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The Employment Market For Truck Drivers Is Hyper Competitive


The employment market for truck drivers is hyper-competitive and wages have been on the rise in recent years. Learn what it takes to become a top tier driver and get your trucking career off to a great start. Study hard, have a great attitude, and stick with your first company for one full year.

Passing The CDL Road Test: What Are CDL Examiners Looking For?


Learn what the CDL Examiner is looking for on the road test and how to handle the pressure. Get tips on automatic failures and acceptable mistakes to help you pass the road test with flying colors.

Company-Sponsored Training With Swift: My First Hand Experience

by Dave

This article provides an overview of the Swift Academy experience from a truck driver's perspective. Learn about transportation to the facility, the hotel room, starting each day early, the classroom and driving range, and road training. The author also provides tips on how to best prepare for the journey.

A Guide To Using Our Free Online CDL Training Program

by Ahmalia

Welcome to TruckingTruth's Online CDL Training Program! Learn about the page-by-page format, review questions, and tips and advice to help you succeed in trucking school.

What Causes People To Fail CDL School?

by TruckerMike

This article discusses why some people fail truck driving school and how to avoid it. It emphasizes the importance of having the right attitude, self-discipline, and the ability to keep calm under pressure. It also encourages readers to study hard and aim to be the best, not just to pass the exams.

4 Mistakes That Cause Students To Fail CDL Training And How They Can Be Prevented

by Driver Solutions

Truck driver training can be a difficult process. Learn about the four common mistakes that lead to failure and how to prevent them. Get the tips you need to succeed in your truck driver training and become a professional truck driver!

CDL Testing Day From A Trainers Perspective

by TruckerMike

This article provides an in-depth look at the process of getting a CDL license. It covers the early start, the long wait, and the three tests that must be passed in order to receive the license.

Learning How To Back Up A Big Truck

by TruckerMike

Trucker Mike shares his tips and tricks for mastering the truck driver test. Learn the different types of backing maneuvers and how to stay within the specified boundaries. Find helpful tricks to help you pass the CDL backing exam.

I'm Becoming a CDL Instructor!

by TruckerMike

Trucker Mike shares his experience of becoming a CDL instructor and training a new driver. He explains the process of the CDL training program, the challenge for trucking companies, the driver trainer contract, and the importance of quality trainers. He also discusses the misconception of CDL programs being money makers and the importance of speaking up if you have a bad CDL instructor.

Testing Time For Orientation Has Arrived

by JakeCat22

This article provides an overview of the truck driver training process, from learning to testing to graduating. It provides tips on how to pass the driving and written tests and explains the importance of following company policies and procedures.

The Meat And Potatoes Of Orientation

by JakeCat22

This article is for truck drivers and anyone in the trucking industry. It covers the 'meat and potatoes' of truck driver training, including post-trip inspections, backing, and coupling and uncoupling. It also covers the good days and bad days of training, as well as the skills testing that drivers must pass to become officially certified.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Truck Driving School

by Tanya Bons

When choosing a truck driving school, consider factors such as drive time, quality of training, job placement, and the quality of instructors. Understand the importance of each factor and do your research to make the best decision.

Remembering My Earliest Days Of Trucking School


This article looks back on the experience of a veteran truck driver's journey through truck driving school. Learn about the excitement and challenges of the process, and the unforgettable memories that come with it!

An Intro To Big Trucks And Truck Driving School Part III - The CDL Exam

by Brian Laine

This guide provides an overview of the steps to get your CDL, from studying to taking the exam. Learn tips and tricks to pass the test and become a certified truck driver.

Truck Driving School Part IV - Taking The CDL Exam

by Rick Huffman

This article tells the story of a truck driving test, the people who took it, and the emotional roller coaster that came with it. It follows the journey of the students, from the time they arrived at the testing facility to the time they left, and the different outcomes they experienced.

Trucking School Part III - Boot Camp

by Rick Huffman

This article provides an insight into the truck driving school boot camp experience. Learn how to master 45 angle backing and shift gears with experienced instructors, and get ready for your CDL test.

Attending Truck Driving School Part II - First Day On The Yard

by Rick Huffman

Alan and Rick learn the basics of truck driving with an unusual instructor. They practice straight-line and 45 angle backing with an old warrior truck. The instructor has a propensity for talking about women's breasts, making the experience both funny and creepy.

Which CDL Endorsements Should I Get?


Attending a truck driving school requires you to decide which CDL endorsements to get when taking the test. Learn which CDL endorsements are available, how you get them, what it takes to keep them, and why they are important.

Randy At Truck Driving School - Day 1

by Rhonda Johnsen

Randy spent his first day at a truck driving school and encountered several surprises. He met interesting characters, heard warnings about not taking the lease, and had to face his own nerves. Randy learned a lot on his first day and was even able to make a new friend.

First Week of Company Sponsored Schooling

by Wagonwheel

Going to school for trucking can be intimidating if you don't know what to expect. This article provides an overview of the process, including what paperwork is required, what tests you will take, and helpful tips on how to pass them. It's a great read for those looking to get into the trucking industry.

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