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CDL practice tests are a great way to reinforce the knowledge you already have of the materials in the CDL Manual. But what's the best way to learn the CDL manual in the first place? Read more

We have an incredibly easy to use (and free!) online program:

The High Road™ Training Program

It has the entire CDL Manual built right in and it's broken down into small chunks with multiple choice questions after each section. Our program will teach you the CDL manual cover to cover and prepare you for your written CDL exams, including your permit and all of your endorsements.
The questions in this section of our website are straight out of The High Road™ Training Program. Do yourself a favor and take five minutes to check it out. You're going to be amazed at how thoroughly and easily you can learn the entire CDL manual and breeze through your written CDL exams, including all of the endorsements, with a program that's put together as well as ours.
Recently a student in our trucker's forum aced the entire CDL permit exam and all of his endorsement exams after using our training program! Here's what he had to say: Aced The CDL Exams.
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New! "CDL Practice Test" Android Mobile App Available From TruckingTruth!

TruckingTruth's first mobile app is called "CDL Practice Test" and contains 565 challenging multiple choice questions straight out of the CDL manual. In fact, we've taken the same challenging questions we use in our High Road™ Training Program and packaged them up for quick access when you're on the go.

Our "CDL Practice Test" app covers the entire CDL permit exam and all of the endorsement exams. Each question includes a snippet from the CDL manual containing the answer, and as an added bonus we threw in some helpful advice from experienced drivers along the way. These practice questions will certainly challenge you and test your knowledge of the CDL manual. If you can do well on these questions, you're definitely ready for the CDL exams.

We hope you'll take a minute to check our our app. It's the best way to get a lot of practice in before test time!

CDL Practice Test Mobile App On Google Play

(iPhone/iPad version coming soon!)

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