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Posted:  12 hours, 16 minutes ago

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SpriMo Bound for Prime Orientation... Anyone Else?

Sorry... i had so much to and just saw this. I am heading out now.

sorry. we will see each other soon im sure.

Posted:  20 hours, 9 minutes ago

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My understanding of the split sleeper berth rule

The day before TOTALLY matters.

You had more than 2 hours off duty at home.

Therefore that counted as the start of an 8/2 split.

So add 22 to the time you came out of off duty from home and THAT is your 14.

When you then did 9 in the sleeper,

you would have had the couple hours you drove between home time and the 9 sleeper.... 11 hours minus those couple hours is what you had left.

Then you later took another 2 hours off duty/sleeper.... so that was ANOTHER 8/2 split.

you basically did a rolling 8/2 whivh will never allow you to get a full 11/24

Posted:  20 hours, 17 minutes ago

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My understanding of the split sleeper berth rule

You came out of sleeper at 0840. Add 14 to that. Your 14 hour clock (once you took the 2 hour break) then became 2240.

0840 + 14 = 2240

Posted:  23 hours ago

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My understanding of the split sleeper berth rule

Most understand doing an 8 first but not a 2 hour first.... so here it goes.

If you take the 2 hour break first, add 22 to the time you get off the first break.

Example... you take a 2 hour break from 2200 to midnight, you add 22. Your 14 clock will end at 2200 that evening.

If you take the 8 sleeper first, add 14 to the end of that break.

Example... You are in sleeper from 1600 to midnight. Add 14 to the end of that break and your 14 will end at 1400.

As for drive time, 11hours minus the hours you drive between the two breaks is what you have available after the 2nd break.

You will not get a full clock after an 8/2 split.

Posted:  1 day, 5 hours ago

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SpriMo Bound for Prime Orientation... Anyone Else?

Hahaha.... I really enjoyed our meeting. I wish you all the best and welcome you to Prime ;)

Posted:  1 day, 5 hours ago

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SpriMo Bound for Prime Orientation... Anyone Else?

0503383001558671173.jpglone Wolf & Rainy

Posted:  1 day, 9 hours ago

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SpriMo Bound for Prime Orientation... Anyone Else?

Hahahah... well i need to leave out tomorrow afternoon, but post on this threas and we can try to meet up.


Posted:  2 days, 10 hours ago

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SpriMo Bound for Prime Orientation... Anyone Else?

Correction, I got us a table. ask 5he Hostess for Rainy.

Posted:  2 days, 11 hours ago

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SpriMo Bound for Prime Orientation... Anyone Else?

Im here at the Fire and Ice entrance. come on over whoever is here. dinner is on me. ;)

Posted:  2 days, 11 hours ago

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SpriMo Bound for Prime Orientation... Anyone Else?

How about 1800??? im grabbing a shuttle and getting a room there. So meet me at Fire & Ice. I will wait outside their entry on the bench. thnx

Posted:  2 days, 13 hours ago

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Autonomous trucks on USPS test run

As a former victim of Postal Hell.... I can emphatically state it will fail. All postal "innovations" fail.

What makes me laugh is... If i called out due to road closures and a state wide emergency caused by a blizzard... I was threatened to be charged with "Purposely delaying the mail" ... a Federal Offense.

So what happens if the trucks screw up the mail? who goes to jail. hahahha

Posted:  2 days, 13 hours ago

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Terminated by Schneider

Something to point out is that mistakes do happen. By drivers and by companies. It is quite possible someone somewhere will make an error. Give you a serivce failure, charge something to your pay.. etc. But being professional and proper communication will rectify these things.

In short, dont be an idiot

Posted:  2 days, 14 hours ago

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SpriMo Bound for Prime Orientation... Anyone Else?

I am here now. Need to take a class. Getting a room at Oasis, so if i can get things done early, ill try to swing by campus inn and sat hi... or invite youz guyz to Fire & Ice for dinner???

Posted:  2 days, 14 hours ago

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Reckless driving

problem I ran into was all from the year of 2016 which was four years ago

That is 3 years ago, so still valid. The months will matter. January of 2016 would have been past the 3 year mark, but December of 2016 is still within the 3 years companies want to be clean.

One was a speeding ticket which had been cleared by the dmv

Cleared by the DMV how? You either pay a ticket which is a guilty plea, or go to court and the judge can remove or down grade it. The DMV doesnt clear this. It might "drop off your record" after a certain amount of time and no longer affect your insurance rates.

the second was a charge that I did time for assault with a deadly weapon I was sentenced to probation

If you did time and/or did probation, you were guilty. It is a conviction.

I haven’t even had a court date for the assault with a deadly weapon was also cleared by the dmv

I am confused. You said you were convicted and "did time" and probation. Why the DMV would have anything to do with a criminal charge, I dont understand. You were found guilty and sentenced. This is a big deal do not shrug it off as minor.

Also, many companies count the END of your sentence as the date not the actual date. So if you were convicted June 2016, but got off probation 2017 it is going to be a big factor for you. If you havent even gone to court yet, it will slam the brakes on your career if you are cfound guilty. I dont understand what you are saying.

The third was reckless driving and the only charge I’m worrying

This is a huge obstacle. Is this the speeding ticket? Did you get two seperate tickets one for speeding and one for reckless driving?

the question is am I waiting my time


Take a look at my article..

What You Need to Know Before Beginning CDL School

Posted:  2 days, 14 hours ago

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Question on my DAC report

Companies do not usually report on your DAC until after you leave. Then there is a time frame, like 30 days or something. and you can appeal. The new company will contact the old one for references and inquire about your record.

DOT Reportable = FAT

Fatality Ambulance (injury) Tow (any vehicle)

Otherwise it is usually an incident, although I know Safety once told me the dollar amount of the damage could be an issue. Companies can also remove or down grade an occurance. Therefore it can really pay to be the best you can be, be respectful and quit in a professional manner.

For example my friend went to Fedex, but had 1 accident and 1 incident in a 3 year period. Fedex only accept one, period. Prime removed the incident, allowing her to get hired at Fedex.

Put a year in from your incident and i bet you will have no issues. I just tested the waters out of curiosity, and with 3+ years accident free, I was approved the same day at a good company. But the grass isnt always greener and i hate change.

good luck

Posted:  3 days, 4 hours ago

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Terminated by Schneider

I just approved this last comment to demonstrate we finally got to the truth.

He used profanity and disrespect with his DBL and wonders why he lost his job? He sees life as a game and has no place driving a killing machine.

Thanks Schneider for removing this type of guy from our highways!

Posted:  3 days, 4 hours ago

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JBS Carriers

JBS is a meat company located all over the country. I pick up and deliver to them all the time. PA, IA, CO, WI etc. I was just at the Greely plant last week. I have asked some of the drivers in the oast how they like it and they do. But i never did any real research into them.

Posted:  3 days, 4 hours ago

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Terminated by Schneider

My Jersey is coming out now people, so watch out. This is for all future readers.

I love the tone of elitism you express as a truck driver: you’re a truck driver. You’re a loser,

So truck drivers are losers? And you even failed at being a loser, so what does that say about you? The reason you failed is the attitude, which is discuss constantly on this forum.

probably .. a slave.

Hahahahh this slave paid off almost $70,000 in debts in 2 years and has banked almost that in 401k and savings in the other 2 years. Plus i do.whatever I want....and go home when/how long i want because I dont get critical events or have a **** poor attitude. Unlike you who were constantly on the phone with dispatch over critical events I can go months without hearing from dispatch. As a matter of fact... I have gone longer without talking to my FM on the phone than you have even driven, total.

Trying to condescend me is laughable. Ooooo I’m not good enough for Schneider oh I’m so ashamed of myself because my measure of self worth is my ability to drive a truck and be someone’s *****.

You are acting more like someones ***** now than I am. At least I have the body parts for it. What is your excuse? I am not sure how you measure your self worth. Mine is in all of my accomplishments and how i treat others. Thus far, I am way way ahead of you.

If this endeavor doesn’t work, I’ll do something else with my life.

There is no ifs... it already is not working out. Trying to find a trucking job with safety issues on your DAC means a lower pay with a less reputable company. What will you do? Something easy I guess.

I don’t put up with bull**** and follow stupid rules. Maybe you do and if you live your life that way that’s fine! Good for you. I don’t.

Thank God you were never military, a federal employee , airline pilot, Amtrak engineer, or... well... a real trucker driver. You could have killed someone or killed yourself.

This statement just showed several things. 1) A lack of maturity. 2) A lack of responsibility. 3) A lack of respect for safety of others 4) A lack of understanding of life.

Now I realize he is probably very young. Six months OTR probably seems like a long time, but it takes a whole year for one to grasp the skills and mental abilities to handle this job.

He belittled truck drivers, yet most who try, fail. Sounds like an easy job huh?

I am going to put this into perspective for new or future drivers. During training (Sept to Feb) I got one critical event. It was my fault.

2 years later, i received 2 critical events which were the sensors picking up a shadow from bridges. The safety department removed them from my record. Over a year later, my new truck had more sensitive sensors and i got 2 rollover alerts. that was me getting to know the truck, they were not removed.

So in almost 4 years I have gotten 5 total, two were removed. That leaves 3 events in a little less than 4 years.

When we are talking 17 in a matter of a month or two, that is insane. it is either the truck or the driver.

The truck could have been looked at. He had it in the shop but doesnt even know if they looked at it. Why not? I stay with my truck when it is shopped and make sure the mechanic does all that is asked and i ask them questions.

That means it was the driver at fault. A driver in jeopardy of losing their job almost always has the ability to be re-trained before being terminated. Going back into training may be embarrassing, but it demonstrates determination and a willlness to learn. Often people who take an attitude with the company are fired before offered the re-training. Why would they bother when this person will have another issue later?

I love the people who say things like "they wrongfully or illegally fired me". Many states are "at will" states. They do not even need a reason to terminate someone. However, ompanies who recruit do not go around terminating people for no reason. There was a reason. Probably more than one.

Posted:  3 days, 13 hours ago

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Terminated by Schneider

Just because it is a straight road doesnt mean you cannot get a rollover alert. Changing lanes quickly, swerving around tire debris or potholes, or even driving in high wind can do it. i got a rollover turning left at a light into a truckstop. It zapped me at 13 mph in 6rh gear. 3 years and no events, then changed trucks and got 2 rollovers in 2 weeks. I slowed down, analyzed the speed and road conditions as well as my actions.

your new truck may be lighter. so it might sway more quickly.

My new truck beeps for sensors when drivers pass me and i dont make an effort to slow down.

seriously i am chalking this up to your inexperience. you didnt learn the truck and you didnt communicate all this in writing.

i would have written an email to the safety director if my dispatcher didnt take action. companies must respond in writing and it documents your issues. talking to someone on the phone does nothing

Posted:  4 days, 18 hours ago

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Prime Inc TNT students will see increased mileage requirements in training

Thanks Rick. But we have some truly incredible trainers and awesome experienced drivers who assist but don't train.

But not everyone who drives can actual teach or have the personality for it. Just as not everyone who thinks they can become a driver can handle it.

I have always been an overachiever, so i was doubly stressed. I feel.totally incompetent with change until i master the changes. I think because of that, i have a different opinion than many others. Being on the truck with a horrible trainer for a year doesnt help.... but 2 months with a great trainer? Priceless.

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