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Hi guys! I am a Prime driver of 7 years, a team trainer and certified CDL Instructor. I love my job and company. So many drivers helped me in the beginning that I have dedicated myself to giving back. or check out my YouTube link!

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Posted:  5 days, 21 hours ago

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How long will my DAC be impactful? A year, two years?

Something else to keep in mind... many companies will require a refresher course if you have not been for more than 6 months.

And be sure to keep that DOT physical card up to date or you will have to go through complete training and exam again in many states.

Posted:  5 days, 22 hours ago

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Wow i was buying a house and missed this.

As a woman i have had men approach and helped. There were a couple of times my mood prevented me from wanting to accept. I have helped men. Most gyys are harmless and if they want to get dirty and climb under my trailer... go for it.

I have also had new people at prime who wanted to chat because they feel alone as newbies OTR. Perhaps he was hoping to find a friend. Or just wanted a few minutes of camaraderie. People process learning differently. Maybe he didnt see her truck.or dogs. He may have seen her in the drivers lounge and what he remembered as a visual learner was the clothing.

I am a situational learner. In my phone i put things like "Kurt asked directions", "Jenny Youtube sub".... some of you are still listed as the forum names in my contacts list.

I also dont think men think less of woman as truckers as if we cant so the job. If so i would have been told to take a hike from this site years ago.

Some men are not quick to ask for help. Technological info on the app is one thing...but perhaps he was hoping to gain a mentor. We can't know. I have met plemty of newbies at Prime OTR and henced mentored them.

We all have a right to our opinions and reactions and i find ut interesting how varied those are.

Posted:  5 days, 23 hours ago

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Chains required / wind advisory signs

A lot of times you will see everyone pulling over and putting on chains. DOT often stops you to confirm you have chains. There are sometimes even people who willl charge you to put them on for you.

Posted:  5 days, 23 hours ago

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Was it a raise or a bonus? This time of year, Prime gives raises and often changes the bonuses. Bonuses are not pay nor a raise. They may rause our weekly cpm quite a but, but can be taken away or changed at any time.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Preparing to go to trucking school!

Hi and welcome. 8 years ago i started asking questions on this forum, same as you. Now i have a lucrative career with tons of options...paid off $70,000 in debt..have money in the bank.. buying a new house....and as a trainer i am able to help others do the same.

Check out my blig articles on this site:

Rainy aka Kearsey's TT articles

I also have a Youtube channel for newbies if you check out my playlist i discuss training, the realities of trucking...rookie teams or local and why i dont like local CDL schools.

Ask away. And good luck

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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CRST has driver-facing cameras

Trucking Along with Kearsey has a video out about Prime’s recent evaluation of driver facing cameras and the decision not to install them.

She says the reason not to install was because of the potential liability costs against the company from lawsuits when lawyers subpoenas the video. It out weighed potential savings.

Actually.... i said that is why Prime has a policy against drivers recording themselves and posting it on Youtube. That could possibly be an issue. I didnt say prime said it was. But we cant record ourselves that proves we didnt look in cameras....but they will put a camera in every truck that could?

Prime was looking at 4 different new elog devices. They all had different capabilities.

One that had the microphone allowed 2 way hands free voice communication with dispatch. It also allowed an On Star type of voice activation for accidents. So if a driver was injured, they could get help without their phone or moving.

In the end...i was told it all came at a higher price than what prime wanted to pay. I still think it was a distraction so drivers didnt notice how bad freight got.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Did not get the proper training

Snow or ice would add weight to the scale total. What would be the point of scaling if not accurate due to ice and snow?

Yes landing gear should be down. Why was it up.before locking?

But i read that a few times. I THINK you are saying that the other driver was completely hooked to your old trailer. You couldnt get connected to the nee trailer. He then dropped the trailer because the landing gear was up. You got blamed for allowijg him to attempt to hook to the same trailer from which he just detached. That scenario is BS and very difficult to blame you for another driver dropping a trailer in his truck.

Air leak... an air leak would cause the truck not to shift or possibly set the brakes. How did an air leak cause a dock bump?

None of us had everything taught. My trainer didnt teach me to back at all. I learned by doing it and practicing. I didnt give up nor blamed others

Posted:  2 months ago

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Prime trucking: good or bad

Prime is indeed still doing sleep studies. We have testing centers in our terminals. They will also give you another physical and drug test. Each company may have different standards.

BMI and neck size yes

Posted:  2 months ago

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Service Dog for School bus driver

School bus with kids.... animal with teeth... Kids poking and torturing the dog while you are driving...causing a distraction

Allergic reaction isn't a problem? Tell that to a lawyer when a kid almost dies.

How about a child with extreme anxiety and fear of a dog? My sister was bitten and terrified. That child is forced to attend school. You are not forced to drive a bus. That child would equally be covered under the law.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Advice Needed

I wasnt asked for a drug test even when i knocked an axle off the trailer. Be aware that it may not get reported to your DAC until you quit.

Im guessing it an incident not an accident. And eventually you may be able to ask to have it removed. Companies are different. Just keep uo the good work. A hell no is promising.

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