Distress Factor Of Living With A Trainer?

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Daniel B.'s Comment
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I think this again depends on the company. Roehl Transport has trainers that go through their training school and that is all they do for the company is train new drivers. With Roehl you're with a trainer for 11-14 days, not 6 weeks.


That may sound great right now but believe me. A month isn't even enough time to learn everything and when you go solo after that month you won't feel ready at all. Two weeks with a trainer and you'll be so lost for that first few months.

There's so much to learn as a rookie. A month isn't even enough. I made a mistake one time and I talked to my trailer about it over the phone. He apologized and said "I'm sorry for not covering that with you it's just there's so much to do for me with you that it's overwhelming." You want to learn as much as you can because when you're in a situation you know nothing about you want a veteran there to help you out. I don't believe two weeks of training is a good thing. Sounds like suicide when you go solo.

Kip Brown (aka Six)'s Comment
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I agree that it should be longer, just saying that is their standard. They won't let you go solo until the trainer feels you're ready.

T.W.'s Comment
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All excellent reply's.

I appreciate the input form everyone such as to stay positive, learn as much as I can from the trainer and be thankful that he/she may be there for me in a sticky situation. I agree, no matter how crazy or sane a trainer is I have to roll with it and soak up as much information as I can. One poster noted that I do have entitlements and they are limited. It is expected because it is their truck. Another poster said no matter how crazy that person is he is invaluable to learning the ropes. Very good perspective.

Great stuff.

Tracy W.'s Comment
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Although I never hit the road with a trainer as my company handles it differently, I've seen some interesting trainer situations.

I saw a trainer park the truck in a truck stop and not let the student do it. The student was standing with a couple of other drivers and I while we watched him completely botch the park. He turned a fairly simple park into a nightmare, holding other drivers up and refusing help to guide him in. The student said the trainer was a control freak and wouldn't let him have the windows down or play any music the trainer didn't approve, among several other things, including drive in cities.

I talked with one student who had been with his trainer for over a month, and despite the fact the guy had years of experience, and claimed he was a better driver than the trainer, the trainer would not release him because he was essentially getting team driver pay.

Now, clearly, these were isolated cases, and in both cases, the proper procedure would be for a student to ask for a new trainer, and it shouldn't convince anyone to stay away from trucking or a particular company...just be aware.

Tracey K.'s Comment
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Todd, I understand your feelings. When I first started out almost 30 years ago i had a trainer for 3 weeks. I was told it would be 6, but it only lasted 3. Have you ever heard the say, "don't count your chickens before they hatch" ? Before you get stressed out, stop ! It may not be as bad as you think. You could get someone really good.

Think about this too. You could get a person who is the rottenest apple in the bunch, but one heck of a driver. Like they say these days, (with mad skills). Or the cleanest cut person their is, with NO skills at all. I will take the first guy, because although he may not be to my liking in a PERSONAL sense I can learn a great deal from him. Remember the other saying, "You gotta take the good with the bad". That's life. And a MAJOR part of trucking.

It takes a VERY SPECIAL person to do what we do. That's why their are only approximately 3 million drivers in this country of about 300 million. You do the math! That's a real small percentage. And we supply this whole country with 99% of what they have. Without a trucker driver to deliver the goods...their are NO goods.

That is what you are about to become. "A TRUCK DRIVER". Now how cool is that? And here is the BIG secret!!!! I know you are going to make it!!!

Remember these three things...Humbleness, Humility and Respect. If you do those three things you will be just fine. Go into it with a positive attitude. That's all it takes. This is the other part of training to be a Rear Trucker. Good Attitude...Good Attitude....Good Attitude and a HEAPING HELPING of PATIENCE!

You got this Todd! Good Luck and God Speed.


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
Giovanni U.'s Comment
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Crazy as it may sound I am looking forward to having a trainer. I am getting back in the truck after 16 years. When I came out of TDDS in 96 I was far from ready. # and 4 students in the truck all talking at once does not make for good driving lessons. When I went to the company there was no real training, it was local steel hauling immature and scared ****less I lasted 6 months and had nothing but trouble.The trainer they put me with was a nice guy but i never drove. I made sure to write down every Issue I had back then so my new trainer can show me how to fix it, I am going to soak up every thing I can and question my poor trainer to death! I know where some of my weakness are and I intend to utilize them to the fullest! Jerk or Not!

Britton R.'s Comment
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I'm currently in week 4 with a trainer just to get my license. Once I take-and hopefully pass-the test I'll go out with another trainer fkr a month or two. Its not an easy situation. You could get someone that you become great friends with. On the other hand he could be a nightmare. That's just the way it is. Its a necessary evil to become a driver. My trainer and I get along, but I probably won't be best friends with him. After so long I'm tired of him already. I could complain for a while about him, but its nothing that is too horrible I can't stand. My big issue is his lack of actual training. Most of it is me figuring things out on my own. Other issues I have are his bad habits. The "don't do this" or "you didn't see that" is a bad way to train someone. If it got to the point where I felt in danger I would get off the truck. It hasn't, and hopefully at the end of the week I will be done with it and get with a better trainer.

What I'm trying to say is that you probably won't get a perfect trainer. Even if you get a good one you're probably gping to get sick of them. Its tough living with someone in these conditions. The stress of learning is hard enough. It will wear you out. I'm at the point wheretmy trainer feels like a ball and chain. Its just something you need to fight through. My ipod has kept me sane during this process. Find a way to get your mind off of things out there.

One other note is time flies out here. I feel like I've been training forever, but at the same time its went so fast. Remember eventually you will be by yourself. When you need to ask a question, you'll be alone. Make the most out of it you can.

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