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Amanda .'s Comment
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I am borrowing a friends car right now. .. and the past two days I been feeling this vibration in the car I check the tires to make sure none of them are flat ( these are 6 month old 80, 000 mile tires ) and sure enough none of them are. So I start thinking ok one or more tires is off balanced and its causing the vibration or maybe an axel is bent or has too much free play .... these were all thoughts I had. Soo this morning I get up and take the car to a shop 3 miles down the road I went in and asked if they can test drive my friends car and diagnose the problem. The guy says sure no prob. They take the car now I dont know if he got in the car and parked it out back for 15 min or what he did but he comes back 15 min. Later and says oh what you are hearing and feeling is the little rubber spikes on the tires hitting and touching the street. I looked at him I smiled ( very upset with him ) and calmly say if you even drove the car you'd know that what you just said is a line of bs. ( yes i said bs. Not the word just the letters) I didn't come down here this early in the morning to get fed bs. The manager comes out and asked if I had a problem. I explained to him my situation and he asked someone else to take my friendscar for a test ddrive and this guy comes back with feels like it has a flat let me check the air in the tires.... I stood right next to him said I have checked the air its not a flat as he is checking the air and tells me I am right and that he was goi g to lift the car and do a better inspection on it as im standing there I start spinning the rear tires one by one and the left rear tire had a major dent in it ( don't know how else to describe it ) but that is what ended up being the problem and I bought a new tire. Well the manager said that they had to go pick up a tire from a different shop and the wait was going to be about 1 hour. I had no prob with waiting . So I go across the street and get some breakfast and I was there for a good hour and thirty min. Or so studying and eating. So I pack my stuff up go back to the shop to see the car still on the lift I asked why nothing been done ( ive given them more than an hour ) and he said his guy who went to pick up the tire had not left yet to pick it up and that the wait was going to be the same another hour . Me already upset with the shop now I am fuming. I smiled and said and when is this person really going to go get the tire? I have things I need to be doing rather than sit here at a shop til closing time... its already noon an hour from now will be one and then by the time the tire will be put on it will be one fifteen to one thirty. The guy said he just now walking to his pick up to go get it. I sit down study a little more ( im so focused on studying that I had lost tract of time ) and I hear cars ready thinking he is talking to me and this lady walks past me and I am putting things away nope it was her car that was ready so I go out to look at the car and they are taking the tire back off and putting it in the truck and telling me he picked up the wrong size tire. The guy goes gets the right one and was amazingly back with in 10 min and put the right tire on ..... I was like it is now 3 30 tirty min. Before closing time. I got there in the morning and I am leaving at almost closing time something that should of only taken no more tha I 1 hour and maybe 30 min. Took all day I was so upset with this place. I got nothing done but the car fixed by the time it was done it was time for me to go take my bf to work and then come hm. And take care of stuff here . What a nightmare I had. No apologies either.


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Daniel B.'s Comment
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With all due respect and with no rudeness intended, please paragraph. My phone makes reading that extremely difficult unless its paragraphed.

Amanda .'s Comment
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Sorry, I will keep that in mind

BuckeyeCowboy's Comment
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Wow. That was crazy. I took my pickup truck to one of these oil change in 20 minutes places. Keep in mind my truck at the time only had about 60k miles on it at the time and a full tank of gas. I take it, and I have been here before, so I trusted them. Hand them the keys. They put it up on the rack and do the oil change. I was kinda watching them, but kinda focused on the ballgame on the tv. I am the only vehicle getting worked on. They try to start my truck and it wont start. So, that got my attention right away.

I go out there and ask what the issue is. They said that they don't know that it won't start. I just look at them. I am highly upset because I have only had small minor issues with it not working (plug wire kept falling off). I told them to check that, they did. It was fine. The lights were working so wasn't the altenator or battery, they keep checking things and kept saying it is not getting any gas to it. So, they are wanting to tow it to a shop and have them fix it and not sure if they are going to pay for it or not because they claim that they didn't do it.

At this point I am flipping out. Come to find out they are not ASE certified. I was getting really hot and needed to cool down. I couldn't handle it, so I called my dad and he came up. They are wanting to tow it, but it is like 5 pm and all the shops were closed. Both my wife and I had to work the next day, so I needed my truck. They are not comitting to anything and are not working with us at all and are on the phone with the tow company to come to it, so we call the cops to come to prevent them from towing it. Officer shows up and tells them they are not towing it. As we are trying to figure a solution I calm down and remember my father-in-law is a mechanic. So, I call him up and he comes up and in 5 minutes he had it running. They hit the racks so hard and the bump was so severe that it tripped the fuel shut off switch which cuts fuel to the engine in case of an accident. He had to show them how he fixed it, in case of next time.

So, I feel your pain. I am sorry that you had that ordeal. I wouldn't go back to that place ever again. Hope things are getting better. God bless.


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Roadkill (aka:Guy DeCou)'s Comment
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Hahaaa..Buckeye, that was the FIRST thing I thought of when you said it wouldn't start and it wasn't gettin no gas...all these new cars have that type of fuel cut off switch..and that thing can be a PITA when it trips the first time and people have no idea they are there...glad you got it sorted out, but wild that you had to get the police involved to sort out those "mechanics"..


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
Troubador222's Comment
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Yeah, I always thought that cut off switch was put in just make towing companies money. I make it a habit to know where it is on my vehicles, even though I have not had to worry about it.

I have always done most of the service and a lot of repair to my own cars and pick ups. My best friend for years had a garage set up in his barn, and we would hang out working on cars. Made it cheap and easy to keep one running. Plus he had a nice big air compressor and lots of air tools. That makes things easy too.

We had our truck seviced for its 40000 mile PM a few weeks back, and the first thing I did was check the oil and all the fluids. My co driver was making fun of me, saying it was just serviced. Well I have gotten more than one car back from being serviced and had it low on oil or something broken


Operating While Intoxicated

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