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Trucker's Sleep: A Rare Commodity

by Rainy

This article provides an in-depth look at the demands of trucking, sleep patterns, and mental health. It explains the importance of understanding one's own body clock and how to fit in sleep when possible. It also discusses the 14 hour clock and how it can be a lie, and how to communicate with dispatch to ensure safety.

6 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure For The DOT Physical

by Patrick Netzel

Learn how to lower your blood pressure before a DOT physical with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Get tips on how to get good sleep, drink water, and eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and beet juice. Avoid smoking, drinking, and coffee before the physical.

What Happens If I Fail A DOT Drug Or Alcohol Test?

by Patrick Netzel

If you fail or refuse a DOT drug or alcohol test, you will be taken out of safety-sensitive duties until you complete the return-to-duty process. This process includes being evaluated by a DOT-certified substance abuse professional, completing the recommended course of treatment or education, and passing a follow-up drug and alcohol test.

12 Tips To Help Drivers Stay Awake Longer


Truck drivers have long days and erratic sleep schedules. Here are some tips to help stay awake and alert for longer periods of time, such as avoiding high contrast lights at night, keeping emotions in check, avoiding exhaustion, turning down the temperature, and avoiding large doses of caffeine.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure For The DOT Physical

by Patrick Netzel

Truck drivers with high blood pressure must lower their BP to under 140/90 for DOT physical. Learn how to lower blood pressure quickly with potassium-rich foods, water, and reducing stress. Long-term methods include exercise, weight loss, diet, and sleep.

High Blood Pressure And Its Effect On Your Driving Career

by Patrick Netzel

Truck drivers must keep their blood pressure under 140/90 to be medically certified to drive. Learn about the different classes of hypertension, symptoms, and how to lower your blood pressure to stay certified.

Items To Pack And Other Considerations For Husband And Wife Teams

by Becky Prestwich

Considering joining your husband in trucking? Learn what to pack, how to stay organized, and how to maintain hygiene in the sleeper berth of a semi. Eating out is costly, so eat in the truck as much as possible. Hygiene is important, so invest in hand sanitizer and moist wipes. Truck stops offer free showers with a fill up, and driver lounges with TVs and couches.

Factors Affecting Job Placement In The Trucking Industry

by Tanya Bons

This article covers the major factors that will affect your ability to find work in the trucking industry. Learn about criminal history, alcohol related violations, drug and alcohol testing, driving record, employment history, physical health, age, and different truck driving school scenarios.

The Sleep Apnea Witch Hunt

by Tanya Bons

Truckers with a BMI of 35 or more are being targeted in the 2012 Sleep Apnea witch hunt. Learn the symptoms, triggers, and who is behind the push for sleep apnea testing. Understand the money associated with sleep apnea and the potential risks for truck drivers.

Losing Weight As A Truck Driver

by TruckerMike

Trucker Mike shares his story of how he successfully lost 45lbs without a diet or exercise while driving a truck. He used a calorie counting app and taught himself how to eat properly. Learn how he did it!

Rookie Drivers: Time Management Tips And Mileage Goals


This article provides time management tips and mileage goals for truck drivers. It explains how to avoid traffic delays, find easy parking, and rest before exhaustion to turn more miles and make more money.

Randy's Truck Driving School - Days 13, 14 And 15

by Rhonda Johnsen

This article provides a day-by-day guide to truck driving school. Learn what to expect during orientation, tests, and while on the road. Get tips on eating healthy, learning the job, and avoiding distractions.

How a Husband And Wife Became Interested in Trucking - Part 2

by Rhonda Johnsen

This article tells the story of a truck driver and their family who faced unexpected news and new challenges. It covers their journey from research to school, and the struggles and successes they experienced.

Oh Where, Oh Where Did the Wolfie Go?

by Adrian Nunenkamp

This article is about the author's experience of finishing CDL School and the tips for staying safe as a truck driver. They explain the difficulty of driving through tight turns, using the Jake brake, and passing the State test. The article finishes with the author starting a new job with a different company.

Medical Disqualification For Unfit Drivers

by Rhonda

America is becoming overweight from eating too much of the wrong foods. Concern for unfit drivers has already started. Learn how truck drivers can get fit and healthy to keep their job and CDL ahead of the new rules being implemented.

The DOT Recertification Physical

by Rhonda

Get all the information you need to know about DOT physicals, which are a necessary part of the trucking industry. Learn about the questions you need to answer, the physical tests you need to do, and the medical card you can get with your successful physical.

I Shower How Often? What Is Personal Hygiene Like On The Road

by Farmer Bob

Learn straightforward tips to stay clean on the road for truck drivers and anyone in the trucking industry. Tips include taking regular bathroom breaks, keeping clean clothes, and wet wipes for personal hygiene.

Preparing Myself for a Truck Driving Career

by TruckerMike

TruckerMike is getting ready to start his CDL-A Training and his search for a good OTR company. He discusses what to do to prepare for a truck driving career, including smartphone and internet options, satellite TV, car expenses, and health habits.

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