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Lil Triscuit's Comment
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Hi Trucking Truth!

My name is Alex and I am going to be attending Swift's CDL Sponsored Training at C1 in Indianapolis, IN starting on March 11th, 2019. I will be traveling from my temporary home in Virginia to attend this school so I leave this Saturday, the 9th. I am super excited but, just like others, dreading the bus ride.

I will be leaving out of Charlottesville, VA at 1330 and I will be on a bus for 22 1/2 hours, arriving in Indianapolis at around 1130 (before the time change, 12:30 after daylight savings). My school starts Monday at 0600.

I have family who have been in trucking for a long time and after spending some time doing research on the various carriers, training schools, and how to obtain my CDL, I decided to go ahead and pursue trucking. I reached out to a lot of the main carriers and spoke to a lot of different recruiters before settling on this opportunity.

In November, 2018 I was attending a Community College's CDL program when, on day three, I hit a deer with my car going about 70mph. I was not injured and my car only sustained body damage. I had to drop out of the classes and decided to hold off on my CDL until my family and I got some things squared away from that accident.

The time has come for me to go back to my pursuit. I have been working with Megan Aubrey, at Swift, to get on with them. She has been super helpful and very forthcoming with information. I will be joining Swift on the Kraft contract (hauling refrigerated) starting on the East Coast and then I will transfer to the West Coast (where my permanent home is) sometime in May or June hopefully landing a new similar line of business.

I am starting this training diary to give incoming students an idea of what to expect. There are plenty of diaries and YouTube videos out there but we all know how things roll, changes are constantly about and updated information is never bad.

I plan on updating this thing at least every other day while I am at school and then as often as possible while I am doing my driver-mentor training.

I am always open to feedback and support. I have added my Facebook profile to the forum so please feel free to stalk my Facebook page and add me, if you wish.

Have a great night and stay safe everybody.


Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

A CDL is required to drive any of the following vehicles:

  • Any combination of vehicles with a gross combined weight rating (GCWR) of 26,001 or more pounds, providing the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the vehicle being towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds.
  • Any single vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds, or any such vehicle towing another not in excess of 10,000 pounds.
  • Any vehicle, regardless of size, designed to transport 16 or more persons, including the driver.
  • Any vehicle required by federal regulations to be placarded while transporting hazardous materials.
Turtle's Comment
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Welcome Lil Triscuit, and thanks for sharing your experience here. Good luck at Swift!

Big T's Comment
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Welcome and good luck.


Lil Triscuit's Comment
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Good Morning y'all,

Today's the big day but we made a change. The bus ride from Charlottesville to Indianapolis was expecting to be around 22 hours with two stops but I do not know where and for how long.

We decided to go ahead and drive me up to Indianapolis because it is only an 8.5 hour drive, opposed to the 22 hours, and just to stay the night up there, tonight, and then check in to the hotel that Swift has allotted me. We've checked the weather and looks like rain and, so long as my wife and son jet out of Indianapolis quickly tomorrow, they should be in the clear and miss the snow (if any).

I will let you know what tomorrow is like, once we get there.

Appalachained's Comment
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I will be watching this thread closely as this is where I plan on going when I get my ducks in a row. Good luck.

Big T's Comment
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8.5 hr car ride vs 22 hr bus ride seems like a plan to me.

Good Morning y'all,

Today's the big day but we made a change. The bus ride from Charlottesville to Indianapolis was expecting to be around 22 hours with two stops but I do not know where and for how long.

We decided to go ahead and drive me up to Indianapolis because it is only an 8.5 hour drive, opposed to the 22 hours, and just to stay the night up there, tonight, and then check in to the hotel that Swift has allotted me. We've checked the weather and looks like rain and, so long as my wife and son jet out of Indianapolis quickly tomorrow, they should be in the clear and miss the snow (if any).

I will let you know what tomorrow is like, once we get there.

Lil Triscuit's Comment
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We arrived into Indianapolis last night at about 2245. We had to drive through some really bad storming weather in Ohio and just over the border in Indiana.

We stayed the night at the Red Roof Inn near the Indianapolis International Airport. It was just under $60 for two adults and one infant, one king bed. This is one of the nicer Red Roof Inns I have seen and the staff was super helpful and the room was good quality.

I arrived at noon to the Extended Stay America, today. There were a bunch of Police Officers and over general conversation, with one of the Sergeants, I discovered that a poor woman and her baby had been beaten pretty badly bad her significant other just before I arrived. I went to Walmart with the family to get some things and then tried to get into my room to find out my room was locked and I couldn't get in.

I was reassigned to a new room and got in just fine. Got all unpacked and about an hour later I called to get the WiFi code to be told that I was in a Werner room and was going to have to move to a Swift room. The woman I spoke with came up about five minutes later and told me she was making this room a Swift room and that I would be getting a roommate either today or tomorrow, which I am fine with and was expecting from the get-go. I got the WiFi code after waiting about another hour.

The rooms are nice. We have small kitchenette with two burners, a dishwasher, a nice refrigerator, a microwave, and some storage. We have a nice little living room with a nice TV (the remote doesn't work). There are two full beds that are really comfortable (well one is, I dunno about the other one). The bathroom is really nice, only the toilet uses maybe half a gallon when you flush... hopefully the Chinese food you eat doesn't strike you too badly.

I am getting ready to do some more research on this school and how to taxi works, in the morning. I may even call the taxi company and get the low-down on how things work.

I will update y'all tomorrow as to my progress.

G-Town's Comment
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Good luck!

Don’t let the highs get you too high, and the lows get you too low. Even keel, maintain focus at all times.

Lil Triscuit's Comment
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First day complete, everyone!

Here is what happened in the quick summary format: 1). Class started at 0600. I called the taxi at 0530 and they were here at around 0540, it's about a 15 minute drive. I got there at 0555. 2). We were introduced to Brad (the classroom instructor) and we were given our Pre-Trip Handout and our Binders (with everything we need to know). You're told that if you're a non-permit holder, start studying the General Knowledge, Combination, and Air Brake portion of the Binder. If you're a permit holder, start studying the Pre-Trip handout, especially during the waiting periods today. 3). Swift Students and Independent students (those students with no company or a company not recognized by C1) were separated from the PAM Students. 4). Swift and independent students did their DOT drug screens. They split up your specimen and are checking for THC, COC, PCP, OPI, and AMP. I recommend doing no drugs before coming to the school, just because it's the common sense thing to do. They send your specimens straight to the lab so there is no faking it. I was done at 0755. 5). PAM students did their drug screens, next. Same thing. 6). Both sets of students, without their DOT Physicals, did their physicals. Those who already had a DOT physical did not have to do another, nor did we even see the medical staff. 7). At 1100, we all started our contracts. Each group signs their contracts separately (more on contracts below). They are very protective about who hears each other's contract details so I cannot touch on independent or PAM contracts. 8). We were released for lunch at 1145 and told to be back at 1300. I came back at 1230. 9). More sitting and waiting (studying!) until 1345 when we were ushered back to Brad's room. Brad covered the basics of a school (rules, regs) and the School Director did a presentation as well. The hotel had a staff member do a presentation. 10). We covered general option of the CMV , turns, and how dangerous the brakes are on the CMV (especially when empty). We also briefly touched on what's going to be covered this week. 11). Tomorrow, the non-permit holders are going to BMV to take their tests. During that time, permit holders are going to the range and going to start going over pre-trip with an instructor (this is a new curriculum and we are the guinea pigs). 12). Class starts at 0645 from this point forward, opposed to 0600 for the first day.

Attendance: You cannot miss more than one hour over the training, per Swift. They understand things happen and take things case-by-case, if you're going to miss a day; however, generally, no absences. You can only be tardy twice before they excuse you. Don't be tardy, otherwise Swift may not be too happy.

Contracts: If you complete your training and attend Swift Orientation, you owe Swift $6,000 (plus $750 if you use the hotel). This will result in approximately $114 being deducted, per check (if you use the hotel) for the first 27 weeks. You are "reimbursed" approximately $40, each check, meaning you only pay approximately $74 per check for the first 27 weeks. Once the hotel fees are paid, you only pay approximately $40, each check. At the 53rd week, from my understanding, you pay approximately $1,800 as the final "payment". If you stay longer than one year, you are still "reimbursed" that $40, per check, to pay back the amount they took out of your check, originally, as the Tuition Reimbursement. By the way, the Swift interest rate, during repayment, is 0%.

If you complete the training and do not attend Swift Orientation, you owe C1 $5,995, to be paid within thirty (30) days of the date you finish training. They do not offer any type of payment plan or anything and their interest rate is 8%.

There are other clauses that are within the contract, like cancellation, etc. If you are interested, let me know and I will reply. You get a copy of your contract.

I am off to enjoy my evening and study. I am confident on my pre-trip skills, especially since I've already taken a pre-trip and passed (99%), but you can always learn one new thing and there is still 1% more that I need to get to 100%.

By the way, the hotel has a fitness center. I will be using it to run every evening to stay somewhat conditioned.

Any questions? Feel free to reply, I'll let you know as much as I can.

Have a great evening!


Department Of Transportation

A department of the federal executive branch responsible for the national highways and for railroad and airline safety. It also manages Amtrak, the national railroad system, and the Coast Guard.

State and Federal DOT Officers are responsible for commercial vehicle enforcement. "The truck police" you could call them.


Commercial Motor Vehicle

A CMV is a vehicle that is used as part of a business, is involved in interstate commerce, and may fit any of these descriptions:

  • Weighs 10,001 pounds or more
  • Has a gross vehicle weight rating or gross combination weight rating of 10,001 pounds or more
  • Is designed or used to transport 16 or more passengers (including the driver) not for compensation
  • Is designed or used to transport 9 or more passengers (including the driver) for compensation
  • Is transporting hazardous materials in a quantity requiring placards


Department of Motor Vehicles, Bureau of Motor Vehicles

The state agency that handles everything related to your driver's licences, including testing, issuance, transfers, and revocation.


Transportation Worker Identification Credential

Truck drivers who regularly pick up from or deliver to the shipping ports will often be required to carry a TWIC card.

Your TWIC is a tamper-resistant biometric card which acts as both your identification in secure areas, as well as an indicator of you having passed the necessary security clearance. TWIC cards are valid for five years. The issuance of TWIC cards is overseen by the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
MrTechit's Comment
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Thank you for this! I start my class for Swift at Indianapolis on the 25th. I will be keeping a close eye on your posts!

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