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The Complete Guide To Pulling A Chemical Tanker

by Brett Aquila

Hauling a chemical tanker is a complex and stressful job. Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about the dangers, pay, lifestyle, and endorsements needed for hauling a chemical tanker.

Prudence Seems To Be Lacking In Some Rookie Truck Drivers

by Old School

This article discusses the importance of exercising prudence in the trucking industry. It explains the risks involved and the hazards beyond the interstate that new drivers may not be aware of. It also provides an example of a terrifying close call experienced by an experienced driver.

The Natural Progression Of A Truck Driver's Career

by Old School

This article provides an informative look into the trucking industry and how to become a top tier truck driver. Learn the secrets of how to make progress in your career, such as arriving early to appointments, communicating well with dispatch, and working safely and efficiently.

Keepin' Your Cool: Managing Road Rage

by Brett Aquila

Getting aggravated with other drivers on the highway is commonplace for many drivers, even for truck drivers. Learn the risks of getting emotional on the highway and how to remain unaffected by the stress. Understand the importance of staying calm and how to practice it.

Drivers Share Their Biggest Misconceptions And Surprises About A Career In Trucking

by Brett Aquila

Trucking is a misunderstood industry with many misconceptions. Experienced drivers and recruiters share their advice on how to succeed in the trucking industry. Learn the truth about trucking and the responsibilities that come with the job, the lifestyle, and the surprises you may encounter.

The Right Strategy For Earning More Miles And Better Pay

by Brett Aquila

Truck drivers can get more miles and earn more money by following safety protocols, being on time for appointments, pushing appointment times forward, and communicating well with dispatch. Be friendly and professional to gain an advantage in the competitive trucking industry.

Trucking Has The Longest Job Interview In The World

by G-Town

The job interview begins the minute you walk into the hotel or your shuttle van. Learn how to make a great impression and ace your interview with these tips and tricks!

Important Tips When Going On The Road With A Trainer Or Going Solo

by G-Town

This article provides truck drivers and those in the trucking industry with tips on preparing for life on the road. Advice includes getting an understanding with your mentor, planning ahead for trips, and performing pre-trip inspections. Experienced drivers also provide advice on Jake-brake use, backing, and G.O.A.L.

What Is This Thing We Call Trucking?

by Old School

Trucking is not a career for the casual observer. It takes considerable effort to make it in this industry. Learn the truth about trucking from a veteran truck driver and discover the rewards, challenges, and lifestyle of this career.

Trucking At Night Versus During The Day - What Should Your Strategy Be?

by Brett Aquila

Driving at night versus during the day normally comes down to two factors: preferences and pickup/delivery schedule. Learn how to adjust to an ever-changing schedule, find truck parking, and stay alert while driving.

When Is The Right Time To Become An Owner Operator Or Lease A Truck? Never.

by Old School

This article explains why it is better to stay a company driver than to become an Owner/Operator. It outlines the risks of leasing a truck, the competition in the trucking industry, and the profit statements of large carriers.

6 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure For The DOT Physical

by Patrick Netzel

Learn how to lower your blood pressure before a DOT physical with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Get tips on how to get good sleep, drink water, and eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and beet juice. Avoid smoking, drinking, and coffee before the physical.

How To Get Yourself Dispatched 5,000 Miles In One Week

by Old School

Old School, a top-tier truck driver, shares his experience of how he increased his pay by taking initiative and planning ahead. He was able to get dispatched on loads totaling over 5,000 miles in one week. Learn how to become a successful truck driver by understanding the log book rules, managing time efficiently, and being willing to make sacrifices.

What Happens If I Fail A DOT Drug Or Alcohol Test?

by Patrick Netzel

If you fail or refuse a DOT drug or alcohol test, you will be taken out of safety-sensitive duties until you complete the return-to-duty process. This process includes being evaluated by a DOT-certified substance abuse professional, completing the recommended course of treatment or education, and passing a follow-up drug and alcohol test.

Two Types Of Tractor-Trailer Jackknives, And How To Deal With Them

by Brett Aquila

This article provides truck drivers with tips for avoiding trailer and tractor jackknifing. Learn the do's and don'ts of engine braking and how to get out of a jackknife situation when your trailer brakes lock up.

Dealing With Homesickness, And Staying Focused On Being A Succesful Truck Driver

by Old School

Being an over-the-road truck driver can be difficult, especially when it comes to homesickness. Learn how to cope with the emotions and mental challenges of this career and stay focused on your goals. Find out how to make the most of your time on the road and at home.

Are Self-Driving Vehicles Really Going To Take Truckers' Jobs?

by Patrick Netzel

Autonomous vehicles have been a hot topic in the trucking industry, with many speculating that they will take away jobs from truck drivers. However, a recent analysis from the Brookings Institution suggests that these predictions may be unfounded. Learn more about the technology, safety, and cultural hurdles of self-driving vehicles.

One Critical Piece To The Puzzle Of Success In Trucking

by Old School

Discover the secret to success in the trucking industry: having a great relationship with your dispatcher. Learn the key ingredients to having a great relationship with your dispatcher and be successful in the trucking industry.

What Are The Best Types Of Freight For A Rookie To Haul?

by Brett Aquila

This article provides an overview of the different types of jobs available in the trucking industry, including dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, liquid tanker, dry bulk tanker, and doubles/triples. It explains the pay, working conditions, and other factors to consider when choosing a job.

CDL Training During The Winter: Good Idea Or Impending Doom?

by Brett Aquila

Starting a career in trucking during the winter can be a great idea. Learn the advantages and disadvantages, what to expect, and how to stay safe while driving in the snow.

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