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Transportation and Warehouse Jobs Growing Fast Through 2032


Truck driving has been a strong career for decades and will remain so for the next decade.

The Backing Range At Trucking Driving School - It's Like Clown Soup For The Soul


It's your first day out on the backing range and you've never felt so clumsy and stupid in all your life. Learn the basics of driving a rig, from double clutching to backing up, with tips and advice from experienced drivers. Have fun, stay confident, and be prepared to embarrass yourself nearly to death about 10,000 times!

Why I Prefer Paid CDL Training Over Private CDL Training


Paid CDL training, also known as company-sponsored CDL training, is owned and operated by trucking companies. Private CDL training is a school that is independently owned and operated. Paid CDL training is preferred due to the company's investment in the student, the student's training on the company's equipment, and the company's financial incentive to ensure the student's success.

Mediocrity Reaps No Rewards

by Old School

This article provides advice for truck drivers on how to find success and fulfillment in their career. It explains how to set goals and motivate yourself to excel, and how to avoid settling for mediocrity.

Do Driver Retention And Turnover Rates Matter?

by Rainy

This article explains why trucking companies have high turnover rates and how to avoid job-hopping in the trucking industry. It provides examples of drivers who left their companies due to personal issues, and explains why job-hopping can take away job opportunities.

Trucking Is A Lifestyle: Some Tips For Surving Life On The Road

by Rainy

Trucking is a unique lifestyle that requires planning and preparation for personal needs. Learn how to manage sleep, showering, and traffic delays while on the road. Understand the importance of fuel rewards cards and how to plan for personal needs while on the road.

Common Mistakes Rookie Truck Drivers Should Avoid

by Rainy

This article provides an overview of common mistakes new truck drivers make and how to prepare for the challenge of truck driving. It covers topics such as having the right expectations, being confident but humble, and not being a know-it-all. It also provides tips on how to stay focused and make the most of the trucking experience.

How To Survive CDL Training On The Road

by Rainy

Truck driving training can be intimidating, but with the right attitude and communication, you can make the most of it. Learn how to practice backing, ask for feedback, and more to get the most out of your training.

How A Strong Woman Deals With Offensive Behavior From Men

by Rainy

This article discusses the experience of being a female OTR driver and the men in the trucking industry. Learn how to handle inappropriate comments, stay positive, and stay safe while on the road.

Why Small Trucking Companies Are Often A Disaster Waiting To Happen


It's common knowledge that small family-owned businesses struggle to survive in commodity industries like logging, farming, and trucking. Learn the realities of owning a small family business in the trucking industry, the economics of the business, and why it's best to work for a large carrier.

Are Drop And Hooks Really Any Better Than Live Loads?

by Rainy

Drop and hooks can be a great way to get loads moving quickly, but they can also be time consuming and physically demanding. Learn what truck drivers need to know about drop and hooks and the challenges they can present.

The Freedom of Trucking: Blessing or Curse?

by G-Town

This article explores the freedom of trucking and how to manage it. It covers topics such as time management, having the proper mindset, having a clear plan, developing strong relationships, eliminating surprises, and great communication. It provides tips and advice on how to leverage the freedom of trucking.

How Can Truckers Protect Themselves From Being Attacked On The Road?

by Rainy

This article provides safety tips for truck drivers to protect themselves on the road. Learn how to be aware of your surroundings, stay visible, and use everyday items as weapons for self-defense. Understand the risks and how to stay safe in any situation.

Getting Past Your Fear Of The Unknown

by Rainy

Trucking can be a daunting experience for new drivers. Fear of the unknown can be a major obstacle. Learn how to tackle change, create a support network, and prepare yourself to become a successful truck driver.

What You Need To Know Before Beginning CDL Training

by Rainy

This article provides essential tips for potential truck drivers on how to prepare for a CDL and land a job. Learn about the requirements for a clean driving record, criminal record, drug/alcohol history, medical record, and employment history.

Stuck In A Bind: How I've Gotten Into And Out Of Some Terrible Circumstances

by Rainy

This article provides truck drivers with tips and advice on how to handle tricky situations while driving and how to stay calm and safe on the road. Learn how to analyze the situation, think calmly, and harness your emotions to get out of sticky situations.

The Ego Becomes The Downfall Of Many CDL Students

by G-Town

Discover how to be coachable and humble in trucking school. Learn how to adjust to the instructor's teaching style and focus on learning. Find out how to make the most of your time in trucking school and how to succeed in the trucking industry.

Dispelling The Myths Of Team Driving

by Rainy

This article explores the pros and cons of team driving for new drivers. Learn the myths and realities of team driving, the lack of privacy, and the potential for increased income.

Why Some Drivers Are Treated Better Than Others

by Rainy

This article provides an overview of the different experiences of truck driver training and how your performance will determine your success in the trucking industry. It gives an example of two drivers who started on the same day, but had different experiences in training. It also discusses the importance of being professional, conscientious, and communicating issues effectively to be rewarded.

Trucker's Sleep: A Rare Commodity

by Rainy

This article provides an in-depth look at the demands of trucking, sleep patterns, and mental health. It explains the importance of understanding one's own body clock and how to fit in sleep when possible. It also discusses the 14 hour clock and how it can be a lie, and how to communicate with dispatch to ensure safety.

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