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Hi. After almost two decades working for the USPS, I walked away from what felt like a prison. I went through Prime's company sponsored training to get my CDL in 2015 and am an OTR reefer driver. I went from feeling "stuck" in a job to having plenty of options. I no longer feel trapped to work, but have the flexibility that keeps me interested.

This has been an adventure I wish I had started earlier. Prime is an awesome company for me, and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. Thanks to this site, I've become a real asset to my Fleet Manager, and I'm never treated as just a number--I'm family.

I love to laugh and write novels under the pen name Rhoda D'Ettore. Any trucker who would like coupons for free audio books or ebooks should feel free to contact me.


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Posted:  8 hours, 28 minutes ago

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My update

Urban Dictionary says Truck Driver Syndrome is the need to tell the same story over and over.

i did that before trucking.

Posted:  10 hours, 56 minutes ago

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Prime CDL Training Salt Lake City - January 2019

My TNT will be in PRISLC tonight!!!!

what time do u get to the terminal?

Posted:  17 hours, 8 minutes ago

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I make a ton of money, run as hard or as little as i want with no headaches at one of these mega carriers you claim to be awful and not treating me right.

I get everything I want. And just by the attitudes of people, you can tell the bums from the great workers. I train if i want extra money and dont if i dont. I have a great relationship with my support staff....they know me well. I have a fat savings account and a growing 401k. the owner ops are in the hole due to.choices THEY made.

No one wants to work anymore, they want everything handed to them. THAT is the problem with our society.

What it comes down to is that owner ops want to be big deal owner ops...but they want to break the law and call it oppression. They dont want to fork out the money needed to run a business, and many dont know how to run one.

Posted:  19 hours, 9 minutes ago

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Not to mention, it's going to be tough to convince people to go on strike when they're making North of $70,000 with fantastic benefits driving brand new rigs.


Why the hell would i strike when I make more now than I did as a unionized federal employee????

If being an owner op is sooooo awesome then why are they protesting. There is a video of these so called strikers on Youtube posted as "Black Smoke Matters shuts down I95 in Washington DC". They parked for a total of 5 seconds, and crawled along at 25mph blaring their horns as if they did something. in Washington DC doesnt go much faster than that normally. and most people outside the trucking world never heard of it.

Almost all of those Black Smoke Matters complainers are doing so based on mandatory ELDs. Which in no way changed the HOS rules. I just stated on another thread that they are basically admitting they have been illegally running and hiding it on paper logs. Their other argument is "safety" about the logs...yet most never do pretrips or properly maintain their ancient rigs. Im more afraid of their brakes not working than of an HOS rule.

And the head of the movement is alienating not only the left wing liberals who would normally support such protests, but also any driver who started trucking since 1990. Basically we arent truckers to him because we never drove the "old school rigs" and are part of the reason trucking today is "only a shadow of what is was in 1970 and 1980". We are nothing but a bunch of steering wheel holders to them. Fine, let them strike and ill be racking up the miles and raking in the dough.

Besides, Mike Robbins is having internal issues. Supposedly he only posts on the blog now and not facebook...or vice versa. i wasnt interest and forget.

Posted:  20 hours, 14 minutes ago

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Help your fellow driver

We truckers get to help in lots of ways. and not just other truckers.

I was coming off a ramp in Cleveland or cincinatti when a criminal jumped out of a car and was chased on foot by a cop. Both the cop car and other car were in the middle of the intersection. I saw the solo cop's radio fall of his shoulder while running so i blocked the intersection and called 911 for backup givimg them the direction of the foot chase.

Other officers showed and shook my hand before bidding me farewell.

BTW... Always keep lighters in zipped up jacket pockets for just this frozen lock reason.

good point Turlte

Posted:  21 hours, 3 minutes ago

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Prime Inc Automatic only

All of the hype about the ELDs makes me laugh. Those claiming it hurts them are basically admitting they have been running illegally for years. The regs haven't changed much in the last few years i have been driving other than being able to use Personal Conveyance more leniently. So drivers being upset now about paper logs are ridculously admitting to breaking the law for at least the past 3 years.

The depends on the make of truck. Some have "creep mode" and "hill assist" and some do not. My truck without creep mode seems so much harder to back up. Also, without the uphill assist, it sometimes rolls back when parked on an uphill or stopped at the top of a ramp hill.

This wouldnt happen in a manual cause i could control it.

Backing on a slope is difficult in my truck. If i don't give enough fuel it rolls forward. give it a little more and it jumps backward. Roll over a slight bump in the ground and (in my jersey accent) forgiddid aboudit.

As for acclimating company is great at that...but i hate change. so im stubborn, not their fault.

But at least i admit it.

Posted:  23 hours, 53 minutes ago

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To Ease Your Mind About Winter Driving...

Soooo just another day in January you're saying lol. Be safe. I imagine I'll be heading over that way toor after empty.

Just another day for me to say heck no, i no go


Posted:  1 day, 1 hour ago

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To Ease Your Mind About Winter Driving...

Hahha no. i have to deliver in Ogden..and they gave me a pplan to go over a blizzard after the load was already late for pick upand the entire SLC yard was 80 miles away im 400 miles away....and of course..a foot of snow is moving in lol

Posted:  1 day, 13 hours ago

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To Ease Your Mind About Winter Driving...

Mouse, Laramie Petro right now!! The wind gusts are truck is governed at 62. if the wind goes faster than my parking


Posted:  1 day, 13 hours ago

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Hi all

Welcome and stay warm.and safe. all of you.

Posted:  1 day, 13 hours ago

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Another long overdue update

Long overdue indeed!!!!

im so hapoy things are working out for you. It shows hard work and determination pay off. Great to hear about Tyson also. We had a member here who went there and disappeared.

welcome back

Posted:  1 day, 13 hours ago

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Tractor Man is Back!


And you thought it was okay to not say "hey guyz, i'm alive and miss you"????

Sorry about your mom...glad to have you back. I got.blamed for throwing you in the dungeon but i have never been to Tucson hahahaha.

Leave again and I will do it.


thank you and kisses for returning

Posted:  1 day, 20 hours ago

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PA interstates shutdown

I do miss some aspects of otr but this is not one of them. It's a bone chilling 50 degrees out right now and I'm on the couch. Be safe out there drivers.


It was -6 in Nebraska this morning with wind that would frost bite you in 15 minutes.

Thanks for rubbing it in!!!

Posted:  1 day, 20 hours ago

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Going speed limit

Cluck cluck cluck cluuuuuuuuk!!!rofl-1.gif

Posted:  1 day, 20 hours ago

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To Ease Your Mind About Winter Driving...

Rainy (and others), this really is a great insight into being the captain of your ship. Thanks!

I have another question though about those phone apps. Is that instead of the Qualcomm or in conjunction with it?

Our phone apps at Prime can send and receive all.of the same messages as the QC. If my QC receives it so does my app. If my app sends a message, it is saved in Primes message system and on my phone but wont show on my QC but seen in house. The app has a great deal.of information and training materials on it as well as newsletters and such.

i put everything in writing. however i still know and trust most of my dispatchers. Periodically we get a new one on nights or just a temporary replacement on weekends. After awhile, you get to know them all. And they all know not to question the good drivers. Sometimes if a newbie did not put "shutdown for weather" they might say "are you heading out, whats an ETA" but that is because they need it in writing. to satisfy the customer. My FM once told me he watches the weather and see the wrecks and is secretly praying for me to shutdown. But it is my decision to.make, not his.

Posted:  1 day, 22 hours ago

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To Ease Your Mind About Winter Driving...

Dispatch is a job i wouldnt want. But if you cant handle pressure, dont apply for the job. Was he new? I have seen new dispatchers make some stupid decisions thinking they are doing their job. Me being who i am....I say "Thanks for your input. You made your decision, now I have to make.mine. It m8ght not be thr same as your recommendation." lol

Posted:  1 day, 23 hours ago

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To Ease Your Mind About Winter Driving...

When I was with Swift, I had one dispatcher threaten me, if I didn't get driving. So don't think it never happens. I have a habit of recording phone conversations. I then hung up the phone, called safety, and sent them the conversation. He called me 30 min later and half assed apologized then threatened a retaliation for reporting him, until I told him that I record every conversation. He is still with the company.


He would have been fired at my company without a recording. And i would have hung up on him and told him i have no cell service and to put it in writing lol

Posted:  2 days ago

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Bittersweet ending

Good luck in your new adventure and good thing you beat the storm.

Posted:  2 days ago

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To Ease Your Mind About Winter Driving...

Grumpy said:

Thank you for this. Though I have told my wife this many times, I'm not sure she didn't think deep down that I was just saying it to make her feel better

She felt much better after I showed it to her and explained what it was. .

Cool. Thats what I was.hoping for. My family was nervous too, and I know.many drivers from the south who never saw a harsh winter are nervous.

Tell your wife dispatch doesn't want Rainy coming after them, so they won't push you into anything lol More people for my dungeon lol

Posted:  2 days, 1 hour ago

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Going speed limit

Yep! In training on that same stretch of I65, there was one lane, slanted and shifting inside jersey walls. Limit was 55 and i did 50. The CB hollered, "Hey Prime, you can do 55 here ya @$!$" i yelled back "I cant do 45 here too and you are stuck behind me. Keep complaining and see how that works out for you." Im such a witch lol

BTW Prime policy is 5 below the speed limit cause the signs are posted for cars unless otherwise stated. One of those thing on the CBTs and discussed in PSD that goes out the window in training, lol.

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