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Posted:  1 day ago

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FedEx Freight Driver Apprentice

You're going to my building so you're experiences would be very similar to mine. My instructor is no longer teaching, but the people they have are great.

Idk how these hiring events work because I never stick around for them, but I suggest having your permit already and as long as you have less than 3 moving violations, you should be good.

Posted:  4 days, 15 hours ago

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I Think It's Time to Move On

It depends. If you're working P/D, it would be days. Some LTL companies like FedEx and T Force, will hire you as a P/D driver and have you work the dock overnight with the occasional road run. This is mainly the case at hubs. An EOL center won't have P/D drivers work the dock.

If it's linehaul, you're more likely to be on extra board which, in my experience, means you come in once your 10 hour break is up.

Once you have enough seniority to bid something regular, it'll be overnight.

Posted:  1 week ago

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What If The Judge Doesn’t Show Up To Court?

Everytime I've pp pled not guilty, it's been to a clerk that then schedules the date to stand before the m magistrate. Plead not guilty and hire a local attorney if you can. They can't make you plead guilty for any reason.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Some questions about truck driving

The food service jobs pay great and will usually have you home everyday, but other than that it's tough. There's a lot of squeezing into areas that would be tough to do as you learn on the go.

Having said that, I believe Sysco recently started a driving program. I know performance foods has one that Rob went through.

There are also LTL companies that offer training. I got my training from FedEx freight and Daniel is an instructor for Old Dominion Freight Lines. Most of these jobs will have you home daily.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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President’s mandate given earlier today

It's crazy. I've had people tell me I deserve to die because I won't get vaccinated, without asking why I won't get it. It's automatically because I'm deplorable trumptard and a white supremacists (even though I'm Hispanic).

A lot of this is people emboldened because they're hiding behind a screen.. These aren't things people would say to your face because they'd have consequences. Where I grew up, saying certain things or looking at somebody the wrong way would get you punched in the face or worse.

When I went to school, teachers wanted civil discord. Defend your ideas with facts and logic. Today, it's agree with me or else.

It's a sad state of affairs.

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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President’s mandate given earlier today

You do realize it was Trump that made the deal with the Taliban, right?

In 2019, the Trump administration worked to set up a meeting between the Afghani government and the Taliban. They refused to meet so there were individual deals struck. There were individual deals struck between the United States and both parties.

The deal with the Taliban had stipulations including the Taliban working with the Afghani government and preventing terrorist groups from threatening the United States from Afghanistan soil. In return the United States would begin trimming down it's troop presence from about 15K and begin to withdraw from the remaining bases. This was supposed to be done by May 1, 2021.

After this agreement was made, The Taliban ceased fire and it was peaceful. Before the botched extraction, the last fatality in Afghanistan was in very early 2020 and the Taliban was willing to talk to the Afghani government. They knew that under Trump, there would be consequences for violating this agreement. Then Biden took office.

Biden said the May 1 deadline would be too difficult to meet because tactical reasons. Biden said it was a bad deal, but has yet to say what was wrong with it or what he would've done differently.

In April, Biden held a press conference and said he decided it was time to end the war and bring the troops home, even though Trump had already put everything in place to make that happen. Biden said he was going to begin withdrawing troops on May 1, 2021.

The problem is, we were supposed to be out by then and only if the Taliban met the requirements in the agreement. After Biden took office, the Taliban stopped abiding by that agreement. After Biden's speech, the Taliban launched 5500 attacks in 34 provinces on Afghani citizens and government officials.

Even with intelligence officials warning Biden about the inevitable take over, Biden insisted he was right and it wasn't going to happen. Experts estimated it would happen in a couple of months, but it happened in 11 days. The Afghani army surrendered and the Taliban just walked in and sat down at the presidential desk. Where was Biden when all of this was happening? On vacation at camp David.

After criticism from politicians and the media, Biden took the stage and said it's Trump's fault.

With Tens of thousands of Americans and allies stuck behind enemy lines, Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin said that the United States military is not capable of saving them and they cannot leave the airport. The Dutch, French and British governments reached out to Biden's administration to make a collaborative effort to get everyone out. After waiting 36 hours, they said screw it and went on their own refusing to work with United States. The first time in history that this has happened.

With Americans and Green card holders being stuck in Afghanistan and being blocked from the airport, Joe Biden took the stage to say that COVID is still a pandemic.

So, yes Trump made the deal with the Taliban. Biden, the person who has been wrong about every foreign policy in his 5 decade career, royally fudged everything up.

Posted:  2 weeks, 5 days ago

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After 3 months, I’m quitting

It could be that you're not getting it because you're always asking somebody else to do it. Everybody struggles with backing and the way they improve is by doing it themselves.

I can't think of any jobs that don't require backing of some sort.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Trailer brake

Thats interesting. I thought they all had it, but apparently they're doing away with the manual setting in auto shifters as well so who knows.

There are only 2 times I've ever used the trailer brake. The most common is my pretrip. It's how I make sure there are no service brake air leaks, the brake lights with and that the trailer has brakes during the 5 tugs.

Second was in a manual truck and I stalled out going uphill. I had to start the truck in neutral, supply air and put it in gear. I release the clutch and trailer brake at the same time to not stall out again and not roll backwards.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Craving the road life but have a toddler

I trained locally with FedEx freight. Home everyday and weekends off. No regrets about it and nothing I would have done differently.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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FedEx Freight Driver Apprentice

Man great write up! I’m currently doing the apprenticeship program great insight!

I'm glad it was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. What building are you out of?

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Is my wife being discriminated against?

And it's why I'm trying to entertain a different perspective.

But you're not. You keep insisting on telling me I'm wrong, when I've already been through this and read countless hours of diaries from people at Prime for years.

If your attitude about training is right, then Prime and every other company offering training by contract or tuition is running a scam

Again, it's not. You learn how to do this by doing. Do you think paying a school 5k is going to do it differently? They're not. They're going to explain how it works and have you do it until you learn it.

Every single one of the other trainees in her group have had their "hand held". 

How do you know? You're not there and they're not here. Maybe it's possible that your wife got hung up on verbage and it derailed her. That happens a lot. Maybe the other students were able to build a positive rapport with their trailers and are having a positive experience.

Furthermore, I really doubt a megacarrier attains that status by paying trainers not to handhold. Trainers are paid good money on top of their usual mileage, so unless the trucking industry is less careful with capital than every other industry on the planet, they're expected to provide a service of equitable value.

They have 3 weeks or less from the day you set foot in that truck to get you test ready. There are only so many hours in a day and they have to get the most out of it. There is no time for babying.

I think it's funny that you've never driven a truck, but you want to tell Prime how to run their business.

Anyone can find a verbal explanation of how to work mechanical controls without having to pay anyone for it.

Sure, but you're missing the "learning by doing" part. I spent a lot of time on YouTube watching "how to shift" videos and I understood what they were saying, but in realtime it's hard to apply. That's how you learn though. And you can't pass a road test by reciting a verbal explanation. You need some equipment to do that.

It's either, "Suck it up and deal," or it's, "This isn't okay and Prime is more professional than this." It can't be both.

It's the former. As we learn more from these postings I'm starting to see that this all stems from interpretations and not what actually happened. It's why Prime handled it the way they did and they handled it properly.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Is my wife being discriminated against?

The issue isn't that she was called stupid in so many words. It's that the guy was calling her stupid instead of training her.

I disagree. That's a huge issue. You're saying, on a public forum, that a trainer at Prime called your wife stupid and that Prime turned a blind eye to it because she's not a "butch" female and she's older. If I Google prime and this is the second thing that comes up under their company site, I'd say I'm not interested in working there and I'll tell other people why I'm not interested in working there and that's how things spread. Now multiply that by how many people visit this site.

This just made us both nervous because it's a world apart from how things work elsewhere

This is key and what you both need to understand. This isn't like anything you've ever done and Prime didn't just start training recently. Put the personal feelings aside and do what you need to do.

If you're a trainer, it's your job to train. If you flat don't, then you're being paid for a job you're not doing.

This goes with what I've said above. As you've heard from others,. There is no hand holding here. My trainer explained the mechanics of shifting, steering and oversteering and told me to have at it. My experience falls in line with how most people on this site learned. Do you know how many days I felt like quitting? All of them. It's stressful and frustrating, but worth it.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Fed-up With the Trucking Industry

I live here and learned to drive a tractor trailer here and drive locally, Bruce. I don't expect you to have the same experiences I have.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Fed-up With the Trucking Industry

I understand what a buttonhook is, Bruce. Swinging to the right isn't really possible on these roads and drivers here aren't that courteous. A lot of the roads are also single lanes of traffic going in opposite directions with cars parked on the right side. For a left turn it's easier to get around. On a right turn, if that car didn't stop behind the line they're going to have to move because I can't swing left without going into oncoming traffic and I can't sit here obstructing traffic because somebody is in the way. Usually, a tap of the air horn to get their attention will get them out of the way.

This is also an area flooded with tourists all year around. They're not familiar with the area and that makes things a little more interesting.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Fed-up With the Trucking Industry

Lehigh Valley, PA. Here, we have all kinds of intersections that are so narrow, the stop line is moved further back. Cars always ignore this line and drive all the way up to the corner. This means if a truck needed to make a turn onto that road, the car is too far up, so the driver will usually drive as far as they can, make the car back up, then continue making the turn.

My neck of the woods. I understand what he's saying and I was taught the same way. It's not an aggressive form of driving. The way it was explained to me is that car is in your space and they need to get out of your space.

The roads here aren't really designed for buttonhook turns. There's heavy oncoming traffic and you can't go into that lane.

There's a stop line where cars are supposed to stop. They don't always stop there and you can't obstruct traffic by not making your turn, you can't hit the car in the intersection and you don't have the space to go anywhere else. They have to backup or move over.

They said, "don't worry, we'll take care of it

This isn't uncommon and I've heard it plenty of times. For that reason, FedEx stresses this to employees. Do not pay any mind to this and report everything. I have heard of people getting fired for not reporting accidents because customers said don't worry about it. I tell everybody to report everything that happens. I've seen people destroy trucks and trailers due to low clearances. They report it, get retrained and move on.

Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Central Florida - Career change to trucking

I did speak in depth to a Coke driver who was delivering to a Publix. He seemed to love his job besides stocking the shelves. I think he said he was making $70k a year, got up early and was home by noon every day which sounded too good to be true.

That sounds right, but it also comes with seniority. When talking to local drivers, you can't make decisions based on their experiences. Instead, find out what it would be like for a bottom guy. What would a bottom guy experience and how much can a bottom guy expect to make?

Our biggest fear is something don't work out beyond my control, and I end up jobless. 

That's why I suggest company sponsored training and big companies. Company sponsored training will offer solid training and they'll have an investment in you. A lot of times people pay 5k-7k for school, have a few accidents and the end up fired with nobody willing to touch them. Company sponsored training has support systems in place to help you learn and grow. If you need more training, they're prepared to offer that.

Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Is my wife being discriminated against?

I'm also assuming it's similar to other carrier based programs. If so, we were shown pre trip once, given a paper with the entire pre trip on it and told to watch YouTube videos on it. It was up to us to work with other classmate and learn it. No further instructions were given prior to a mock test on it.

That's how it was for me at FedEx.

Welcome, Ashley. Glad you joined us

My trainer told me I didn't have the brain muscle to learn via rote memorization

A lot of people don't. There's so much that goes into a pretrip that it takes a lot of people struggle with it. Different people struggle with different things. For example, my classmate was a whiz at backing. It came to him naturally. It took me hours to learn how to straight back and a week to learn how to 45 and this was with 1 on 1 instruction. That same classmate struggled with the pretrip and I had it down in a week.

there for calling me stupid.

I thought he actually called you stupid. If he didn't and you just interpreted it that way, then it's irrelevant. You can't take your interpretation of something and run with it as fact.

You're going to encounter shippers and receivers that are having bad days and don't want to be there. Do you know who they're going to lash out at? Yep, the driver that can't really do or say anything back. You need to not let these things get to you.

My first day on my own, my first stop was giving me a hard time about my backing because he wanted the trailer lined up perfectly with his dock. My last stop of the day was mad because I got there a few minutes after closing and I was taking longer than others to back up. It was my first day, but he didn't care. Lots of slick comments and talking under his breath. Didn't bother me at all. It has no effect on my day at all.

I was actually willing to work stuff out. He wasn't.

I don't really blame him. He gave you guidelines based on how he teaches and it was clear it wasn't going to work.

Thank you to those that believe a woman can work and shouldn't have to be pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen

That's not what Scott said. He said homes with children need 2 parents present. Not the same thing. You have a problem with separating what's actually said and what you think was said and it's something you need to work on.

Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Central Florida - Career change to trucking

I'm not familiar with Central Florida at all but I will say that yes, it's a recruiters job to get you in the door, but for the most part their pretty honest about the things that matter.

I found it easier to email them. Fill out the application, let them reach out and explain that your work schedule and job make it difficult for phone communication and you'll just be playing phone tag. E mail works better, until it's time to start moving forward.

I don't know how much you need to make or what you're looking to do as far as a trucking career goes. OTR and regional jobs pay per performance. Meaning, the more efficient and ambitious you are, the more you'll make. With local, home every day jobs you're at the mercy of how much work is available and how much seniority you have.

I would recommend company sponsored training, especially if you're going local. You want a company to be invested in you and understanding to the fact that you're new and have no experience. You also want a bigger company with more resources. No disrespect to Joe's trucking company, but they can't eat the costs of a learning curve the way a big company can.

Stay away from the reviews. The disgruntled are the most vocal, while the people making a killing are too busy to be online telling you how great they're doing.

Have you had this conversation with your family? When I first started looking into this career, I kept it to myself and then one day I told my wife I wanted to be a truck driver. She was dumbfounded and it made things a little more difficult than they had to be.

Any other questions, just post them and we'll answer them the best we can (which is usually really good). Good luck.

Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Is my wife being discriminated against?

I'm cool with this energy-- IF-- you maintain the same energy when it comes to men who want to drive. Kids at home? Nope-- you better stay home because kids need 2 parents.

That's why I went local out the gate.

I've known several stay at home dads and they did a wonderful job of raising the children


To the OP,. I wouldn't look too much into the. Prime has no reason to railroad your wife. If they wanted her out, they could've done it a long time ago.

As for the trainer saying "nope' in that meeting, what was he supposed to say? No point in prolonging something that isn't going to work. Take it as a good thing. It's clear your wife wasn't going to learn in that environment and it would be a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration. There will be more than enough stress and frustration in the learning process, no need for additional.

Wait and see what happens with the next trainer. Please keep in mind that a trainer doesn't have to be nice and they don't have to be friends. This is such a small part of this journey, that it won't even matter once it's done. She just needs someone to teach her what she needs to learn and keep it moving from there.

Your wife also needs thicker skin. People can be nasty out there and they'll make rude comments all the time. She has to learn to let that roll off so it has no influence. Don't want to backing up distracted because you're thinking about what the shipper said to you.

Have your wife create an account and jump in. There's a great support system here with a lot of information. It also helps to hear (read) what happened straight from her.

Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Rolltainer blues for August

I'm just laughing & crying at the same time.... husband says 'he's a BRAVE MAN!!' Liquid IV?? That's a thing?? Okay, omw!

Just went thru your videos a bit ago ... and shared (again) with the whatnots (and whomnots, haha!) I'll have to check again, for THIS!!

Thanks, Ray. How a manager can be 2 hours plus 5 mins late.. yet WE can't!! OMIWOW. .. Helluva read, for sure, man. Enjoy the hometime, as you can.

It's total HAIL typing with a torn left rotator cuff... but, ya know what? People can do.. what they set their mind TO!

You're an exemplar. AND plus.

~ Anne & Tom ~

Liquid IV is absolutely a thing and I love it.

That's a definitely a rough go of things, Papa Pig. Way to keep on trucking (some pun intended). Enjoy the home time. You earned it.

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