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Don't You Dare Miss That Sign

by Old School

Signs are an essential part of the trucking industry and can save lives and equipment. Learn why signs are important, how to read them, and how to avoid accidents and danger.

Truckers Need Extraordinary Responsibility And Self-Reliance

by Rainy

Trucking is a unique industry that requires a high level of personal responsibility and self-reliance. Learn how to accept responsibility for your decisions, practice and research to get the answers you need, and network with experienced drivers to excel in the trucking industry.

Some Of The Toughest Obstacles Rookie Truck Drivers Face

by Old School

This article provides an overview of the truck driving career and the challenges that come with it. It covers topics such as false expectations, fatigue, and isolation, and provides advice on how to stay focused on your goals and succeed in the trucking industry.

Finding The Motivation To Keep On Trucking

by Rainy

This article provides tips and tricks for truck drivers to stay motivated and achieve success. Learn how to set goals, manage time, and stay focused to reach your goals. Discover how to find motivation from within and how to avoid burnout.

Four Traps That New Truck Drivers Fall Into

by Old School

This article provides tips for truck drivers and anyone in the trucking industry on how to avoid common traps that cause people to quit their trucking career prematurely. It explains the research, training, and solo traps, as well as the starter company trap. It encourages readers to be tenacious and independent to achieve success in the trucking industry.

The Mental Side of Trucking: Decision Making And Judgment

by Rainy

Truck drivers must have the ability to evaluate information and make good decisions. This article explains the importance of making good decisions and how it affects your career. It also outlines the consequences of poor judgment and decision making.

The Web Of Lies And Misinformation

by G-Town

This article provides an informative guide for truck drivers and anyone in the trucking industry on how to navigate information overload and find reliable information on the internet. It discusses the dangers of trusting information found on the internet, surveys, and the importance of integrity.

How To Maximize Your Pay During A Time Of High Driver Demand

by Old School

The trucking industry is changing and driver demand is on the rise. Learn what trucking companies are looking for in a driver, the effects of autonomous vehicles, and how driver turnover affects the industry.

Why I'm More Than Just A Number At My Mega-Carrier

by Rainy

This article provides tips for truck drivers on how to build relationships with their dispatcher, other departments, and customers to perform at a high level. Get advice on being early, safe, and communicating issues to ensure success.

Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Truck Driver?

by Old School

This article explains the importance of proving your worth as a truck driver to succeed in the trucking industry. Find out what qualities make a successful truck driver, how to communicate with dispatch, and how to manage time efficiently.

Sexism In Trucking From A Woman's Perspective

by Rainy

This article provides an insider's perspective on what it's like to be a woman trucker. It discusses sexism, loneliness, personal protection, and how to gain the respect of fellow drivers. It also explains how some companies cater to women and how productivity, not gender, is the main focus.

Old School Responds To Criticisms After Busting The Free Agency Myth

by Old School

This article provides an in-depth look at a teaching moment in the trucking industry. Learn the realities of trucking, how to succeed in the industry, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Understand the importance of honest advice and how to become a professional driver.

Should Drivers Refuse To Work For Companies With Forced Dispatch?

by Old School

Force dispatch is when a truck driver is not allowed to refuse a load assignment. Understand why companies may force dispatch and the consequences of refusing a load. Learn why it is important to accept load assignments and how it can help you succeed in trucking.

According To Dispatch, 1 Out Of 5 Drivers Does A Great Job

by Old School

Truck drivers need to understand the competitive nature of the trucking industry. This article explains how drivers can be successful and make the most of their career. Learn about the subtle nuances that help one to succeed and how to be the first one in the gate at customers. Professionalism beats being bullheaded everyday.

Trucking Is A Competition Between Drivers. Can You Hang With The Big Dogs?

by Old School

Trucking is a performance-based industry, just like professional sports. Drivers are constantly being measured up with all sorts of statistics and rewarded for their accomplishments. Learn how to distinguish yourself as a driver and stand out from the competition by putting up the proper numbers and making the necessary sacrifices to be the 'Go To Guy'.

Busting The Free Agent Myth In Trucking

by Old School

The Free Agent Myth is often promoted in trucking forums, but it is not as liberating to your trucking career as it sounds. Learn what it takes to become a true Free Agent in the trucking industry, and why signing a work contract is beneficial to your career.

I'm A Trucker. What's Your Superpower?

by Old School

This article provides a three point plan for becoming a successful trucker. Safety, service, and success are the three main points of focus for anyone wanting to become a trucking Super Hero. Learn how to maximize your efforts and become a successful trucker.

What It Takes To Be A Top Tier Driver

by Old School

This article provides insight into why a truck driver may be eligible for a pay increase from a dispatcher's perspective. Being on time, no complaints, taking loads no one else wants, and being easy to work with are all necessary for a pay raise.

The Employment Market For Truck Drivers Is Hyper Competitive


The employment market for truck drivers is hyper-competitive and wages have been on the rise in recent years. Learn what it takes to become a top tier driver and get your trucking career off to a great start. Study hard, have a great attitude, and stick with your first company for one full year.

Confessions Of An Owner Operator

by Old School

This article examines the confessions of experienced truck owners and lease operators. Learn the risks and rewards of owning a truck and decide if it's right for you. Discover why the author believes it's best to remain a company driver and why the most successful trucking businesses replace their equipment at benchmark mileage levels.

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