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Posted:  4 days, 12 hours ago

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Starting pay for TMC Transport?


Your friend is working 90 hour weeks? Thats how long he would have to work at $18 and make 1600 in a week.


18 * 40 = 720

1600 - 720 = 880

880 / ( 18 * 1.5) = 32.5

40 + 32.5 = 72.5

He get’s overtime I don’t think you factored in that. 27x28 hours after 40

Posted:  4 days, 19 hours ago

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Starting pay for TMC Transport?

I’m looking at applying with TMC Transport and going through their CDL training program. Anyone else start out with them? My wife is agreeable with me making the career move as long as I’m making what I make now driving a straight truck — still gotta pay the bills. Anyone know how much they pay during the training and first year?

Letting you know right now I knew at least four solo drivers making $700-800 gross a week or less driving for TMC. Neither hardly ever grossed $1000 gross a week. One of my friends shared checks making constant $800 gross checks and he was working hard. Even when he stayed out a month the most he and two other friends made was $1000.

I didn’t make it through TMC training so I opted to U.S Express and once my friend from TMC say I was pulling home $1340-1440+ a week on a local account that pushed him to leave TMC. He’s now a local driver making $18 an hour. Has shown me his checks making $1400-1600 a week now. Says best decision he made after six months with them.

But when I was with my trainer at TMC he made 100K last year with them as a trainer. So you can make money with TMC. I saw my trainer make $700 in one day from a load once. Totally got better loads than solo drivers

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Nearly 3 months solo

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I was fairly active keeping you informed with my progress through training but as you all know one can be fairly busy out here day to day....especially on a dedicated account.

So I’m looking for some input from the long timers/old timers. Didn’t want to infer that anyone is older than they feel but ya know what I mean. Just a quick reminder this isn’t my first go around in this industry but with the time lapse I had to go thru training and am glad I did. I’m back at Swift for my second time and things are pretty good. Miles are up and down but I do get home weekly for my reset plus a few hours most weeks.

In the 4 paychecks I’ve gotten this month the gross pay with mileage and extra pay due to detention and short haul is just under $3900 total. I do have full coverage insurance for me and family and started a 401k which they will start matching in a 2 more months. I average about 2200-2500 miles per week and have run as many as 3100 which left me thinking I could easily do 3400 even on this dedicated account with my time management skills.

Now for the question. In your opinion how do think I’m doing so far? Do you think I could better on a dedicated Walmart account or maybe regional OTR? Running 48 isn’t something I’m interested in doing and I truly want to take all the advice I read and stick it out for at least 1 year. The Walmart dedicated is in my home town and they run day cabs so it’s home daily gig. I’m really interested in that and mentioned in my first post that was my big picture goal.

Please chime in and lead this horse to water as I really just feel that I’m capable of running much harder to chase the bucks. After all....that’s why I’m out here doing this. 5 year plan to get debt free and then 5 year plan to reach a semi retired status.

Three months here also bro. I also run walmart dedicated. On a weekly basis I pull about $1340-1440+ a week gross. That’s not even counting when I get Standby for 25 an hour just sleeping in my car somedays. So my checks could be $1500+ a week sometimes gross.

That equals to if we go off $1340x4 equal $5360 gross a month. Since you’re averaging $3900 gross for four weeks I would say you’re doing great! That’s like 58-63K a year. And you’re home everyday.

Can’t beat that bro. But I’m sure it has some faults, your job. Maybe not.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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U.S Express Walmart review update. My pay and is the account good in my opinion.

Point I was trying to make is G-Town has been pulling a Walmart wagon as a Swift employee and loves it. Jamie pulls one as a Crete employee and seems to enjoy it. Walmart no doubt is a top fleet. But was curious why leeva thinks its better. I would imagine you're gonna have a far bigger workload and more responsibility than you would have as a US Xpress employee.




Curious what are the differences in how US Xpress handles Walmart vs Walmart's Private Fleet? What makes them better?



I'm not sure what you're asking here.

Walmart's private fleet works for Walmart. They use Walmart's tractors, they pay very well and offer all the benefits of working for Walmart like 401k match, employee stock plans, employee discount at Walmart and other businesses etc.

Working on a Walmart account for a carrier, you're an employee of the carrier. It varies based on carrier. You're using your companies tractor and pulling Walmart trailers.


From all the drivers that work directly for Walmart I like how they operate. More pay. Simple as that. The money is the most important. I’m at $65-70K this year. But if I can add another $15-20K I’ll retire by age of 55.

Not to mention walmart’s benefits are top notch. People complain about not talking on phones and how strict they’re. Well, I don’t talk on the phone anyway when I drive. I listen to podcasts and educate myself.

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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U.S Express Walmart review update. My pay and is the account good in my opinion.

You won't be getting hired by the Walmart Private Fleet after only a year of driving experience.

I know I talk with the drivers at DC I got all the info for when I go on if I do

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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U.S Express Walmart review update. My pay and is the account good in my opinion.


Hope this helps? What was this supposed to help with exactly? Cause all I read was your unsolicited bashing.


These posts haven't changed my mind!! I still want to run on the Swift Walmart dedicated account out of the 7030 DC in Pottsville PA. I took a ride along with G Town on a dry van load and liked what I saw, swift have a nice setup there for their drivers and the dispatchers I met that day were pleasant and friendly. I also met G one day at a store near me and he showed me the Ins/outs of a reefer run. A regional account like that with a somewhat set schedule is exactly what I’m hoping to get on so I can have a trucking career and not be away from family for a month at a time. Seems to me if you are safe, reliable and not a complainer, you’ll get plenty of miles and make good $$$$ running Walmart freight

I’m glad you’re about to start and believe me the money and time home is good. I would choose this over OTR any day for myself.

I’ll continue on the loads. So while I’ve went in on the loads and how they operate let’s touch upon something else. Benefits. There is no vacation time on this account. Sick time either. There is no safety bonuses. You do however get a $250 bonus at the end of your first year. All sounds bad but it’s how they run this place so that’s to be expected. Next year my benefits will even out as I go to my fathers company.

You have a assigned day off and if you work 70 hours and take your 34 hour reset on a different day than what the office tells you to which for me is a Friday you will be called and harassed about while you worked and ended up off on a unassigned day. Like for example if you’re suppose to be off Friday no matter how you work even without a set schedule you can’t take any other day off other than Friday! So if you miss a load because the

office didn’t give you anything don’t even try to make it up on that Friday for more money. They expect you to take off no matter what on your off day. I know confusing right? Just like it was for me when I received three calls hounding me about it from different people from the office. Your pay will be screwed if they don’t give you a load.

Hours. I work normally 0100-1200 everyday. Sometimes longer. I love driving at night into day time. I love the sense of pride I get from this job. It’s rewarding to drive what I believe can be a 80,000 death machine.

I like all the office staff despite them hounding me sometimes. They’re fair and always give me loads. I average 1800-2000 miles a week. Brandon the planner always looks out. He gets me fair loads and sometimes not fair loads but I’m never left hanging with just one load.

I appreciate the how when I’m out on the road driving my tractor-trailer I get to see and experience what it means to be a truck driver. The risks, dangers, and new challenges every day is rewarding.

I like how U.S express has training for us to stay safe. How if you have questions for safety they will answer and if I must speak in logs they’re more than helpful with getting all info you need to understand your 14 hour clock more.

We’re offered a 1 cent raise after four months. I’m coming up on that raise soon. It’s much appreciated because they didn’t have to offer it so soon.

During co-vid 19 masks are offered and the office is serious about offering support to those who test positive for Co-vid.

I can’t say this company is really for me after 1 year is up. There’s just way better company’s out there. My fathers company in particular. But for the first year and being home everyday. I would recommend the account for newcomers just to be home.

This is what I like/dislike on U.S express dedicated and I hope if you were curious about the account at all this helps you to see a little about the company and what you will possibly deal with, or maybe you won’t. But that’s my take.

I will say this. The money is really good lol. I’ve done so much in such a short time. And the joy of driving is nothing short of fantastic. Once I go to my fathers company next year I’ll have more benefits and a lot more pay. That or I’ll go with Walmart. Cheers!

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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U.S Express Walmart review update. My pay and is the account good in my opinion.

That was a good run down of how it operates at that DC. Can you explain what you mean by a "True OTR dock"? When I think of OTR drivers I think of large DC's with dozens of doors. Obviously they deliver to tight spaces as well but I'd guess a majority are large warehouses (coming from someone who's not done OTR)

Your points about drivers not filling oil and leaving equipment in bad shape isn't exclusive to that gig. In my 3 years driving Ive always slip seated tractors daily, different trailers daily and have encountered it numerous times. Hell, even Packrat covered many issues he's found as an OTR picking up trailers from a drop and hook. There's lazy drivers out there who are too worried about their own time and couldn't care less about screwing over the next driver.

To me it appears you're burned out. Everybody here would agree that time is money and it's best to shave off as much as possible. However 10 minutes really isnt a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. I understand the long commute, however you gotta ask yourself if it's worth it. A couple months back I purchased a home that is 45 minutes away. For my total compensation, and how I'm treated at work it makes it worth it for me.

What did you mean by this comment


Some routes feel like you’re under paid and driving far more miles than what it’s worth


aren't you paid per mile and stop? What would it matter if they have you driving further? Or are you referring to them sending you a couple hundred miles out of route for a backhaul? If it's the latter you need to consider what the costs are for having you do it as opposed to having an outside company do it. I'm in a store delivery job and we often pickup backhauls as well. Its just much cheaper for us to haul our own freight (and outside companies) if we're in the area.

A true OTR dock for me is like when it’s extremely hard to back in and you encounter trailers and tractors in your way as you back.

Regarding not being paid for miles I’ll discuss in loads now.

Moving on to loads. Not sure for other accounts for trucking companies, but Gordonsville U.S express has a variety of runs or loads. I will tell you this once you get down how to run you will easily make what I’m making a week. Which is $1340-$1440 a week gross. It’s good money and I believe that’s 65K-70 thousand a year. I do 10-12 loads a week to gross those numbers. 10-13 hours a day. I never do anything less than two loads.

Some loads will be noticeably worse than others. You’ll notice the bad loads as you work more and more Walmarts. Occasionally you’ll get a load that sends you north to Fredericksburg, VA or Front royal and every single time you’ll be screwed outta money. Any time you leave the yard and make a right you’ll be moving slower and paid less than if you made a left coming out the yard. Any load not going north or right outta the yard simply pays better and you always finish faster. Time is money in the trucking industry so prepare for garbage loads anytime you hang that right coming out the yard.

Sure the loads pay you and you make enough to pull the money I gross a week but It’s never as good as the loads going left ever!

For instance no 300+ mile runs ever go right! Only going left out the DC will you get high loads like that. It gets worse when you do backhauls. You may think making $192.5 sounds good on paper with a 326 mile run with three stops but let me tell you that a run that’s 179 mile two stop would be what you prefer in the long run.

Because you’ll make a 100+ dollars from the 179 mile run and can come back and still have time for another 100-200 mile run. Making you about 200+ dollars for the day compared to the 326 mile run with a backhaul.

The entire time you’re running to pick up a backhaul it’s extremely depleting of your 14 hour clock seeing as you spend far to much time picking it up. And not being compensated for it. I’ve done many where it took two hours to get in and out. And after adding up the miles and time driven I could see I was not compensated fully for the entire miles I drove.

Now sometimes you’re over compensated for loads you get. Meaning you will sometimes feel like you finished a load a few hours early and got overpaid. This happens for the really good loads. I assume they’re reserved for seniority or just given to the best drivers as they’re rarely given out. If going by my co-workers and myself loads shared between each other.

So just know you will even out but expect to over run quite a few times without the load being good at all. And that means you lose money. And let’s touch on the days you’ll set your PTA aka arrival form and you’ll call them to hear we don’t have you on any loads. Well that goes $200 for the day. And if you were planning to be off prepare to work to make that money up.

While a lot seems negative I love the money I make and trucking. But I’m saying what I dislike about the account for future truckers.

I’ll continue with loads and finally benefits later. Hopes this helps.

Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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U.S Express Walmart review update. My pay and is the account good in my opinion.

Drivers will not check oil and drive off lot with no oil in truck. I’ve picked up countless trucks with no oil in them.

You will not have diesel/def or diesel in your reefer a lot of times you pick up your tractor. Office does nothing to drivers about it at the moment.

Trucks will have damage on them that’s unreported and you’ll have to drive around to the mechanic shop to document it. Wasting time on your 14 hour.

A lot of times there will never be def on the yard requiring you to drive to shells which takes more time off your 14 hour.

Otherwise, Trucks are well maintained but they’re junk a few of them. But I will praise the mechanics for there speedy and on-time getting quick fixes out.

The Walmarts you deliver to will be a hit or miss. Protecting your 14 hour will require you to be very assertive towards everything. Waiting 10 minutes for a walmart employee to open a door will have you thinking should I wait that long. 10 minutes can be what gets you back to the DC.

So understand your speed is determined how fast Walmart employee’s move to unload you and your relationships with them.

I’ve had Walmart employee’s take 1 and a half hour before they started unloading me devastating my 14 hour clock.

On top of that let’s talk about the neighborhood Walmarts that don’t open until 4AM! If you arrive an hour or two before 4AM to a neighborhood Walmart say goodbye to two hours off your 14 hour clock. Now you will be making less money for the day.

Some employee’s will purposely dodge you when you arrive and you will have to hunt them down to get unloaded. Some simply hate their jobs! Also, did I mention while you’re being held up from Walmart employee’s moving slow you will not be paid anything but $15 Stop pay. I’m serious

you can not afford to waste a single minute of your 14 hour as you’re dealing with many things that can hold you up and waste your 14 hour clock.

Now on to loads and pay. This will determine your success on the account. Considering there seems to be seniority on the account I will say this. You will not make money on this account being lazy!

I came on to this account lazy, but they set you up to be lazy. This is not a traditional trucking job that I’ve seen from the industry. Let’s say you take two loads which will likely have you working 8-14 hours. You can after finishing that load take 24 hours off or come back next day. You can come back in that 24 hour window whenever you want. But you must come back to work.

What this does is allow driver to work one or two loads a day and then take 14-24 hours off. By taking 14-24 hours off you will fall behind. Your checks will be $900 gross or even less perhaps.

My first few weeks I grossed $900-1000 a week and I kept taking 24 hours off after working two loads a day. Which was about 15-18 hours a day during HOS exempt.

I wondered why I could not gross a $1000 more often. Well, it was in my work ethic. Your work ethic will determine if you make 60-70K here on this account. So I decided to start working this job like a traditional 5 day work week. Two loads a day everyday. Never do just one load.

Finally I started grossing $1340-1446 a week. About 60-70 hours a week. Two days off throughout the week. About 2000 miles a week or right at 1800 miles. 50 cents a mile. 15 stop pay.

It’s hard to work these hours because of the drive which you will also have to consider. It takes me 51 minutes to drive up here. So about damn near an extra two hours. So if you work 12-13 hours a day here add those two driving hours and you have a 14-15 hour day everyday. And believe me it’s shot into the 16 hour range quite often.

So if you like $49,000 or less a year you will make that with three days off a week if you want to be lazy. If you want that 60-70K you gonna have to grind and protect that 14 hour clock. Because U.S express does not pay us enough for the miles we drive for sure.

I’ll get into loads and why I think this company will not be for me after a year tomorrow.

Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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U.S Express Walmart review update. My pay and is the account good in my opinion.

It’s finally time to speak on my three months solo experience driving for U.S Express walmart dedicated.

When I started my trucking career last year in 2019 of August one thing came to mind. More pay. I made $29,120 a year as a security guard. That’s about $14 an hour. I loved working in security and the thought of leaving baffled me, but chances came through and my state payed for my CDL classes at John Tyler Community College.

I passed all tests and DMV driving tests on first try. I felt like that $65-70 thousand a year was within my grasp after passing. All I cared about was eliminating my debts and making more money. Money, money, money. That’s all I wanted from the trucking industry.

I started out at TMC transportation and to my surprise I regretted it. Classes were fine and passing all tests to get out with a trainer went smoothly.

After getting out with a trainer I learned real fast that money was the least of my worries now. I could not back up a flatbed for my life! It was so different from dry-van or maybe I just sucked. One things for sure I had one problem to overcome. Next, training was not for me.

For me the thought of a trainer treating me like a child when I made mistakes and talking down to me ****ed me off. I’m young and hot blooded so even though my trainer was helping me at TMC. I hated how I was being hand held everyday. And the thought of needing 8000 miles of driving did not help!

I eventually quit TMC over the stress of not learning to back up and my trainer stressing me out.

I then proceeded to come back locally and work for a Garbage truck company. Was hired on the spot at $21 an hour. But after about four months my friend told me about a local gig at U.S Express. Said he was making $900-1000 a week gross as a rookie driver. So at that time I thought more money and I get to drive a tractor trailer again.

Hopefully my next trainer is more aligned to my personality and my backing improves. Went to U.S Express for training and passed everything to get with trainer. Got with trainer and dealt with same issues from last trainer. Rude, berating, and no time to learn anything from being rushed. Obviously, this is how the industry must run and I didn’t like it. For example, I would have liked at least 15 minutes to practice

backing on my own but neither trainer ever allowed me to do that when I asked them.

So I argued with my trainer for the last two weeks of training and eventually passed my road skills and backing test graduating to Walmart U.S Gordonsville.

Now on to my thoughts on Walmart account. When I did a ride along a trainer told me he made 70K last year. My thoughts were finally the real money.

I finished my two days of ride along and finally started driving on my own. My first time solo driving a tractor trailer and while turning into a walmart did not take enough space and blew my right rear tire on a guard rail.

Because it was a tire I knew I was not in trouble. It’s just a tire right. Well, I was right U.S express replaced the tire and off I went. It was pretty devastating though. I thought I was invincible, and no accidents could happen to me. That tire incident made me rethink my whole entire thought process.

As I began driving more after that I became nervous from the incident. I wanted to be more safer, cautious, and be more aware of my surroundings. I hated being trained but I found myself rethinking what my trainers told me to always watch my mirrors and never forget to G.O.A.L.

The first few backing maneuvers attempted at a few Walmart's went fairly good. I had no trouble backing in. In fact, some were so easy I thought I had it made! But I’ll tell you now. At Gordonsville, DC you will back into some tight spots on G and K lot. I noticed somedays I could back in between two trailers no problems and somedays I couldn’t. I wasted about an hour each day

Depressed I could not get in between two trailers out of fear of hitting one on my blindside. Some yard jockeys would come over and try to help me and I disliked the help. I’m a figure it out myself type of guy.

And if you think all Walmarts are easy to back into think again. There are some true OTR type docks out there. Now after playing around for a while I finally learned how to get into any dock in any situation.

Practice makes perfect and let me tell you I’m so good at backing now I impress myself. If only my trainers could see me now.

almost forgot to mention you can and will be sent on backhauls. Which are not Walmarts but other companies. Some routes feel like you’re under paid and driving far more miles than what it’s worth. Some docks require you to be aware and be good at backing as some are a true OTR style docks.

Covered backing Ok. You need to be good. Let’s talk about atmosphere and overall equipment. Drivers here are friendly and I’ve only seen two who were nasty. So far that is. Office staff are friendly for the most part, but if you’re not a hard worker prepare for hard times.

I’ve personally seen the office staff discipline drivers right in front of me where I could hear everything. There’s this thing where they like to always have you on voice call so everyone in the office can hear your business. I think it’s tacky and unprofessional.

One thing that gets me at Walmart Dedicated are how equipment is maintained, but drivers don’t seem to care about taking care of trucks. Things you will see if you come on to account is as follows,

Posted:  4 months, 1 week ago

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U.S express low pay. Should I opt for per diem and tuition reimbursement

I’m at U.S express and I noticed even when I run hard my checks are low. About 500-600+ a week. I’m a solo driver.

I didn’t opt for Per diem and I think I should have. Thoughts on this?

When I started I stayed local a week making 22 an hour as a garbage driver. So with the increase from 14 an hour to 22. I payed off my loan from community college which was $1500. I payed it off myself.

Should I ask U.S express to reimburse it or do you think they won’t now since I payed it off myself. I have proof I payed it off and receipts from my school.

I’m liking U.S express. Maybe because I have no bills or kids lol. So it’s exciting to now be building class A experience.

Posted:  8 months, 3 weeks ago

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TMC transportation training diary. Training is a mixed bag. Curious on TMC drivers and vets opinions

Unfortunately there are many trainers out there who shouldn't be. We only have a couple members that drive for TMC but they're not really active so we cant give company specific information. However, have you addressed your concerns with anybody in the office? TMC is really counting on you to be a safe, productive driver for them. I'm not sure if they would assign you a new trainer or not but its beneficial for you AND them to get the best training possible. It's better to get it resolved ASAP.

I have not because one complaint I’m 100% sure will make it’s way to my trainer. I was more curious on how I can proceed with him so I can stop getting chewed out. Everyday I assume this dude will send me home because I don’t do stuff the exact way he wants it. It’s not like I don’t want to but it’s a lot to process. And I firmly believe no trainer should sleep in the back while a trainee is driving, but he wants to know he can be in the sleeper while I drive and not worry. Well, he’s been going back there and I just don’t like it. This feels like I’m making him all the money and getting only bits and pieces of training only when I mess up and not constantly throughout the day.

Posted:  8 months, 3 weeks ago

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TMC transportation training diary. Training is a mixed bag. Curious on TMC drivers and vets opinions

So I’ve never traveled the interstates and was met with confusion lol. Was chewed out for that and loved it. Got me to start watching for signs and paying attention more. So it’s a whole new world for me out here. I’m not giving up.

My trainer asks is this job really for me and to let him know if I will quit. I’ve told him I’ve never quit anything and I will see this through to the end even if TMC doesn’t take me.

I have a lot to learn and I just feel so slow to it all.

Posted:  8 months, 3 weeks ago

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TMC transportation training diary. Training is a mixed bag. Curious on TMC drivers and vets opinions

This entire TMC process has been quite the journey. I have to say I love flat-bedding. I enjoy the hard work and the fulfillment from securing a load.

So I want to understand why I feel so depressed being here and then all of a sudden I’m happy as hell.

First off, I’m a big ass nerd. All I did for the last 10 years is work security. Come home and play video games. Of course I’m a hard worker and I always try to do my best. I am a total shut-in and I have never traveled. Remember the above how I have never traveled for later.

So I decided to become a truck driver and passed everything on the first try. All the way to TMC where I respected and admired there process to become a trucker with their company.

I made it to my trainer truck only to be hit with reality. The real world of professional truck driving takes real patience and skill.

The issues boil down to I’m a very defensive driver and take steps to be safe. My trainer does not appreciate me slowing down when traffic ahead of me slows down or drive slow.

So I’m forced to always try and pass drivers in this truck. Now I agree if someone is driving slow to go around but there have been tons of time when I felt this was not necessary and this guy chews into my ass whenever I don’t pass a slow driver.

I also don’t like going over the speed limit but whenever I go the speed limit say 45 he tells me I gotta speed up because traffic is moving at 55 in a 45 zone. Unless, it’s a work zone or school zone speed away he says. Of course, I listen and speed up. I just never thought it would be like this.

What really bothers me and makes me want to scream is how he’s on his phone every day. And I mean everyday. No phone policy is a ****ing joke at TMC. The valuable information I should be receiving is not happening because he has to speak with his family 24/7. I should be trained all day everyday with his mouth running half the time.

I’ve been chewed out for my horrible backing when it comes to a 45 angle. I need to work on it, but not once have I had more than 15 minutes to work on my maneuver a day. Like backing in myself and using G.O.A.L.

He couches me through every backing maneuver each time I do it like a baby. I have not even been able to try G.O.A.L because he tells me every single way to turn the wheel. I assume he does this because of the hours of service. How can I improve this way? I almost hit a trailer the other night. I wanted to G.O.A.L but he insisted on telling me how much I should back up. Well, backed up and he told me I almost hit the trailer. This is why I insisted I should G.O.A.L. I’m doing it from now on no matter what.

Been with him for a week and now I understand why his trainees quit before. He’s a really good guy but his training is subpar in my eyes.

I’m quite slow to the securement process. It’s because I’ve been a shut in and have no real world skills. But I’ve worked my ass off since day one and love it. I move slow but I assume in the flatbed world that’s how it’ll be for a while until you catch on fully. So when I told him I don’t understand straps and placement I meant it.

He has explained it but has never really went into how the process works. So we were trained to go by feet by Mr. Fisher but he says throw that out the window. Told me today he would go over it with me and as of 11-11-2019 still has not gone over it with me. Guess what though. He’s told me how to secure for a week so I’ve done what he says. Today got mad at me for moving slow to get the straps tightly binded and not knowing where to place them on a lumber load which I’ve never done. While our vehicle is broke down he’s in the back on his phone when he could be outside drilling into my head the securement process for loads.

It’s obvious I need more time as I’m wanting to learn but am a bit slow to the process. I struggled with tarping but after much practice I’m now able to tarp a load. Before I sucked at rolling tarps but after much practice I’m good at it.

It takes time but I’m learning. I missed my first turn today and he chewed my ass out. Told me what I would I have done if he wasn’t there. Well, I told him I would’ve just managed. I mean he goes off for nothing if I miss a turn we can easily fix that. I just listen to him like he’s crazy. It’s not like I endanger other drivers I just have to learn from my mistakes.

He constantly asks me If I’m upset. No I’m not upset at him for keeping it real I’m a steering wheel holder and not a professional driver. I’m upset at the training process. I expected more professionalism from this.

I love how he’s drilled my ass when I make ****ty turns, so that’s a good deal. I learned and now I’m more watchful. I love how he’s told me my backing needs work but how can I improve when you constantly won’t let me practice without you saying which way to turn. Or how my securement is terrible. Which is true but you don’t even go over it with me and test me. It’s lets go to shipper and see if he remember everything I told him. I don’t on everything.

I just wish for an instant I had a trainer who really understands where I’m at. This feels like a get me to point A for pay day and we will worry about you if we have time in the 14 hour clock.

Like he drives the bounce miles and I drive the rest. He drives through all the towns and only lets me drive the highway. How can I learn to drive the towns if you drive every time? This is the second week and I still have my training wheels on.

Posted:  10 months, 1 week ago

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Passed and got my CDL 9/26/2019! Advice on three weeks notice for my current company

Brandon, Maverick is fine as companies go, but if you haven't finalized your decision yet, you might check these out:

Gonna check out now

Posted:  10 months, 1 week ago

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Passed and got my CDL 9/26/2019! Advice on three weeks notice for my current company

You'll be fine. They'll still need drivers a month from now. Just be sure to stay in weekly contact with your recruiter, so they know you're still in the game. Good luck.

That’s good. What other companies should I consider taking a look at?

Posted:  10 months, 1 week ago

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Passed and got my CDL 9/26/2019! Advice on three weeks notice for my current company

So I work in security and I have given them a damn near 1 month notice I’m leaving. Normally I would give two weeks but this job takes time to find a proper replacement for the contract.

I talked with Maverick recruiter and told her this above. She said she’ll see what she can do. I don’t want to lose my chance with the company but I have to look out this company been good to me.

Will I be alright a less than a month from now on 10/24/2019. I’ll be free and can work for any trucking company I want. Or do you think it’s hurting me?


Posted:  10 months, 2 weeks ago

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Test date on the 26th. Looking like I’ll be a professional truck driver. Questions on trip planning

So I started class on August 5th and my test date is September 26th.

I wanted to know just how complex trip planning can get and how to plan for it. Or studying and learning it early on.

School showed me how to navigate atlas but I’m wondering what I should purchase before going with Maverick Transportation.

First off since I’m flatbed will clearences be less of a threat?

What gps unit is recommended for trucking in different states considering you can’t completely depend on them.

How can I absolutely make sure I don’t end up down the wrong street if I’m not depending on gps? My school explained Atlas but no where did I see which roads in the city you can’t go in with trucks besides low clearences.

Posted:  1 year ago

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At fault accident over four years ago

Describe the accident. What actually happened?

You can get your MVR online. It may cost you 15 - 20 dollars, but anyone starting this career should look at it and know what's there.

As far as accidents go most trucking companies can find out about them even if they aren't on your MVR. Insurance records are available to them that will show any accidents. You can't hide it.

Any trucking job application will ask for driving/accident records. Sometimes they may say, "Have you ever had any accidents?" Well, you have to answer yes to that one and describe it to them. Or they may ask, "In the past three years have you had any accidents?" You can answer no to that one. Be honest. Don't try to hide anything. But, only give them the information they are asking for. Nothing more, nothing less.

He has his MVR it shows no at fault accident on it. He turned left while on coming traffic was coming and a driver hit him. Failure to yeild and payed the fine without going to court.

Posted:  1 year ago

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At fault accident over four years ago

First, how long ago was this accident?

Next, what was the accident?

Lastly, when was the conviction date?

Many companies like to see no violations over three year years prior to their hiring. That's any citation. An accident is going to look worse that a ticket for a brake light not working.

The at fault accident was over four years ago. He explained he paid a ticket and it’s no longer affecting his insurance. Not sure if it’ll show up in his MVR.

Posted:  1 year ago

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At fault accident over four years ago

Can my friend get into cdl career with this accident. He has +5 points now and has not been in an accident since. Wanted to know if any companys will hire him if he discloses this information on applications otherwise I’ll tell him he can’t do it.

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