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Sexism In Trucking From A Woman's Perspective

by Rainy

I am often asked about what it is like to be a woman trucker. It takes a special woman to handle it, but I love it. Here is my experience as a woman truck driver.

The Best Laid Plans Usually Fall To Pieces

by Becky Prestwich

No matter how well a truck driver plans a trip there are countless variables that will stand in your way. This particular week we couldn't catch a break.

Bureaucracy And Unfair Expectations Plague Today's Truck Drivers

by Becky Prestwich

The trucking industry has an avalanche of rules and regulations, stereotypes and expectations for truck drivers to deal with. Here's the reality we face.

Some Days Are Better Than Others. Some Are Best Forgotten.

by Becky Prestwich

It seems like life on the road throws you one curveball after another sometimes. This winter has been tough, with some parts better off forgotten.

Living And Working Together On The Road

by Becky Prestwich

After a month of travelling with my husband who is an OTR trucker we're learning to live and work well together. Life on the road takes some getting used to.

The Ups And Downs Of Life On The Road

by Becky Prestwich

After just a short time on the road with my husband I've come to realize that everyday life in the trucking industry is like a roller coaster ride.

Over The Road Challenges

by Becky Prestwich

Truckers face a litany of challenges on the road every day and new drivers often learn about them the hard way. Here's a few of the big ones you'll see.

Getting Started - and Schooled

by Becky Prestwich

After learning I would be headed out on the road with my husband it was time to see our assigned truck for the first time and start loading in our goodies.

The Big Decision

by Becky Prestwich

Being given the opportunity to travel the country with my husband I'm ready to hit the highways and find out what life is all about for the American trucker

Reaching 300,000 Miles In A Big Rig

by Rhonda

Although I had never planned on driving a semi, I wound up having a great trucking career. Here's a story about the trip where I reached 300,000 miles.

Working My Way Back Into The Trucking Industry

by Rhonda

I got out of the trucking industry back in 2009. Almost two years later I'm ready to get back in but I'm facing a few hurdles along the way.

The Weaving Driver

by Rhonda

You never know when a beautiful day for a drive can suddenly turn ugly, as it did for Rhonda in her big rig on a typical summer day in Wisconsin.

New Rules: Going Back To Truck Driving School

by Angelique

Truck drivers in Europe now must pay to have additional schooling in order to maintain their status as truck drivers. Will this be coming to the U.S.?

Night Shift

by Angelique

I haul car fuel on the night shift in Amsterdam. Not many women truck drivers work the night shift and a lot of people want to know if it's dangerous.

Are Drivers Too Expensive?

by Angelique

My name is Angelique and I'm from The Netherlands where our international drivers are losing their jobs to lower paid Eastern European drivers.

Inside Trucking Part 3: Life On The Road

by Rhonda

An inside look at life on the road from a trucker's perspective.

Another Night Of Driving And A Very Close Call

by Rhonda

As a truck driver you have to be on guard at all times. Even when you're doing everything right you never know when someone will do something crazy.

Pulling Another Trucking All-Nighter

by Rhonda

The boss at my trucking company called and asked if I could deliver some loads overnight. I knew this was going to be a long night on the highway.

My 33rd Anniversary In Transportation

by Rhonda

After 33 years as a woman in the transportation industry it's been amazing to look back at the journey and how far women truck drivers have come.

My Overweight Ticket

by Rhonda

Your axle weights have to be legal before entering the highway, but what can a truck driver do if you're not sure and there's no scale at the shipper?

Sometimes You Face Difficult Driving Challenges In Trucking

by Rhonda

Some days are tougher than others for truck drivers, especially with the amount of traffic on the roads today. Today was a tough day in trucking.

I Want Out Of Trucking As A Driver

by Rhonda

Truck driving is not an easy career, and I got into it because I needed to make a better living. Now it's gotten old, and I'm looking for a way out.

A Sad Day For Me In Trucking

by Rhonda

It was a sad day driving truck today after finding out some really tough news and being called into work immediately afterwards.

Trucking Back To Dallas

by Rhonda

I make a lot of trucking runs to Dallas, TX and usually it's a two day affair. I'm getting ready to head out again and I'm hoping things will go well

Dealing With Load Planners

by Karen

Truck drivers often have a tough time dealing with dispatch because of misunderstandings. But for new truck drivers it can be even tougher to handle.

Returning To Trucking After Vacation: Part Two

by Rhonda

Backing was a tough issue for me back when I was new to truck driving, and a situation like this one was a nightmare for me!

Returning To Trucking After Vacation: Part One

by Rhonda

I am just thrilled to know about the new adventure given to me - blocking 4 lanes of busy highway while trying to back the rig in. What a mess.

Women Truck Drivers

by Rhonda

The American public sees more and more women behind the wheel of a big rig and they must surely think this is a new thing for women. Not even close!

Love or Infidelity? It's Your Responsibility!

by Karen

There’s a comfort in knowing that all is ok while being in the same room with the one you love in total silence. Never forget how lucky you are.

Comradery - Where is it?

by Karen

Comradery amongst truck drivers used to be a sacred thing. Understood and appreciated, lived by and upheld. But now, it just doesn't seem the same.

Blessings and Gifts

by Karen

Being in a big rig is just as spiritual as being on the back of a Harley. But the thing that mystifies me the most is the “magic” of just being.

Truck Stop Services - and The Lack Thereof

by Karen

Truck stops are a trucker's haven, and it's nice to finally kick back and relax when you have the time. But not all are created equal, that's for sure

Trailer Of Breakfast Cereal--Getting It To You

by Rhonda

So what exactly do a truck driver's duties entail when picking up and delivering loads once they arrive at the customer? Here's an example.

Your "Other Half" In a Truck Driving Career

by Karen

This story is based on my life, my emotions and my experience. I know there are “other halves” out there that will be able to relate.

The DOT Recertification Physical

by Rhonda

I am just thrilled that I get to have my DOT physical done again. Mine expires tomorrow. The medical card I carry is good for 2 years. Bummer.

Long Hauler's Recognition - A Letter From A Truck Driver's Wife

by Karen

This story is dedicated to every long-haul truck driver out there. I am the wife of a long-haul driver and there is so much I'd like to say.

Driver Error

by Rhonda

Truck drivers have a ton of responsibilities when it comes to safety, and patience is key. Here's an example of how quickly things can go wrong.

The Adventureland Caper

by Rhonda

I've had my share of fun over the years on the road but this story was one of the funniest things I've ever experienced!

Maintaining The Equipment: The Driver and The Company Share The Responsibility

by Rhonda

Whether a trucking company or bus company does proper maintenance is a great way to determine if it's a good company to work for or not.

Women on the Road - Preparing for the Trip - Part 2

by Tumbleweed

For women truck drivers, you have to know the right things to bring on the road with you. Here's a great list of things I had with me!

Women on the Road - Preparing for the Trip - Part 1

by Tumbleweed

Women truck drivers are common nowadays but the list of things you need to bring on the road is hard to come by so I've made one for ya.

Meal Time Can Be Tough For Women Truck Drivers

by Rhonda

You would think that getting served a simple meal would be no big deal. Well, for women truck drivers, it's not always that simple.

Truck Driving Will Test Your Character

by Brett Aquila

Truck driving can be an incredibly fun and rewarding career - but it's not easy! Here is one trait you absolutely must have...

Passing My Pre-Trip Inspection Exam Was Not Easy

by Rhonda

Passing the pre-trip inspection exam is easier for some. But for me, it was rough. Here's the unusual story of how I did it.

This Really Burns Me...Bad News About Driving in the Fog!

by Tumbleweed

Why is it that people want to place the blame elsewhere for their own mistakes. This is one tragic example in trucking.

Supper Time! Favorite Places To Eat On The Road

by Tumbleweed

Of all the years I spent on the road, a handful of places really stood out as a few of my favorite places to eat of all time!

Chicago At Christmas 2005 Day 2

by Rhonda

Ah yes, driving truck through infamous Chicago. There's never anything easy about it - especially in the winter at Christmas!

Freeing Frozen Trailers After The Ice Storm

by Rhonda

After a brutal ice storm swept through the area it was time to get out there and break all of the trailers free from the ice!

Takin' the CDL Test

by Tumbleweed

A really funny story about how one truck driver decided to purposely screw up to get a better score on the CDL exam!

Another Ice Story

by Rhonda

A major winter storm has hit a number of states leaving a thick layer of ice on everything! What a mess to deal with!

From the Driver's Seat

by Tumbleweed

I've seen a lot in my 10 years on the road. Some of my favorite memories are of the little things.

Sometimes It Just Happens!

by Tumbleweed

A great story about how quickly things can change when you're cruisin the highways. When the worst happens, your training kicks in.

Fun Things To Do

by Rhonda

The lives of truck drivers are just full of activity. Here's some fun things you can do to enjoy and remember the good times!

Women In Trucking: Tips For Safety and Comfort

by Rhonda

Women truck drivers can do a number of things to stay safe and comfortable on the road and I cover a lot of them here.

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