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Joseph L.'s Comment
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Once I start driving (eventually) I will get paid by CRST. I might earn $40k my first year or I might by some weird miracle earn $80k or even a $100k😄. In the end no matter what I make its not my money, it's belongs to my family's chief financial officer (CFO) the wife😂.

Junkyard Dog's Comment
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I'm so excited to see this next paycheck on Friday. I gross over 1100 each week except for the week I took 2 days home time and my net for that week was $670. My for the week coming up was over $1450... my insurance deductions doesn't kick in for 2 more weeks I'm so excited to see this check it should be over a thousand.

G-Town's Comment
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Once I start driving (eventually) I will get paid by CRST. I might earn $40k my first year or I might by some weird miracle earn $80k or even a $100k😄.

I’ll assume you are kidding...

40k is definitely a possibility, 80-100k, a pipe-dream.

Grumpy Old Man's Comment
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I think sometimes, some people just don't understand how money works. While this is sort of rare, I probably have 1-2 applicants ask me what they are really getting paid per mile, after the company "steals" our "take" from the taxes! This really caught me off guard at first - Do they think the company is getting their taxes, or that we're not actually paying that money out?!? So while I'm on that topic, here is an actual conversation I had today with someone who applied, and this one was a doozy!:


"i don't know what they take out of your checks! I don’t know how else to tell you about how much you'll make. i can only tell you about what we pay. this is just exactly like every other job in the real world, your income is what you earned. this is not some scheme our company does, i'm not trying to trick anyone here. go online, look at any job listing, any company income review, at any type of work that isn't an "under-the-table-cash-only" situation. every income you see listed anywhere is gross. that is society’s agreed upon method of discussing income. the ‘net’ is up to you, your life, and your gov representatives. i don't know what deductions you have, and if i assume them and i am wrong, then you’ll call me a liar. this is why everyone talks about income, and not 'net income' because net involves factors that are impossible for me to know." ----

(This next part is probably not my best shining moment, but I was really frustrated, like "how do you not understand this?!?! What planet do you live on? And of course, I always bristle a little on the inside when I hear newer drivers complaining about pay that is at least $20k more than I will be taking home this year...I always try to remind myself that I get to go home every night and sleep in my bed, so I can't be too sore about it...)


"i will make it easy for you. You have 2.5 years of trucking and you’re already at 7 jobs…and no wonder, you have no idea how income works and you probably think everyone is lying to you about how much you'll make. I was trying to do you a favor by even processing your application for approval, you’re barely last 120 days at each job you hop to and i would have had to fight hard to get you approved with that sort of work history. I don’t think you’ll be a good fit here if you can’t even wrap your mind around the basic concept of income works. this is not some 'trucking industry' thing, this is how the entire workforce in the usa operates. Hows about you go get 18-24 months with a single carrier, a good referral, and then we can see about getting you approved to drive here. For now, we are going to have to decline your application."


(I just hung up on him. First time I have done that in a few years. Felt fired up, then immediately I felt guilty, but there are too many good drivers who need a good job to mess with a lost cause...)

I'll try to make this short.

When I first started selling cars, I sold a couple a new truck, gave them 7500 for their trade that they owed 5000 on. Everything was fine until I added the payoff back on to the total at the end. They freaked, said I was cheating them, I wasn't really giving them 7500.

I said sure I did, the truck was 20,000, less 7500 for your trade, plus tax, and then you have to pay off your existing loan. They insisted we had to pay it. So I said, so you think we should give you 12,500 for your trade? They said, no, 7500 like you promised us.

I said, if you sold the truck for 7500 to someone off the street, you would have to pay the bank 5000, right? They agreed. So I said, that is exactly what I did.

To make a long story short, I went to my boss and told him what was going on. He asked if I explained it, and I said yes. He said jesus, I guess I'll have to do your job for you. He goes to my office, and 2 minutes later, I see my customer leaving. I went down and asked what happened. He said, I threw them out, they are idiots.

Best part? The wife worked in a bank, in the auto loan department.

Some people are just a bit off, I guess.

Marc Lee's Comment
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You all crack me up!

Keith A.'s Comment
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There's no money at all, that's why I'll have cleared out nearly ten thousand in debt in like nine months, without having to give up any of my creature comforts. None at all.

Bolt's Comment
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So CWC, what Harley did you get? Enquiring minds want to know. Lol

Cwc's Comment
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So CWC, what Harley did you get? Enquiring minds want to know. Lol

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