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Anne A. (G13Momcat)'s Comment
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I'm following carefully, Dennis; wow!

These shift changes, sheesh! Too bad y'all can't just run an adapted version of 'super solo!' I know, it's not conducive to an L/O but sure would be 'my' game of choice, were I to be in a teaming situation! Many husband and wife teams do this. It normalizes life and the sleep process.

Proud of you hanging in there, good sir! Glad you've got a 'good guy,' too.

~ Anne ~

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Operating While Intoxicated

Dennis L's Comment
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I’ll be driving to the SE side of Memphis where we will switch out at a Love’s at I-240 & US78.

Finishing my 30 min break at Salisaw, OK.

Dennis L's Comment
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04/08/22 wrap up

I was wrong about how far I would get today.

I’m parked at Love’s at I-40 ext 233 in Palastine, AR since 21:45 CDT. Robert takes over at 24:00.

I drove 502 miles today in 8h 34m drive line time. Avg 58.6 mph cruising between 60-62 mph all shift.

A good day overall.

Dennis L's Comment
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Robert woke me at 05:30 CDT asking me to move to the top bunk for about 10 hours. That seemed strange, so I asked “You want me to wait 10 hours before I start driving?” He said “No, you’re going to take a reset”. I said “Ok, but I don’t need a reset, my recaps are fine”. He said “I know, but we have plenty of time to make this delivery on Sunday morning by 07:00 CDT, so I’m giving you a break.”

Robert had just recently completed a reset himself.

So, my reset will be completed by 08:00 CDT Sunday morning while we are at our 90 Loc customer being live unloaded. Per our shift schedule I won’t drive again until after 12:00 CDT Sunday (unless something changes again).

We are currently parked at a Love’s off I-22 near Jasper, AL until about 15:30 CDT today. I’ll take advantage of this 10 hours stop to take a shower.

Dennis L's Comment
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I’ll update my TNT status now since I won’t be driving today.

TNT days completed = 30 (03/11-04/09) TNT credited miles = 19,689 TNT miles/wk avg = 4,600 My miles driven = 11,193 My miles/wk avg = 2,612 % TNT miles driven = 56.8%

I should reach my 30k TNT miles milestone during the last week of April.



Prime Inc has their own CDL training program and it's divided into two phases - PSD and TNT.

The PSD (Prime Student Driver) phase is where you'll get your permit and then go on the road for 10,000 miles with a trainer. When you come back you'll get your CDL license and enter the TNT phase.

The TNT phase is the second phase of training where you'll go on the road with an experienced driver for 30,000 miles of team driving. You'll receive 14¢ per mile ($700 per week guaranteed) during this phase. Once you're finished with TNT training you will be assigned a truck to run solo.

Dennis L's Comment
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I took my shower and am now doing laundry.

There is a Cracker Barrel across the street, so will have a real meal later.

There is a positive side to these “Super Solo” team shift schedules.

We are ~424 miles from our 90 Loc customer in Elloree, SC. There is overnight parking at the customer.

I suspect Robert will drive to the customer and park there late Saturday night.

Depending upon what time he goes Off Duty tonight, I’m not sure he can get in a 10- hours break before our 07:00 CDT appointment time. Plus my Reset doesn’t end until ~08:00 CDT.

I will discuss this with him later to understand what is the plan since he hasn’t shared any details with me.

Dennis L's Comment
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Ok, so the plan is starting to look like Robert will drive today to a Love’s very near the customer to park for the night.

I’m estimating arriving about +/- 23:00 CDT (00:00 EDT). Our appointment is at 08:00 EDT, so need to arrive by 07:00 EDT.

Robert can not complete a full 10 hr break, but he may be able to do a split SB break to get us into the customer on time. Then I take over after my reset ends ~09:00 EDT. This is a live unload so we will be sitting there past 09:00 anyway.

The other option is that I give up the reset and drive into the customer in the morning. I will have 26.5 hrs available on my 70 clock because I’m gaining two days of recaps before I drive again. Then I just continue running on recaps as I am trying to do anyway.

The rest from driving and getting off the truck for a few hours today has been nice, but I really didn’t need a reset.

Anyway, about ready to start rolling again.

While I was at Cracker Barrel, a senior lady saw my Prime safety vest from the back (I like to wear it like a uniform). She asked me if I was headed to Springfield? I said “No”. She asked “Where you going then? I said “Elloree, SC”. She said “Have a safe trip”. I said “Thanks!”

I like casual encounters like that.

Dennis L's Comment
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Robert parked at a Love’s about 12 miles from our Loc 90 delivery at ~03:00 EDT. He woke me at 03:30 to move to top bunk.

Plan was for me to be up to drive in time to arrive at customer by 07:00 EDT.

I couldn’t go back to sleep so got up and went into the store to eat a Subway with coffee to wake up. Caught up on reading some TT threads.

Started driving at 06:34 EDT. I arrived at security gate at 06:58 EDT (sent Mac 01 arrived at location 90). Finally got through the security check in at 07:09 EDT.

Docked at 07:38 EDT (sent Mac 02 Docked at Location). I wasted ~15 mins trying to unlock Robert’s Abloy lock. It was cool at 34F and my fingers got numb. I finally said to heck with it and got Robert up to take his dang lock off. He gets it done in a few seconds. I’ve been fighting with this lock ever sense I got on this truck. Some times it comes straight off. Go figure.

The instructions were to decouple from trailer and pull forward 3 feet. So I did. About 09:15 the red light comes on. So finally going to unload. A while later a guy comes to the truck saying that the trailer is too low and needs to be moved maybe 3 inches to left.

So I recouple and reposition the trailer. The trailer air suspension has been recharged now, so all good. So they started unloading.

In mean time our pre-plan load has come in. Will do a D&H in Charleston, SC today, then haul it to D&H in Greenfield, IN on Monday (no specific time given yet, but we can drop anytime up to 24 hrs early). Total miles are 757 (for me) and a nice revenue share for Robert.

I’m doing all of the paperwork on this one to close out the current load and set up the new load per my request to Robert. I need to do this to reinforce it for my learning process.

Anne A. (G13Momcat)'s Comment
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This detailed diary is marvelous! It will help SO many future Primates coming by here, for sure!!

I'm lovin' it! (And I'm NOT at McD's!) :) Glad that 'super solo' worked a bit for y'all; that's my preference of teaming, myself!

Be safe, keep on keeping on! You're CLOSE!

~ Anne ~

Dennis L's Comment
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Thanks Anne

04/10/22 continues

I received the text from the lumper company requesting payment. Robert needs to do this. So I copy and past the link into a text to Robert.

He enters lumper’s payment site to see that he needs $155.00.

Now I send a Mac 12 message to dispatch requesting an express order for $155.00 to pay lumpers.

A few minutes later Robert gets a reply with the express order number. He copies and pasted it into the lumper’s payment site. Then he fills out all requested info before submitting the payment.

With the lumpers paid they continue to unload the trailer.

Finally get a text that unloaded but don’t pull forward until bills are ready. Wait some more and finally get a call from Receiving at 11:55 EDT that our paperwork is ready to pickup.

I stamp the bills so can enter the required info for Prime to file a Detention Time claim. Our detention time started 2 hours after I checked in with Receiving at 07:38 EDT, so after 09:38 EDT is detention.

I pull forward out of the dock and find a place to park while complete paperwork. Finally submit the Depart Receivers Location macro at 12:16 EDT.

Robert has not accepted our pre-plan load yet, so I use PC to drive 12 miles back to the Love’s to fill trailer reefer and park to blowout the trailer.

Robert accepts the load assignment while I’m fueling.

After blowing out the trailer and grabbing the load lock, I complete submitting the trip documents for the trip just completed.

Finally ready to drive to our new 01 Loc at Charleston, SC. This is a D&H, dry load between Sam’s Club DC’s in Greenfield, IN.

Spent a little over an hour getting in and out and out with our loaded trailer. Set up the new paperwork for the new load. Called in a “Live Load” call with dispatch at 16:14 EDT. Time to start driving towards IN.

My plan was to drive until I completed ~8 hours of drive line time for the day. I had 20 minutes of Non-Driving On Duty time for some Yard Movements and a Vehicle Inspection.

I get parked at a Pilot on I-40W at 22:27 CDT for driver switch out at 24:00. My totals were 427 miles in 7h 57m driving with 8h 17m total On Duty time.

I still have 18h 17m available on my 70 clock until midnight when I gain 3h 32m recaps. I have 8h 06m coming back for Tuesday. So my recaps are in ok shape.

We already have a pre-plan load waiting for us after Robert does the D&H on Monday to complete this load. It is a short run of 495 miles Between Plainfield, IN to Olive Branch, MS. This is a “high value” load with special procedures.

I guess that is it.


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Operating While Intoxicated

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