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Buttercup's Comment
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Does anyone follow a Low carb or ketogenic diet? I have followed a ketogenic diet for about a year now, on and off. I lost about 40lbs. Felt great. It's a high fat low carb moderate protein diet. Not the high protein atkins diet. I stopped because I read stories about people failing breathalyzers or ketones in urine suggesting health problems...etc etc. and once I knew I wanted to get into Trucking I was afraid that, my luck, I would end up one of those handfuls that have a bad experience due to the diet itself.

Just wondering if anyone else follows that way of eating? I miss it and how good I felt (plus I love avocados, so, there's that).


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Sweet Jimmy's Comment
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I was on Keto last year and lost about 20 pounds before I found that it was shooing my cholesterol through the roof.

Tinker's Comment
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My wife and I are both on the Keto diet. She has lost a lot of weight, as have I. She recently got her medical card, there were no signs of any troubles there. My cholesterol is in the normal range . Honestly, it is probably the best diet we have ever done.

6 string rhythm's Comment
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I was in ketosis for my last medical exam to get my 2 year card. The doctor mentioned that she saw levels of ketones but realized it was due to my diet. No big deal. 2 year card issued. Any good, knowledgeable doctor will realize what is going on with your body if you have a high ketone count and are in a state of ketosis due to diet.

There is plenty of clinical evidence that demonstrates how good cholesterol is elevated and bad cholesterol is lowered when in ketosis. I am my healthiest when I am on a ketogenic diet.

I have yet to find a way of eating that rivals the ketogenic diet, in terms of health, and well-being. I started the ketogenic diet (high fat, moderate protein, low carb) when I began powerlifting. I'll switch it up here and there, but typically I do better on a lower carb diet. I use ketosis strategically at different points in my life.

Jeremy's Comment
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Ive been on a paleo diet for over yr it has done wonders for my health but i still eat as much as i want rather than try to lose weight but my health has never been better

Buttercup's Comment
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Perfect, thanks for the responses! I have gained a few lbs back since stopping. I'm going to go back to it. Glad to see there are others who are able to truck and do well with it. Now if only I could get an avocado

Brett Aquila's Comment
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I have nothing to say about those particular diets because I haven't tried focusing on eating that way, but I do stay in really good shape and I hike and climb and snowboard and all kinds of stuff. So I'll just throw this out there - if you eat the proper number of calories of a well balanced diet with plenty of variety you'll almost certainly be thrilled with the results. Unless you're an olympic athlete or you're compensating for some sort of special condition, I personally don't feel there's any need to focus so hard on eating any particular types of food, and there is no "magic formula" diet that's going to give you magical results.

Our bodies have evolved over a million years to eat all sorts of different things. To me it's always best to keep it a nice variety of relatively healthy foods and control your weight with the number of calories you take in.

Weight Watchers is pretty much healthy eating. It's not a diet, it's not some magic formula, it's simply a matter of good balance and the right number of calories. Try that and you can almost be certain you'll do great, unless you have some sort of condition to compensate for.

If you can gain weight over time even though you're taking in fewer calories than you are burning, then you are magical. Literally.


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
Buttercup's Comment
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I did weight watchers for a long time and did fairly well on it. I still struggled a bit with weight loss, my doctor suggested a diet based around less grain and more 'whole food' type items. I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease and he felt cutting out starches and sugars was a good idea. His suggestion was more towards a Mediterranean style diet, but I tend to shy away from grocery store fish. Weight watchers was great, but harder for me to maintain. With the keto diet, I rarely worry about calories and as long as my choice is 'healthy' I don't fret much. I still avoid the processed meat. And I don't follow it strictly. If I feel like having an apple, I eat an apple. lol I just don't view pastries and pasta as part of my meal options.

I would recommend Weight Watchers to anyone who has the discipline to track what they eat. Unfortunately, it feels like work to me. Work that I don't like haha. I remember when they had the 'core' plan, it was very much like keto in the whole food aspect. That was my plan of choice until they discontinued it.

Brett Aquila's Comment
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I would recommend Weight Watchers to anyone who has the discipline to track what they eat. Unfortunately, it feels like work to me.

I think almost everyone, myself included, would agree with that. It's really tedious having to track everything. But it is effective. After you've done it for even two or three weeks you have a good idea at that point what healthy eating is and how much you can eat each day. You may not count every calorie meticulously, but from that point on at least you know what proper eating is for you.

The other thing I love about tracking calories meticulously is that it always amazes everyone how many calories there are in foods you tend to think of as health foods. Like some fruits have a ton of sugar and quite a few calories. Yogurt and granola bars are often loaded with sugar and carbs, high in calories. Wheat bread is loaded with calories. And a lot of low fat foods may be low in fat, but loaded with simple carbs and sugars and calories.

So you may be eating healthy foods, but often times waaaay too much of them without realizing it. How frustrating is it to focus on eating healthy foods only to step on the scale and see you're actually gaining weight?

So a diet like Weight Watchers is awesome for showing you the right quantities of the right types of foods. Then you know. Then at least it's your choice to do what you like and you're not accidentally overeating or choosing the wrong foods and ultimately working hard to get disappointing results.


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Jordan's Comment
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How hard is it to do the Ketogenic Diet for OTR driver? I would think it would be a pain to get the food for the week at Wal-mark if you have time for it. From my understanding is that most drivers just eat at the truck stops vs cooking food in the truck not sure if it's true or not. How did you like the Ketogenic Diet from what I know about it's the best Diet to go on for type 2 diabetes and would help with High blood pressure.


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