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Why Some Drivers Are Treated Better Than Others

by Rainy

This article provides an overview of the different experiences of truck driver training and how your performance will determine your success in the trucking industry. It gives an example of two drivers who started on the same day, but had different experiences in training. It also discusses the importance of being professional, conscientious, and communicating issues effectively to be rewarded.

Failed The CDL Exam? Don't Sweat It.

by Rainy

Many truck drivers go into the CDL exam with a do or die attitude, but failing does not make you a loser. Learn how to stay calm, ask for help, and stay safe when taking the CDL exam.

What Should I Expect To Learn From My Trainer?

by Old School

This article provides insight into the truck driver training process. It explains the importance of having a steely resolve and the need to stick it out during training, even if the trainer is not the best example. It also emphasizes the need to set a goal of sticking with the first truck driving job for one year.

Scared of that Perverted, Creepy Trainer?

by Rainy

This article provides tips for women truckers on how to handle sexual harassment, male trainers, and other issues they may face. It also provides advice on how to protect yourself and your career, and how to accurately and immediately report any problems.

Truckers Need Extraordinary Responsibility And Self-Reliance

by Rainy

Trucking is a unique industry that requires a high level of personal responsibility and self-reliance. Learn how to accept responsibility for your decisions, practice and research to get the answers you need, and network with experienced drivers to excel in the trucking industry.

Your Trainer Will Test You On Far More Than Just Your Driving Skills

by Old School

Truck driving school is only the beginning of your CDL training. Learn how to pay your dues as a rookie truck driver and how to handle a difficult trainer. Get tips on how to make it through your training period and be successful.

OTR Training- Week 1: Patience and Perseverance

by lucky13

Becoming a solo truck driver is a difficult challenge. This article explores the journey of one truck driver and the challenges they faced. Learn what it takes to become a truck driver and the challenges you will face along the way.

Types of Trainers and How to Deal With Them

by TruckerMike

This article covers various truck driver trainer personalities and how to manage them as a student or new driver. Advice is given on how to handle relaxed, aggressive, or emotionally charged trainers.

A Trainer's Perspective On Teaching Students How To Shift

by TruckerMike

Become a certified CDL instructor with tips from a trainer with over two and a half years of experience. Learn how to handle stress, shift smoothly, and manage students. Discover how to help students make successful shifts, sharp turns, and how to manage stress.

I'm Becoming a CDL Instructor!

by TruckerMike

Trucker Mike shares his experience of becoming a CDL instructor and training a new driver. He explains the process of the CDL training program, the challenge for trucking companies, the driver trainer contract, and the importance of quality trainers. He also discusses the misconception of CDL programs being money makers and the importance of speaking up if you have a bad CDL instructor.

My First Days On The Road With A Trainer

by JakeCat22

This article follows a truck driver's experience of meeting Bob the trainer and sleeping in the truck for the first time. It provides tips and advice on truck driver training.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Truck Driving School

by Tanya Bons

When choosing a truck driving school, consider factors such as drive time, quality of training, job placement, and the quality of instructors. Understand the importance of each factor and do your research to make the best decision.

The Showdown With "The Colonel" - Handling My Trainer's Tirades

by Philosopher Paul

Colonel Kurtz is a truck driver with 10 years of experience and 400 students. He has a dark side and a vendetta against four-wheelers. Read about his story and how a showdown between him and his student resulted in a newfound understanding.

One New Driver Sent Home, The Rest Of Us To The Skid Pad

by Philosopher Paul

This article follows a student driver's journey through truck driving orientation and the harsh reality of the trucking industry. The trainer sent one student home due to safety concerns and the importance of safety was highlighted. The student driver also got to practice on a skid pad and learned the importance of feeling a skid and recovering quickly.

The Boot Camp Known As Company Sponsored Training

by SharBear

This article provides an overview of the trucking industry from the perspective of someone with a half century of experience. Get tips on CDL training, company-sponsored training, and more.

New Truck Drivers: Beware of Rocking The Boat


This article uncovers the complexities of the trucking industry, unwritten rules, and realities that aren't always right or fair. It explains how to navigate these complexities and stresses the importance of being aware and cautious when dealing with veteran drivers and company personnel.

It's Official - My Truck Driver Training is Over

by TruckerMike

TruckerMike shares his experience of becoming a truck driver, from his initial research to the last days with his company trainer. He details the challenges and difficulties and the rewards of the job.

My On-The-Road Training Ends And It's Home To My Family

by Peter Jr

Peter Jr shares his experience of his first 48 days on the road in the trucking industry. He provides lessons he learned such as Chicagoans are born rude and soccer moms can't drive. He also shares his plans for the future and what he hopes to achieve with his trucking career.

Don't Let the Little Things Bother You....Just Roll On

by TruckerMike

TruckerMike offers a rookie's perspective on how to stay calm, manage stress, and make the most out of the unpredictability of truck driving. Find out how to enjoy the ride and let go of the little things.

Surviving a Company Trainer

by TruckerMike

Trucker Mike shares his thoughts on surviving your company trainer. Get tips on how to adjust to your trainer's personality, how to work hard and keep a good attitude, and advice on how to handle bad days on the road.

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