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Hi. After almost two decades working for the USPS, I walked away from what felt like a prison. I went through Prime's company sponsored training to get my CDL in 2015 and am an OTR reefer driver. I went from feeling "stuck" in a job to having plenty of options. I no longer feel trapped to work, but have the flexibility that keeps me interested.

This has been an adventure I wish I had started earlier. Prime is an awesome company for me, and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. Thanks to this site, I've become a real asset to my Fleet Manager, and I'm never treated as just a number--I'm family.

I love to laugh and write novels under the pen name Rhoda D'Ettore. Any trucker who would like coupons for free audio books or ebooks should feel free to contact me.


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Posted:  16 hours, 12 minutes ago

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Too smart to go for my CDL

I was 41. My mother and i argued over it. I won.

I was a high school AP honors student, a college honors grad, a Lieutenant Governor for an international community service organization during which I had lunch with POTUS, and i was given an award by the Post Master General of the US while working at the USPS for 18 years. I have written and published six books, 5 audiobooks (on, and co founded a very successful online magazine. I toured a large part of the country with my books and have sold books in most of the Barnes n Nobles and Amazon markets including: UK, Austrailia, Canada, India, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Japan. Three different people offered me.large sums for the movie rights of one of my novels. i have traveled the world....swam with dolphins, snorkeled with sea lions, played with a tiger, bungee jumped over the Grand Canyon, parasailed, walked on glaciers, and so much more. I spent weeks caring for victims of hurricane Katrina, saved someones life via CPR, attacked a mugger, and tackled a possible terrorist in an airport. I also faught off two armed assailants. I ordered and loved my dream car, a Mustang GT...of which i have owned 3.

After all that... .I became a truck driver.

I wish i had the time to continue writing my novels, but i am not afforded such.

My point....never let anyone or anything stop you from doing whatever you want. LIVE your life.

My mother always tells me of bungee cords being cut or people dying in adventurous ways. I told her "do no feel bad if i die in a tropical paradise doing something i enjoy...while most people cant afford to do so, or have responsibilities that prevent them. Just remember that i lived my life to the fullest."

Posted:  1 day, 11 hours ago

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PAM/Driver Solutions Training

No Brett, Nighthawk is a woman aka "Misty" aka "Deisel ****". She changed the screen name when i.mentioned typing things like "I chose prime because they dont do hair testing" was a bad idea.

She stated the trainer asked her about her periods...i mentioned that sometimes trainers will plan additional restroom breaks when women need such. yes, my trainer knew when i period. i even mentioned in one of my articles that my trainer gave us more showers for my comfort during my period. Sometimes 2 per day! I appreciated it.

She stated the trainer did not allow her to use the what? i didnt use my trainers fridge.

The only part of the truck that belongs to the student is the bunk. any student will realize when they get their own truck just how invading taking on a student can be.

I hope she finds a real home at Roehl.

Posted:  1 day, 16 hours ago

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Woman Wanting To Start Trucking Carrer.. But lil nervous doing it

I was almost bankrupt when i got on that bus. Less than 2 years later i paid off $57,000 in debt!

Posted:  1 day, 16 hours ago

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PAM/Driver Solutions Training

My fear is that you are cornering yourself over and over.

First you went to Prime and lied on the application about not having failed a drug test recently. You were caught in the lie and sent home. At that time, many companies rejected you, probably Roehl as well.

PAM and CR England accepted you despite your failed drug test and medications others may have rejected. Rather than appreciating this, you debated which two you should attend, and sort of bashed CR England

After training and getting your CDL you then left PAM for Roehl, a company who expected more of you in March and wouldnt take you.

I was nervous for you when I read your Facebook page because it was "Yay! got my CDL and passed my test" and less than 24 hours 'After careful consideration i am headed to Roehl".

In less than 3 months you went to 3 different companies. What if Roehl sends you home when they go over your drug list? What if they see how many orientations you have gone to and send you home? Then you will have no job, no way to pay back PAM for the paid for a flight and rental car to Prime and a sleep apnea test before hand.

It just seems as though you are jumping around without the careful consideration you claim. Going to orientation is not a job offer, it is an invitation to prove your commitment and abilities.

If Roehl does not work out, then what? Almost no reputable trucking company is going to want to talk to you. Roehl could very well fire you upon your first accident....because they have nothing vested in you as far as training goes.

Then what?

I seriously hope things work out for you. Good luck

Posted:  3 days, 19 hours ago

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Woman Wanting To Start Trucking Carrer.. But lil nervous doing it

I disagree with the "mills" comment as well.

Any new driver should stay a year anyway. So whats the big deal about a contract. If you leave early, you can pay the contract and be done....but why pay for school if you do not ha e to. Plus, my school was one on one out on the road with real world backing and experience, not a backing pad.

i paid NOTHING towards school, and have been here for 3 years. i have considered going to another compsny simply for home time and family reasons, but it hasnt happened yet. i planned to stay one year, company is awesome.

in my opinion, the "dont want to be locking into a contract" is self defeating. Not only does it imply you wont be happy at the company, but it also sets you up to have hiring issues later.

Heres an example.. one of our forum members was going to go to a local CDL school. She decided to go to paid company training instead. However she omitted to tell us she failed a drug test recently. Good thing she didnt pay for that school! Sometimes it takes somlong to find a company due to personal issues (DMV record, medical, background issuee) that drivers assume wont be a problem...and the schools just want your money so they dont care.

She went to Prime...sent home due to the past drug test. It took a couple weeks to find PAM that would take her. She just got her license this week and...BAM, now she is in Roehl.

She has to go through their training now. This all happened since March.

Guess what is going to happen if she hates Roehl? She wont find a job for quite some time unless she goes to a very low paying one. Three orientations in three months is going to look very bad....add in the failed drug test and she painted herself into a corner.

Research a bit...look arou d the blogs here. and ask any questions.

have a great day

Posted:  5 days, 12 hours ago

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Descending steep downgrades in an automatic

No wonder Rainy was on me like white on rice about being overconfident! Thank you all again for all the sage advise.


I swear people....we really did have fun and laugh a lot! i wasnt all nagging and head drilling!

You are doing great!!!

Posted:  5 days, 13 hours ago

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Hey guys. It's been a while

Hey everyone. Glad to see this site is still going and doing well. Nice to see some of the same guys helping people out. I haven't been on in a while for lots of reasons but it's nice to be back.

So I'm still driving. I'm currently with Hannaford doing grocery delivery. Been here almost two years now. Pays well but the company is a mess. People in management positions that shouldn't be. That among many other things has me looking around. I've recently applied to FedEx. Anyone know anything about driving for them?

i have an owner op friend in custom critical who loves it. each division is completely different, so Freight, Ground and Custom Critical are all run differently and the employees must apply all over again when changing divisions. they have different bonus structures and policies.

which division were you looking at? are you looking to go company or drive for a owner op? some positions require teams..such as the White Glove Reefer side.

Posted:  5 days, 14 hours ago

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A new trucker’s wife, on a rollercoaster ride of emotions…

You are very very welcome. When i started, Old School.was one of my biggest helps....and many Prime drivers. I had an accident and when a Prime driver helped me calm.down, he made me.promise to pay it forward so that is what i do.

If you havent read the blog posts yet, check.them out. Heres one i wrote about culture shock. One huge thing in trucking is the student doesnt know what he doesnt know. After you get the hang of this it is quite easy...can be frustrating but still fairly easy.

You inspired my next article lol...we occassionally have wives and girlfriends who post. some are very demanding and even call dispatch regarding their SO. uh...not a good idea. lol I know one student whose girlfriend heard the GPS talking and got.jealous and didnt talk to him for a week!

i re-read my last comment and it is sort of one sided about how you need to help.him, but he needs to be compassionate of you too. so, coming soon, Relationships and undedstanding for the new trucker lol

Trucking is a total Culture Shock

Posted:  5 days, 15 hours ago

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Prime: Let's do this!

The Kool aid always has hidden components! He was telling me after everything he puts about 2-3k in the bank and he has been doing this 9 years. I'm thinking to myself Suuuure and if the truck breaks what then? I still plan on doing company, even if I was slightly tempted.

heres some reality for you... If you go.the way of your TnT trainer, you get his or her FM. So, Splitter got my company FM when he upgraded. If i was lease, and he went company, he would different FM. If he went lease and i was lease, he d keep our FM.

Now, think about this...if i did my job and helped Splitter become a great FM.will be very happy with him and making good money. That would give me brownie points with my FM. I have a funny suspicion the lease guys get a bonus if the student goes lease, but i dont know that as a fact.. just a suspicion. So brownie points with the FM and possibly bonus money...yeah, they encourage leasing.

Plus, most lease ops were talked into leasing by their trainers who were never company drivers....which means there is a lot of misinformation passed down. One guy "I went lease cause i didnt want them searching my truck. As company, they will bring you in every 3 months and route through your personal stuff".

Not only is this false...but stupid. Prime owns the leased and the company trucks and can search all they want....but they dont. Not without cause at least. The contract says lease ops must remain DOT compliant... hence their trucks can be inspected for anything...including in cab....or how about drugs and alcohol? hmmmm DOT, signed a contract to be compliant...hmmm. idiot.

what is weird is that Prime does not pressure people to lease ops do. Bragging about how much they make.

Ask him this...."Please show me your end of the year settlement. I want to see your gross revenue (about $230k) subtracted by your total operation costs including fuel, maint. and insurance. (probably about $150k). Then I would like to see the amount of taxes you paid out (probably $15k or so) and subtract that from the difference. This is your net profit.

After, Please divide your gross revenue ($230k) by the number of ACTUAL miles you drove. This will give you a rate per mile. Im guessing about $1.25 per mile based on three of my friends statements. Now...divide the operation costs by the total annual miles....this gives you an operation per.mile. (about 75 cpm). Deduct the average operation cost per mile from the average rate per mile ($1.25) ....and you get 50cpm. Without a fuel.bonus. which means a solo brand new Lightweight driver can bring home the same or more than a lease op team trainer.

after i check out those numbers, i might be interested."

odds are he doesnt know what you mean lol

Posted:  5 days, 19 hours ago

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One on one help in backing

Yep, Wil Trans does the same as per our forum member G

Wils Trans TT Diary

Posted:  5 days, 19 hours ago

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One on one help in backing

One thing that needs to be understood here: No Paid CDL Training Programs are gonna be purely one on one instruction at least to my knowledge. If there are any please post them on here.


Orientation was in groups and SIM classes but that is it. When I got my permit, i went out one on one for 10k miles. then i went teaming. there was no schooling or sharing a truck or instructor with other students. it was start the truck, drive around the parking lot, now turn into the street. they do less permit miles now due to the automatics, but with the permit, you drive across country delivering. One on one with an instructor. When Splitter (and I in 2015) had problems passing the exam, we were both given different one on one instructors from.who originally trained us. After my teaming, i asked for even more backing help before i uograded and they gave it to me. Splitter and his original insrructor drove to UT from MO and back. Then he tested.

Im guessing Wils Trans and Jim palmer would be similar? They seem to share a lot of ideas and policies.

Posted:  6 days, 14 hours ago

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Companies that offer true OTR driving

Am I asking to much to not do short hauls where your loading and unloading every day?

Yes you are.

It is totally frustrating and tiring to constantly you are at customers. I get it. It is equally as frustrating when you kmow there are long runs out there.

when i first started, i got the 1800 miles loads quite a bit. as time went on, i got tighter and tighter loads and ones that others can't make on time. From October to March, i had only two loads over 700 miles given to me by dispatch---both were in blizzard like areas so no one wanted them or drivers were shut down. My boyfriend at my company is a lease op and often goes west as a solo. His loads, both solo and team when he is training, have SO MUCH more time than mine. He often tells me.i wont make the appointments, I always do. But i rarely have time to get in ten hours ahead or take a 34 hour break with a load.

However, if i go into the terminal, i can pick loads going west. so a 2200 mile load going from MO to CA is possible and dispatch immediately turns me around. Easy 3k mile weeks there. i learned to request home time out west or at the terminal to get those loads.

i have been to all but SD. i team train from time to time and that is chaos coasr to coast lol My team.loads rarely give us down time either so i make my own.

I have seen drivers post here that regional means loads under 1000 miles and OTR is more. that is crap.and an unrealistic expectation.

My loads last week were 350, 181, 380, 877, 723, 199. and yes i customers to to three times a day. it sucks. But it happens.

Posted:  1 week ago

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Do my psychiatric meds disqualify me from attaining a CDL?

Jordan J, Did they say you are okay to drive? What company are you going with?

Hello found a very old thread and the OP probably wont respond. The truth is, most companies would take issue with one or all of those.meds. Trucking is a very chaotic lifetsyle without a schedule. forgetting to take some meds that could result in deadly losses will be frowned upon by companies.

i know for a cact my company will not accept Trazadone let alone the others. we are not allowed to take cold.meds other than Mucinex or comtrex, so prescriptions are few and far between.

Posted:  1 week ago

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Need help filling out 2290 Form

Hi Sean. This forum has an agenda to assist rookie drivers during their training and first year. We do not discuss owner op topics. i suggest you try OOIDA s website.

Sorry we cannot help you and good luck.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Wanting to start trucking, but I haven't driven on ice in a while in a 4 wheel car

Heres a solution...park when icy lol we just send messages "shutting down due to weather" or "road conditiions". ice, wind, snow, floods....whatever. as a truck driver you get to decide.

there are companies that have southern regional or southeast regional.

if you start now, you will be able to control the trailer better by the winter...or ...start training in the winter and have that support person on the truck while you are driving through it.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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A new trucker’s wife, on a rollercoaster ride of emotions…

Hi. you are both insane and normal lol.

as far as home time.policy, each company is different and you need to ask your husband , who should have told you what that policy is. you can probably find it on CRST's website.

with family emergency, he is teaming so could get home very quickly in the event of an emergency. I was in training at prime and flew home to NJ from FL for my mom. due to having a team mate, it is always possible he could catch a flight and not have to worry about the truck going back to a terminal. keep in mind that your idea of an emergency could be different than the company's. for example, needing him home because your cousins husbands sister died, or the dog is sick is not going to fly.

it will take him a bit to adjust. when i go home i want to sleep the whole first day. the second day i stock my truck do the laundry and eat at all my favorite restaurants with my mom i then spend a couple days with my sisters family and go to the movies with my brother. OTR then starts again way too soon.

with all the social media you are never that far away. i was engaged to an army infantry guy who was deployed to iraq and afghanistan for most of our 8 years together. THAT was tough...but very similar. the need to rest when he comes home and the not wanting to plan anything is common. Feeling detached as if everyones life went on without him is common.

do things to incorporate him into your life. that is hard while teaming due to lack of privacy....but cook dinner or clean the house while skyping. that sounds weird, but if he was home you would be talking to him while actively doing those things. include him the way you normally would. send him voice messages the way women used to put love.notes in lunch boxes. heck, when he comes home, get a hotel room..with a jacuzzi and room.service for special couple time. sharing exclusive time together could help you reconnect. on neutral territory since the home felt a little foreign to him and "yours not his". if he says he is tired, believe him. he isnt losing interest in you. he is exhausted. especially the first six months or so. if he forgets your birthday, it is probably because he doesnt even kmow what day of the week it is. When teaming you go to sleep in Florida and wake up in Virgina. Time flies.

do not put pressure on him or.make him feel guilty for being gone...he already does. you said you lost both of the men in your life at the same time. not lost your have my condolemces. Your hubby has been busting his butt to make a better life for you. and although you may feel like he is gone, he isnt. stick it out the year he has to do with the company and if he chooses to change companies later, choose one with a rider policy for you to go with him from time to time, or permanently if you choose. Jeremys a great guy, i know that just from his posts. So i know you know that being his wife. if he has to worry about you and your dependece or your love for him, he wont be able to do this. you need to be strong. you need to make sure you arent arguing while he is driving, because disrractions of home could cause accidents and end his career or worse. not trying to scary you, but the home spouse needs to assure the aeay spouse that you can work together as a team.

you will both suffer insecurities. are both totally worth the sacrifices tge other needs to make for this. hang in there and be good to each other.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Do women ever drive flatbed?

Prime has quite a few.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

View Topic:

Help! Driver on road with misaligned locking pins

TA or Petro. we had a trailer misaligned when we picked it. in the 6th hole on one side and 8 in the other.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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CFI at Crowder College

Hurry up and wait is industry wide, like in the military.

welcome to trucking!!!

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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CRST - Training Adventures in Cedar Rapids

Yep, splitter did all the work. He made me very lazy and now im solo windows were never as clean as they were with him on the truck. Im a bug murderer lol. Even when i was driving, he woke up and fueled and pretripped most of the time. i never asked him to, he did it on his own. unless he was totally passed out from exhaustion. lol My trainer demanded it....she would wake me to do that stuff.

As far as the HOS, i did plan for him to drive into all of the customers, so we flip flopped schedules and did a couple rolling 34's. i hoped it made it easier for him to adjust to crazy solo schedules and various traffic as well as night driving.

Our FM aka "Greedy One Kenobi" gave him 2900 miles!!!! im jealous.

Ask your trainer if you can do most of the backing and customers. all trainers are different but you NEED to be able to drive in all different situations, weather and times of day. ask for it along the way. i had set routes i wanted to get him shifting better. a good trainer will try to incorporate your weaknesses to improve you.

good luck!

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