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Posted:  2 days, 1 hour ago

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Classic Rainy...bravo.

I’d vote for you Girl! Although I doubt you’d ever run for office...too smart, too honest, and you clearly value your privacy


Probably wont surprise you that I argued with Madonna and Alyssa Mi-Commie so much that I got suspended from Twitter a few times. Somehow "I am right cause I am a woman" doesnt pertain to me, but it does to liberal Trans Women?????

Women strayed way off course as soon and they wore those "P" hats and showed they have no class whatsoever.

I have actually thought of running for office in the past. But you are right, I wouldn't win. I used to volunteer on campaigns and at the polls even in high school. The first debate I remember watching was Reagan, Carter, and Anderson. I was 5 years old.

I have been considering starting a Youtube channel just to put some more positive content out there My humor is so much better in person!

Posted:  2 days, 1 hour ago

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As a woman i think the whole "gender neutral" stuff is BS. Now Berkley is removing "manhole" and all other "man/gender" references from all policies and publications. That is stupid. And it makes women look bad. My identity of a woman is not in the word, that BTW, it is now being changed to "womyn" because these idiots dont want "man" in "woman". If that isnt hate i dont know what is.

I also find it ironic that Alyssa Milano and other Womens Rights advocates don't find it offensive that men can switch to women. The Transgender concept destroys the entire womens rights movement. Think about it, "Men get such privilege and rights in this country that we need to fight for ours"..... but somehow men are choosing to become part of the oppressed women class? How could that be if men have it so much better? And women are becoming men, basically saying "being a woman sucks, so im switching".

Regardless of feelings, our experiences biologically are always going to be different. A transgender woman is never going to know what it felt like to get her period for the first time, panic she might be pregnant, and deal with a ton of other womens bio issues. Some women who trans to men are shocked of womens behavior. Women expect to be treated special while demanding equality

I don't care what people do. Get surgery, be happy. Just pick a freaking gender and be it. stop shoving it down peoples throats. And as Rick said, activist of any group often bring attention and become the voice to which many in their community disagree. So all of the forced societal pushing is not necessarily what all want, only a select few.

I don't know if i believe a gun was pulled. My TnT was just beginning male to female transition when I got on her truck. I was nervous at first thinking I would need to be on heightened awareness in case of threats or attack. No one even noticed. People care a lot less about what others are doing than what the media wants us to think. We have a very very "vocal" trans at Prime who constantly pushes the trans (not LGBTQ, but trans) agenda. Prime has been very accepting of trans but this person had to "demand it be policy to reject discrimination of trans people". Great it made her feel better, but it wasnt happening anyway and if it did there would be lawsuits, so it was a useless dog and pony show which made her feel validated.

As far as being raped in a bathroom, if i am in the bathroom, guess what.... i came in there for a reason. He will be covered in urine and feces before he leaves and quite identifiable with my smell and DNA all over him.

I love men, but in 50 years, calling someone a "man" will be as offensive as the "n word" thanks to a lot of weird political correctness.

Posted:  2 days, 22 hours ago

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Game: Thing Change Constantly. Why You Need Flexibility Thread

I thought this would be an awesome way to show the constant changes we face on a daily basis and why you need flexibility to handle these situations.

Recently, I picked up a load 4 hours early going from Phoneix to Indiana. I got 170 miles away and received a message: "Please park. Shipper only sent half, receiver needs full shipment. You may need to go back and get reloaded."

Whatever. I would get paid for all the miles, however, if i needed to turn around, i woulndt make it by closing. and thw shipper opened late the next day which meant I wouldnt have enough time to get the load all the way to Indiana on time. In the end I wound up taking a full.10 hour break sitting there, then high tailed my butt to Indiana to make my payroll cutt off. Yay!

Today I arrived at 0600 for an 0800 load that was supposed to be a live load. They told me, "Nope it is a drop and hook and it isnt ready. This won't be loaded until 1600." Because divery appointment time of 0300, I had to choose to take an 8 sleeper or even a full 10 hour break at the shipper. My 14 hour clock played a pivotal role in what time I leave out if the load is done early.

Last month I ran over a boxspring that flew off rhe back of a pickup pulled flatbed trailer. 4 hours of roadside waiting caused my load to be taken from me.

What kinds of things happened to you recently that changed your plans?

Posted:  2 days, 22 hours ago

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Hours in truck, miles, home time.

Realistically, how many hours a day on average should I expect to be driving?

Expect 9 hours a day on average. I have had days that I ran only 3 to 5 hours and days I have run my full 11. Most are 9 to 10 hours. However, because of the 14 hour clock, you can stop several times during the day, take an hour to shower and eat in the middle of your shift or even get a nap. It really helps break up the monotony.

Realistically, and assuming I'm performing well (not having accidents, arriving on time etc), how many miles per day will I drive on average?

OTR about 500 or so. Think about it. 2800 miles per week is only 400 miles a day. And it doesnt feel like killing yourself. Your endurance builds over time as does your understanding of your body's needs.

I see on schnieder website that they advertise otr as home every 2 weeks. Is this true, or are they gonna fight me

I don't work for Schneider, but believe it or not, large companies usually do what they put in writing. Companies understand hometime is important.

Posted:  3 days, 6 hours ago

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The TruckingTruth Meet Up Thread

Old School & Spaceman Spiff


Old School & Daniel B 0979430001563455532.jpg

Old School & Bug Smasher One


Posted:  3 days, 7 hours ago

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The problem is Loves!!! Half of the mens rooms are on the right and the other half the left. No consistency whatsoever.... also, womens rooms usee to have the "changing table" signs on them now both do.

I had to pee so badly in training i rain to the bathroom and saw 2 guys at the urinals. i ducked in a stall and went, they didnt notice me. i waited for guys to leave.. but 2 guus walkee in talking and never shut up. they were plumbers fixing a sink. i had full hair and makeup and no jacket i could duck under. I just walked out casually and one said "good night sir" i gave a deep but not deep enough "goodnight" and they both laughed.

oh well

Posted:  3 days, 18 hours ago

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The TruckingTruth Meet Up Thread

G Town & Old School


Old School & Errol


Posted:  3 days, 20 hours ago

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The TruckingTruth Meet Up Thread

Mrs Turle, Turtle, Rainy


Posted:  3 days, 20 hours ago

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The TruckingTruth Meet Up Thread

Over the years a bunch of us have met up and we haven't always documented it. I am supposed to meet a member tonight, so i thought we could post the meetups here with pics.

Rainy and Spaceman Spiff 0556953001563405623.jpg

Rainy and Lone Wolf


Rainy And Jamie. The wind almost blew us over!


Posted:  3 days, 23 hours ago

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Researching who to train/drive with

Here is something to keep in mind... one company may pay a lower cpm, while giving a fuel bonus and productivity bonus. Another company may have a higher cpm but not give any bonuses. and although bonuses sound like a little... they are a lot.

Seriously if cpm is that important to you... then try Prime that pays newbies 49cpm plus fuel, safey and on time delivery bonuses to drive lightweight trucks. My last trainee has been averaging 54cpm in one. Hes on track to make $55k his first year. And Prime's training pay after schooling is $700 per week and increases to $800 eventually before going solo.

I dont mnow what they will say about that ticket though

Posted:  4 days, 7 hours ago

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When did you decide you were an experienced driver?

At 6 months I told my FM "I got this. Don't worry about me anymore, you have others to deal with, I'll message you if I need something".

His response was, "everyone has bumps in the road at first. Yours are less memorable than others which is great, so keep it up".

I didn't feel comfortable with my backing until about 2 years. The backing was the hardest for me, not the time management or trip planning. The nervousness went away and now I'm like "I have to make this thing fit in that door" or "I will just find an easier spot, screw that tight space"

But I am no longer embarrassed or nervous about other drivers waiting. They have to wait for me, period.

The thing to remember is that everyone's skills develop at different rates. Just because one driver learned to back in a few months didn't mean I suck. it means my backing sucks but my time management is awesome lol

it gets easier and easier

Posted:  4 days, 7 hours ago

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Trucking not for me.

Honestly, It is better to not even try than to be back here in 3 months whining how horrible trucking is (we see this a lot). From the beginning you already had a list of demands, and although they may have been met some or most of the time some people who are very inflexible cannot deal with it.

2 days ago you posted you wanted to find a company, and now you say you rethought it.

Remember this post if next week you reconsider again. Cause unless you can just "go with the flow" you will hate it out here. Things change all of the time. Another poster just stated he was hired for a certain account and now he is required to drive southern california which he never expected and is nervous to do. that is trucking.

good luck in all you do

Posted:  4 days, 22 hours ago

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Advice Please

Plus doing 6 months OTR then going out for surgery does not guarantee you keep your job. According to FMLA, you need 1500 hours of work the calender year before to qualify, unless the company allows, to secure your employment. Therfore you would have had to work at your company for 1500 hours during 2018 to go out in 2019.

get it done now. they always have placements.

Posted:  5 days ago

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Scheduled Maintenance

This is Prime specific information:

Like Turtle said, message RA and ask if it is something you can do at TA/Petro.

Most of my is done at the dealer, not at Prime. However the Springfield International dealer accepts Prime immediately, no waiting for an appointment. The International dealer in Pittston is like 60 miles away. Not sure about Pittston Freightliner. Ask RA for a Reference number you can give to a dealer.

The Freightliner dealer on Division St in Springfield is 24 hours, has a shower and free washer and dryer. You can pull right in for.diagnostics there too.

You can go to any dealer in the country if TA/Petro cannot do it, but the dealers near terminals, especially Springfield, give us priority. I have sat for a whole week in a Michigan FL and a GA International for things that Springfield dealers did in one night. (major stuff, not regular maintenance).

RA can make you an appointment at our terminal or you can call the Tractor Shop and schedule one. However, always make it far enough ahead that your FM can get you in. Don't expect to be in Springfield on Tues, if you are in FL on Monday. RA will ask you "when can you get there?".... uh, dude, i am a company driver, how would i know. Many times as a company driver the shop wil work us in, lease.ops are told to wait for appointments. Then message FM "RA made an appointment for me at the terminal shop on Y date and time for X service, please route me through."

When it comes to stuff at TA/Petro, tires at Loves, I just message RA with "heading to Carlisle PA Petro for PM (or whatever)". They request and approve online with "E Shop".

For windshields, SafeLife Autoglass will come to wherever you are parked and it takes 20 minutes or so unless you have a Pete, they need to sit for 24 hours after replacement of windshield. I have called the nearest Safelite, knowing where I would be parked the next day, made an appointment, messaged RA requesting a Reference number, then called Safelite back with it.

If you message RA and the FM and ask them, like parents they will both say "Did you message the other?" RA can't get you loads, and FM cannot make appointments or approve work orders. Therefore I just tell them both what and where I need and they both say ok.

Posted:  5 days, 6 hours ago

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Doing The Happy Dance.. My sweetie is doing better

I know I've barely been on there the last week. It's been a nightmare from hell. My sweetie and I were on vacation getting land cleared etc. last week.

We were to both go back to work this past Monday, but last Sunday, Michael became suddenly very very sick and almost died. Hes been in the ICU here for a week and was on a ventilator. He's much improved and came off the ventilator yesterday.

Its going to take a little time before he's able to return back to work. He felt bad last Sunday morning and asked me to take him to urgent care and I did. He was diagnosed with the flu and I brought him home. Within 3 hours he didn't know who he was (or anyone else) and couldn't speak real words.. just garbled random syllables so I called an ambulance.

He had meningitis and also has pneumonia. They aggressively treated him with antibiotics and antivirals when he got in the ER because there wasn't enough time to figure out if it was bacterial or viral so was treated for both. They strongly suspected west nile, but couldn't prove or disprove it because of the aggressive meds, his spinal tap cultures weren't growing anything.

Anyway, he's really weak but back to his regular old self and they're hoping to be able to let him come home tomorrow. It was just awful because legally, I'm nothing. Ironically just last week we had discussed having a power of attorney drawn up for both of us this week. It took me a day to contact his mother who is legal next of kin and despite her own chronic illness, was able to come to Kentucky for a couple of days but had to go back to SW Georgia last Wednesday.

After all the hefty drugs had worn off and he was well oriented and talking yesterday, he surprised me. Said we really need to take care of this immediately and asked me to marry him. He's my best friend and soul mate so yes, we're getting married.

I really need to get back to work but west side is going to keep me very close so I can take my 10s here frequently. They've been fantastic, allowing me to park my truck and stay with him, so maybe by Tuesday, depending on whether he can drive himself to the doctor or whatever around town, I'll try to get back to work.

Holy crap! How the heck did i miss this????

Im so sorry you both went through all that, and not only is he lucky to have such an awesome, dedicated and determined woman at his side... but he knows it!!!!

Whhhhhooooooo!!!! Congrats!!! All the happiness in the world to you both and I am keeping him in my prayers.


Posted:  5 days, 6 hours ago

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Company flipping me from day driving to night driving over and over

It differs per division also. Some of the dry van runners here have said they do mostly days because that is when their customers are open.

With reefer, i run constantly. Many of my customers are distribution centers, so they need the product at night to load their customers during the day. Some are only open certain days or times of the week, so there is no choice. Last night I ran all night to deliver this morning. This is a multi stop load, and the appointments are both day and night.

To do what it is that Brett is saying, I learned the 8/2 split early on. Sometimes I drive 5 hours then brake then drive another 5 hours. Doing this can assist me on making my appointments on time while catching up on sleep, or it can help me flip to my preferred drive time. I especially do it in bad weather which can exhaust me.

Posted:  6 days ago

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Team Driving at Prime

Keep in mind that once solo, you will keep your current FM which can be a really good thing. If you already comminicate well and get along, awesome.

As far as team loads, many are loads solo drivers could do. Call the customer and ask if you can arrive early. Do NOT do this with Walmart though Many customers are first come first serve despite us having appointments. In a team situation i delivered 2 days early, and in a solo 36 hours early at times.

Also, two weeks is NOTHiNG! sorry but guess what.. you are probably going to hit something too. putting the codriver down for the scale is a little pompous. i knocked an axle off a trailer 1 month out solo. Does that make me horrible?

Also trucker pay is a matter of averages. You cant look at week to week, You need to look at averages over time. I have had pays that were $1800 solo and ones that were $900. However, I am at $40,000 now with 6 months to go and i took my two weeks vacation and go home every month. I did have 4 weeks of TNT training pay, but honestly, that usually averages out to about $1600 per week (highest $3200 and lowest $700), so take that for what it is worth.

Posted:  6 days, 5 hours ago

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Team Driving at Prime

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You said "recently"... how recent? 3 weeks, three months?

Is your team mate also new?

Just as solo drivers need to prove themselves, so do teams. Especially brand new drivers. TnT was not the same type of team situation because the trainer was in control and had a proven safety and on time delivery record. For example, Fedex loads are a high priotity type of load. My guess is that I, a driver of 4 years with no service failures and accident free, would get a Fedex load in TnT training over your truck with 2 A seat drivers. It is a business decision.

There are a couple things that could be an issue.

1 ) Are either of you logging "On Duty" for hours while getting loaded and unloaded? I saw this happen with a new team and because the one kept needing 34's to replenish his clock, the miles were low.

2) Are you taking advantage of drop yards? You can drop a trailer at a yard as long as you do it 24 hours early Teams doing this at Fontana CA, Denver, and Dallas are usually required to run a local load after. Either way, it keeps you running.

3) Are you asking for a new load or just waiting? The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Build a relationship with your fleet manager. They get paid by the mile also, so letting him know you are ready to go will help. Often new drivers, especially teams are exhausted. The FM may be trying to give you a break since most run hard in TnT. Or he may be gauging what you can handle. Pushing a team of 2 new drivers could cause an accident. Ask the FM what he expects. For example, I am always preplanned, and if i need time before loads, i tell him before the next preplan. "Hi, i need extra time on break for laundry. grab me a later load please." He expefts me to tell him my needs, including "Hi i need more miles, my loads have all been short the past couple weeks".

They should be dispatching you at 50mph, plus breaks. As you both gain experience, the loads will get harder.

Also understand that teams do not always make more money. It sounds like they would, but it depends on tge team and miles.

Check out my article. I know drivers who did what you did, but made more once they went solo and didnt have to deal with the other person.

Remember, the lightweights start at 49cpm for reefer, and get an additional 5cpm for northeast loads, and other bonuses. Many new drivers in LWs are averaging 55cpm. that is pretty good.

Even at 2200 to 2500 miles, that is $1200 to $1375 per week. Inhavent looked at the team rates in awhile, so i have to go look it up to compare.

Dispelling the Myths of Team Driving

Posted:  1 week ago

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Are Volvo trucks all automatic?

But if you call a Volvo dealer you can no longer order a manual Volvo as per Volvo in Springfield Mo.

Perhaps this is for an individual truck not a fleet.

Pereonally as someone who trained on a manual, i would suggest not making it a deal breaker. If you drive an automatic for a few months and learn backing and turns and getting past the fear.... then testing to remove the restriction would be easy.

Posted:  1 week ago

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How is the freight??

Hey guys, I've been hearing that refrigerated freight is slow. Not sure if this is true. Just trying to get a feel on it and if it is slow when it may pick up. Heard from several Prime drivers that they have been waiting a while for loads, and the ones out there aren't paying that great

Spaceman is right. That is "lease talk". they always say that, while company drivers are raking in the money.

Donna has been solo 5 months at Prime and is doing great. She has been getting preplans. I am always pre planned. Diver Driver is usually preplanned.

During the summer the fleet managers take vacations and others cover them. this causes some "issues". we hate change and hate playing with others, so when a FM goes away, things get delayed. But i can honestly say, i cannot remember the last time i wasnt preplanned by the time i got to a receiver.

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