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Why You Should Not Start Your Trucking Career As A Local Driver

by Old School

Starting a trucking career is difficult, and understanding what it takes to succeed is key. Learn why starting your career as an over the road driver with a large trucking company is the best way to get your career off to a great start and reduce risk.

The Complete Guide To Pulling A Chemical Tanker


Hauling a chemical tanker is a complex and stressful job. Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about the dangers, pay, lifestyle, and endorsements needed for hauling a chemical tanker.

Prudence Seems To Be Lacking In Some Rookie Truck Drivers

by Old School

This article discusses the importance of exercising prudence in the trucking industry. It explains the risks involved and the hazards beyond the interstate that new drivers may not be aware of. It also provides an example of a terrifying close call experienced by an experienced driver.

6 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure For The DOT Physical

by Patrick Netzel

Learn how to lower your blood pressure before a DOT physical with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Get tips on how to get good sleep, drink water, and eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and beet juice. Avoid smoking, drinking, and coffee before the physical.

What Are The Best Types Of Freight For A Rookie To Haul?


This article provides an overview of the different types of jobs available in the trucking industry, including dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, liquid tanker, dry bulk tanker, and doubles/triples. It explains the pay, working conditions, and other factors to consider when choosing a job.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure For The DOT Physical

by Patrick Netzel

Truck drivers with high blood pressure must lower their BP to under 140/90 for DOT physical. Learn how to lower blood pressure quickly with potassium-rich foods, water, and reducing stress. Long-term methods include exercise, weight loss, diet, and sleep.

High Blood Pressure And Its Effect On Your Driving Career

by Patrick Netzel

Truck drivers must keep their blood pressure under 140/90 to be medically certified to drive. Learn about the different classes of hypertension, symptoms, and how to lower your blood pressure to stay certified.

Company-Sponsored Training With Swift: My First Hand Experience

by Dave

This article provides an overview of the Swift Academy experience from a truck driver's perspective. Learn about transportation to the facility, the hotel room, starting each day early, the classroom and driving range, and road training. The author also provides tips on how to best prepare for the journey.

As The World Churns: The Driver Shortage Myth

by Dave Ashelman

This article looks at how trucking companies have re-defined terms such as 'turnover' and 'churn' in order to claim a driver shortage and prevent changing the way they do business on the back-end.

Factors Affecting Job Placement In The Trucking Industry

by Tanya Bons

This article covers the major factors that will affect your ability to find work in the trucking industry. Learn about criminal history, alcohol related violations, drug and alcohol testing, driving record, employment history, physical health, age, and different truck driving school scenarios.

The Sleep Apnea Witch Hunt

by Tanya Bons

Truckers with a BMI of 35 or more are being targeted in the 2012 Sleep Apnea witch hunt. Learn the symptoms, triggers, and who is behind the push for sleep apnea testing. Understand the money associated with sleep apnea and the potential risks for truck drivers.

My First Solo Run Went Better Than I Expected

by JakeCat22

A truck driver shares their experience of their first solo trip, including the lessons they learned along the way. From picking up an empty trailer to dropping off a load, the driver recounts the problems they encountered and the lessons they learned.

Testing Time For Orientation Has Arrived

by JakeCat22

This article provides an overview of the truck driver training process, from learning to testing to graduating. It provides tips on how to pass the driving and written tests and explains the importance of following company policies and procedures.

The Meat And Potatoes Of Orientation

by JakeCat22

This article is for truck drivers and anyone in the trucking industry. It covers the 'meat and potatoes' of truck driver training, including post-trip inspections, backing, and coupling and uncoupling. It also covers the good days and bad days of training, as well as the skills testing that drivers must pass to become officially certified.

Judgment Day At Orientation

by JakeCat22

Day two of orientation was the most stressful yet, with a physical assessment test and driving simulator. The assessment tested various squats and lifting tasks, and the driving simulator tested how the driver would react to different scenarios. After the assessment, everyone passed and the instructor said they would teach the company's way of shifting and downshifting next week.

My First Day Of Orientation

by JakeCat22

Today was a truck driver's first day of company orientation. They filled out paperwork, learned about logbooks, map reading, and safety tips. It was a week-long job interview, and the instructor was very patient and focused on safety.

On My Way To Orientation

by JakeCat22

Jakecat22 shares his journey to orientation for his first trucking job. He drives 170 miles and experiences a miracle with his car's air conditioning. He arrives at the hotel and meets his roommate. He ends the blog with the promise of more to come.

One New Driver Sent Home, The Rest Of Us To The Skid Pad

by Philosopher Paul

This article follows a student driver's journey through truck driving orientation and the harsh reality of the trucking industry. The trainer sent one student home due to safety concerns and the importance of safety was highlighted. The student driver also got to practice on a skid pad and learned the importance of feeling a skid and recovering quickly.

More Boot Camp Stories From My Time In A Company-Sponsored CDL Training Program

by SharBear

This article provides an informative look into the trucking industry, from the learning and experiences of a truck driver to the importance of trip planning. It also discusses the frustrations of dealing with transportation issues and the expectations for lodging.

New Rules: Going Back To Truck Driving School

by Angelique

Truck drivers in the European Community must go back to school to get their CODE 95. This means they must take 35 hours of lessons in a five-year period. Employers may or may not pay for the additional schooling, and there are a variety of courses available. Learn more about CODE 95 and the trucking industry.

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