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Todd C.'s Comment
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Well, there is a chance Cookie will succeed, and I do hope he does. Either way, his current employer will be looking for someone to fill that spot. smile.gif

Patrick C.'s Comment
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Just to throw another log on the fire. ELDs! Do you think big companies have backed them and pursued the mandatory use of them for safety? Independents cheat paper mainly to run when they want and to offset slow shippers and receivers. Why not pressure the shippers and receivers to work faster? Because large companies have drivers. If one can't get it done, grab another to make sure the load gets there on time. The slow shippers and receivers do not impact their bottom line as badly.

Big companies have been trying to bury independent O/Os and the smaller competition for decades. They may have just struck the killing blow come Dec 18th. I am not saying it will completely get rid of all small operations or Independant O/Os. But you will find them far more restricted to niche markets or leased onto all O/O companies like Landstar.

In business you are either growing or dying. The economy of scale is here to stay.


The customer who is shipping the freight. This is where the driver will pick up a load and then deliver it to the receiver or consignee.


Operating While Intoxicated

rookie the cookie's Comment
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Well everyone have their own opinion and everyone starts from somewhere m still going to pursue what i believe will work and see how it goes .and elds are just another joke like paper logs .you can cheat on them as easily as you do on paper logs .its a matter of time that everyone know how to do it and there will be something new nd that will be cheated too.its not about the size of the fish its about the heart and brain of the fish.thats how amazon took over walmart .

Brett Aquila's Comment
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its not about the size of the fish its about the heart and brain of the fish.thats how amazon took over walmart

We don't actually have a "Wall Of Fame" because until now I didn't think we needed one.

Patrick C.'s Comment
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Brett, We are still waiting on the popcorn emoji, lol

Deke's Comment
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I don't know why people ask for advice if they have no intention of at least considering it in their decisions.....unless of course, that person is just trolling.....but seriously, in my short time here I am somewhat amazed by the number of folks that post with these pie in the sky dreams and not a clue about running a business. They think they are just going to go out and buy a truck and make a bunch of money. My sole purpose in my endeavor of pursuing this career is to help the financial STABILITY of my family as my daughters go off to school.

I actually have more than enough resources at this point in my life to buy a truck, but why would anyone want to take on all that risk for only a CHANCE at a slightly higher income than a company driver.....and from the failure rate of new drivers, that chance of a higher income is minuscule.

If after my daughters graduate college and I decide then that I want to play with my own truck, then I might just give it a try. But certainly not now when I NEED the income......

So Cookie, I guess if you don't need to make money, then by all means, ignore the years and years of experience of those that have done this and are telling you it's a bad idea and just go out and buy yourself a truck.


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
Pat M.'s Comment
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I will chime in here. I have my own truck. As a matter of fact I have two.

I drove for someone else for 5 years before buying my truck. It was not a pie in the sky dream but a conscious decision. I have my own authority now too.

By my estimation based on your posts you are making an emotional decision at best and you are not ready.

Even with the experience that I had, I have been wrong many times on how things will pan out. This year I will do worse than a company driver but I was expecting that from the beginning.

Do you have the means to weather that kind of storm? I have a little different situation than you d o because I do not have to run load boards exclusively.

The startup costs that you think you need will not be enough. I doubled what I thought that I needed and it was still not enough. Should have tripled it.

It was not due to breakdowns either, just every day expenses. Insurance costs are out of this world to start with. You being under 40 is going to hurt you in that aspect.

Basing this solely on your attitude and posts in this thread you will likely not last a year and come out deeper in debt.

The other thing is paperwork. You will not believe what it takes to keep up with all the governments requirements.

You are going to do what you are going to do. Do I regret my decision? Not at all but I started with a higher degree of knowledge and expectations. If you have a family at all do not do this.

Old School's Comment
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The startup costs that you think you need will not be enough. I doubled what I thought that I needed and it was still not enough. Should have tripled it.

Pat, I still remember what my banker told me years ago when I was talking to him about starting my business. He was asking me some questions just to sort of help me figure a few things out. I remember him asking me how much money I thought I would need to get started and survive my first year. Since I had already worked all that out, I quickly answered, "I'm pretty sure I can do that with $125,000." His response was, "Okay, you are going to need about $375,000." Then he laughed and told me that most people need to triple their initial estimate of their starting expenses.

Patrick C.'s Comment
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Pat, I am glad you posted. TBH, you had an advantage most don't as you had freight lined up before you had a truck. I wish I knew were your posts were telling us if your beginning. The weeks spent fixing and setting up your truck. The time running with no income while you waited for age of invoice. Those are the kind of posts he needs to see. Reminding him it is not all rainbows and unicorn farts.


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
Linden R.'s Comment
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Brett, get working on that hall of fame. We have our first inductee right here in this thread! Also, order a load of popcorn...

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