I Have A NO Contract With CRST?

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Anne A. (G13MomCat)'s Comment
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Anne:) lol Well, Friday I had enough, got ahold of the recruiter@ CRST who got me transferred over to Gardner's

Long story short, they are good for more localized loads, not so much for any over 500 miles hence I ain't making enough moohlah.....You have to hunt for empties to get a load, which is a waste of LOTS of hours ! Not talking smack on em just isn't all it was made out to be, 47 cents a mile ain',t diddly without them miles !!

Right now am in Idaho delivering 29,000 lbs of new tires lol longest run yet 850 miles. I know already I won't probably get a back haul, since last time here I didn't 3 of us were here in Idaho, and dead headed to SLC Ut.

So I am going back to team driving, at CRST,,,, BUT on an XPO 3/2 lane, point A to point B and back. More of a steady paycheck, and mileage which is why I am out here driving in the first place.... Besides I been parking my truck at the CRST Riverside terminal on off days, because GT's trucks all keyed alike which is fine for local city guys slip seating.... But I'm not removing my stuff, when off duty, so some idiot don't steal it ! We were told in orientation to do so, take your electronics etc out or it can come up missing lol We were like WTH??

Anyways, lot more to it behind the scenes but I ain't workin' for free, period!


Good to hear from you, man! Sorry to make you an 'exemplar' for CRST.... but you 'ARE' current, haha! I'm just trying to help the O/P understand the process/company; with you as a conduit, haha!

Yeah, I can't blame you there, man. My husband did teams for FX/LH for awhile, after our son was born. He sure DID take a paycut when he went solo with Transport National. In your situation, I'm not getting the XPO connection, maybe you can start a thread and clue us ALL in?!?!!? I'm sorry to hijack (again!)

Ya know, we'd love to hear (and analyze!) your 'behind the scenes' stuff, haha! (I did NOT say behind the curtain, LoLoL... ;) ) I know, I'm awful. Being a truckers wife for 20 plus years, corrupts a gal after awhile, haha! On a serious note tho, Stevo............I remember you and all your 'heck' from your 'prior' screen name. You've come a long way, 'baby'... LoL. For sure. You KNOW what's best for you now.

Bubbles; Stevo ^^^^ is the one to ask, as I mentioned. Read every and ALL of his posts/threads. You just saw what he posted, here! I'm NOT dissuading you, m'lady. At ALL. Just been around the industry for a while..and reading this forum for over 7 years!

Got to thinking, if you are NOT okay with full teaming, I recalled a female that was quite the 'hot topic' on TT about 2 years ago, until she got her own Twitter account and followers, heck who knows, maybe even Trump....LoL~!!

She started with Trans Am. She had some 'bump' in her licensure (I'll let YOU do the research, haha!) and also wanted/needed to bring her disabled (God bless him) husband and cat along. She started with Trans Am (who's apparently lenient to an extent) and chronicled her journeys here:

Chickie Monster's Trans Am journey, and more. . . .

You know, I wish you well. You still have a week, to pull plugs, punches, and priorities~!!


Anne good-luck-2.gif


A facility where trucking companies operate out of, or their "home base" if you will. A lot of major companies have multiple terminals around the country which usually consist of the main office building, a drop lot for trailers, and sometimes a repair shop and wash facilities.


Driving Under the Influence

Stevo Reno's Comment
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XPO Logistics, Anne lol 97,000 employees 1500+ locations In 30 countries etc Just 1 of CRST's biggest customers.....I just seen are 2 near my location now in Meridian ID. Sittin outside delivery appt 5 hours early....

Anne A. (G13MomCat)'s Comment
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XPO Logistics, Anne lol 97,000 employees 1500+ locations In 30 countries etc Just 1 of CRST's biggest customers.....I just seen are 2 near my location now in Meridian ID. Sittin outside delivery appt 5 hours early....


I sure know WHO XPO logistics is, Stevo; and I sure 'didn't' know they had any affiliation w/CRST. One of the largest LTL carriers was all I was aware of, tbh.

Since they are a CRST customer, would that qualify / quantify you working for them, as a lateral move?!?!?!

Interesting, for sure. I learn something about this industry everyday, sir!



Less Than Truckload

Refers to carriers that make a lot of smaller pickups and deliveries for multiple customers as opposed to hauling one big load of freight for one customer. This type of hauling is normally done by companies with terminals scattered throughout the country where freight is sorted before being moved on to its destination.

LTL carriers include:

  • FedEx Freight
  • Con-way
  • YRC Freight
  • UPS
  • Old Dominion
  • Estes
  • Yellow-Roadway
  • ABF Freight
  • R+L Carrier
BubblesDhaDrivah's Comment
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Thank you Stevo & Anne for your helpful responses 😊. Have a very kinda funny UPDATE‼ Well I had a gut feeling problem going because I've been calling alot of companies with training programs to see if I could get approved for atleast one. Well got denied every single one of them (except May trucking &,covenant but they work with Roadmasters). So I'm thinking to myself. "Maybe I should give CRST a call & just to see if everything is really good on my end." Well I did. Come to find out my license need to be reinstated for a full year at minimum. I'm like,well my recruiter said I was good to go. She then told me,I was approved on my application through. So I got kinda confused. We than hang up. Minutes later my recruiter calls tells me that the lady at CRST told him that I called her and told her I had a suspended license in the past between 2016 all the way to Oct 2019. He went on to tell me that I was approved for CRST because my MVR didn't show a suspended license. I'm like well DAMMIT. At that moment I wanted to cry because I thought I just set myself up for failure😞. He than told me he was gonna send an application for Star transportation,he did. Minutes later before I could finish the application,he calls me again to tell me they don't have female trainers which is a problem for them. At this point I was just thinking about taking on a warehouse job til October when my license fully reinstated. He than tells me he has another company for me to apply for. He send application, I fill it out and call him to let him know it's been done. Looked up the company,I'm loving it already,Christian based,its small, the owner seems like a nice man. Now asking God was he involved in this lmao. Either way. I'm happy. Will definitely update everyone on tomorrow. Sorry if my update is hard to understand.


Dispatcher, Fleet Manager, Driver Manager

The primary person a driver communicates with at his/her company. A dispatcher can play many roles, depending on the company's structure. Dispatchers may assign freight, file requests for home time, relay messages between the driver and management, inform customer service of any delays, change appointment times, and report information to the load planners.


Motor Vehicle Record

An MVR is a report of your driving history, as reported from your state Department of Motor Vehicles. Information on this report may include Drivers License information, point history, violations, convictions, and license status on your driving record.

Stevo Reno's Comment
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Well I am transferring back to CRST this week.....Drive 1 month then switch over to a more dedicated route probably an XPO lane from Cali to ATL or KC Miss. Etc see what's , what in a month And will also be the end of the contract......Weigh my future options after the 1 year mark

Tons of freight in these open lanes, which is more what I'd prefer 5000+ miles a week, more predictable than bouncing here n there lol

Dedicated Route:

A driver or carrier who transports cargo between regular, prescribed routes. Normally it means a driver will be dedicated to working for one particular customer like Walmart or Home Depot and they will only haul freight for that customer. You'll often hear drivers say something like, "I'm on the Walmart dedicated account."

Stevo Reno's Comment
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Qwik update on 1st load back @ CRST...for...2400 miles....With the next 2 preplanned loads for an additonal 2900 miles combined

Contract will be fulfilled this month July 21st.....Not planning to jump ship when it's done though I hate job hoppin lol

Laters Peeps

BubblesDhaDrivah's Comment
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Qwik update on 1st load back @ CRST...for...2400 miles....With the next 2 preplanned loads for an additonal 2900 miles combined

Contract will be fulfilled this month July 21st.....Not planning to jump ship when it's done though I hate job hoppin lol

Laters Peeps

Awesome Stevo!!!! Was going with CRST til I freaked it up with my big mouth. Amazing miles through!! And completely understand your statement about job hopping lol. Keep us updated Stevo😃!!


Stevo Reno's Comment
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And GL to u bubbles with Titan

This time I mighta got lucky.....co driver CAN drive lol we got lots in common......He been here about same time driving......We get along good so far

So we getting good mile loads so far ....And both wanna drive them long loads and get in early to pk ups n deliveries......So far,, so good !!

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