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Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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Prime Team Training Now 50k Miles

So this will give new drivers more time to learn with their trainer, correct? That's cool. Setting people up for success.

Exactly what I thought, Pelican.

No better time than to 'bring it on,' coming into winter, as well ~!!

~ Anne ~

ps: Just my 2 cents !!!

Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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Paid Trucking School W/Lodging or Hotel FL


Haven't seen THAT one around in awhile, though ! !

"....Empathize, Encourage, Inspire!"

Best, y'all !

~ Anne ~

Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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Broke back trailer

I’ll jump in on the guessing game !!!! Somewhere outside the photo is a big damn rock or yellow metal pole with the rear tandem assembly hugging it.

Yep, I believe you are correct, sir!

When Bollards Attack: (Coming to a theater near you!) ~ When Bollards Attack; Revenge of the Bollards !!!

Wow, talk about a BAD DAY, eh?

confused.gifembarrassed.gif confused.gif

Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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FNG in MD looking for Driving Info

I will be completely honest that I will be shocked if all 4 of those companies shoot you down.

HAY RYAN, keeping it real . . . . THOSE TWO (DML and Witte) are MY GEMS, found. . . . !!!!! sorry.gif


Spoke to recruiter from Witte Bros this morning and filled out my application earlier this afternoon. He said he wanted to get the background/driving check done before we went any further. The recruiter was extremely polite and very quick to get in touch with me early in the AM. Will update the thread as things do or don't progress.

Gabriel, I'd be surprised as well~!

So... Gabriel, if Witte (that I found, that he stole) doesn't take you... try DML (another of my finds..) you've seen, I've added more!

Ryan, just giving you smack; i've been gone for almost 2 weeks; between a new trucking job (him) and a new WiFi provider (us,) and many other innuendos of life; I'm getting back in the groove, finally!

Best of luck in your search, Gabriel.. I just had to ruffle, ya know?

I've always got more if none of those work for ya; Witte is really great folks, look at their website for pan cam videos of the training facility on premises, where you'll stay. Small enough, yet large enough. Great Stuff!!

Sending you good luck,

~ Anne ~

good-luck.gif smile.gif good-luck.gif

Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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FNG in MD looking for Driving Info

Hey, Gabriel;

A couple more you could look into:

JRayl here in Ohio does a lot of New England: Training with JRayl

One of my faves, look at their training! If you'd enjoy flatbed: Keim TS, Breaker! Breaker! Training School

Another Ohio Home Baser: Mast Trucking (they are NEW on our site, too!) Apply For Paid CDL Training

One of my favorites, very diversified: (Train with, and ) Drive 4 Hogan !

Cypress Truck Lines, located in Florida Norte, another Flatbed Training Company: Cypress Truck Lines Paid Training

Continental Express, ask for Anita; Great gal, great Ohio folks, too: Continental Express, Paid Training

CFI would be a good wager, also; And, hope that helps & keeps you busy for awhile, let us know;

~ Anne ! ~

good-luck.gif good-luck-2.gif good-luck.gif

ps: YRC (prior Yellow Freight) has training programs popping up ALL OVER at different times; a link wouldn't be area specific; you'll have to Google that one. Good luck!

Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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Dropping in for a hello

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm still alive and well since picking up my truck. It's been a great time out here on the road, and I'm working consistently. I've logged 22,127 career miles so far, but I did have a preventable, and was backed i to at a truck stop. I completed my Phase 3 training last Friday, and I'm now a full fledged driver!


Awesome, good sir! Sorry about the preventable; not sure how YOU could prevent someone backing into YOU, tho!!


Great to hear, and to see ya stop in!

Carry on, stay safe;

~ Anne ~

Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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Pride of a Trainer/Instructor

Kearsey you are a positive example for everyone on site. Thank you! All of you 80s teens should get this "When EF Hutton speaks everyone listens!"

Good one, Good sir! True words, indeed. Just change the name, hehehehe.....

Thanks from me and Tom, as well.

Sorry.... Had to brag about my student. I am so proud cause she has been doing great!

Brag ON with your 'bad' self, girl !!

She is a reflection OF you, doing great BECAUSE of you . . !!!

Pat yourself on the back sometimes, gal!

~ Anne ! ~ thank-you-2.gif

Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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No Walmart in Texas

I had hoped at some point to drive for Walmart. Over the past few months, I checked the drive4walmart website several times and never saw any opportunities for driving in Texas. I recently found an email address for info on walmart jobs and sent the following message:


Good morning,

In the past several months I have browsed the drive4walmart site several times. Not once have I seen OTR driving positions anywhere in Texas. Is the web site an accurate indication of all jobs available in Texas?


Here is the response:


Yes, at this time we are not accepting applications in TX or the surrounding states north and east of TX.


Awh, MAN !!! That sure IS a bummer, got a similar situation here; Tom is switching companies due to their being acquired by a not so desirable, we looked into the WMPF dealio, too. The closest terminal hiring is almost 2 hours away, and the closer one is 'full up.' Tom's on a 'waiting list,' but they told him not to hold his breath, unless they expand their fleet in the Columbus vicinity. NO body leaves, haha!

Great to see you back around, Raif. Last I knew, you left Prime to go to Marten, and then something about needing to get the manual (E) restriction off your license. Correct? What else did I miss?

Hope all is well; the industry sure has some oddities occurring this year, in many ways.

I’m surprised to hear that Walmart is not hiring in Texas. Florida, I can understand. Does anyone know why Walmart is not currently hiring in Texas?

Hay, BK ~ No WalMart's in Texas, hmmm.... Those must all be serviced by Crete, Marten, etc., perhaps ?!?

CDL-A Driver - CDL A Walmart Dedicated, Home Weekly! Top 50... Crete Carrier Corporation Texas

Well, there's that !! ^^^^ LoL.. Good ole' Google ! I'm not all sure that one day, WalMart won't take that all 'back,' however. Wonder if Turtle has any intel ?!?!? Or Brandon ?!?!?

Take care Raif (and all!) , glad to see you're still at it~!

~ Anne ~

Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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Done with first week on the road

Done with first week on the road and am done for about 2 days then back on again. Even tho I was aiming at a local driving job I actually might prefer a sleeper and traveling cross country this was a awesome experience! The 2020 Freightliner Cascadia 73' sleeper is a cool truck and I loved driving it a few hours. Also learned something I thought for a long time was incorrect.. for a long time I thought you would get a expensive ticket if you were over weight. Well we picked a load up stopped at a weight station was overweight and we turned around off loaded a little came back was within normal weight and started the trip no expensive ticket 😂

It was a awesome experience shout-out to Schneider and my awesome experienced driver!!!

I will update at been on the road for a month

Congrats on the progress, D/E !!!

Yeah, watch those 'coops.' You did good, went back & reworked it. Many shippers have a scale on their lots, although not always as accurate as a CAT scale; which guarantees their numbers, or they'll pay your fine(s.)

What we (Tom) did/does, is .. if it's CLOSE to too heavy at the shipper's yard, stop at the first CAT scale . . anyway.

Better safe than sorry (and broke!)

Glad it's going well for ya;

~ Anne ~

Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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Kearsey, A Couple of Questions About Prime Inc

Sorry if this is too direct, I don't know if there's a way to do a private message here or not.

1. Is it difficult to sleep with a reefer unit? I've heard those are quite loud.

2. Will prime accept an out of state physical medical card or would they want a new driver to do a physical with them?


Hey, Pelican!!!

No more PM's on the site; Brett prefers most of what we discuss to remain public; it's just more info for the next person joining the forum to learn from. Makes sense, actually.

I don't have the answers, but O/S did ! As far as Kearsey, her contact info is in her profile, like so:

Email: or check out my YouTube link!

Forgive me for buttong in Pelican, but I saw this and was itching to answer someone's questions before I start driving today. smile.gif

Every reefer driver I know claims they can't sleep when they are home because the reefer isn't running. Sure, it's going to seem strange at first, but as a new driver you will be exhausted when it's time to sleep. You'll grow accustomed to the noise quickly and soon find it helps you sleep.

You will do another physical at Prime. Each time you start a new trucking job your new employer will have you do a new physical. You'll start your new job with a new medical card. It doesn't really matter that you already have a new one.

Indeed, good sir. Precisely. When Tom pulled reefers back in the day, he had 'reverse' motion sickness (almost) sleeping at home! Missed the noise, and the gentle vibration; it drove me nuts!

And the physical, ah yes . . . Tom's card was only a few months into his 2 years; and away he went, again!! Formalities !

Be safe, guys ~

~ Anne ~

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