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Just a dude who has always been interested in truck driving. I worked in corporate world, including 7 years with a major LTL carrier, and really looking forward to the next challenge.

I am currently the Business Manager for a home health agency and am simply finishing out my time commitment here before starting my journey in early/mid 2020.

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Posted:  1 year, 6 months ago

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How long to get paid??

Hello all,

I've been on this site for quite some time now and absolutely love the insight and info that is provided.

I was looking a few years ago to get into trucking when another opportunity came up I couldn't pass up.

As you can see I am back looking around now as the local economy has really hit my industry pretty hard and trucking never really left my mind.

That being said, my biggest reason for not making the leap is that there is a pretty big gap to get paid. While I understand why that is, it is still a concern. Most programs seem to be 3 weeks or longer to start seeing pay, and some do the option of payroll advances as well ($200).

I live in north Arkansas so my income requirements are definitely not out of reach. The thought of going through the process and not being paid for a month is a concern though. really just trying to stack some cash up in the meantime but that's a little harder to do at the moment.

Any ideas? Curious to know how some of you made it through the pay gap that had a reasonable financial responsibility back home (mortgage, vehicle note, etc)

Thank you for you all do for the country

Posted:  1 year, 6 months ago

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May need help moving on from Roehl

Just so we're clear I should have no problem with them telling me to go to Appleton to pick up my newly truck assigned truck and when I get there there is no truck?

Just so we're clear I should have no problem with them telling me, after I've gone to Appleton, to go to Marshfield to pick up my newly truck assigned truck and when I get there there is no truck?

I'm not demanding a brand new truck, I do have an expectation that if information is conveyed to me that it be accurate. Apparently it is no big deal that I have bills to pay and other obligations in life that I have to put on hold. It appears that venting my frustration and looking for answers equates to me being entitled.

Just to be clear, you are allowed to be a little frustrated. It appears that someone is doing everything they can to get you in a truck.

You could be at home waiting on a call....just chill man....they want you earning as much as you do

Posted:  4 years, 9 months ago

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Information About CR England

Please don't start a job in trucking with the thought that it will lead to a desk job in a couple of years.

Unless im reading your message incorrectly.

Schneider seems to be a very good company that hauls a lot of freight and has different divisions to haul for as well. That being said, you will get out of it what you put into it.

Posted:  4 years, 9 months ago

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Solid advice already given.

Most CDL schools are only 3-5 weeks anyway. If you are already going to throw in the towel then you will probably not like this field.

If you want it though...suck it up and finish your obligation.

Posted:  4 years, 9 months ago

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Wow guyz!!! My inbox is full and texts unread!

I have been fasting for about 2 months and it has been really good. There are several versions of it and I never did it because I do not believe in "starvation diets"

After reading on these methods I began to understand it a little better. I simply eat between 11am and 8 pm. Sleep takes up most of my "fasting time" It really kick-started my weight loss. I obviously still watch what I eat from 11-8 but have adjusted to it and prefer it.

Good luck, Rainy. I bet everybody was worried that you had a more serious problem to deal with, not that weight loss is not serious. You have lot's of company here in the weight loss category, including me. Now that I have a very physically demanding construction job going, it's really working for me, but I've got another 15 lbs. to go, 20 would be even better. One driver I know went from 238 down to 150 by fasting. I've been doing research on fasting and may take the plunge in some way, shape or form myself. There are different forms of it. This guy is 72 years old andis as light on his feet as a teenager. Plus his joints don't hurt anymore, like mine do.

Or you could move to my town and I'll buy you a tool belt, hammer, utility knife, etc. and teach your how to build houses! (LOL)

Posted:  4 years, 9 months ago

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How many week I should give to my company

I would want to be professional BUT....I have heard of people being stranded after giving a notice.

One time we had to go out to California to pick up a good friend of ours that got stranded after giving a notice. The guy that went with me to pick him up warned him about this but I urged him to give a notice in case he wanted to return. The company had a driver go out to pick up his truck and he was stuck. Some companies may even give you some pretty slim weeks after a notice as well.

I am NOT saying to not give a notice, but it may be a good idea to have a way back home if you do is all I'm saying.

The moderators would be better at giving this info than myself though.

Posted:  4 years, 9 months ago

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Getting my CDL on a budget.

G-Town beat me to it.

You are really not grasping what the experienced people are saying to you. If you can go 1-2 months of waiting, then why not sign on with a company that will train you with no money up front and then pay you while you are on the road being trained?

Do your 1 year commitment, then make a decision from there.

Its a no brainer really. It will also be less risk than you waiting around for a couple of months for a job you may not even want to begin with.

Just my opinion, hope everything works out for you.

Posted:  4 years, 10 months ago

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The Guilt, Shame & Embarrassment of Being a Prime Company Driver [Sarcasm]

Most of your posts and blogs are great reads...But this one is phenomenal.

I too was drawn to the potential earnings of lease until I read posts on here as well as did some unbiased research on the subject and it horrifies me that so many fall for this. I am not saying some don't experience success with leasing, but it just does not appeal to me is all.

Great read again Rainy!

Posted:  4 years, 10 months ago

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What have you learned from Trucking Truth?

I have learned that company leasing is the devil :)

Posted:  4 years, 11 months ago

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Thoughts on PAM Transports class action lawsuit?

This way of thinking with this lawsuit would be very similar to unionizing the entire trucking industry in my opinion.

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