8 People Found Dead In Tractor Trailer

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Gary K.'s Comment
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I totally agree with your statement




And using terms such as "the air conditioning unit was not working" is not giving an accurate description. Lousy journalism. Air conditioning would imply normally safe for people. This must have been a reefer..a refrigeration unit. What if it went the other way and they all froze to death?

Our press has gone to hell. Every news story is slanted. There is no unbiased journalism anymore. No one truly reports news, they give commentary and opinion.

I wonder if people would have seen it differently if there was some sort of porta pot on board and water with climate control. Had they gotten caught but all were well and given provisions would the ACLU come out and support the trucker with a "he was just trying to help.them get a better life".

Go check out the truckers in england who have to chase the illegals from hanging onto the truck and get fined even if they don't know they are there.



Ok let's not split hairs hear human smuggling is human trafficking, whether it's for prostitution or entering into the country. My point is this, no one wants to comment, why? Because it's a bunch of brown people? Where the !@&$! Is your humanity? Left it at the truck stop I guess. I can respect if the reason people don't comment is because "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". Fine. Rainy, you've always been a know it all, opinions on everything even when you know nothing on the subject. (I was really ticked off when in 1 thread you bashed local driving, when you only knew from what you heard from other drivers, that it didn't work out for) if you were keeping off this subject till you knew more, kudos for you. If you're happy people are dead because "they shouldn't have been here in the 1st place" may god help you


Here I'll comment. They should have stayed home. They should have stayed home and to escape a poor economy should have applied to come to the US the right way.

I blame the government who encourages this mass migration by illegal aliens. Both on the Mexican side and the American side. Many die in the desert without us even knowing about them. We get ten that die in a trailer and we're supposed to feel badly. I feel badly that they were sold a bill of goods that coming to the US was without the possibility of harm.

Strong borders would have prevented this.


A refrigerated trailer.


Operating While Intoxicated

Brett Aquila's Comment
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So after hearing one news story out of a million talking about 10 people who were victims out of millions you suddenly jump on your soapbox and start criticizing and preaching?

What have you personally done for anyone who is trying to move to this country and start a new life for themselves?

Absolutely nothing.

You are arrogant, you are divisive, and you are a hypocrite. You have done nothing with your life that puts you in a position to talk down to any of us, and you have done nothing for the people you purport to empathize with.

It does not appear that any of us has one ounce of respect for you because we have no reason to believe you've done anything to help solve the problem. You've done nothing but cause even more of a divide with the very people who helped you get your career underway. We had nothing to do with any of this and we won't be talked down to by you. You are in no position to do so.

You are not a leader, not in words nor in actions, and we will not stand for any more of your hypocrisy. Look in the mirror and point fingers if you're looking to place blame. You're creating problems. You're not solving anything.

Rainy D.'s Comment
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This is my last comment on this thread.

No I didn't help in Sandy...guess Why? Because my home that I bought at 21 years old (through two jobs and lots of overtime), my home of 15 years was destroyed in hurricane Irene the year before. I had 8 ft of water in my rancher, snakes swimming in my living room and had to chase my heating oil tank down the street in my row boat. I didn't even have shoes or clothes at that point and had to give up my malamute because no one would take her with me. When FEMA (which assessed the damage for my flood insurance and no other reason) came to.my home, they told me I could.clean out my refrigerator and oven and reuse them. After water from a polluted creek and raw sewage spewed through my home.

I lost everything and the insurance basically paid enough for the house to be paid off and to knock it down. I've been fighting with the state since 2011 to try to rebuild it but EPA and zoning issues halted it. When Sandy hit, everyone ignored those in my situation for the new tragedy. I nearly went bankrupt, still.pay taxes for.the the land that I can't build on and can't sell due to state and local regulations. I then had to rent at nearly double the monthly payment of my mortgage. There was no way for.me.to catch up and no one handed me anything. So.much for white privilege.

Now with that said, I have not.only used trucking to climb out of tens of thousands of dollars in debt, but have been able to stash some in the bank and my 401k.

You found God, good for you. It sounds like you need him to get over the hatred to have for anyone not like you. Anyone who thinks.differently than you. Our constitution grants us both the right to our views. The problem is that some people like yourself have so.much hate in their hearts they transfer it on to others. It is not bigoted to acknowledge we are all responsible for.our own actions. That was the point of not only this post but the other thread about owner ops where you called me a bigot.

In conclusion, to those reading. If you are in a horrible situation, trucking may be a great option as it was for.me If you do it legally.

However, when you break laws such as HOS it can be deadly. If you illegally transport passengers, they could die. If you illegally ride as a passenger, you can die.


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
Diver Driver's Comment
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Just my .02, but perfect case against sanctuary cities.

I hope they bury the driver under the jail

Errol V.'s Comment
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Diver Driver chips in:

Just my .02, but perfect case against sanctuary cities.

I hope they bury the driver under the jail

That's a lot extreme, there, Diver. The truck driver was simply a cog in a larger wheel. A driver who took a handful of cash to drive the truck (knowing what the cargo was).

The guy to bury is the coyote who took all the cash the migrants had on the promise to get them into the USA. He's the one who knew what was going to happen to these desperate people, walked away and started looking for more migrants to stuff into a trailer. He's still out there, looking for more people.


Operating While Intoxicated

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