What Companies Would Potentially Hire With 1 FRESH Preventable Accident On Record?

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Ezcore's Comment
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**TLDR** At this point im wondering if there is any company other than TMC or Western Express that would have me in Orientation next week? Can't work at any of the P&S Companies for the next 6 months either.

Is there any companies that will hire being out of work for the past 6 months, and also getting into a preventable accident (no tickets issued/light damage done) literally 2 days ago on 3/21/2020? I was at orientation and on my way to turn back in the rental car after I just checked into the hotel. That is where I got into the accident at an intersection that I was held at fault for. First accident ever in my entire life really hurt my pride (no one was hurt physically). Company sent me home on an UBER (3hr ride thats hella nice of them). Really good company to work for as I have worked there before for over a year and really genuinely enjoy that company its a shame that the accident happened and ruined that opportunity to rehire on for the next 6 months minimum.

Company just 4 days ago were clawing at me before I made my choice out of the bunch, but now when I call the others back they don't want nothing to do with me except for TMC and Western Express. TMC wants a accident report to see if they can move forward, and Western Express is the type of company that will Greyhound you to Nashville TN just to tell you 2-3 days into orientation that they can't hire you so who KNOWS if Western will hire me or not. Plus Western Express is a pretty bad company I worked there before for 1yr and 1 mo already; that being said they were my first company, and where I did get my first 1yr of experience, and they did give me a chance so for that they are cool. TMC on the other hand is a little to picky and strict on how they operate.

Either way at this point I would be happy if either company could give me a job, or another company I haven't heard of that is better than these two? My record is fairly average. My last speeding ticket is already over 3+ years old and I only have minor things like overweight tickets, and 1 warning for failure to obey traffic control device that happened from a mishap at a weigh station. So if anyone knows any companies for me to try that are reputable, easy on the drivers, percentage pay for flatbedding as P&S is please let me know!.


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Rob T.'s Comment
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Your best option will be to take ANY driving job offered. You have a few things going against you. You haven't worked in 6 months. Why? If you haven't driven in 6 months companies may want you to do a refresher course. Also the very recent accident. If I were you I would Apply For Truck Driving Jobs and see who bites. Drop the crap about Western Express being a bad company. One of our moderators, Old School, got his start there and busted his tail to make 50k his first year. They helped him learn to be a top tier driver. Western Express also has numerous million miler drivers. Why would someone stick there long enough to get a million miles if it's bad. Why do you want percentage pay? Most times you will make roughly the same amount of money at the end of the year. We have a member here that documented his first year at TMC. He made very bold claims that he would EASILY make 100k his first year on percentage pay. He finished off his first year at about 70k due to freight rates dropping. 70k is really good but far from the 100k he expected. Freight rates were extremely well that year but now they're quite low to the point we've had a couple members park the truck or atleast really consider it.

Old School's Comment
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Ezcore, welcome to our forum!

I'm curious, how many trucking jobs have you had? How long did you stay with each job? A six month gap of not working in the economy we've been enjoying is going to trouble any prospective employer. Is there something you're leaving out of the story?

I'm not trying to be confrontational. You could have been caring for a sick relative. I certainly don't have a clue. I just think there's a reason why you seem to have some issues with the trucking career. It's totally performance based, but most people who have trouble staying employed in trucking think it's completely up to the company to make the job enjoyable and profitable. I'm pretty sure that's where you are.

I'm no mind reader. Help me out here. We can probably help, but only if you can be honest and upfront with us.

Western Express is a pretty bad company I worked there before for 1yr and 1 mo already

You have to realize that comment about Western Express is a big red flag. It tells us so much about your approach to this career. We aren't going to pat you on the back, patronize you, and welcome you into the fellowship of knowledgeable truckers just because you sound like you know which companies are good and which companies are bad. We don't do that here.

There's a reason you are in here asking us what companies will hire you with a "fresh preventable." I'm pretty sure that fresh preventable is not your real problem. After all, you were already at an orientation. That tells me you were looking and needing a new hire long before that "fresh preventable" even entered into your equation.

Open up and be honest with us. That's the kind of people we can be helpful to.

Julio R.'s Comment
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Hi fellow brothers and sisters need some help getting back on the road any advice is greatly appreciated. I had a recent preventable accident September 2023 where I hit another trailer traveling east on I-10 which got the truck stuck on the side rails and my wrist got broken from the impact making the scene preventable with and injury. I've been off work due to surgery and recovery up to the day I finally got the ok to return to work. Due to the company not having workers comp or insurance for the driver, a 1099 job I guess. I paid the surgery and physical therapy out of pocket. I have 3 years experience with the following 5 citations 1(defective light) 2(10 mph over on a 30 mph) 3(truck route violation) 4(entering a bus lane of 13'01" clearance) 5(Careless operation). MVR only shows the last citation (5). Home is Laredo, Texas


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Rob T.'s Comment
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Julio the only advice we can really offer is to apply everywhere and see who is willing to take a chance. Make sure it's a W2 position meaning you're a company driver receiving benefits and work comp.

Anybody willing to hire you is going to want details and what you learned from this. It will be a tough battle given the current freight market but apply everywhere and see what happens. It likely will be for less pay than you were receiving just keep that in mind.

BK's Comment
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In addition to what Rob said, you might want to start looking for a CDL-B type driving job, even if it’s driving a box truck making deliveries. Sanitation trucks, dump trucks, etc.

You need to let time elapse and some of your violations drop off your record or fade into the past while you re-build your driving record. If you get another incident or violation in the future, it will be crippling for you.


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  • Any vehicle required by federal regulations to be placarded while transporting hazardous materials.
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