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Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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President’s mandate given earlier today


A little vaccine isn't going to force me to quit my job. It's will be just another requirement in a long list of requirements.


That's right RealDiehl! Don't let it stop you! A "little vaccine" wasn't gonna stop Rikipedia, either!

I recently announced the passing of our old friend, Rikipedia. Turns out, no one asked what happened. He informed me shortly before passing that he got vaxxed a few weeks prior. One month after the vax......dead.

But sure, RiehlDeal, it's only another requirement.......just like:

  • two weeks to flatten the curve
  • a mask is a small ask
  • social distance because don't you love your grandma?
  • close your business and bankrupt yourself because don't you love America?
  • yet another lockdown
  • mask mandates if you're not vaxxed
  • no employment if you're not vaxxed
  • and soon to be no access to society and "safety camps" for those not vaxxed

We must stop going along with the government and telling ourselves that it's business as usual when they violate the Constitution, violate the Nuremberg Code, censor people, cancel people, take away their employment, and soon take away their freedom.

I'm sure the people of Australia thought they would "earn" their freedom back if they would just comply. Turns out they were very, very wrong!

I'm appalled that some people still don't get what's happening after 18 months of watching this tyranny and seeing what they're doing to people around the world.

Folks, they have one option only, and that is our compliance. We will not comply. No testing, no vaxxing.

If we don't decry this mandate as dead on arrival, many of us will soon be dead ourselves. Learn from Australia. Do not comply.

This post is 100% on the money.

I'll also add that even if everyone in America was vaccinated, it wouldn't matter as long as we keep letting people into this country. None of these variants (or the virus itself) that I'm aware of started in the USA. Meanwhile we let every illegal and refugee come here and this same government gives them the choice to be vaccinated. It's quite shocking.

I'll be curious to see if this applies to truckers or not since we don't work in a workplace with 100 other people. If it does then I expect there will be major shortages throughout our society including fuel.

It has been discussed inside the Beltway that you may need a vaccine passport to do interstate travel in the US. So the government won't let you work unless you do what they say and they may not let you travel without your papers. Sounds a lot like like the beginnings of Communism to me.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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President’s mandate given earlier today

Does this mean 100 in one workplace or 100 total? Like Dollar General has thousands of employees but one location might only have a dozen employees. Truck drivers might work directly with one driver (aka a team).

Regardless I'm not taking the vaccine and I'm also not getting tested weekly. I'll let them fire me, and I'll go find a small business or small trucking operation. I guess that's my "thanks" from Biden for hauling freight cross country during the pandemic.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Anyone ever taken a leave of absence before?

Who do you work for? At CFI I could keep my truck for that amount of time. I'm taking a little over two weeks off in December and my truck will be in it's usual spot.

Speak with your fleet manager and or HR department.

Have fun.

I'll have to ask and see then. I may have gotten bad information and I don't even remember who I heard the 10 day thing from. I do have two weeks PTO now, so if I could use that PTO during consecutive weeks and keep my truck that would work out perfectly.

Driving to Cabo and back takes 10-11 days and 2-3 days of free time is way more than enough for me. I mainly just want to go see mountains and views of the Pacific Ocean / Sea of Cortez on the trip anyways and see what the Baja is about. Sitting at the beach all day isn't my thing. Just want to take a relaxing cruise and see what I find along the highway where I can actually stop for a few minutes and check something out, unlike when I'm in my truck and have to keep trucking. I love road tripping which is what got me into the trucking in the first place and it's the best decision I ever made.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Anyone ever taken a leave of absence before?

I work for a mega carrier and have been with them for over 2 years now. I'm thinking about trying to take a leave of absence in February 2022 so I can go travel the Baja California peninsula and just relax for a bit. Has anyone ever done that before and if so how did it go? I've talked to some other drivers at my company that have told me that they have quit and had no problem getting hired back and were even able to keep their original hire date. However I'm not looking to quit, I'd just like to take a little break, get out of my truck, and go somewhere nice during arguably the worst month for trucking.

I also won't be 26 yet, so the health insurance doesn't matter for me since I'm still on my parents plan. A lot of people are telling I me I should take the break and go for that fact alone and since I don't have kids and whatnot. I don't fly anywhere, strictly drive and it takes 2 weeks minimum to drive from Indiana to Cabo.

I might only end up just taking 8-10 days off (I have 2 weeks PTO), but I think anything over 10 days off I have to turn the truck in. Just kind of looking for some opinions and interested in what others have done. Also a lot depends on the virus and what restrictions the government(s) put in place.

Posted:  1 year, 11 months ago

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Will I get fired?

Getting it fixed right now. They've made it less of a deal than I thought they would have so far. Sounds like it's common for drivers to have little incidents once in a while. Makes sense. I have drove 30000 miles so far in 4 months which is twice what the average person drives in a personal vehicle. I just will have to be more careful for now on. I was kind of daydreaming a bit when it happened.

Posted:  1 year, 11 months ago

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Will I get fired?

I am a Schneider driver and have been driving for 4 months. I hit a parking rail in a lot going less than 5 mph. It tore off the side of my plastic bumper and my steering wheel is crooked now. The truck drives fine and everything but I am nervous they will fire me. Taking it to the company shop tomorrow to see if they can fix it. This is the first time I have hit anything also.

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