Paying Dues: Enduring "The Suck"

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Tyler B.'s Comment
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My first company is a "Second Chance" employer. I was saddled with a Trainer, who is Rude, has less knowledge than me, & is your steriotypical "Super Trucker". Mind you, the company is Team oriented... so I don't really have "Downtime". Did I mention that this guy I'm sharing a cab with lacks all skill in communication, is rude, & very much a version of the rapper 2 short with a Nopolean complex.

I am enduring the suck. I am trying to remind myself that this is worth it... mind you I have only received my Orientation pay & due to my trainers skills in communication, have been laid over for a week total days on our second outing... I have enough Bologna & bread to last me on a Poor man's eating schedule till "Payday"... when this trip pack goes in. I have to endure 6 months, than I can start the process of applying to other companies. But I just need some positivity... someone to tell me that I was not a Sucker & joined a Industry of slave labor & "The Suck". That there is better... I can't wait to go Solo... I just have to get there. Help. Give me some Positive... the sights are cool, the few moments I get to enjoy them before I have to deal with this Anchor attached to my experience.

Mind you, he is as new to the industry as I am... man... this is "The Suck". Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated & thanks

Bud A.'s Comment
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I came out of a Military background; I am more a fan of solutions and answers, than trying to cry about what's wrong.

Tyler, I dug up this quote from one of your posts from a month ago. I'm not doing this to taunt you, but to remind you of who you are. You can hack this.

One thing I notice is that you are looking at this in the most negative light possible. I'm not saying your trainer isn't difficult, but rather that you need to look for the positive as much as you can. Here are some things I can think of right off the top of my head.

1. You're actually training in a big truck. This is what you have said that you wanted to do. Keep your eye on the prize!

2. Your training won't last forever, and then pretty soon you'll be out running solo. This is the tough part now. The good part is coming soon, even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment.

3. You have bologna and bread to eat. That's better than having nothing to eat. A lot better.

4. You're getting to see some cool sights. That's better than staring at the walls of wherever you were living before you began this adventure.

That's just a few good things. I'm sure you can add to them!

Nolaman's Comment
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I was saddled with a Trainer, who is Rude, has less knowledge than me, & is your steriotypical "Super Trucker"

If you're at C.C., I was there too. I was a much better driver than my trainer, and he asked me to teach him how to back!! I knew I had to spend just a few weeks with him, and I ended spending several months with him because, as bad of a driver as he was, he was not too difficult to get along with, and he was clean and he was neat. I did start training new guys later for the $300 training bonus, and most of the people were just fine. I didn't care for one, but, as I said, it's just for a few weeks. C.C. is a way to open doors for you into other companies. Believe me, they did so for me. A lot of companies that told me no before I went to C.C. told me yes after 6 months at C.C. As you said "dues must be paid", and they will be, and they will be worth it!!

LDRSHIP's Comment
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Don't just endure 'The Suck', Embrace it! In the 101st, We had the saying of "Embrace The Suck" during OIF 1. What is meant by embracing the suck? Look at it as an opportunity to test your limits. To learn, grow, and become better. The Suck is there to beat you down. Face it and grow thru it.

Always remember everything happens in 2 weeks. 2 weeks from today, tomorrow, and the day after, but all you have left is always 2 weeks. During OIF 1 about the 4 1/2 month mark we kept hearing that we would be going home in 2 weeks. This lasted about 2 months. So my company had the running joke of 2 weeks. Any time you feel beat down just remember, you only have 2 weeks left. 1 day 2 weeks will actually come to pass.

Drive Safe and God Speed.

Tyler B.'s Comment
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True, on all points fellows. This is what I Want... I just have to get through this roll with a difficult individual; I Survived a year & 1/2 at a Brig, I can survive a couple more days with this dude.

It's at times harder. I am not a fan of sharing a Living Space with this guy... even in the Brig I had my cell to myself... 6 Months. Thanks Don... I shop a couple companies I want, & I keep telling myself that "6 Months, I'm moving on up". You guys are right... just got to embrace it for a "minute" & ride on through as it will get better... 7 months, & I'm getting my Dog!

Rick S.'s Comment
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Even in the brig I had a cell to myself...



Lance B.'s Comment
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Hi Tyler. I'm about to head out to school with CFI after being turned down by 10 CDL sponsored programs. I have a felony, was in the joint over a decade straight, home now 9 years, nothing but dead end jobs, and no relief in terms of financial stability. Then I found Trucking Truth about 7 months ago. After being turned down by all of the CDL sponsored programs, I almost gave up. Then I got into an accident driving for a taxi company in April. I thought that was the kiss of death for me. But, a fellow TT member mentioned CFI to me. I applied and was accepted!! I'm off to Joplin next month to start my journey into the trucking business. I'm nervous as heck to be honest. But my attitude and resilience is at 100% everyday. I will make this happen. My point here is that you must endure some uncomfort, disdain, change etc....I to will have a trainer soon enough. I will listen, learn, and ask 1000 questions. You got this Tyler, keep going no matter what. I hope to see your progress in the message boards. Be well.



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Mark B.'s Comment
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Tyler what was the name of the company that gave you a chance?

Bobcat_Bob's Comment
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Mark this thread is almost 2 years old so do not expect a reply from the op, but I am guessing it was either Carolina Cargo or CR England as they are the largest 2md chance carriers.

Out of curiosity why are you searching for one?

LDRSHIP's Comment
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Tyler what was the name of the company that gave you a chance?

I am pretty sure he started at Carolina Cargo (C.C.)

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