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Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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TMC transportation training diary. Training is a mixed bag. Curious on TMC drivers and vets opinions

Unfortunately there are many trainers out there who shouldn't be. We only have a couple members that drive for TMC but they're not really active so we cant give company specific information. However, have you addressed your concerns with anybody in the office? TMC is really counting on you to be a safe, productive driver for them. I'm not sure if they would assign you a new trainer or not but its beneficial for you AND them to get the best training possible. It's better to get it resolved ASAP.

I have not because one complaint I’m 100% sure will make it’s way to my trainer. I was more curious on how I can proceed with him so I can stop getting chewed out. Everyday I assume this dude will send me home because I don’t do stuff the exact way he wants it. It’s not like I don’t want to but it’s a lot to process. And I firmly believe no trainer should sleep in the back while a trainee is driving, but he wants to know he can be in the sleeper while I drive and not worry. Well, he’s been going back there and I just don’t like it. This feels like I’m making him all the money and getting only bits and pieces of training only when I mess up and not constantly throughout the day.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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TMC transportation training diary. Training is a mixed bag. Curious on TMC drivers and vets opinions

So I’ve never traveled the interstates and was met with confusion lol. Was chewed out for that and loved it. Got me to start watching for signs and paying attention more. So it’s a whole new world for me out here. I’m not giving up.

My trainer asks is this job really for me and to let him know if I will quit. I’ve told him I’ve never quit anything and I will see this through to the end even if TMC doesn’t take me.

I have a lot to learn and I just feel so slow to it all.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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TMC transportation training diary. Training is a mixed bag. Curious on TMC drivers and vets opinions

This entire TMC process has been quite the journey. I have to say I love flat-bedding. I enjoy the hard work and the fulfillment from securing a load.

So I want to understand why I feel so depressed being here and then all of a sudden I’m happy as hell.

First off, I’m a big ass nerd. All I did for the last 10 years is work security. Come home and play video games. Of course I’m a hard worker and I always try to do my best. I am a total shut-in and I have never traveled. Remember the above how I have never traveled for later.

So I decided to become a truck driver and passed everything on the first try. All the way to TMC where I respected and admired there process to become a trucker with their company.

I made it to my trainer truck only to be hit with reality. The real world of professional truck driving takes real patience and skill.

The issues boil down to I’m a very defensive driver and take steps to be safe. My trainer does not appreciate me slowing down when traffic ahead of me slows down or drive slow.

So I’m forced to always try and pass drivers in this truck. Now I agree if someone is driving slow to go around but there have been tons of time when I felt this was not necessary and this guy chews into my ass whenever I don’t pass a slow driver.

I also don’t like going over the speed limit but whenever I go the speed limit say 45 he tells me I gotta speed up because traffic is moving at 55 in a 45 zone. Unless, it’s a work zone or school zone speed away he says. Of course, I listen and speed up. I just never thought it would be like this.

What really bothers me and makes me want to scream is how he’s on his phone every day. And I mean everyday. No phone policy is a ****ing joke at TMC. The valuable information I should be receiving is not happening because he has to speak with his family 24/7. I should be trained all day everyday with his mouth running half the time.

I’ve been chewed out for my horrible backing when it comes to a 45 angle. I need to work on it, but not once have I had more than 15 minutes to work on my maneuver a day. Like backing in myself and using G.O.A.L.

He couches me through every backing maneuver each time I do it like a baby. I have not even been able to try G.O.A.L because he tells me every single way to turn the wheel. I assume he does this because of the hours of service. How can I improve this way? I almost hit a trailer the other night. I wanted to G.O.A.L but he insisted on telling me how much I should back up. Well, backed up and he told me I almost hit the trailer. This is why I insisted I should G.O.A.L. I’m doing it from now on no matter what.

Been with him for a week and now I understand why his trainees quit before. He’s a really good guy but his training is subpar in my eyes.

I’m quite slow to the securement process. It’s because I’ve been a shut in and have no real world skills. But I’ve worked my ass off since day one and love it. I move slow but I assume in the flatbed world that’s how it’ll be for a while until you catch on fully. So when I told him I don’t understand straps and placement I meant it.

He has explained it but has never really went into how the process works. So we were trained to go by feet by Mr. Fisher but he says throw that out the window. Told me today he would go over it with me and as of 11-11-2019 still has not gone over it with me. Guess what though. He’s told me how to secure for a week so I’ve done what he says. Today got mad at me for moving slow to get the straps tightly binded and not knowing where to place them on a lumber load which I’ve never done. While our vehicle is broke down he’s in the back on his phone when he could be outside drilling into my head the securement process for loads.

It’s obvious I need more time as I’m wanting to learn but am a bit slow to the process. I struggled with tarping but after much practice I’m now able to tarp a load. Before I sucked at rolling tarps but after much practice I’m good at it.

It takes time but I’m learning. I missed my first turn today and he chewed my ass out. Told me what I would I have done if he wasn’t there. Well, I told him I would’ve just managed. I mean he goes off for nothing if I miss a turn we can easily fix that. I just listen to him like he’s crazy. It’s not like I endanger other drivers I just have to learn from my mistakes.

He constantly asks me If I’m upset. No I’m not upset at him for keeping it real I’m a steering wheel holder and not a professional driver. I’m upset at the training process. I expected more professionalism from this.

I love how he’s drilled my ass when I make ****ty turns, so that’s a good deal. I learned and now I’m more watchful. I love how he’s told me my backing needs work but how can I improve when you constantly won’t let me practice without you saying which way to turn. Or how my securement is terrible. Which is true but you don’t even go over it with me and test me. It’s lets go to shipper and see if he remember everything I told him. I don’t on everything.

I just wish for an instant I had a trainer who really understands where I’m at. This feels like a get me to point A for pay day and we will worry about you if we have time in the 14 hour clock.

Like he drives the bounce miles and I drive the rest. He drives through all the towns and only lets me drive the highway. How can I learn to drive the towns if you drive every time? This is the second week and I still have my training wheels on.

Posted:  3 months, 3 weeks ago

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Passed and got my CDL 9/26/2019! Advice on three weeks notice for my current company

Brandon, Maverick is fine as companies go, but if you haven't finalized your decision yet, you might check these out:

Gonna check out now

Posted:  3 months, 3 weeks ago

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Passed and got my CDL 9/26/2019! Advice on three weeks notice for my current company

You'll be fine. They'll still need drivers a month from now. Just be sure to stay in weekly contact with your recruiter, so they know you're still in the game. Good luck.

That’s good. What other companies should I consider taking a look at?

Posted:  3 months, 3 weeks ago

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Passed and got my CDL 9/26/2019! Advice on three weeks notice for my current company

So I work in security and I have given them a damn near 1 month notice I’m leaving. Normally I would give two weeks but this job takes time to find a proper replacement for the contract.

I talked with Maverick recruiter and told her this above. She said she’ll see what she can do. I don’t want to lose my chance with the company but I have to look out this company been good to me.

Will I be alright a less than a month from now on 10/24/2019. I’ll be free and can work for any trucking company I want. Or do you think it’s hurting me?


Posted:  4 months ago

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Test date on the 26th. Looking like I’ll be a professional truck driver. Questions on trip planning

So I started class on August 5th and my test date is September 26th.

I wanted to know just how complex trip planning can get and how to plan for it. Or studying and learning it early on.

School showed me how to navigate atlas but I’m wondering what I should purchase before going with Maverick Transportation.

First off since I’m flatbed will clearences be less of a threat?

What gps unit is recommended for trucking in different states considering you can’t completely depend on them.

How can I absolutely make sure I don’t end up down the wrong street if I’m not depending on gps? My school explained Atlas but no where did I see which roads in the city you can’t go in with trucks besides low clearences.

Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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At fault accident over four years ago

Describe the accident. What actually happened?

You can get your MVR online. It may cost you 15 - 20 dollars, but anyone starting this career should look at it and know what's there.

As far as accidents go most trucking companies can find out about them even if they aren't on your MVR. Insurance records are available to them that will show any accidents. You can't hide it.

Any trucking job application will ask for driving/accident records. Sometimes they may say, "Have you ever had any accidents?" Well, you have to answer yes to that one and describe it to them. Or they may ask, "In the past three years have you had any accidents?" You can answer no to that one. Be honest. Don't try to hide anything. But, only give them the information they are asking for. Nothing more, nothing less.

He has his MVR it shows no at fault accident on it. He turned left while on coming traffic was coming and a driver hit him. Failure to yeild and payed the fine without going to court.

Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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At fault accident over four years ago

First, how long ago was this accident?

Next, what was the accident?

Lastly, when was the conviction date?

Many companies like to see no violations over three year years prior to their hiring. That's any citation. An accident is going to look worse that a ticket for a brake light not working.

The at fault accident was over four years ago. He explained he paid a ticket and it’s no longer affecting his insurance. Not sure if it’ll show up in his MVR.

Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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At fault accident over four years ago

Can my friend get into cdl career with this accident. He has +5 points now and has not been in an accident since. Wanted to know if any companys will hire him if he discloses this information on applications otherwise I’ll tell him he can’t do it.

Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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Start school August 5th-September 13th. Whats my best options after graduation?

I have passed and obtained my cdl permit. I have studied and memorized pre-trip. I guess that’s the majority of it for now until I learn manual. Been studying Hazmat and tankers now.

I’m nervous about backing up as I don’t know what it feels like to drive a truck. Can anyone explain how hard it would be to catch on.

And last question. I’m not sure whats best option should I go on the road? Local? I got in this career for the better income choices. Willing to work hard and have true dedication. I’m hoping to get from making $15 or less an hour to 20-24 an hour locally or more by otr.

Advice as I’m studying but I wish I could get hands on with a truck now before school to practice.

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