Podcasts, YouTube, Google, forums and AI are all priceless free tools that can teach you how to do anything or point you in the right direction. Social media is a networking tool. I can reach out to anybody in any field and pick their brain. It's amazing and valuable to anybody willing to use the tools.

I'll wait for your next poorly written skit and bag of insults. It's not my fault UPS shot this thread down announcing the layoffs of thousands of unions in the next few years, but I'll bare the cross.

I know, I know I'll always be poor, I'm hopeless and "not a lion" lol.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Massive Layoffs At UPS A Big Win For The Union!

And I even forgot the butch Lewis act. Why are my tax dollars supporting union pensions that I never paid into and will never receive?

Because the unions membership numbers are dwindling and they don't have enough money to support retirees that are living longer than expected. If that bill wasn't signed they'd be SOL on those pension payments. Thanks unions.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Massive Layoffs At UPS A Big Win For The Union!

I've got news for any men who think this way. It is not ok to allow another man to take advantage of you.

Why do you think that people not supportive of unions are ok with being taken advantage of? Do you not think that the union is just another business model taking advantage of members? It's not a free service.

It's not ok for another man to steal the fruits of your labor and force your kids to grow up with very little. Men are meant to be fighters. We're providers and protectors. Stand up and be men and fight!

Union employers do the same. CEOs of union companies and non union fortune 500 companies get paid millions. Unions don't and can't do anything to stop that. I'm still not sure what you're expecting to happen here.

As we speak, home ownership is out of reach now for 75% of Americans, and it continues to get worse.

Again, nothing to do with Unions. The cause of this is investment firms like Black Rock are buying up houses. I don't care how good the contract the union gets you is, you'll never be able to outbid black rock. You'd have to be at their level financially or be comfortable moving to an area that's less than desirable.

What I'm questioning is your acceptance of the situation as hopeless, your determination that unions can not improve it, and your willingness to do nothing about it.

Like I've stated, unions have no hand in what the top 10% earn and they have no hand in the real estate market. That's how I determined they can't improve anything.

Again, I'm also not hopeless. I think this is the easiest time to learn how to be wise with money and grow a portfolio or do something else. Podcasts, YouTube, Google, forums and AI are all priceless free tools that can teach you how to do anything or point you in the right direction. Social media is a networking tool. I can reach out to anybody in any field and pick their brain. It's amazing and valuable to anybody willing to use the tools. Please stop saying I'm hopeless, because that's very far from the truth. I'm realistic and optimistic.

The situation is dire. It is not okay to say you won't fight for fairness because "Pocket-watching was frowned upon when I was growing up."

Yep. I was taught you never count another man's money, you do the best you can with what you've got and I've done a damn fine job of it. Not bad for a kid from the projects in Brownsville.

Your kids will inherit the result of your efforts

I agree. My parents have nothing to leave me when they pass. My son will be fine when I pass because of life insurance and inheritance.

We can't have people who give up and say it's hopeless or write it off as someone else's responsibility.

I haven't written anything off as anyone's responsibility. I've been consistent in saying personal accountability is lacking today.

I find it interesting that I'm neither a worker nor a parent, yet I'm more willing to stand up and fight for a better future for workers than some workers who are parents!

O boy, that'd be a nasty fall from that high horse. What exactly is a better future for workers? Unions? I remember unions being big in factories and then those jobs were outsourced to India, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Mexico and Brazil. Didn't work out to great for them. Then we have Yellow, where the union refused to discuss the contract unless money was discussed and the company was hanging by a thread. Those union employees got no say and the gates were locked. No, it's UPS that's investing a bunch of money in automated buildings to replace people.

Fast food places have done the same. Walk into a McDonald's and you have to go to the kiosk. Order on the app and you'll get a discount.

And that's before we get into the immigrant crisis. They're willing to do the jobs for a lot less in way worse conditions. What's the union doing about that? I know, backing the politicians causing it.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Massive Layoffs At UPS A Big Win For The Union!

You've decided that having low expectations hurts less when you wind up with very little in the end, which you will, and allowing others to take advantage of you is ok as long as you don't mind, which they do.

I'm not taken advantage of. I work for FedEx because I genuinely like the company. I'm paid well and my schedule is pretty leisurely allowing plenty of free time for my family and things I want to do. Money is not a concern at this stage of my life because I live comfortably.

I can say this: your attitude is much appreciated by some. In fact, the higher-ups could never pull off this caper if there weren't enough workers like yourself.

On the contrary, my supervisors aren't very find of me because I use Fedex's open door policy for everything. I use the Alert line if there's a manager that gets out of line or I feel they've done something wrong. It goes to a third party company that notifies HR, my service center manager and the district manager. It works very well. I can also access the company policy book from home and download it chapter by chapter. I don't need a union to speak to for me. I'm very capable of doing it myself.

Seriously, Anheuser Busch put a boy dressed as a girl on their product. It cost the company tens of billions of dollars and destroyed their brand for years, but the CEO keeps his $40 million per year job. That's what they call leadership in this country???

I'm aware. What did the union do about that?

Are you certain of that, Banks? Is that a fact in your mind?

I'm very certain. I'm sure the thousands that are about to be laid off from UPS due to them closing of 200 sort centers over the next 4 years agree with me.

You've not only convinced yourself of a lie, but you've made it your mission to support that lie.

I haven't lied once.

I started this conversation because unions racked up one win after another across the board in recent years, which is a proven fact, but those are inconvenient facts for you, aren't they?

Not really. They signed some college athletes, means nothing for the common person and UPS fired some middle management. Carol Tomé just announced the closing of a bunch of facilities and leaning into automation, which will result in thousands more (mostly union workers) losing their jobs. Is that a union loss? I pay very close attention to this stuff because it's the industry I'm in. If I need to move, I'll do it early. Notice I mentioned this happening at a UPS and gave specific locations way before it was announced on business news.

Our society is in this mess because too many people thought we could ignore the problem.

Our society is a mess because kids grew up being told their special and in an era of instant gratification. There's a blatant sense of entitlement that's mind blowing. Everybody deserves more, but nobody is willing to do anything to get more. Nobody wants to sacrifice.

I spoke to an older lady not too long ago that just got back from spending the winter in Mexico. I asked how she was able to afford it and she said "by eating rice and beans and not eating out". No credit cards or over leveraging.

My story is similar. I grew up in Brooklyn and shortly after getting married my wife and I went to an open house for a new building with condos. They wanted to 250k for a studio. For those of you that don't know, a studio is an efficiency. A small living space with no separate rooms. My wife and I had a conversation and decided to leave. We got online and looked for the cheapest areas to live that were close to us and the Poconos popped up. The homes were cheap and had not recovered from the 2008 fall out. I bought my house for 70k in 2015. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Today, it's worth about 300k. I'm considering pulling a HELOC and buying some rental properties, but I need to do more research.

I can also tell you that I learned a lot when we first moved here and it wasn't easy. Things got so bad, I sold my wedding ring and now I just wear a black rubber one because I'll never be able to replace my original ring. I never blamed anybody else for my hard times. I accepted it, manned up and did what I had to do. I jumped from job to job taking the highest offers I can get. Nobody wants to sacrifice, but everybody is entitled.

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