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    Fernandina Beach, FL

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    7 years, 3 months ago

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I have waited a long time to become a trucker. I am 52.

I hope to start in a maximum of 12 months from now - now being: November 2015.

More soon...

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Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Stocking your sleeper cab

Again I am just throwing this out there not as a truck driver but someone with a few expeditions under my belt. In fact being prepared saved my life in a 2 month stranded in the middle of nowhere ordeal.

I watched Indianajacktrucker on youtube talking about having backup food supplies in case you get stranded (like in a snow storm) and have no access to food. To elaborate on his idea: The best defense is having backup food that does not spoil, is easy to move (slipseaters), you are not temped to eat when to lazy to stop or walk to the truckstop, and will not freeze.

I have used and eaten these and they are really good in an emergency. Comes in a bucket w/handle that is easy to store under your bunk. Need-To-Know: They do need to be heated, add water (water should be stored too - a water brick is good).

I am not a trucker and maybe this is being over prepared and maybe since my ordeal I am just paranoid. lol

72 Hour Kit for 2 People

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Powered Coolers?

Not replying as a truck driver but as a veteran of many overland expeditions.

If you have the money the ARP fridge/freezers are great and will not run out your batteries. But they are expensive.

ARP fridge/freezers

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Schneider recruiter Q&A

Hey thanks a bunch for taking the time to let us know all of that!

Keep us updated on things. It is really helpful.

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Schneider offering CDL training

I just got off the phone with a Schneider rep. They now offer a company sponsored CDL training program similar to Roehl. They tell me they teamed up with several private schools to add this to their recruiting options. I plan on getting my CDL locally, then signing with them. I thought I'd post info here to be added to the list of companies that offer it:

1 year contract... If the recruit doesnt fulfill the 1 year the payback is $4000 (prorated) 4 week 8am to 5pm schedule. CDL training is unpaid lodging is provided lunch is provided transportation to/from hotel is not provided

Hope the info helps...

Great info! Thanks. Schneider has been one of the companies I am looking at.

Do you have any info on the location of the CDL school. I am not starting for several months so I have not contacted any recruiters yet.

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Parking and leaving your truck....not talking about abandoning.

Thanks for the answers! That helps me understand things much better.

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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You Tube Trucking Videos

Best I have found is Dale Clay. He is a smart "normal" guy.

In fact his vids have made me think more about flatbeds. Dale Clay

Nice to see someones complete start.

To be honest at first I was researching and watching vids I guess I found all of the wrong ones. Some of the guys are really obnoxious, some laugh every other word, some trial off into thoughts, some blast music only they like, some are overly into "vapes".... so I started thinking maybe not the field I want to be in. But after finding a few ...."normal" guys.... yeah I said it again..... I am still on track. One thing I do notice too is they all repeat themselves a lot. Maybe from being alone all of the time....?

Best thing I did was read Brett's book. It made me see that it IS exciting getting into trucking....even if he did (rightly so) put me in check about wanting a certain truck. lol

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Parking and leaving your truck....not talking about abandoning.

Hey guys,

Just curious about when you have time off and are out of town how you get time away from your truck? Pertaining to company drivers rather than owner operators.


1 - Can you leave your truck (like with an empty) at a truck stop for a few days? I suppose different companies have different rules.

2- Can you leave an empty at a truck stop and just bobtail?

3- Say you request/have a few days off - some where not where you are based - do you have to always have an empty (generally speaking)? I realize the same flatbed trailers are mostly kept with the same truck (if I understand correctly). To me that would be a downside of flat-bedding but other than that I like the flatbed idea since it has more hands on work (I am in decent shape).

I ask since I am not looking for hometime. I want to take my days off where ever they have/need me.

Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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Any homeless Truckers out there?

AWESOME reply!!

Got what your saying. After living most of my life in Breckenridge Colorado with 80 days a season on the hill, multiple bike tours around Europe and western US, several treks in a disused 4x4 military vehicle around the US on fun adventure tours and hiking the Appalachian trail solo in the winter - you are just the type of person and response I was looking to hear from.

I only stopped adventures 11 years ago when the love of my life said she needed me to settle down (we actually have been together 17 years but only settled down 11 years ago). Unfortunately I will be losing her soon. Cancer be not proud. We had planned on getting a truck camper and touring the country next. But my partner and resources are all used up on medical. Nuff said about that.

The idea of getting paid to tour around (even though it is like you say "hard, long, tedious work") it is what I need. Get out, get a fresh start and stay busy!

Your tips are just right and exactly what I hope to do. Be proud you helped someone and someones heart tonight.

Best of luck to you and thanks to all of you truckers for the hard work you do!

Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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Any homeless Truckers out there?

Thanks guys and thanks for the positive feedback.

Good points all. I even think the selling my 4 wheeler is a good plan.....after I work for a while and be sure this plan will work for me.

Small places - my profile picture is of me driving my Unimog (German Army radio truck). I traveled in it from coast to coast from Mexico to Canada in a 5 year journey. Living in the back was really small. I loved it. The downside to it was having to work on the engine almost daily and getting stuck when the engine blew deep in the desert - Took 2 months to take the engine apart and fix it.....with no one in sight for those months. Living off of MREs and rationing water.

vwidiot - Good to hear that from a fellow Colorado guy. I am originally from Breck. I do have a list of questions I have amassed over the last year. Most of the time I just try to figure them all out via forums, youtube, etc. But there are a few I have not figured out yet. Might be best to ask in open forum for others. However would really like to hear your story and what's going on now. Feel free to pm me.

I bought the book for sale on this site - Great positive book. I really like to hear guys say it is fun too. I understand it is hard hard work. But wow what an adventure it must be too.

Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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Any homeless Truckers out there?

Odd question I know. I am wondering if anyone does not keep a house or apartment and just keeps traveling.

I will be moving out of my house in a few months and do not have a wife or kids.

To me it would be ideal to just stay on the road. If I had a week waiting for a load or something I would just enjoy the adventure of where I was at (if it was an adventurous place -haha) Or vise versa - if i needed to just keep working for weeks I could do that.

Taking a few days off I could stay in a hotel even upgrading it since I save money with no mortgage.

In my situation I could work for a few years and just save. I have no debt.

Might help the company since I would not really care where I was based out of…or not even having a base. To me it is time to work hard and save for retirement in 20 yrs.

Oddly it sounds perfect to/for me. I am not the type to get lonely (in fact prefer it), I do not mind small places like the sleeper (looks perfect to me). No family to visit at least not for more than a few days a couple times a year.

Store my F350 truck (4 wheeler) and my stuff in my cargo trailer, park it at my relatives farm so no worries about my stuff.

Roll for 10-15 years OTR....or whatever and just save my money

Anyways just a dream I have always had and soon will be free to pursue it.

Of course I would spend a couple of years (my early learning) making sure that is how I want to work.

I do not heard of many guys doing this so I thought I would ask in case I am missing something.

Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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Do Toll violations count against your application to a trucking company?

Hey thanks guys,

I really appreciate the responses.

It being a moving violation is really disappointing for sure. I paid the north bound late tolls, it was only by a few months. It's a bummer since I have always tried to keep my record perfect.

My license did not get suspended. Funny you ask if it was someone else driving - that is what the DMV guy said. He says that happens a lot. But it was me. When I found out I had not paid it I was not happy about the money but never knew it was a moving violation. I would have pursued it more back then if I had known it was a moving violation .... if there had been any legal recourse I could have taken. Too late now from what I have been reading on the interweb (lol).

Since I can not even start school for another 8-12 months the time frame might help. That should be 5 years. Still disappointing as I wanted to be a really great candidate with a perfect record. If I have to wait longer I will. Lesson learned.

I will stay positive and do whatever I need. To stay on the right foot I will disclose this to Schneider or anyone I try to sign with. I will be looking for advice in other post over the next few months on trucking. Thanks for helping and thanks for the hard work you truckers do!

Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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Do Toll violations count against your application to a trucking company?

Hi Guys, Great website!! Looks like a lot of helpful people. I plan to write more in a different post as I have a few of questions for you pros. (been researching for a long time - not doing this halfhearted)

Anyways, since I am serious about going into the truck driver field I just went to the DMV to get my CDL study guide. While there I thought I would get a print out of my complete driving history. I knew (at least I thought I knew) I had not had a ticket in over 25 years. Never had an accident.

The print out shows 4 violations for "Failure to pay tolls -in 2011". YIKES!!

Maybe you professional drivers know that on the Florida turnpike down in Miami-Dade the tolls are pictures taken of tags and then sent to you by mail (for us 4 wheelers at least).

Long story short - I received the heading south tolls and paid them right away. Unfortunately I overlooked (no excuses) the heading North tolls that arrived in the mail later. Once I realized the mistake I made I promptly paid them (by then the were $400 +). But they were paid.

I never knew that would show up on my driving record. Now I am in a bit of a panic that it could be held against me. They are from 2011.

Would a truck driving company hold those against me as "moving violations"?

Read - Schneider says no more than 4 moving violations in past 5 year. It's got me shaking in my boots

--------------------- I have time before I go into CDL school (8-12 months) and I hope to use this forum and advice over this time so I can go into the field and be long term successful by really taking advice from real truck drivers. I am no slouch and take it very serious. This is my dream. I am only now at a point in my life going to get to pursue it. And I do know it is hard work and not all fun.

I will write my story in another post so you can see and know why I want to be a truck driver. I hope you guys help mold and shape me into a person that will stay with the industry and be the type of driver you want to see on the road.

BIG THANKS!!!! Rob PS Yep I bought lots of trucking books (including the one on here) and studied trucker stories and you tube for a long time.

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