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Budgeting Tips For CDL School & Training

by Rainy

This article provides financial tips for truck drivers and those in the trucking industry. It covers budgeting, paying off debt, saving money, and more.

Think Only Newbies Have Accidents? Think Again!

by Rainy

This article provides truck drivers with safety tips, including the correlation between experience and accidents, backing accidents, and more. It also explains why experienced drivers are more likely to have an accident and how to prevent them.

A Commencement Speech For Truck Driving School Graduates

by Old School

This article provides advice for new truck drivers on how to succeed in the trucking industry. It explains the importance of having a goal-oriented attitude, ignoring the naysayers, and performing well. It also explains why the best drivers get the most freight and how to be one of the two or three out of fifteen that are highly valued in the trucking community.

Nervous About Going Solo? You're Not Alone.

by Rainy

Going solo in the trucking industry can be intimidating. Learn what to expect and how to handle the challenges of being a new truck driver. Understand the fear and anxiety that comes with the job, how to navigate, and how to handle tight spaces. Get tips on how to stay calm and ask for help when needed.

Distractions Can Kill Your Career, or Worse

by Rainy

Truck drivers must be aware of both external and internal distractions while driving. This article provides tips to reduce distractions and stay safe on the road. It also discusses a study from the 1990s that looked at the effects of listening to music or having a conversation while driving.

A Summary of My 1st Year in Trucking And Why I Returned

by MillionMiler24

MillionMiler24 shares his inspiring story of getting his career restarted with North American Driver Training Academy and CRST Expedited. He emphasizes the importance of taking advice from TruckingTruth moderators and never leasing or owning a truck. He also expresses his gratitude for the TruckingTruth website and the advice from experienced drivers.

Over The Road Relationships: Are They Possible?

by Rainy

Truck drivers and their partners face unique challenges when it comes to long distance relationships. Learn how to maintain a relationship while on the road, understand the challenges of being away from home, and how to overcome them.

The Benefits Of Staying With Your Starter Company Beyond One Year

by G-Town

Staying with your starter company beyond the first year can lead to better pay, becoming a favored driver, and more opportunities. Understand why it's important to give your current company a chance to show you what it's like to beat the odds and conquer the deck that was stacked against you.

The First Year Trap

by Rainy

TruckingTruth provides advice for first year drivers on how to make the most of their first year in the trucking industry. Learn how to avoid the First Year Trap by having the right attitude, communicating effectively, and performing well.

Riding The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Paid CDL Training

by Old School

Truck driving can be an emotional roller coaster, with the fatigue of long hours and the steep learning curve. This article discusses the challenges of truck driving and how to prepare for them.

Failed The CDL Exam? Don't Sweat It.

by Rainy

Many truck drivers go into the CDL exam with a do or die attitude, but failing does not make you a loser. Learn how to stay calm, ask for help, and stay safe when taking the CDL exam.

Why You Should Not Start Your Trucking Career As A Local Driver

by Old School

Starting a trucking career is difficult, and understanding what it takes to succeed is key. Learn why starting your career as an over the road driver with a large trucking company is the best way to get your career off to a great start and reduce risk.

Team Training: The Fear And Misunderstanding

by Rainy

Team training for truck driving can be an intimidating experience. Learn what to expect during the process, including orientation, solo driving, and team driving. Understand the importance of attitude and how to make the most of your training.

Do Real Truckers Drive Automatic Transmissions?

by Old School

This article explains why shifting gears isn't a real skill and why auto shift transmissions are here to stay. It also looks at the other important skills and traits that make a real truck driver, such as trip planning, communication, problem solving, etc.

What Should I Expect To Learn From My Trainer?

by Old School

This article provides insight into the truck driver training process. It explains the importance of having a steely resolve and the need to stick it out during training, even if the trainer is not the best example. It also emphasizes the need to set a goal of sticking with the first truck driving job for one year.

The Need for Speed Can Hurt You

by Rainy

This article provides tips for truck drivers on how to drive safely and efficiently. Learn how to slow down, pay attention to detail, and use Google Earth to plan routes. Additionally, learn how to navigate truck stops and customer parking lots safely and how to maximize fuel efficiency.

Top Tier Truck Drivers Operate Like Great Business Owners

by Old School

This article explains how truck drivers can be successful by applying the same principles of success that small business owners must embrace. It also explains how truck drivers can increase their income by developing a track record of consistent performance.

Trucking Is A Total Culture Shock

by Rainy

Trucking is a lifestyle that requires drivers to be flexible and adjust to different environments. This article explores the weather, schedule, and conveniences truckers must adjust to for success in the industry.

Show Me The Money!

by Old School

Trucking can be a great way to make money, but it's important to understand how performance based pay works. Learn how to create trust with your driver manager and measure out your own salary to make the most money possible.

Scared of that Perverted, Creepy Trainer?

by Rainy

This article provides tips for women truckers on how to handle sexual harassment, male trainers, and other issues they may face. It also provides advice on how to protect yourself and your career, and how to accurately and immediately report any problems.

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